Reverend Insanity
367 It is not easy to be a godfather these days
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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367 It is not easy to be a godfather these days

Chapter 367: It is not easy to be a godfather these days
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Several months later.

Southern Border, San Cha mountain.

In a spacious cave lighted with bright lights, a huge banquet was being held where Gu Masters drank and gambled, and fragrance of various dishes permeated the air.

"Come, come, come, everyone, eat and drink to your fill, no need to feel uncomfortable!" Century Boy was sitting on the main seat; he looked around and greeted everyone with a loud voice.

Century Boy was wearing a black robe and looked like a tender boy but was actually over hundred and eighty years old.

In this world, under normal circumstances, a human's lifespan was only around a hundred years. If one wanted to increase their lifespan, the best method was to find lifespan Gu.

However, lifespan Gu were extremely rare and thus difficult to find.

Humans were the spirit of all living beings, who would mind having a long life? Thus, they thought of many other methods.

Century Boy was one such example, although he did not find lifespan Gu, he possessed return to childhood Gu, which accumulated his lifeforce and slowly released them, gaining the effect of longevity.

The disadvantage of this method was his body and appearance were fixed to have a child's physique.

Century Boy had rank four upper stage cultivation and at the same time possessed over a hundred and eighty years of experience, he was truly a part of the senior generation of demonic path.

He had become astute with age and had visited a lot of places. He liked holding feasts and entertaining all kinds of people. Sometimes, he also gave pointers to some newcomers and imparted some of his experience. In the demonic path, he had the reputation of guiding the younger generation.

Some demonic Gu Masters who received his pointers recognized him as their godfather. As time passed, Century Boy had gathered a whole group of godsons and goddaughters, forming a rather enormous force.

Among those participating in the banquet today, many were his godsons and goddaughters. There were also distinguished guests like Rock Lizard Li Qiang and Fiery Star Bao Tong; they were all famous demonic path figures and could not be underestimated.

"Shang clan's Yi Huo is truly powerful, he suppressed the other four rank four peak stage experts. Currently on San Cha mountain, no one wants to fight him."

"Gu refinement grandmaster Feng Tian Yu has arrived and has agreed to refine Gu for Yi Huo. I am not sure what Gu he is refining but Yi Huo's fighting strength is sure to become more powerful."

In the banquet, the most talked discussion was naturally about the current situation of San Cha mountain.

Yi Huo came from Shang clan and represented the righteous path. His power and influence was huge, suppressing all the demonic Gu Masters on San Cha mountain; they could not even fight properly as they were fearful.

"Yi Huo might be strong, but he is only rank four peak stage. If Tie Ba Xiu was still alive, he could definitely contend with him and Yi Huo would not have been in such a bright limelight like now."

The moment Tie Ba Xiu was mentioned, everyone inevitably thought of Fang Yuan.

"A few days ago, Little Beast King killed Yu Cang; this is the fourth strength path Gu Master he has killed in just this month." Someone whispered.

Yu Cang was a strength path Gu Master and was from Yu clan which was a small-middle sized clan.

Ever since Fang Yuan killed Tie Ba Xiu, his momentum increased tremendously and he looked for trouble again and again, killing both demonic path and righteous path Gu Masters. This awe-inspiring fierce and brutal name shook San Cha mountain.

Century Boy's ears twitched, and his expression turned unsightly when his keen sense heard 'little beast king'.

Fang Yuan killed Sky Tiger Xue San Si who was his goddaughter. He had been proclaiming he would find trouble with Fang Yuan. However, after Fang Yuan killed Tie Ba Xiu, he immediately gave in and did not talk of Fang Yuan again.

"Hmph! Little Beast King might be strong, but it is because of three kings inheritance. He knows many secrets regarding the inheritance and thus every time he enters the inheritance, his gains are much more than ours. Li Xian, you have made deals with him and know much more about his situation. Is this not the case?" Rock Lizard Li Qiang suddenly spoke loudly.

Li Xian nodded: "Indeed it is so. In these few months, Little Beast King has sold some of the secrets of three kings inheritance many times. The information he gave is mostly correct and has been verified. For example, you can disturb hairy men's Gu refinement process in the earlier stages of King Xin Inheritance. There are also some of his experiences regarding King Quan Inheritance."

"Little Beast King definitely knows much more important secrets and is hiding them deep in his heart. His luck has come, he really made it big this time, his strength has been increasing by relying on three kings inheritance. Now, he is one of the most popular candidates to inherit three kings inheritance!" Fiery Star Bao Tong said as he drank wine, his tone filled with admiration and envy.

"Fang Zheng is getting stronger and he has replaced his Gu worms to much better ones as well."

"In these few months, he and Bai Ning Bing has been moving together, they are simply a pair of wretched murderous couple! These two are villains colluding together, who knows how many have suffered from their treacherous attacks."

"Little Beast King has extremely big ambitions, from the time he arrived at San Cha mountain to now, he has repeatedly challenged strength path Gu Masters. Recently, he has again claimed to become the number one in strength path and recover the glory of the ancient strength path."

"Fortunately, I am not a strength path Gu Master…."

Everyone discussed and commented.

Fang Yuan only took the initiative to fight strength path Gu Masters, this caused strength path Gu Masters to be in danger, while Gu Masters of other paths watched on from the side with an attitude of taking joy in others' misfortune.

