Reverend Insanity
382 Continue Killing
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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382 Continue Killing

Chapter 382: Continue Killing
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"Impossible! How can you have so many dog beasts?!" Yun Luo Tian screamed, pointing at Bai Ning Bing, as he shivered, his expression looked like he had seen a ghost.

The sheer number of beasts around Bai Ning Bing had surpassed his wildest imagination.

"How many rounds has it been? Even a rank five Gu Master cannot reach such a number!!" Yun Luo Tian screamed as loudly as he could to vent the horror in his heart.

"You must control some loophole, you cheated. You actually cheated, you shameless scoundrel!!"

Yun Luo Tian's composure was completely gone, he no longer had the attitude of an Yun clan young clan leader.

Bai Ning Bing sighed lightly, Yun Luo Tian was right, he hit the nail on the head.

It is true, she cheated. And it was the blessed land's spirit who helped her.

Under the land spirit's guidance, she had an easy time going through the King Quan Inheritance, like she was on a vacation, it was a complete walk in the park. Compared to the difficulties she faced back when she explored the inheritance alone, this was a clear contrast.

" The incredulous feeling of cheating cannot be described with words ! If doing this means I am despicable, I would rather become even more despicable than this, hehehe."

Bai Ning Bing exclaimed as she waved her hands.

Woof, woof, woof…

Countless dogs received her commands and moved like flood water.

In Yun Luo Tian's vision, he could see a sea of dogs charging towards him like a tsunami.

He gritted his teeth: "Bai Ning Bing, do not be smug. Once I get out, I will expose you in front of everyone! You know such a huge secret, everyone will be interested, especially those rank five Gu Masters! Hahaha, you are finished!"

Saying so, he took out a token and used it.

But nothing happened.

"Eh?" Yun Luo Tian was shocked, activating it again.

"What happened? Why is it not working? I used it the last time and I was transported out immediately." His gaze flashed as a bad feeling emerged in his heart, causing his expression to turn uncertain.

He took out another unused token, he was the Yun clan young clan leader, he had two tokens to protect him.

But this time, there was no effect either. The token stopped working.

Yun Luo Tian stared with his eyes wide opened, staring at his token, sweat emerging on his forehead.

Bai Ning Bing's dog army had surrounded him, and started slaughtering his dog group.

"How can this happen? Send me out now!" Yun Luo Tian's breathing became quicker, as he used the token frantically, to no avail.

"Ah!" He screamed, his beautiful face distorted with fear. His hair was messy and his eyes were bright red, like an angered bull.

"It is you, you did this didn't you? It must be you! You made the token ineffective, hehe, what great methods you have. But be clear of this, I am the great Yun clan young clan leader. If you kill me, you would offend Yun clan. The entire Yun clan won't let you off."

Yun Luo Tian recovered from his fear and screamed at Bai Ning Bing.

His arrogance as the Yun clan young clan leader was sustaining him, not letting him kneel down and beg for his life, instead he was getting more haughty.

But such an attitude was completely useless against Bai Ning Bing.

"I'm not even afraid of Tie clan, would I fear your tiny Yun clan?" Bai Ning Bing snickered.

On the battlefield, Yun Luo Tian was alone, his dog groups were no match for Bai Ning Bing's, massacred till none was left.

Bai Ning Bing willed, and the closest dog barked before pouncing on Yun Luo Tian.

Yun Luo Tian struggled with his life, but his strength could not match the dog.

His throat was bitten by the dog, as blood poured out of it.

As for the other beasts,they stood in a circle and waited.

"I curse you… I curse you have to a terrible death!" Yun Luo Tian cursed before he died, his tone filled with hatred and anger.

Bai Ning Bing shook her head in disdain, walking forward and keeping Yun Luo Tian's Gu worms.

This Yun Luo Tian walked the cloud path, they were all rank four Gu, and were all of high quality. As for the enslavement path Gu worms he obtained from King Quan Inheritance, they greatly benefited Bai Ning Bing's Gu worms.

As for his corpse, it was teleported by the land spirit, sent to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was stepping on Wang Xiao, forcing out the location of Wu mountain.

Wang Xiao was the owner of Wu mountain, a rank five upper stage Gu Master, a true regional emperor. He was an established expert.

If it was outside, ten Fang Yuan added together would not be his match. But here, Fang Yuan defeated him easily, like dealing with a baby.

Wang Xiao was extremely angry, he was stepped on by Fang Yuan, as his face and the soil made intimate contact.

For a great rank five Gu Master, the lord of Wu mountain, this was a great humiliation!

"You want to know how to enter Wu mountain? Hehe, stop your wishful thinking! Kill me if you want, after you kill me, you will not be able to know that true path to enter the mountain."

Wang Xiao sneered as he struggled intensely, but Fang Yuan could use his strength path Gu worms, Wang Xiao could not compare to him in terms of strength.

After an intense struggle, he was breathing heavily out of exhaustion, while Fang Yuan's leg was still firm as a mountain.

Wu mountain was a slightly famous mountain among the hundred thousand mountains of Southern Border.

