Reverend Insanity
366 Land Spiri
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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366 Land Spiri

Chapter 366: Land Spirit
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A dull sound echoed with dust flying everywhere.

Fang Zheng fell flat on his face on the ground.

Although he fell from a high altitude, it was only for a short time before he landed, thus he survived.

"Spit spit spit!" Fang Zheng sprawled on the ground and spitted grass and mud out of his mouth, a sore pain spreading throughout his body as he felt stifled.

"Where is this?" He took slow, deep breaths and stood up awkwardly before looking at his surroundings.

It was a scenery of green, Fang Zheng felt like he was in a grassland. The grass rustled with the light wind and countless flowers of all colors formed a tapestry that spread to the horizon.

Far away, there was a tall and precipitous crystal mountain.

The crystal mountain was half-translucent and was pink like a scene from dreams.

From his position, Fang Zheng could clearly see human silhouettes climbing the mountain. Compared the the crystal mountain, these figures were very small like ants.

"The first person to ascend to the peak will obtain Hu Immortal Inheritance!" Suddenly, Fang Zheng recalled the mysterious girl's words.

Who was that mysterious little girl?

Could they really inherit Hu Immortal Inheritance by climbing this mountain?

While Fang Zheng was indulging in his doubts, Lord Sky Crane's anxious voice appeared from inside him: "Stupid disciple, what are you still hesitating for? Quickly go climb that Dang Hun mountain!"

"Master!" Fang Zheng was both startled and happy, "Who was that little girl? And, why can't I use any Gu?"

"Get a move on already, grasp every second. I will explain to you, listen properly!" Lord Sky Crane hurriedly explained —

"Hu Immortal Inheritance is not a small matter, it is an intact Gu Immortal Inheritance. There can only be one inheritor, whoever obtains it will soar to the top and will have a huge chance to become an immortal. As for the others, they will obtain no benefits or rewards. The little girl you saw just before is the Hu Immortal Inheritance. As long as you ascend to the peak first, you will become her master and obtain the Gu Immortal Inheritance."

Fang Zheng ran while gazing at the peak.

He had lived in Southern Border and there were many mountains there, he naturally knew the logic of the mountain 'appearing close but was actually very far away'.

"Master, I am very far away from this crystal mountain while they are already climbing it. The gap is too huge. I also cannot use movement Gu, how can I win?"

Lord Sky Crane snorted: "Ignorant! This is Hu Immortal blessed land, this place is not like anything else! Although Hu Immortal has already passed away, her will still exists. Your movement Gu has already been sealed by Hu Immortal's will, naturally you can't use it. Others are also the same, they can't use any Gu. You can only rely on your own physical strength to ascend to the peak and finish this test."

Fang Zheng could not help being dispirited: "I can't use movement Gu and there is such a huge gap, how can I catch up to them? Strange, we entered the gatehouse one after another, how could the gap be so huge?"

Lord Sky Crane laughed: "This is a Gu Immortal blessed land, the time flow here is different. A day in the outside world is five days here. You guys entered the gatehouse one by one and the time difference was short. But once you enter here, the time difference is suddenly pulled apart. Otherwise, why would there be the great competition to decide the ranking? Each rank represents a certain advantage. The last ranked person basically doesn't have any hope to win."

"So it was like that." Fang Zheng only then realized the importance of obtaining a good ranking in the great competition.

Unfortunately, he lacked power and his strength could not compare to others.

The ten great sects were the heads of Central Continent, they had a lot of hidden talents with extremely profound foundations. Even Southern Border's top clans could not compare to them. In this generation of elite disciples, disciples like Fang Zheng, Fairy Bi Xia, Gu Ting and Wei Wu Shang were only second tier.

The first tier were disciples like Feng Jin Huang, Ying Sheng Ji and Xiao Qi Xing. They had powerful background and the support of Gu Immortals. From the very start, they received meticulous nurturing. A huge amount of resources were provided to them, with them never lacking anything, and occasionally, Gu Immortal level existences would personally instruct and guide them in their cultivation.

Comparatively speaking, Fang Zheng was only a countryside boy. Although he had some fortuitous encounters, they could not compare to the support of Gu Immortals.

"My ranking is not high, I can't do anything about. I already given my best in the great competition, almost all of my ironbeak flying cranes have died." Fang Zheng felt regret and also helplessness.

As he kept on thinking, he suddenly felt something amiss.

"Master, since Gu worms cannot be used here, how come you are able to talk to me? Master, you still had this secret, you are really amazing!"

