Reverend Insanity
379 All according to plan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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379 All according to plan

Chapter 379: All according to plan
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan killed Tie Mu Bai and immediately pounced on his headless corpse, grabbing his arm and letting his mind enter the aperture.

The aperture walls were crystal clear, as the primeval sea ebbed and flowed.

Rank five Gu Masters have purple crystal primeval essence. Initial stage is light purple primeval essence, middle stage is violet purple primeval essence, upper stage is deep purple primeval essence, and peak stage is crystal purple primeval essence.

Tie Mu Bai was a rank five peak stage Gu Master, he had crystal clear primeval essence, like the liquid form of crystals, great power was hidden within its beautiful appearance.

The difference between rank five peak stage and rank four upper stage was very huge. Furthermore, he had ninety-eight percent of such primeval essence, even a hundred Fang Yuan could not compare to him.

In the purple crystal primeval sea, there were Gu worms flying.

A golden small hand, flew randomly above the sea, like a golden light. This was Tie Mu Bai's vital Gu, the rank five Gu worm that he had once used when he battled Ku Mo and Wu Gui on San Cha mountain — turn gold Gu!

Turn gold Gu had great power, any lifeform that was hit by hit would turn into pure gold, losing their life.

Even Ku Mo and Wu Gui did not dare to take the attack head on. As for Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian and the other rank four peak stage cultivators, they did not even dare to observe the battle, taking the initiative to avoid them.

This was Tie Mu Bai's strongest long range attack method.

If Fang Yuan tried to use long range battle, the beast phantoms that possessed the strength qi would turn into golden statues after being hit by the golden light, sacrificing themselves. Fang Yuan would not be able to retrieve them anymore.

Other than turn gold Gu, at the bottom of the purple crystal sea, there was a yellow-gold current.

This current was like melted gold, swimming at the bottom of the sea.

This was the liquid metal Gu, also rank five, once activated, it had great defenses, and allowed a Gu Master to have no worries regarding defense. Most amazingly, it was liquid form, and could change its shape at will, even if it was broken through, it could regather itself like water, and was a tough nut to crack.

If Tie Mu Bai used liquid metal Gu, even if Fang Yuan used all his strength, he would not be able to break this defense.

In the purple crystal sea, there was another eyeball. It seemed inconspicuous, but it gave off a golden light at times, gathering attention and was more alluring than the stars in the sky.

This was the vajra stare Gu.

It was also rank five, but was not an investigative method, rather it was an attack type Gu.

Once activated by a Gu Master, the formless stare gains attacking power, like a giant pole slamming into a person's heart. Once eye contact was made, it could directly attack an opponent's soul.

This Gu was hidden by Tie Mu Bai, even during the battle against Ku Mo and Wu Gui, it was not used.

Once used, it would be a contest of souls between both Gu Masters, and the victor would be decided, it was a trump card that should only be used at the end.

Tie Mu Bai had once used many different Gu to strengthen his soul's foundation. Meanwhile, Fang Yuan walked the strength path, his soul was not strengthened.

If Tie Mu Bai used the vajra stare Gu, he just needed to maintain eye contact with Fang Yuan for a second, and Fang Yuan's soul would be completely destroyed.

To use this vajra stare Gu, golden eyes have to be used.

If one used ordinary eyes for this, they might turn themselves blind. Only by using two golden eye Gu, and turning one's own eyes into golden eyes could they use the vajra stare Gu safely.

Evidently, since Tie Mu Bai had the vajra stare Gu, he naturally had golden eyes.

Just like how Fang Yuan turned his skin into bronze skin, and bones into essence iron bones.

Other than these three rank five Gu, Tie Mu Bai's body also had four rank four Gu worms. Golden dragon Gu, golden breeze Gu, golden coat Gu, golden aurora Gu, all of them were outstanding Gu worms, and were high quality Gu worms within the metal path.

These Gu worms were all excavated by Fang Yuan.

After confirming that Tie Mu Bai did not have any other Gu worms on him, Fang Yuan took out the beast strength placenta Gu, and activated it around Tie Mu Bai's stomach.

After Tie Mu Bai lost his life, his aperture started to shrink. Right now, after being sucked by the beast strength placenta Gu, the aperture flew out of Tie Mu Bai's body, and landed in the placenta, devoured by the wild beast inside the placenta.

After devouring the aperture, the rough and coarse beast strength placenta Gu became lustrous and shiny, the original embryo looked like it was made of soil and had crevices on the surface, but now it looked different, thick and tightly packed, just like a concrete brick.

This beast strength placenta Gu was used like this, according to the blessed land's original owner's peculiar idea. Continuously absorbing Gu Masters aperture, then slowly accumulating and changing qualitatively.

To refine the second aperture Gu, apertures were naturally the main ingredient.

The beast strength placenta Gu that was refined was intended to plunder other people's apertures. Killing lives to attain success, this was a demonic path method, one could easily tell that the ancient strength path Gu Immortal was not a kind person.

This beast strength placenta Gu, if others used it, they might feel guilt, but Fang Yuan was extremely fine with using it, he had no mental pressure at all.

In his previous life, to refine the Spring Autumn Cicada, he killed people in more than ten thousand miles of land, blood flowed into a river as he caused an immense bloodshed in the world, he could not even count how many people he killed. How could killing a single Gu Master now affect him?

"Good, good, good! This beast strength placenta Gu, after absorbing Tie Mu Bai's aperture, it already raised the second aperture Gu's aptitude to forty percent. Great, excellent."

