Reverend Insanity
370 The Glory of Tie clan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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370 The Glory of Tie clan

Chapter 370: The Glory of Tie clan
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Tie Ruo Nan's eyes twitched and she slowly raised her head to look at this unacquainted but very familiar old man.

"Our Tie clan, since it was established, had been world-renowned for our bravery, unswerving determination and our iron-cold justice. For many generations, Tie clansmen had been upholding justice and striking down on criminals, in this course, countless people have shed blood and sacrificed their lives. The youths that have died here won't be the first and also won't be the last. Do you understand?" The old man continued.

Tie Ruo Nan slightly opened her mouth as if to say something but could not speak anything.

"I am gratified because these people did not die in vain. But I also feel disappointed because you are living in vain. Tie Ruo Nan, do you know the criminal is still out there, getting away with his crimes, and still harming people. That little beast king Fang Zheng…"

Tie Mu Bai paused here and then turned around and looked at Tie Ruo Nan, indifferently asking: "Do you want to uphold justice?"

Tie Ruo Nan looked at this old man and finally recognized his identity.

Tie Mu Bai, rank five peak stage! Tie clan's previous generation clan leader, he moved unhindered in Southern Border and had dominated a region. When he was reigning, Tie clan was like an iron bucket that pressed down on Wu clan, Shang clan and other great clans, and became one of the heads of the righteous path, causing terror to the demonic path!

Tie Ruo Nan's deathly-still eyes suddenly twinkled with a spark, and she squeezed out a word with her hoarse voice: "Yes."

"Good." The old man nodded, his gaze gentle and his tone as calm as before, "Starting now, I will impart the metal path to you, the Gu path that our Tie clan's Gu Masters use to stand on top of Southern Border."

Eight days later…

Three kings inheritance opened once again; red, yellow and blue, three enormous light pillars pierced through the clouds and were visible even from thousands of miles away.

However, San Cha mountain was a scene of stillness with no sound.

Regardless of righteous path or demonic path, countless people looked at the peak - there, a seemingly ordinary wizened old man with grizzled hair and wrinkles all over his face was standing calmly with his hands behind his back.

Not far from him, Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian, Long Qing Tian, Yi Chong and Wu Shen Tong had dark expressions.

Just a moment ago, this old man suppressed the combined power of these five. He defeated them with no difficulty.

"Powerful, truly powerful!"

"Tie Mu Bai, Tie clan's previous generation clan leader, was actually still alive!!"

"Too fearsome, is this the power of rank five peak stage? Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian and others simply cannot compare. It would be as easy as crushing ants for him to kill us!"

"Who could have expected Tie clan to actually send their old clan leader. With this, Shang clan, Wu clan and every other clans are not Tie clan's match!"

"This is an expert of the old generation, little beast king is not worthy to even carry his shoes. In those days, when he moved unhindered in Southern Border, under his command, Tie clan gained powerful momentum and even suppressed Wu clan and almost became the sole head of righteous path!"

"He is one of the most powerful clan leaders in Tie clan history. He is the glory of Tie clan, a role model of the righteous path and the symbol of justice. His battle accomplishments shines brilliantly and hasn't lost its color even today!"

After a short moment of silence, there was an uproar on San Cha mountain; sounds of admiration, cheers and terror.

With Tie Mu Bai's appearance, the power structure on San Cha mountain completely changed.

Three days later, news made its way out.

Originally, Divine Thief Lu Zuan Feng caused havoc in Tie clan and secretly infiltrated Demonic Suppression Tower multiple times, in the end disturbing Tie Mu Bai who had closed himself in cultivation.

Tie Mu Bai personally struck and even though Lu Zuan Feng was a famous divine thief and also a rank five Gu Master, he received serious injuries and had a very narrow escape.

After Tie clan settled this, their gaze gathered at San Cha mountain.

Tie Ba Xiu's death angered all Tie clan higher-ups. And just as they were about to send an expert over to reinforce the four old-timers, Tie Mu Bai said he was going to personally make a visit.

