Reverend Insanity
373 Intense Battle of Rank Fives
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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373 Intense Battle of Rank Fives

Chapter 373: Intense Battle of Rank Fives
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The situation at San Cha mountain had a violent change.

After Tie Mu Bai suppressed San Cha mountain for the most part of the year, his old enemy from the demonic path appeared. But Wu Gui who was also rank five peak stage could not beat Tie Mu Bai who made his debut later.

The situation that followed was beyond everyone's expectations.

The similarly rank five peak stage Ku Mo suddenly made his appearance. The battle situation immediately changed to two demonic path's rank five pincering Tie Mu Bai.

Righteous path figures cursed at the demonic path's shamelessness while the demonic path figures continued to rush into San Cha mountain and cheer loudly.

Uncountable gazes fanatically looked at the air.

A battle between rank five peak stage Gu Masters was rarely seen much less the battle between three rank five peak stage Gu Masters.

Tie Mu Bai could suppress Wu Gui, but fighting one against two was far beyond his ability. But Wu Gui and Ku Mo were both demonic Gu Masters and although they had allied, they were similarly guarded against each other.

Like this, the three entered a stalemate.

From the sky covered by the black clouds and fierce wind, an enormous and deafening explosion occurred.

Golden light burst out, a four clawed golden dragon tore the black clouds and moved the wind and rain; its dragon roar spreading over a long distance.

"Hmph, merely a rank four golden dragon Gu, did you take that out to make a fool of yourself?" Ku Mo let out a disdainful snarl, "Look at how I tear you to pieces!"

When his words landed, there was a loud sound; the golden dragon let out a miserable whine and fell down towards the ground.

Just as the golden dragon was about to lose its life, a golden whirlwind blew towards it.

The four clawed golden dragon was surrounded by the whirlwind and its heavy injuries were instantly healed. It raised its head and roared before rising up again.

"This is a rank four golden breeze Gu, its healing ability is extremely powerful and is comparable to rank five Gu!" The spectating Li Xian narrowed his eyes when he recognized this golden whirlwind.

"Don't even think about it!" Wu Gui suddenly gave an unearthly cry.

This unearthly cry was extremely ear-piercing like the cawing of ravens, the spectators be it righteous path or demonic path felt dizzy and nauseous.

Following the unearthly cry, a shining jet-black halo shot out and firmly collided against the four clawed golden dragon.

The four-clawed golden dragon could not resist it and exploded.

Dazzling light burst forth like a small sun, causing all the spectators to close their eyes.

The sound of the explosion was so loud, it seemed to burst everyone's eardrums.

A fierce wind pressure soon followed, blowing towards all directions. The wind blew countless trees and stones, burying many Gu Masters alive.

The berserk wind rose as if in defiance of heaven and even dispersed the dark clouds covering the sky.

The spectators regained their senses after a long while and retreated in fear while looking up.

In the sky, three figures were confronting each other!

Tie Mu Bai was wearing a golden chainmail, it was the rank four golden coat Gu and had exemplary defense. His whole body was covered with a layer of gold-red light. It was the rank four golden aurora Gu and could allow the Gu Master to fly.

Wu Gui was stepping on a dark cloud, his lips were sharply sticking forward like a black beak.

And Ku Mo was slowly flapping a pair of bone wings on his back, his whole body was covered with bone armor and there were all kinds of colorful sharp spikes growing out from his elbows, knees, shoulders and other places. At first look, he looked like a malevolent multi-colored human-shaped hedgehog.

The confrontation only lasted for a short few breaths of time.

The three attacked at the same time as quickly as lightning.

In the sky, a golden-red light shuttled back and forth, breaking the void and was as sharp as a sword. A black light soared, moving at one time and stopping at next, it was strange and cunning. A multi-colored light charged and crashed, and displayed the most valiant manner.

Ordinary naked eyes were already unable to make out the progress of the battle. The absolute majority of people could only hear the unceasing explosions that continued to ravage their eardrums.

Suddenly a golden light fiercely streaked across the sky like a blade, towards an area in the middle of the mountain.

Mountain stones and boulders were crushed into fine powder and there appeared a twenty feet wide and over hundred feet tall gorge.

The nearby unlucky spectators were all chopped into minced meat.

Suddenly a raven's caw echoed like the thunder.

Hundreds of unlucky Gu Masters' head burst immediately.

From time to time, bone spikes rained down freely from the sky.

Many Gu Masters could not evade in time and were pierced through, nailed at the ground and lost their lives.

The battle had reached the climax, the three sides moved without restraint.

"We can't endure even the ripples of a battle between rank five peak stage Gu Masters."

"Too terrifying, too terrifying, we need to leave quickly. If we keep on watching, we might have to pay with our lives!"

Everyone was scared witless and hurried out of San Cha mountain one after another.

Even Li Xian, Hu Mei Er and others also did not dare to stay here.

On San Cha mountain, only the rank four peak stage Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian, Long Qing Tian, Yi Chong and Wu Shen Tong remained.

Even so, their expressions were serious and all their concentration was fixed on the battle with their nerves stretched tight as a bowstring; they were ready to escape the moment there was even a little danger.

Soon, these rank four peak stage Gu Masters also could not continue staying there.

Because the three rank five peak stage Gu Masters used their rank five Gu.

