Reverend Insanity
381 All must die!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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381 All must die!

Chapter 381: All must die!
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Bai Ning Bing widened her eyes in shock as Fang Yuan suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

By now, Gu Masters already had a clear understanding of the three kings inheritance. And because she was at Fang Yuan's side, Bai Ning Bing had much deeper understanding of three kings inheritance.

However, precisely because of this 'deep understanding', she was even more shocked.

Fang Yuan's sudden appearance looked like a simple phenomenon but it contained astonishing implications!

"Bai Ning Bing, do you still remember our vow? I wonder if you still want Yang Gu now?" Fang Yuan did not mention how he appeared but looked at Bai Ning Bing with his unfathomable and abyssal gaze with his hands behind his back.

"Hmph, as if you don't know the answer." Bai Ning Bing snorted and narrowed her blue eyes.

She knew Fang Yuan would not speak aimlessly, he definitely had a motive: "It seems you need my help? Speak up, don't try to conceal anything, otherwise I will not help."

Fang Yuan laughed loudly without being moved: "Back at Shang clan city, we took a poison vow that if one side is in mortal danger, the other must help. I will tell you truthfully that not long later, I will be besieged by Gu Masters and I need you as my protector to block any obstruction towards my Gu refinement."

"Gu Masters' besiegement? Hehe, I am not surprised, there are plenty of Gu Masters who want to kill you. But refining Gu? What Gu are you refining?"

Fang Yuan was straightforward this time and told the whole story directly.

The most important thing now was that he needed Bai Ning Bing's full cooperation. This matter also could not be concealed. Bai Ning Bing was not someone so easy to fool.

If because of him hiding the truth, some misunderstanding occurred and caused the Gu refinement to fail in the end, it would be truly disastrous.

"What! This Gu Immortal blessed land's land spirit is still alive? You are refining an Immortal Gu? You have truly large guts, you are looking for your own doom! Wait a second. What did you say just now? You killed Tie Mu Bai, and also Wu Gui and Ku Mo?"

Fang Yuan kept it brief and said the whole story in a few sentences but the information it contained was huge, sending an enormous shock to Bai Ning Bing's mind.

She felt like she was listening to a story.

Fang Yuan did not speak anymore but directly took out his loot.

"These Gu!" Bai Ning Bing looked at the Gu worms Fang Yuan took out and was flabbergasted, even losing her self-control.

These Gu were genuine. They were the best proof.

"You really killed them?" Bai Ning Bing stared at Fang Yuan, shock clearly visible in her eyes.

Who was Tie Mu Bai?

He was Southern Border's super clan Tie clan's previous clan leader.

He was a genius with outstanding innate talent, his temperament was even more firm and unyielding.

His battle accomplishments in his whole life shone with splendor. And with his talent, he researched many battle tactics of the metal path, causing countless enemies to be terror-stricken by the mention of him.

At a young age, he roamed outside and his name spread throughout Southern Border. In his middle years, he ruled Tie clan with an iron fist and made everyone fear him. At his old age, he became an emperor of a region, his reputation spread wide with no one daring to disobey him!

He was venerated as the glory of Tie clan, radiance of the righteous path. When he announced his seclusion and retirement, many people, be it demonic path or righteous path, let out a breath of relief.

Now, he was out of seclusion and that shook many clans. Even Shang Yan Fei would have to bow in front of him to greet him.

The rank five Gu Master of Wu clan Wu Lan Shan was the cousin of the current Wu clan leader, but even she had to bow despite her pride when facing Tie Mu Bai.

And this Tie Mu Bai had died by Fang Yuan's hands!

Not only him, Wu Gui and Ku Mo, two rank five Gu Masters also lost their lives to Fang Yuan!

Even more absurdly, not only did they die, all their Gu worms were taken by Fang Yuan!!

"These three rank five Gu Masters really died with grievance…" even Bai Ning Bing, this outsider, felt stifled at the deaths of Tie Mu Bai and others.

"Alright, it is about time. Next, I will send you to King Quan Inheritance. Advance through the rounds according to my instructions. I need dog beasts, the more the better." Fang Yuan's tone was hasty.

"Hmph, I did not say I will help you." Bai Ning Bing's gaze flickered.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Don't worry, if I succeed, I will give Yang Gu to you. Besides, there will be other benefits as well. After leaving San Cha mountain, you can go wherever you want to, I won't stop you if you want to part ways and will also welcome you if you want to go together. But whether you agree or not, I will refine the Gu."

Bai Ning Bing was exasperated: "You! You shameless guy, you are relying on the poison vow to force me?"

If Fang Yuan was attacked and died while refining Gu, then according to the poison vow, Bai Ning Bing would also die. That is to say, Bai Ning Bing must protect Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sighed, his tone became mild and even seemed to have a trace of gentleness: "Ning Bing, this is not a threat, but cooperation. Think about it, since Qing Mao mountain, we have been cooperating, and no dangers have been able to stop us as many enemies fell under our feet. This time is also not an exception. Weren't you always wanting Yang Gu? You can turn back to a male when you obtain it. Or have you have become fond of your female identity?"

Bai Ning Bing felt goosebumps all over her when she heard Fang Yuan call her Ning Bing.