He came to San Cha mountain and with his absolute strength, he easily prevailed over the experts of both righteous and demonic path. Even experts at the level of Yi Huo and Kong Ri Tian had to concede defeat.

"From this day onwards, no demonic Gu Master may enter three kings inheritance." Tie Mu Bai stood at the peak of the mountain and after winning over the five rank four peak stage Gu Masters, he immediately made the announcement.

With just himself, he swept up all the demonic Gu Masters on San Cha mountain!

Demonic Gu Masters were very angry, however even though they were thousands in number, they did not dare to rebel against the rank five peak stage Tie Mu Bai, this supreme expert who stood at the peak of the mortal world.

On that day, Kong Ri Tian and Long Qing Tian directly left the mountain with dark expressions.

Then, Li Xian, Hu Mei Er and others also left sadly.

"The laws of the heaven are vast, justice will prevail. Even if three kings inheritance is a demonic path inheritance, it will contribute its strength to our righteous path. Everyone, as long as we unite, sparks will gather little by little into a bright light that will cover the whole San Cha mountain. And no longer will there be dark places."

Tie Mu Bai spoke sincerely, then slowly stepped into the three kings inheritance.

There were huge cheers all around San Cha mountain, righteous path's morale was boosted to the top; the congratulatory sounds continued endlessly like waves after wave.

This time, the opening of the three kings inheritance lasted for more than half a month.

Tie Mu Bai changed the power structure of San Cha mountain by himself, uniting the righteous path and banishing the demonic path, causing the situation to have a violent change. The aged body seemed to manifest the domineering aura of the former clan leader of Tie clan.

Demonic path figures were all banished; they were still not resigned and thus stayed at the surroundings of San Cha mountain and watched as the three light pillars became thinner and thinner.

After the inheritance closed, Tie Mu Bai held a banquet and invited all righteous path Gu Masters.

The banquet was held in the outdoors and was spread over a vast area in the middle of the mountain. The Gu Masters used mountain rocks as tables and chairs, the aroma of wine and food spread everywhere, and they cheered and laughed.

"Junior Yi Huo proposes a toast to senior." Yi Huo stood up with a wine cup in his hands and bowed deeply towards Tie Mu Bai who was sitting on the main seat.

"In the few great clans, Shang clan always had talents appearing in large numbers. I heard Shang Yan Fei has already become the clan leader now? He had outstanding talent since young, you are also not bad. Take a seat." Tie Mu Bai said with a bit of recollection.

With his seniority, Shang Yan Fei was also a junior.

With his rank five peak stage cultivation, even though Shang Yan Fei had astonishing talent, he was still inferior.

Yi Huo could only nod his head and slowly sit down, heaving a sigh inwardly.

With Tie Mu Bai's arrival, his plan to rule San Cha mountain was already cut at its root. He was unable to catch up to this expert of the old generation and simply did not have any chance of contending with him.

"Old clan leader Tie, on behalf of Yi clan, I congratulate you on coming out of seclusion." Yi clan's elder Yi chong had a fiery temperament, but he behaved like an obedient grandson in front of Tie Mu Bai.

Gu Immortals always stayed in the background and their traces were rarely seen. To most of the people, rank four Gu Masters were feudal lords while rank five Gu Masters were the emperors that occupied the peak of the mortal world.

Tie Mu Bai coming here was an emperor going on an inspection tour; these feudal lords could only bend their backs and visit the emperor for an audience.

"Old clan leader Tie, you are the glory of our Southern Border's righteous path and are still awe-inspiring as ever! With one sentence, you made all the demonic bastards retreat helplessly, making us juniors prostrate in admiration. Unfortunately, that little bastard Fang Zheng escaped pretty fast, escaping San Cha mountain few days before you came." Wu Shen Tong said darkly.

"You are talking about little beast king, right?" Tie Mu Bai indifferently smiled without a hint of anger.

