Reverend Insanity
375 Gathering of Experts
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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375 Gathering of Experts

Chapter 375: Gathering of Experts
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"To think that even blessed lands faced destruction…" Tie Ruo Nan heard the secret and sighed lightly.

"How can there be any existence in this world that is indestructible? The cycle of heavenly fate, the competition of all living beings, in this wide universe, we mortals are like a single speck of sand at the bottom of an entire sea, small and insignificant. Only by advancing to a Gu Immortal, can we surpass mortality, and have our own foundation, turning from sand into an island, having the ability to resist the sea waves." Tie Mu Bai's tone was full of lamentation.

"When the blessed land faces destruction, wouldn't the people inside be in great danger?" Tie Ruo Nan asked again.

"That is right." Tie Mu Bai nodded: "The moment the blessed land vanishes, the wind of assimilation will blow, fusing heaven and earth together, as everything inside the blessed land would turn into the most basic primeval essence in this world. This wind's power can sweep away all dust and particle, even Gu Immortals fear it, because even Gu Immortals can be destroyed by it."

"There is such a powerful wind?" Tie Ruo Nan was shocked beyond words, showing great worry in her eyes.

Tie Mu Bai waved his hand: "No worry, I have already stepped into the blessed land many times, I have gained deep understanding of it, and have always been observing and learning about it. The blessed land is indeed weakening, but there is still a long time before it faces destruction. During this period, the heavenly power in the blessed land will weaken, and the restrictions towards us Gu Masters would decrease. Slowly, we would be able to use one or two Gu, and then three or four, five or six… Eventually, the blessed land would be full of loopholes, and form an entrance where we can enter and exit at will."

Tie Mu Bai looked afar, his gaze deep and filled with knowledge, like he could predict the future.

"At the final period, that will be the true decisive battle of three kings inheritance. As the restriction from the blessed land is gone, anyone can use their full power. They can plunder and battle to their heart's extent. By then, San Cha mountain would not only have three rank five Gu Masters, that would truly be the gathering of experts, the rise of snakes and dragons."

Tie Ruo Nan felt a flash of inspiration, and realized.

She finally understood why Tie Mu Bai did not fight to the death with those two demonic Gu Masters.

That is because, his future enemies were not only these two. Fighting with all he had so early on would only benefit others.

Towards the end of the three kings inheritance, the Gu Masters would receive greater and better rewards.

Those who truly understood the blessed land, had already been preparing for the final battle.


Central continent.

Tian Ti mountain.

Hu Immortal Blessed Land.

"I am finally at the mountain waist." Fang Zheng breathed roughly, sweat dripping from his forehead.

His arms and legs were numb and sore, they had no energy left. Using his own strength, and climbing to this level, it had squeezed out all the potential he had in his soul.

The mountain winds blew, and a strong feeling of dizziness hit him, causing Fang Zheng to feel like he was going to fall.

His entire vision was spinning, after his soul was expended to the max, he even lost the ability to think.

In his daze, he heard from within his aperture, the incubating flea: "Good, very good, my good disciple, you have endured this far, it was not easy. You have succeeded, now it will be up to your master me!"

Saying so, Fang Zheng felt a formless energy flowing into the deepest part of his soul.

The falling feeling immediately disappeared, like a child who was learning how to walk but was suddenly assisted by an adult.

His vision became clear, and Fang Zheng's dizziness vanished at a rapid speed.

Fang Zheng breathed in deeply several times, he felt fantastic!

Like a traveller in the desert, about to die of thirst, but suddenly drinking fresh water. Or like someone who had worked non-stop all the time, suddenly sleeping seven days and seven nights.

Everything became great, he felt awesome.

"Good disciple, make use of your time, and climb quickly!" Lord Sky Crane urged.

"Yes master!" Fang Zheng's eyes were shining like a tiger's. He raised his head, and saw Feng Jin Huang and others, leading far ahead, but they were getting slower.

Fang Zheng felt an unprecedented sense of confidence.

"I can do it, with master's help, I can definitely defeat these geniuses, and became the sole inheritor of Hu Immortal blessed land! Fang Zheng, hang in there!"

After encouraging himself for a bit, Fang Zheng continued climbing.

His movements became fast and steady, his speed was extremely fast, like he was bursting out his second wind. This performance, attracted people's attention and emphasis.

After Hu Immortal blessed land opened, it was connected to the outside world.

Thus, the ten Gu Immortals outside the blessed land immediately found out Fang Zheng's weird condition.

"Eh? This child, he was at his limit, and was about to be eliminated, how did he suddenly get so energetic?"

"Something's strange, this speed is even faster than Feng Jin Huang and the others!"

"This junior is from Immortal Crane Sect. So that's it, I see…"

The ten Gu Immortals exchanged their thoughts, and someone quickly found out Fang Zheng's trump card.

"He Feng Yang, you sure are generous. Spirit incubating flea is not precious, but to ensure the flea still works, you used one's own way Gu didn't you?

He Feng Yang was one of Immortal Crane Sect's supreme elders, he had a rank six "One's own way Gu", everyone knew that.

One's own way Gu, it allowed other Gu worms to operate in the blessed land.

It was an expenditure Gu, only usable for three times. After three times, it would vanish into thin air.

"He Feng Yang, you had great schemes, using this secret chess piece."

