Reverend Insanity
372 Land spirit — Afterlife of the Gu Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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372 Land spirit — Afterlife of the Gu Immortal

Chapter 372: Land spirit — Afterlife of the Gu Immortal
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Central continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

A tall and large crystal mountain and river, was at the center of the blessed land.

Its name is Dang Hun mountain, pink throughout, emitting the colors of dreams and illusions.

At this moment, the elite disciples from the ten sects were like ants, trying hard to ascend the mountain.

Somewhere near the mountain waist, Fang Zheng was full of sweat, his face pale as his fingers gripped the mountain walls, gasping heavily.

As long as any living beings got close to Dang Hun mountain, they souls will have to endure the pain of vibrating shocks. The higher Fang Zheng climbed, the more he felt dizzy, like his soul was being blown away by the wind, he felt like he was about to collapse.

"Tsk tsk, you can't hold on anymore? Then give up. Look how much you've fallen behind the others, how can you possibly win? Why don't you just give up, you have no hope left." Hu Immortal land spirit pouted her tiny pink lips as she appeared before Fang Zheng.

Hu Immortal land spirit was like a little girl, snowy white skin glowing with pinkness. Her shiny large black eyes emitted an innocent gaze. What is most attractive is behind her back, where a snow white and pure fox tail grew, it was furry and fluffy, extremely cute and makes one want to play with it.

At this time, Hu Immortal land spirit was sitting in the air, watching Fang Zheng as she made fun of him.

Fang Zheng was not shocked.

After climbing to this height from the mountain foot, the land spirit had appeared many times, watching their progress every time, and was very playful.

Fang Zheng had found the method to deal with her, that is, to ignore her.

As expected, seeing that Fang Zheng was silent, Hu Immortal land spirit's mouth pouted even more: "You're a stupid lad, so boring. Please don't become my master, otherwise my life would be boring to death. Hehe, the others are more fun."

Saying so, she vanished, going to find the other elite disciples.

After Hu Immortal land spirit left, in Fang Zheng aperture, the spirit incubating flea vibrated, as Lord Sky Crane's voice sounded out.

"Fang Zheng, work hard and hang in there. Now is not the time for me to appear, you have to at least get past the mountain waist, only then can we have a chance of victory. Endure, you have to endure, the strength of the soul can be excavated, you have a lot of potential left to uncover."

Hearing his master's encouragement, Fang Zheng's dazed expression became firm again.

He replied in his heart: "Master, don't worry. I will endure, I am just taking a break, and regulating my breath."

Pausing momentarily, he asked again: "Master, I have a question, what is a land spirit? Earlier that Hu Immortal land spirit was near me, if I catch her, would I be able to skip the climbing?"

Lord Sky Crane was shocked, scolding: "You lad, you have no fear due to cluelessness, even trying to scheme against the land spirit. Do you know how the land spirit is formed? After the Gu Immortal dies, the remaining fragments of their will and soul mixed with the blessed land's powers, thus forming that spiritual body!"

"What, the land spirit was a Gu Immortal?" Fang Zheng was shocked.

"That's right, the Hu Immortal land spirit you saw was formed from the former Gu Immortal Bai Hu. But without her past life's memories, merely her lingering desires remain. Don't think of her as powerless, inside this blessed land, she can manipulate the heavenly power freely, and can directly combat a Gu Immortal! She can seal any rank one to five Gu worm at will. Only rank six Immortal Gu worms can move freely in the blessed land. Fang Zheng, you are too bold. Climb this mountain properly, do not have any unrealistic thoughts." Lord Sky Crane chided.

"Yes master, I will not dare to anymore." Fang Zheng nodded, admitting his fault in his heart.

After scolding Fang Zheng, Lord Sky Crane's tone eased, encouraging: "So now you know? As long as you become the owner of the blessed land, you can get the land spirit's loyalty. Within the blessed land, the land spirit is an existence equal to a Gu Immortal!"

Fang Zheng listened as he was completely stunned.

What sort of strong aid was that! The assistance of a Gu Immortal equivalent!!

Lord Sky Crane continued: "However, the land spirit cannot leave the blessed land. The true essence of the Hu Immortal Inheritance is this wide and rich blessed land. Fang Zheng, you are still too low level, and the things you do not know are simply too many. Wait till you inherit this blessed land, you will slowly understand, what sort of help a blessed land can bring to a Gu Master! You are simply too lucky, encountering a blessed land with a spirit, and also receiving the sect's help. If it is a blessed land without a spirit, that would be greatly inferior."

Fang Zheng asked curiously: "Master, what happens to a blessed land without a spirit?"

Lord Sky Crane answered: "A blessed land without a spirit is destined to be destroyed. Like a slumbering divine dragon, anyone can eat its flesh and drink its blood. Until it dies, it will not awaken. Fang Zheng, after you become the lord of the blessed land, you have to give the resources within the blessed land to the sect. Immortal Crane Sect had nurtured you this far, you have to give back to the sect. When the sect is stronger, the protection towards you will increase as well. You understand this logic right?"

"Mm, I understand. It was Immortal Crane Sect who adopted me. Without the sect's help, I would not have any chance in getting the inheritance. I would not even be able to exact revenge on my brother. If there is a possibility, I not only want to repay the sect, but I also want to revive you master!" Fang Zheng nodded, his vision was clear as he held great gratitude and admiration towards Immortal Crane Sect.