"This little kid is outstanding, I heard his accomplishments are rather amazing. He worked hard alone and started from nothing to become a rising star of the demonic path at a rapid speed. He seems impulsive and unreasonable, but actually makes his moves after meticulous planning and is very good at scheming. It was not groundless for the several youths of Tie clan to die by his hands." Tie Mu Bai continued.

His words shocked everyone present. As the victim's family, the old Tie clan leader whose dignity was offended was actually praising his enemy in front of everyone.

"This old clan leader Tie was rumored to have a fiery temperament with extreme abhorrence of evil. How come he seems to be different from the rumors, and instead is so cultured and indifferent to humiliation?" Wu Shen Tong was inwardly surprised and was just about to speak when he met with Tie Mu Bai's gaze.

The gaze contained the vicissitude of time and had unfathomable depth, a wisdom that had seen through and experienced all of the mortal world.

Wu Shen Tong immediately felt his schemes had been seen through by this gaze; cold sweat dripped out of his body and he found it difficult to speak.

"Do you find it strange?" Tie Mu Bai looked around and slowly spoke with a smile, "Why am I, who is called the glory of Tie clan, openly praising the mortal enemy of Tie clan?"

"Hehehe, praising one's enemy is increasing the enemy's prestige and diminishing one's morale. But in truth, how could the will of those resolute people be destroyed by these few words? By admiring your enemies, you can find their strong points and warn yourself of your weak points, and treat your enemy more seriously. Don't let your wisdom be deceived by hatred."

Tie Ruo Nan, who was standing behind Tie Mu Bai, shivered as she heard these words.

She knew old clan leader Tie Mu Bai was saying this mostly to her.

After Tie Mu Bai came out of inheritance, he had been guiding her all the time. He gave her metal path Gu worms and taught her his experiences in using them and also gave her knowledge on the outside world.

Don't let your wisdom be deceived by hatred… admire your enemies…

Tie Ruo Nan thought over these words and pondered.

"Ruo Nan, what do you think of Fang Zheng?" Tie Mu Bai suddenly called her.

"Yes." Tie Ruo Nan took a step forward and reported, "Although I hate him very much, I have no choice but to admit Fang Zheng is very outstanding. He has the courage to take risks and also moves after scheming. Although he is a strength path Gu Master, he definitely has a formidable and extraordinary investigative method. This point can be seen from how he was able to intercept us."

"The path elder Tie Ba Xiu and I chose was a very hidden path. We were able to deceive everyone else but only Fang Zheng was able to sense it and accurately intercept us. Old clan leader, you secretly arrived at San Cha mountain and no one knew of it, but only Fang Zheng sensed it and escaped early. Little beast king might be at the front of the limelight, but he conceals himself very deep and is absolutely not a person to be underestimated."

"Good, good analysis." Tie Mu Bai nodded, his eyes revealing his praise.

He continued: "In this world, there is a thing that is more precious than life. That is glory. Eons ago, Ren Zu's eldest son Verdant Great Sun gave up his life while chasing for glory."

"Ruo Nan, this Fang Zheng is a mission for you. Arrest him or kill him, wash away your humiliation and make it a glory that belongs to you. Many people call me the glory of Tie clan, but I will tell you Tie clan's glory is not just me alone, but you guys, generations of people who stand for what's right."

Tie Mu Bai's gaze looked at everyone present when he said this, his voice showing the grandeur of past.

"Similarly, the glory of righteous path should be upheld by every one of us. Come, drink this cup to shine the glory of righteousness onto the world, let the radiance of this sun dispel the darkness and let the demonic path cease to exist!"

"Dispel the darkness!"

"Let the demonic path cease to exist!"

All the righteous path Gu Masters raised their wine cups and shouted together. Their voices were powerful and spread a long distance; countless demonic paths figures' expressions changed.

"Damn it, this Tie Mu Bai…"

"The glory of Tie clan, time has not been able to wash away his brilliance. Really a terrifying character."

"He is dazzling like the sun… sigh, him coming out of seclusion is the bad luck of our demonic path!"


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