"I'm flattered. Among the youngsters, Myriad Dragon Dock has Ying Sheng Ji, Spirit Affinity House has Feng Jin Huang, Spirit Butterfly Valley has Xiao Qi Xing, we Immortal Crane Sect cannot contend, thus we had to do this." He Feng Yang was very modest and low-key.

The other Gu Immortals could only laugh dryly.

They had their own rank six Gu worms, but they did not have one's own way Gu, they could not provide such assistance.

Rank six Gu worms were Immortal Gu, one in the world. At any point in time, in the whole wide world, only one exists.

Immortal Gu were so much rarer than rank five Gu worms, many rank six Immortals do not even have one Immortal Gu.

Back in Fang Yuan's previous life, he became an immortal. But to refine his first rank six Spring Autumn Cicada, he spent a massive amount of time and effort, the moment he succeeded, the righteous path attacked him, their motive was the Immortal Gu.

The ten Gu Immortals here, because they relied on their sects, they all had their trump cards. But even then, they only had one to two Immortal Gu.

He Feng Yan had the one's own way Gu, that means that other Gu Immortals did not!

The most important thing was, He Feng Yang's act did not exceed their bottomline, nor did he break the rules of the game. The other Gu Immortals could only watch from here, unable to interfere.

"It is a pity my Immortal Gu specializes in attack, if I use it, that would be attacking the Hu Immortal inheritance, it would not work."

"Although I have a defensive Immortal Gu to protect the soul, my disciples do not have the immortal essence needed to activate it. Otherwise, Hu Immortal Inheritance would be ours for sure."

"The results are not determined yet, this disciple from Immortal Crane Sect has the help of the spirit incubating flea and has a huge advantage. But he was lagging behind from the start, we will have to see what happens from now…"

"Eighty years ago, He Feng Yang used the one's own way Gu, this is the second time. That means, the one's own way Gu in his hand can only be used one more time. He paid such a huge price, only to gain an advantage in competing for the inheritance."

The other Gu Immortals assessed, and decided to remain observers, not making their moves yet.


On San Cha mountain, three pillars of light shot into the sky.

The three kings inheritance opened again, strongly attracting all the southern border Gu Masters.

Just as Tie Mu Bai said, on San Cha mountain, experts started to gather, and a storm was brewing.

"Did you hear? Just yesterday, Li Fei Le came to San Cha mountain."

"Ah, you mean 'sturdy as a mountain' Li Fei Le?"

Soon, another established expert came to San Cha mountain.

Li Fei Le's cultivation was rank four upper stage, an earth path Gu Master. His title was 'sturdy as a mountain', an expert in defense. He was Li clan's rising star, and was nurtured greatly by the clan. But this person was dedicated towards pursuing strength.

Dedication after losing one's direction, becomes obsession.

To pursue the greatest strength, he killed people to refine Gu, and was not accepted by the righteous path, becoming a demonic path cultivator.

Li Fei Le was only the start, in the month after, more and more established Gu Masters arrived at San Cha mountain.

The enslavement path Gu Master Zhang San San, when he was rank three peak stage, he killed a rank four Gu Master, now that he was rank four middle stage, people called him the enslavement master.

The righteous path expert Tao Zi, he had a famous rank five healing Gu that was renowned in southern border — spirit peach Gu.

There was also Yun Luo Tian, young clan leader of Yun clan, wind path Gu Master, reaching rank three peak stage at age twenty-three. Right now, he was thirty-five, a step away from rank four peak stage.

More and more famous Gu Masters, like sharks smelling blood, stepped into San Cha mountain, competing for the three kings inheritance and trying to get their share of the pie.

These Gu Masters had at least rank three upper stage cultivation, and some were even rank four realm.

A month later, San Cha mountain saw its fourth rank five Gu Master.

Wang Xiao.

He was the owner of Wu mountain, a demonic Gu Master, rank five poison cultivator, a true overlord of his area.

Two months later, Wu clan's Wu Lan Shan arrived.

As the number one clan, Wu clan had always been dominating southern border. The Wu Lan Shan they sent was the younger cousin of Wu clan leader, once she appeared, she held a great battle with Wang Xiao.

Although the battle ended in a draw, her performance showed she exceeded Ku Mo and Wu Gui.

Another eight days later, Chou Jiu who was famous among the demonic cultivators, appeared on San Cha mountain's mountain foot, causing a commotion.

Chou Jiu was also rank five, but had little battle strength. He was a healing Gu Master, the famous killer ghost doctor, one of the four great doctors together with doctor Su Shou, travelling doctor Jiu Zhi, and divine doctor Sheng Shou.

He had a strange personality, having this weird rule, anyone he heals needs to kill a person for him in return.

He saves a live, and takes another. Thus people call him: killer ghost doctor.

He who walks by the river is bound to get his shoes wet. In this cruel world, Gu Masters cannot avoid getting injured and sick, they will have to beg a doctor for help eventually.

The four great doctors healed both demonic and righteous, once the killer ghost doctor ascended San Cha mountain, he was invited by Tie Mu Bai earnestly, and the two drank happily in a banquet.

Time passed by quickly, the three kings inheritance opened and closed, closed and opened.

This day, three kings inheritance opened again.

At the mountain foot, two people appeared.

Soon, people recognised them, screaming in shock: "The black and white twin demons, they are here again!"


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