Lord Sky Crane heard this and laughed dryly: "Foolish disciple, how can people revive so easily? I am glad you had the thought."


The light of glory of the righteous path shone on San Cha mountain.

Under Tie Mu Bai's influence, three kings inheritance became the righteous path's garden of exploration.

Any demonic Gu Master was chased out and not allowed to step into the mountain.

"Tie Mu Bai is too overbearing, fencing up the area and refusing to let anyone in."

"He is a senior expert, yet his greed knows no bound. Eating the meat and bones, but refusing to let us drink even the soup!"

"Most importantly, three kings inheritance's opening time is shortening, and the three pillars are getting weaker. Just as little beast king said a month ago, this Gu Immortal blessed land is decaying, and will face destruction soon."


The demonic Gu Masters were feeling flustered and anxious, such a rare opportunity in front of them, yet they are denied entry, only able to watch in vain.

" Stuff the courageous to death and starve the timid to death , brothers, let's charge up together, no matter how powerful that Tie Mu Bai is, can he kill all of us?!" Someone shouted, encouraging the crowd.

"We can wait for Tie Mu Bai to enter the inheritance, and then go up the mountain. That way, there will be less obstruction." Someone suggested.

"There's a problem with this solution. When we come out of the inheritance, so would Tie Mu bai. Moreover, nobody knows where we would appear in San Chan mountain, we might get slaughtered by the righteous path." Someone rebuked.

"So what? Danger lurks when seeking wealth, how can we get the cub without entering the tiger's den? Wanting to gain something without taking a risk, how can there be such a good thing in this world?!"

Just as the demonic path members were shouting and discussing, they heard the wailings of a hundred ghosts near them, and the bright blue sky suddenly became filled with dark clouds.

Within the dark clouds, a shrill voice said: "Gagaga, Tie Mu Bai, you came out of your cultivation, why did you not say hi to your old friend, hmm?"

The dark clouds moved rapidly, forming a face, having an aquiline nose and deep eye sockets, staring at San Cha mountain.

"This laughter and entrance, it is Lord Wu Gui from our demonic path!"

"I remember now. Lord Wu Gui is also rank five peak stage, an expert from the older generation, he is Tie Mu Bai's lifetime rival!"

"There's nothing amazing about the righteous path, we have experts in the demonic path too! Go, Senior Wu Gui!!"

At once, the demonic path members cheered, their eyes glowing as some shouted while others screamed.

The dark clouds moved closer, shrouding San Cha mountain quickly. Such a grand entrance, like an entire army, at once, even sunlight was covered, causing San Cha mountain to fall into darkness.

The righteous Gu Masters were all fearful.

"He has such an overwhelming aura!"

"This old demon Wu Gui, he is still alive?"

"Old demon Wu Gui, he is over hundreds of years old. Back when he was breaking through to rank six, he was disturbed and ruined by the young and inexperienced Lord Tie Mu Bai unintentionally. Thus, he felt extreme hatred and had slaughtered Tie clansmen many times as revenge."


"Wu Gui, have you been hiding under a mountain all these years? Are you here to experience defeat once again?" At the mountain peak, golden light burst out.

In the golden light, Tie Mu Bai stood upright, his hands behind his back, speaking calmly towards the rolling dark clouds.

"Hmph, you won by merely one move a decade ago, you really think you are better. Little bastard, today you will die without a proper corpse!" The dark clouds moved like steam out of boiling water, turning into a large hand and grabbing towards Tie Mu Bai.

This hand, was extremely large, larger than a small-sized mountain. It gave off an impressive aura, stunning people and gave off the feeling of grabbing the moon and stars.

The dark clouds looked slow but were extremely fast, grabbing quickly.

Corrosive smoke rose, as the hand covered an entire mountain peak, causing the trees and rocks it touched to disintegrate.

"Old tricks." Tie Mu Bai snorted, moving his leg and turning into a golden light, tearing apart the dark clouds, flying towards the sky.

The golden light flew like a shooting star, like lightning, as it crashed into the dark clouds.

Almost the next moment, there was a thunder-like explosion, going off like firecrackers.

The dark clouds moved violently, as golden light flickered.

The two rank five peak stage Gu Masters fought inside the clouds. Although the details could not be seen, outsiders could feel how powerful they were just from the aftershocks sent out by them.

"Wu Gui, when I just started by Gu journey, you were already an established expert. Back then, i had to avoid you if I met you. But fifty years later, I could escape from you. Eighty years later, you could do nothing to me. A hundred years later, you lost to me. And now, after another decade, today, you will lose your life."

Tie Mu Bai's voice came from within the dark clouds.

"Huff, huff, huff… Tie. Mu. Bai! You are too arrogant, you were lucky to be born in Tie clan, relying on Tie clan, you can speak so arrogantly. If I had the same resources as you, I would've become a Gu Immortal by now." Wu Gui screamed in an unstable tone.

Evidently, during the intense battle earlier, Tie Mu Bai had the advantage.

"But, did you think I have no backup?" Hahaha!" Wu Gui breathed roughly, but started laughing wildly.

As he laughed, a third rank five peak stage aura burst out.

"Tie Mu Bai, did you miss me all these years?" A gloomy and shrill voice travelled far and wide.

Tie Mu Bai could not hide his shock: "Ku Mo, to think you came!"


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