"Using numbers to make up for quality in order to break through, this is the rule of using sheer quantity to trigger a qualitative change. Going beyond the mortal world, and becoming an Immortal Gu, how can there be no price to pay? Back then when I refined the Spring Autumn Cicada, I slaughtered over ten million people, that was also because of this."

"The better the aperture that is absorbed and the larger the numbers, the higher the aptitude of the second aperture Gu that is refined in the future. Next, I have to kill Gu Masters, go on a killing spree and use all their apertures to raise my beast strength placenta Gu. Hahaha, hahahaha…"

Fang Yuan inspected the beast strength placenta Gu carefully, extremely pleased and raised his head up as he laughed.

Why did he kill Tie clan's group? It was to make Tie clan furious and send a rank five Gu Master.

The arrival of one rank five Gu Master would break the balance, causing a chain reaction and attracting even more rank five Gu Masters.

"These rank five, rank four Gu Masters are all my prey! To assist me in refining the second aperture Gu!" Fang Yuan laughed.

All his plots and schemes, these few years of planning, and all the risks he took, it was all for this moment.

How incredibly amazing is this, this is the best feeling!!

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, his black hair flying with the wind, as demonic blaze burned in his eyes.

Looking at actual battle strength, the rank five peak stage Tie Mu Bai was over a hundred times stronger than Fang Yuan!

Just simply the turn gold Gu, if Fang Yuan was hit, he would be dead, there was no way to survive.

Even if Tie Mu Bai only used rank four Gu, his rank five peak stage crystal purple primeval essence was not something Fang Yuan's yellow gold primeval essence could compete with.


In the three kings inheritance, Gu Masters were restricted by the heavenly power, and were unable to use their Gu worms, at the same time, their defenses were all limited, and they became extremely fragile.

But Fang Yuan was different —

He has the land spirit's help.

What was the land spirit? The lord of the blessed land! With its help, Fang Yuan could use his Gu worms inside the three kings inheritance.

Meanwhile, Tie Mu Bai had his rank five peak stage cultivation, but his strong Gu set was unusable.

Standing before Fang Yuan, he was a living target, just a livestock. Stripped of all his defenses, he was fragile as a baby.

He could not even use a single metal path Gu worm, he could not even self-detonate.

He worked hard all his life, accumulating this set of Gu worms, and now it all went to Fang Yuan.

After Fang Yuan killed Tie Mu Bai, he kept all the Gu worms inside his aperture.

The Spring Autumn Cicada's aura could only suppress rank four Gu worms. These three rank five Gu could not be controlled by Fang Yuan, but because of the location, these Gu worms were restricted by the heavenly power, unable to move at all.

As Fang Yuan's primeval essence refined them, they gave up and changed owners.

"Good, you obtained a rank five peak stage aperture, this way, the second aperture Gu's aptitude has risen to forty percent. But you must take note, to transport you earlier, and support your attack, we expended quite a bit of immortal essence." Land spirit's voice came, warning Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan stopped laughing, his expression calming down: "I have already considered that."

He sneered, his eyes glowing with brilliance, as his tone was extremely confident and in control of the situation.

He continued: "Ba Gui, you have slept for too long, the blessed land was remodelled by the three kings, you lost too much control of it. Even as the spirit of the blessed land, although you can overwrite these changes, that would use up too much immortal essence. There is little immortal essence left inside the cauldron, if we split these essence into sixteen portions, then the amount we used earlier would be half a portion."

Ba Gui was stunned, praising: "You are absolutely correct. You actually managed to calculate the expenditure of the immortal essence so accurately, your performance has truly amazed me!"

Fang Yuan was a Gu Immortal in his past life, he was extremely familiar with the use of immortal essence. It was easy to make such accurate calculations.

"I estimate that among the sixteen portions, at least eight is needed for the refinement of the second aperture Gu. As for the remaining eight, we need four to sustain the blessed land, and to kill Gu Masters, we need a bit more than three portions. The final bit would be kept to deal with emergencies.

But Ba Gui said: "Young man, you are wrong this time. To refine the Immortal Gu, we need ten portions, and to maintain the three kings inheritance, we only need two. After you kill enough people, I will close the blessed land."

"No, I am not wrong." Fang Yuan shook his head: "To refine the second aperture Gu, although we need to expend immortal essence, the expenditure of some steps can be replaced with primeval stones. That way, we can save two portions of immortal essence. Furthermore, you cannot close the inheritance, you have to keep the entrance open the entire time."

"Why?" Land spirit asked.

Fang Yuan replied: "Because once you close the inheritance, the matter of me killing rank five Gu Masters would be exposed. By then, such a situation would attract even stronger foes."

"Even if you close the blessed land, you cannot chase away the Gu Masters who remain in the inheritance. That is because the three kings modified the blessed land, you will need to waste a lot of immortal essence to expel them. Immortal essence is already running low, even portion is important, it is needed for refinement."

"Towards the later stage of the refinement, immortal essence will run low, and the blessed land will be on the brink of collapsing, and have lots of loopholes, connecting to the outside world. It is no use closing the blessed land, when your strength falls drastically, this hall would be discovered. By then, we would be attacked by the Gu Masters, and the refinement would be likely to fail."

After a while of silence, the land spirit said: "You are right, but your method has a fatal flaw. If we use primeval stones to replace the immortal essence, you need at least thirty million primeval stones. Do you have so many?"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly!

"I only have a million primeval stones on me, it is obviously not enough. But it is not a problem, there are other Gu Masters, especially these rank four and five Gu Masters, they are definitely rich, after we kill them, do we have to worry about primeval stones?"

Ba Gui considered it for a bit: "You are right, the help I can give you will shrink. Towards the end of the refinement, that is the most important step, we will act according to your suggestion."


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