Reverend Insanity
380 Slaughtering Rank Five
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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380 Slaughtering Rank Five

Chapter 380: Slaughtering Rank Five
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A battle between dogs ended.

"Steel armor dog group's defense is so strong." The rank five demonic Gu Master Ku Mo had several hundred steel armor dogs around him, feeling extremely pleased.

The steel armor dogs had thick leather armor, black and heavy, like steel. In the King Quan Inheritance, it had the greatest defense among dogs for the first fifty rounds.

Just earlier, Ku Mo controlled the dog groups, and had a victorious battle.

His battle result was outstanding, using the dog enslavement Gu to recruit a jade eye dog king.

This jade eye dog king was not only a hundred beast king, it also had a wild Gu worm that was effective against the Yin dogs.

"Last time, I failed because of the Yin dogs. Ordinary dogs cannot hit these formless bodies, with the jade eye dog king, I have no fear now."

This was only the eighteenth round of the King Quan Inheritance, and Ku Mo already had a dog king, and a large number of steel armor dogs.

He was after all a rank five Gu Master, he had amazing methods.

At the same time, his luck this time was great.

King Quan Inheritance was like this, it was the one which required luck the most among the three inheritances. If you start out well, your advantages will snowball and make it easier to pass the middle and later stages.

"Last time, I only got to the sixty-eighth round, I am too embarrassed to speak of such a result! This time, I got lucky and had such a great start. But I cannot be complacent, Tie Mu Bai chose King Xin Inheritance this time, I heard that previously, he got to over eighty rounds."

Thinking of Tie Mu Bai, Ku Mo's heart became heavy.

He knew that if he fought alone, he was not Tie Mu Bai's match. Thus, when he chose the inheritance, he purposely avoided Tie Mu Bai, and chose the King Quan Inheritance.

The truth is, among the three inheritances, King Xin Inheritance was the easiest to get through for the first few rounds. The Gu Master can disrupt the hairy men with words, and win without a fight.

This shortcut method was obviously spread out by Fang Yuan.

Ku Mo thought about it for a while, before collecting his thoughts and decided to use his time to continue advancing through the rounds.

Just at this moment, before him, space tore open and an unfamiliar young man appeared.

"Eh? Who is it!" Ku Mo was shocked!

He had tried the three kings inheritance many times. He had a clear understanding of it, but this scene had happened before him causing him to be stunned in disbelief.

The person was naturally Fang Yuan.

He heard Ku Mo's shouting and laughed: "Who is it? The person who wants your life!"

Saying so, he activated golden dragon Gu.

The golden dragon appeared, roaring. Its dragon whiskers swayed with the wind, as its dragon eyes stared fiercely, brandishing its four fearsome claws.

Ku Mo saw this and almost peed his pants!

He screamed in disbelief: "How can this be! How can you use any Gu? How is this possible!!!"

Moments before death, he shuddered and activated his Gu worms hurriedly.

But he got no response.


Golden dragon came attacking, scratching and almost smashing his entire upper body.

The great Ku Mo, an expert of a generation, and old demonic powerhouse, died just like this.

When he died, he did not even manage to use his token. Of course, with the land spirit's manipulation, even if he used the token, there would be no effect.

"Golden dragon Gu attacks really fiercely, but the handling is so rough, I cannot control it meticulously." Fang Yuan recalled the attack, he had wanted to just smash Ku Mo's skull, but he ended up destroying his entire upper body, slightly shocking him.

Thankfully, the aperture was near the stomach, and did not get destroyed.

Fang Yuan walked forward, his mind entering the aperture, and started to loot it.

Ku Mo had eight Gu worms, but only one rank five Gu, called soft bones Gu, it was very despicable.

This Gu could turn the bones of any lifeforms soft within a radius of twenty-five kilometres. Even if Fang Yuan turned his bones into essence iron bones, he would still be affected and his bones would turn soft eventually. By then, Fang Yuan would have no way to fight back.

Without his skeleton to support him, he would be like a paralyzed man, lying on the ground, his intestines would squeeze together and his blood vessels and muscles would clog one another. Even without any external attacks, before long, he would die from this.

As for his other seven Gu, they were all rank four. These Gu all had to do with the bone path, and were not particularly good ones.

"It's a pity, I do not know much about the bone path, the most I can do is scratch the surface of it. If I inherit this set of Gu worms, the battle strength I can display would not be half of Ku Mo. I should keep it for now." Fang Yuan assessed in his mind.

At Ku Mo's level, the Gu set he created was completely customised for himself, using his battle style, his understanding of the bone path, and his understanding towards battles and Gu masters.

Fang Yuan was most skilled in the blood path. In his previous life, he benefited from the blood sea inheritance, and used the blood path to start his conquest. He had a deep understanding of the blood path, if Ku Mo was a blood path Gu Master, the situation would be different.

After taking Ku Mo's Gu worms, Fang Yuan used the beast strength placenta Gu and devoured his aperture.

After receiving nutrients, beast strength placenta Gu grew a little again. Its concrete surface had a thin layer of luster, and the surface was smoother, like poorly made porcelain.

It was a pity for Ku Mo, a great expert born as a lone cultivator, slogging it out alone his whole life. He had many encounters and opportunities in his life, and together with his hard work, after experiencing great hardships, he reached this level.