Tie Mu Bai's turn gold Gu flew everywhere. No matter what it shot through, whether they were rocks, grasses, trees, flowers, birds, fishes or beasts, they would turn into golden sculpture, their life force extinguished.

Ku Mo's soft bones Gu made any bones within fifty miles of it, turn soft and become a puddle of bone paste.

And Wu Gui's pitch black Gu spread darkness everywhere, any Gu worms under rank six that touched it would received different degrees of restrictions.

In this world, the higher the rank of the Gu, the stronger and rarer they were. Precious Gu of rank four were already hard to purchase and rank five Gu were practically not circulated in the market. As for rank six Immortal Gu; every one of them were one of its kind.

Fang Yuan had reached rank six Gu Immortal's realm in his previous life, but he could only refine a rank six Spring Autumn Cicada. As for most of the Gu Masters, rank five Gu were already very hard to get.

The most important thing in a battle between rank five Gu Masters was the power of their rank five Gu.

"This is the power of a rank five Gu? Terrifying, rank four defensive Gu can hardly resist it, let alone rank three Gu…" From some far away corner, Bai Ning Bing observed the battle in San Cha mountain intently, her blue pupils flickering with grave light.

This was not the first time she saw a battle between rank five Gu Masters. She had seen it once before at Qing Mao mountain.

But the fighting strength of these three rank five Gu Masters were clearly much more powerful than Lord Sky Crane and first generation Gu Yue.

This was because first gen Gu Yue and Lord Sky Crane were decrepit rank five Gu Masters who were struggling at death's door and used all kinds of ways to prolong their lifespan.

First gen Gu Yue hibernated all year round in blood coffin and changed himself into a zombie; neither human nor ghost.

And Lord Sky Crane was not much better, he came from Central Continent, his battle prowess was suppressed to some extent in Southern Border.

But these three rank five Gu Masters Bai Ning Bing was looking at were all at their peak state. Their intense battle naturally gave her spirit an even stronger impact.

"If I face such rank five Gu Masters, I will not be able to resist one move of theirs and there is no hope of even escaping!" Bai Ning Bing looked at the battle for a long time and subconsciously clenched her fists, deeply realizing the gap between her and these rank five peak stage powers like Tie Mu Bai and the rest.

Rank five peak stage Gu Masters were at the peak of the mortal world, an emperor among Gu Masters.

Especially when they used rank five Gu, the strength they could bring out could destroy mountains if they came across mountains, split apart rivers if they came across rivers; such an enormous power gave a feeling that it could not be stopped.

"This is the show you were waiting for?" Bai Ning Bing retrieved her gaze and looked at Fang Yuan standing beside her with a flash of understanding, "Tie Mu Bai is fighting one against two. It seems after this battle the structure of San Cha mountain will have a complete change. Demonic path will suppress righteous path; you were waiting for this opportunity since several months ago, right?"

Fang Yuan calmly gazed into the distance and shook his head indifferently: "Rank five Gu are very rare, many rank five Gu Masters don't have even one rank five Gu and can only use use four Gu. Thus, a rank five Gu Master's battle strength is determined by the rank five Gu they hold and their amount."

"Demonic Gu Masters have always lacked resources and can mostly only rely on luck or fate. Ku Mo and Wu Gui have one or two rank five Gu with them. But Tie Mu Bai is different, he has a huge background called Tie clan, he should at least have three rank five Gu on him."

Bai Ning Bing's expression moved: "You mean Tie Mu Bai will be the winner of this battle?"

Fang Yuan, however, shook his head: "Gu worms are Gu Master's trump card, the Gu Masters can be targeted against once their Gu are exposed. Tie Mu Bai will not easily reveal all his trump cards. From the start, this battle had neither a winner nor a loser."

Bai Ning Bing was a smart person and immediately understood it after Fang Yuan gave her the clues.

No matter how intense this battle was, it was only a probe.

Why did Tie Mu Bai, Wu Gui and Ku Mo came here?

Was it purely for revenge against each other?


For people like them, their greatest goal is to break away from mortal and charge through to rank six Gu Immortal realm, thereby gaining a longer life.

These three were at the peak, looking down on all mortals, and had rich experiences; gratitude and grudges could not move them. Each of their action held their own deep purpose.

"These three chose San Cha mountain for their battle instead of any other places. So, their purpose is already clear - three kings inheritance!"

Bai Ning Bing's eyes flickered with a pondering light.

"Three kings were rank five Gu Masters, their inheritance contains rank five Gu worms; each one of these rank five Gu can greatly increase their strength. With a treasure in front of them, how could they battle without care? Unless there is an extremely huge imbalance between the battle strength of the two sides. But from the current situation, it clearly is not so. So this battle can only end in a draw."

The confusing battle situation suddenly became extremely clear.

Bai Ning Bing subconsciously looked at Fang Yuan.

When everyone's hearts were throbbing intensely because of the intense battle of rank five Gu Masters, he was still so calm like he was a spectator watching something of no concern.

But was it really a matter of no concern?

Bai Ning Bing rejected this thought inwardly, no one knew clearer than her regarding the thirst Fang Yuan had towards three kings inheritance.

But even under such desire, he could still restrain his impulse.

Facing such an opponent, Bai Ning Bing's heart felt incomparably heavy: "Such unfathomable shrewdness… how will I be able to take the yang Gu that can turn me back to a male from him?"


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