And when she heard Fang Yuan's final sentence, she clearly knew Fang Yuan was spurring her; she could not help feeling provoked and shouted: "Shut your mouth!"

"It is settled then." Fang Yuan laughed loudly and waved his hand, giving Bai Ning Bing a dog enslavement Gu, then disappeared.

The scene before Bai Ning Bing also changed suddenly, and she was sent to the first round of King Quan Inheritance by the land spirit.

Fang Yuan suddenly appeared in front of Wu Lan Shan.

Wu Lan Shan got a shock when someone suddenly appeared in front of her. But she was a famed figure and a majestic rank five Gu Master, calming her mind in seconds.

"Little Beast King, it is you! You can casually enter and exit this place?" Wu Lan Shan retreated a step, sharp light blossoming in her beautiful eyes.

Fang Yuan pointed his little finger and shot out a bone spear.


There was a soft sound as the bone spear pierced through Wu Lan Shan's heart like lightning.

Wu Lan Shan's beautiful flower-like appearance seemed to be frozen as she looked at Fang Yuan incredulously: "You... you can use Gu?"

The moment she finished saying this, her aura dissipated indicating her demise.

Another rank five Gu Master died.

However, Fang Yuan did not obtain her rank five Gu.

The moment Wu Lan Shan died, a mysterious light burst out of her body and enveloped her three rank five Gu worms, tearing through space and bringing them away.

Fang Yuan was not surprised, he knew Wu clan had a rank six Immortal Gu called no loss Gu which possessed the mystical ability to retrieve precious Gu worms.

Although this blessed land could restricted Gu worms of rank one to five, it could not restrict Immortal Gu.

In fact, no blessed lands can restrict the abilities of Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan took the rest of the rank four Gu which were also quite valuable. After that, he took out beast placenta Gu and swallowed Wu Lan Shan's aperture.

This was already the fourth rank five Gu Master's aperture.

Beast placenta Gu was nourished and looked like a delicate pottery, and gave a sleek feeling at touch.

Fang Yuan analyzed it and found the aptitude had increased to seventy-five percent.

The aptitude became more difficult to raise the higher it became. At first, the aptitude had directly raised to forty percent when the beast placenta Gu had swallowed just Tie Mu Bai's aperture. Later, it swallowed apertures of Wu Gui, Ku Mo and Wu Lan Shan in a row, and was only able to raise by another thirty-five percent.

"Of course, this has to do with the foundation of the Gu Master. There are altogether five rank five Gu Masters on San Cha mountain. But only Tie Mu Bai, Ku Mo and Wu Gui are at rank five peak stage; among them, Tie Mu Bai's foundation was the most profound with the huge amount of resources from Tie clan. Wu Lan Shan and Wang Xiao are both at rank five upper stage. And Chou Jiu is only at rank five initial stage. Killing these people might not be enough to raise the aptitude by another ten percent. But no worries, there are plenty of Gu Masters, Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian and the rest, all of them must die!"
"Corpse dog is purple all over, its skin is slightly rotten, its lower back is crooked and its canines protrude out. Use Yin dogs to restrain them and you will definitely succeed."

"Choose the left path, the reward for that round is three tasks at once Gu which will be of great help to you."

"Next, you will encounter a heavy tai dog king. It is in a seriously injured state but is even more ferocious. You will need to sacrifice a lot of dogs to capture it. This dog king is the only heavy tai dog king in the first twenty rounds. At the twenty-second round, there will be a large group of wandering heavy tai dogs, you can use heavy tai dog king to directly recruit them without losing anything!"

There would be a voice guiding Bai Ning Bing every time she progressed through a round.

This voice was of the land spirit.

Immortal essence was scarce, the land spirit moved Bai Ning Bing to King Quan Inheritance and was not willing to misuse immortal essence on her.

Bai Ning Bing could only go through each round personally.

However, although the land spirit's control over the blessed land had fallen to rock bottom, it was extremely clear about the contents of three kings inheritance.

There was almost no loss in immortal essence for it to guide Bai Ning Bing, but to Bai Ning Bing, it was of extremely huge help; as if there was a bright lantern guiding Bai Ning Bing through the dark tunnel.

Bai Ning Bing was able to make best choice at every round and her strength continued to expand like a snowball.

"Next, you will encounter a Gu Master as your opponent. But no need to worry, he has just fought a huge battle and only has few dog beasts remaining, you will be able to eliminate him easily. At that time, I will confine him, and after you kill him and take his Gu, you can greatly increase the number of your Gu worms." The land spirit guided again.

Bai Ning Bing nodded and slowly walked out of the fog.

"It is you…" Her opponent was clearly shocked at her sight.

Bai Ning Bing was also stupefied, this person was none other than the person who had tried to make things difficult for her and Fang Yuan before he entered the inheritance; the Yun clan's young clan leader Yun Luo Tian.

Yun Luo Tian arrogantly snorted: "You are called Bai Ning Bing, right? It is your bad luck you ran into me, you don't even have half the amount of dogs I have…"

He had not even finished speaking when he stopped. His eyes opened wide and his throat let out a strange ka ka sound like a rooster that had its throat jammed.

From the mist behind Bai Ning Bing, a large numbers of dog beasts walked out one after another.



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