Although Fang Yuan's actions were unbridled, he did not provoke public anger.

On one hand, he was powerful and could also fly; truly not an easy enemy. On another hand, he took the initiative to reveal many information on three kings inheritance which caused many people to fawn upon him. Finally, he only went against strength path Gu Masters, only dealing with people of the same path, and did not blindly provoke other Gu Masters.

"Century Boy, you need to be careful. From what I remember, you are also a strength path Gu Master, right? Fang Zheng, that brute is mean and devious, and completely unreasonable, cruel and tyrannical." Rock Lizard Li Qiang stared deeply at Century Boy, seemingly persuading him with good intentions.

Century Boy sighed inwardly.

How could he have imagined Fang Yuan to be so violent!

"Sigh, each generation brings forth new geniuses… Nowadays, newcomers are appearing in flocks; a few years ago, there was Mo Wu Tian and now Little Beast King has appeared. This world is becoming increasingly tough, it is not easy to even be a godfather."

Century Boy thought like that inwardly, but on the surface he was still tough: "Hmph! When heavens want someone dead, it will first make them mad and violent. This Little Beast King is become madder and more violent, he is not far from reaching death's door. He killed my goddaughter Xue San Si, I will take revenge sooner or later. But there is no need to hurry, wait till three kings inheritance is over and I will slowly settle the scores with him. The important matter is three kings inheritance."

Saying so, he reminded his godsons and goddaughters present in the banquet: "You guys also need to understand the logic of important things first. Three kings inheritance is an opportunity that seldom appears in a hundred years. You need to grasp it as much as possible or else you will regret it for your lifetime."

What he meant was: You guys better avoid any conflicts with Little Beast King.

"Godfather is right."

"Godfather's words are reasonable and thought-provoking. Revenge is a dish best served cold!"

"This Little Beast King won't be able to keep bouncing for long, he killed Tie Ba Xue and chased Tie clan's young master. We will talk after he is hunted down by Tie clan."

"I heard people saying Tie clansmen have already secretly arrived at San Cha mountain…"

"Godfather, wait till my cultivation reaches rank four, there won't be a need for godfather to make a move, I will be able to deal with Little Beast King!"

"Little Beast King won't remain proud for long, under my thunderclap Gu, there won't even be a corpse left of him!"

These goddaughters and godsons talked one after another; some expressed great loyalty and said they would go through any difficulties for Century Boy. Some even fawned saying it was not worth for Century Boy to deal with Fang Yuan. Some judged the situation and bluntly said Fang Yuan's joy would not last long.

"Alright, alright, you are my godchildren. It was not in vain for me to have guided you!" Century Boy laughed loudly.

Right at this time, a voice suddenly came in from outside the cave.

"Century Boy, I am Fang Zheng, get out!"

The merrymaking just before, the clamorous banquet suddenly turned into deathly quietness.

Little Beast King!

How could he come find trouble here?!

Everyone's eyes opened wide and looked at each other in shock.

This was especially the case with Century Boy and his godsons and goddaughters; they were all stupefied and did not know what to do, not daring to utter a word.

"Right, this is Little Beast King's voice, it seems he really came." Li Xian held back his smile and broke the silence.

Rock Lizard Li Qiang, Fiery Star Bao Tong and others all put their wine cups down with grave expressions.

Crash! Century Boy smashed his wine cup on the table, then he gritted his teeth and shouted to the outside: "Little Beast King, I am here, what can I do for you?"

Fang Yuan's voice immediately came from outside the cave: "Hmph, Century Boy, you held such a huge banquet and invited all the heroes, but you actually didn't invite me? Are you looking down on me? You don't need to apologize, it is already too late for apologies. Since you are also a strength path Gu Master, then come out and exchange moves with me."

When Century Boy heard this, he was startled, indignant and furious.

Fang Yuan's appearance made him startled. Fang Yuan's brashness made him indignant. And Fang Yuan's such words that made it seem like Century Boy was really going to apologize made him angry.

However, Century Boy did not want to fight to the death with Fang Yuan. He looked around and shouted with a furious tone: "Little Beast King, don't be too insolent! You came here to find trouble and have no consideration for anyone, you are simply looking down on all the numerous heroes here. I will tell you honestly, Lord Rock Lizard Li Qiang is here, there is also Lord Fiery Star Bao Tong and also young master Li Xian who is an emerging talent of the demonic path. Are you here to court death?"

With these words, everyone in the banquet had different expressions, inwardly cursing this treacherous Century Boy who wanted to pull them down with him.

However, Fang Yuan said: "Century Boy, you coward, the people you have invited are all heroes, but I can clearly tell you that I came to find trouble. But not with others, I came to find trouble especially with you! I want to recover the glory and the radiance of the ancient strength path. You are a puny coward who is damaging the name of the strength path, come out and accept your death."

Li Qiang's grave expression immediately relaxed at these words.

Fang Yuan explained his purpose for coming clearly, it was directed at Century Boy and this let his mind slightly relax.

"I did not think Lord Little Beast King knew our names." Bao Tong stroked his beard with a satisfied expression.

Li Xian laughed darkly and looked at Century Boy with every intention to watch indifferently from the sidelines.

Century Boy had become astute with age, his expression immediately sunk when he saw everyone's expressions.


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