This mountain was mysterious and illusionary, hidden in a deep layer of fog. In the fog, there were many small paths, but only one led inside.

Wang Xiao knew this path, and thus entered the mountain and made the mountain's resources his.

Like Qing Mao mountain, a famous mountain like Wu mountain had at least three to four spirit springs. Other than that, there were large numbers of wild beasts and wild Gu. All sorts of resources that could sustain three to four middle-size clans.

But Wu mountain was completely owned by Wang Xiao.

"Wu mountain is a natural danger zone, it is easy to defend and no matter how many righteous Gu Masters there are, they cannot break into it by force. Wang Xiao used this to become a regional emperor, living freely and easily. If I obtain it, I could use it as my base, and I would have no worries for my rank five resources." Fang Yuan thought.

Wu mountain was Wang Xiao's good fortune, Fang Yuan desired it greatly. But Wang Xiao refused to speak, he knew that once he spoke, he would be killed. Not speaking gave him a chance of survival instead.


At this moment, with a light sound, Yun Luo Tian's corpse was transported over.

Fang Yuan kicked Wang Xiao aside, walking over to the corpse and used the beast strength placenta Gu to devour the aperture.

"It's him? That Yun clan young leader!" Wang Xiao recognised Yun Luo Tian, and also witnessed Fang Yuan using beast strength placenta Gu, his heart chilled.

Fang Yuan was obviously killing people to refine Gu!

"This Gu can devour apertures, not good, my aperture is way more valuable than Yun Luo Tian's." This beast strength placenta Gu had already become smooth and clear, like a beautiful porcelain. But in Wang Xiao's eyes, it was extremely dangerous and mysterious, giving off a demonic feeling.

Seeing Fang Yuan walk over, Wang Xiao shouted: "Wait, wait. We can negotiate, I can promise you to give you the actual path into the mountain, but you must ensure my safety, I have one poison vow Gu on me…"

Fang Yuan's killing intent surged, although he had the eating one's words Gu and can break the vow, he had little time now, how could he waste time to create the eating one's words Gu?

As he killed these Gu Masters, his immortal essence was depleting, and the blessed land was getting closer to destruction.

The longer they dragged, the weaker the land spirit, an the less immortal essence he had to refine the second aperture Gu.

At the same time, the blessed land's flow of time was three times the outside world. The Spring Autumn Cicada was posing a huge threat.

Fang Yuan killed so many people, he already used nearly two portions of the immortal essence, about half of his planned amount. The blessed land's destruction was accelerated, and some people should be able to feel it already.

Fang Yuan's greatest advantage was having the initiative. If he continued to drag this, it would get more disadvantageous for him.

Compared to the second aperture Gu, Wu mountain's benefits were huge but not irreplaceable.

"Speak, which is the path into Wu mountain?" Fang Yuan stepped, and broke Wang Xiao's right wrist, shouting sharply.

"Let me go and I'll tell you!" Wang Xiao screamed in pain.

"Hmph, stubborn!" Fang Yuan stepped again, the sound of bone breaking was heard as Wang Xiao's left kneecap was crushed to bits.

Wang Xiao shuddered under the pain, as sweat flowed down his back, but he gritted his teeth and stared deeply at Fang Yuan, refusing to speak.

Fang Yuan was silent, knowing that coercion would not work.

Wang Xiao was an expert of a generation!

He had a cruel and ruthless nature, never going easy on his enemies, but also strict on himself.

He designed an "ice water bed" for himself. Such a bed, as long as one sleeps for six hours, the entire bed would sink into the ice water below.

Wang Xiao slept on such a bed, only resting for six hours a day. He encouraged himself, and worked hard, giving it all his effort. Other than eating, cleaning, and resting, all his other time was spent on cultivation.

His aptitude was not extremely good, uncomparable with Tie Mu Bai and Bai Ning Bing. But because of his hard work, he climb up step by step, becoming famous in southern border, a great demonic expert that no one dared to look down on.

In Fang Yuan's memories, after Wang Xiao came to Yi Tian mountain, he killed many righteous experts, and his ruthlessness spread, one time, he even got close to vying for the position of the demonic head.

Fang Yuan felt pressure in his heart offending such a person.

Killing Wang Xiao was weakening the demonic faction in the Yi Tian mountain battle. But Wang Xiao could not be kept alive, he had to be killed.

"I have to refine Gu not long after, I do not want to be attacked by you." Fang Yuan sighed, striking the final move and killing Wang Xiao.

Later, he took the Gu and devoured the aperture, this process was extremely smooth.

After devouring Yun Luo Tian and Wang Xiao's aperture, the beast strength placenta Gu's aptitude had risen to eighty-three percent. As for the immortal essence expenditure, it had reach slightly more than two portions, he had reached a critical stage.

"Not good, the immortal essence expenditure is higher than my estimation. This blessed land is too old, originating from the antiquity era, it is a miracle that the blessed land is still standing today."

Fang Yuan's expression was solemn, the actual expenditure had slightly exceeded his initial estimations.


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