Eventually, he died, and all his hard work and fruits of his labor became Fang Yuan's loot. A great rank five Gu Master fell from the apex, becoming Fang Yuan's stepping stone.

"Too bad the dog enslavement Gu can't be taken back, if not these dogs would be mine to manipulate too." Fang Yuan looked at the dogs as he sighed, vanishing on the spot.


A battle was ongoing intensely.

Wu Gui manipulated the chrysanthemum akita dogs, fighting and entangling with a large pack of lightning symbol dogs.

Chrysanthemum akita dogs were a type of dog with great unity, the greater their numbers, the greater their strength. But Wu Gui was unlucky, he had only forty or so chrysanthemum akita dogs.

He placed these dogs at the frontline, as he concentrated in controlling them.

The chrysanthemum akita dogs were fighting a lightning symbol dog dog pack five times their sizes, they were all injured but not dead. The exquisite combination and cooperation showed Wu Gui's exemplary talent in enslaving beasts.

Wu Gui had become an enslavement path Gu Master many years ago, but eventually because of a lack of resources, he had to change paths.


Fang Yuan suddenly appeared behind Wu Gui.

Wu Gui was spending all his effort controlling the chrysanthemum akita dogs, he did not sense Fang Yuan's arrival.

If it was during normal times, he would use an investigative Gu, and once Fang Yuan appeared, he would get attacked immediately. But in this Gu Immortal blessed land, he was just an ordinary person only able to control dog enslavement Gu and some others, all the body modifications on him were also completely restricted.

Of course, it was also due to Wu Gui concentrating deeply on the dog battle.

Fang Yuan did not trash talk, he waved his hand and a bone spike flew out.


A crisp sound, and a long spear-like bone spike pierced Wu Gui's heart, as the sharp pointy tip stabbed into the ground.

Wu Gui's pupils shrunk to pin-size as he was completely stunned and confused at this fatal attack.

"Who… tried to kill me!" He opened his mouth and fresh blood oozed out like a river.

He slowly turned around, trying desperately to see the culprit's face.

But unfortunately, he lost all signs of life when he turned halfway.

Wu Gui's body collapsed like a pile of mud, hanging on the bone spike.

This demonic expert who was even more senior than Tie Mu Bai, famous two hundred years ago, had died as well.

When he died, his eyes were staring wide, trying to see who was his murderer.

But this simple wish was not granted.

The great Wu Gui, died with a grievance!

After he died, the chrysanthemum akita dogs who lost their master's manipulation immediately got engulfed by the lightning symbol dogs. These lightning symbol dogs howled as they pounced on Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan waved his hand, as the golden dragon appeared again, slaughtering all these lightning symbol dogs who did not know better.

Fang Yuan quickly came to Wu Gui's corpse, doing the same thing again. Keeping his Gu worms then feeding his aperture to the beast strength placenta Gu.

Wu Gui had one rank five Gu.

It was oval and black like a yuhua stone 1 . But the surface had seven white markings, and it looked extremely peculiar and dark. It was the pitch black Gu.

Once the Gu is activated, it would ooze out black smoke. Any Gu worms below rank six would get contaminated by the black smoke and receive various degrees of sealing, losing their abilities.

As for his other Gu worms, there were eight to nine, all rank four. But they were mixed among different paths, and were a mess, unlike Ku Mo and Tie Mu Bai's complete Gu set.

"These are Wu Gui's Gu worms, although they can form into a set, they are not a complete set. The reason why he can roam the southern border is mostly due to the pitch black Gu."

Undeniably, pitch black Gu is an extremely useful rank five Gu.

Fang Yuan was extremely happy to have obtained it.

He kept the pitch black Gu into his aperture, but placed the rest of the rank four Gu into his pocket.

His aperture already had many Gu worms, among them, he had five rank five Gu worms, and many rank four Gu. This was placing a lot of pressure on his aperture.

Mostly importantly, it was due to the Spring Autumn Cicada, this rank six Gu was recovering, and it was emitting great pressure on Fang Yuan's aperture.

"The flow of time in the blessed land is three times out the outside world, accelerating Spring Autumn Cicada's recovery. I have to race against time, quickly refining the second aperture Gu. With the second aperture, I would be able to relieve the pressure Spring Autumn Cicada is giving me."

To Fang Yuan, the situation was extremely rushed.

He did not only want to refine the second aperture Gu, he also wanted to guard against this major threat, the Spring Autumn Cicada. Towards the end of the refinement, the blessed land would be full of flaws, and after connecting to the outside world, he might receive the group attack of many Gu Masters.

By then, the land spirit would be weak and powerless, it would be useless and Fang Yuan would be in the most danger during that period.

"Refining the second aperture Gu, to closer we get to the end, the tougher it gets. Especially that final step, I need to use the divine travel Gu, I will need to focus and concentrate, my body would be in huge danger!"

Wu Gui's demise, was the best lesson to Fang Yuan, he had to guard against such situations.

But his situation was slightly different.

"I have another chess piece, that is Bai Ning Bing! Hehehe, she used the poison vow Gu before, she can be trusted. It seems that towards the end, I will need her to protect me."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan vanished, and appeared before Bai Ning Bing.

"Fang Yuan, how did you get here so suddenly?" Bai Ning Bing looked at Fang Yuan, shocked and suspicious.


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