"Hahaha…" Lord Sky Crane could not help but laugh loudly, "Stupid disciple, you finally realized this? But you are overestimating your master. I was only a rank five while alive and after death, my soul is residing in the spirit incubating flea, I have nothing left. The reason I can talk to you is because of our Immortal Crane Sect's Supreme Elder Lord He Feng Yang! Fang Zheng, you need to remember, in this world, only Gu Immortals can contend with Gu Immortals."

"Supreme Elder He Feng Yang?" Fang Zheng was filled with shock, Immortal Crane Sect had many Gu Immortals. Among them was He Feng Yang, to think he would be somewhat involved with him.

Lord Sky Crane meaningfully said: "Fang Zheng, Hu Immortal Inheritance is not a small matter, it has a land spirit. That is to say, this blessed land has its own will! Even a Gu Immortal can't get through force. Land spirits are innocent and stubborn, inheriting their original master's obsession. If a Gu Immortal forcefully attacks, even if the land spirit can't resist it, it could choose to self-destruct and destroy the blessed land. The Gu Master that made the forceful attack would also suffer injuries in vain and would have disastrous losses, and all their efforts would become futile. Thus, they sent you elite disciples."

"In this great competition, Feng Jin Huang from Spirit Affinity House is truly amazing! This girl could be said to be a genius among geniuses, arrogantly looking down at the crowd, a phoenix among people. Your strength is inadequate and it is normal for you to be defeated by her. But our Immortal Crane Sect has not necessarily lost. You are our Immortal Crane Sect's hope for reversal!"

"Me?" Fang Zheng could not help opening his eyes wide as he had never expected there to be such a huge hope entrusted to him.

He suddenly realized.

This contest for Hu Immortal Inheritance looked like a contest among the elite disciples of the ten sects, but actually was the battle between the ten great sects. Disciples like him were the chess pieces while the Gu Immortals of the ten sects were the players; they arranged the pieces from behind the scenes and contested against each other.

And he himself was the ignorant secret weapon chosen by the Immortal Crane Sect.

"Master, isn't the sect having too much expectations for me? I can't use any Gu now, how can I be the winner?"

"Hehehe…" Lord Sky Crane proudly laughed, "Fang Zheng, do you know what this crystal mountain is? This is the Dang Hun mountain in the legends of Ren Zu.

"Dang Hun mountain!" Fang Zheng gave a startled cry.

Legends of Ren Zu had spread over the world, Fang Zheng naturally knew of this famous Dang Hun mountain.

Lord Sky Crane continued: "As long as any living creatures enter the range of Dang Hun mountain, their soul would receive a shock. The closer they get to the peak, the stronger the force of the shock would be. Many living beings don't have strong souls and their soul would often scatter when they reach halfway up the mountain."

"Naturally, this is a righteous path inheritance and isn't as dangerous as a demonic path inheritance. Dang Hun mountain's might has already been suppressed by the land spirit, giving you elite disciples a chance of ascending to the peak. If someone is unable to continue, they would be sent out by the land spirit. That is to say, there is no risk to your lives."

Lord Sky Crane's tone became solemn: "Fang Zheng, the thing I am about to say is very important, listen carefully!"

"You experienced the destruction of your entire clan at a young age and the killer was your own big brother. You are determined to take revenge and your will is firm. Surviving this terrible event had tempered your soul to become stronger than your peers. But there is still a gap when compared to people like Feng Jin Huang and Xiao Qi Xing."

"But you don't need to be dejected, the ingenuity of Lord He Feng Yang's plan lies here. He used secret methods to resuscitate Spirit Incubating Flea. Next, I will use my soul to support you and push you towards the peak of Dang Hun mountain!"

Lord Sky Crane was a rank five Gu Master, he had gone through innumerable difficulties throughout his life and at the same time with his long age, he had gained plentiful experience and the strength of his soul naturally far surpassed the disciples like Feng Jin Huang and Xiao Qi Xing.

These geniuses might be at their prime with limitless future prospects, but right now, the foundation of their soul could not compare to Lord Sky Crane.

Fang Zheng was both happy and worried: "With master's help, I have a chance at winning. But if we cheat like this, won't it be unfair? If other Gu Immortals discover it, what would we do?"

Lord Sky Crane snorted and reprimanded: "Stupid kid, this is not cheating but ability and talent. We are obtaining the Gu Immortal Inheritance with our ability and talent. This is fair! Don't worry, behind you is Immortal Crane Sect, and with Lord He Feng Yang protecting you, other Gu Immortals won't act against you. Moreover, Gu Immortals can't enter the blessed land. If they enter the blessed land, they will suffer the counterattack from the land spirit, thus even if they discover some clues, they can only watch helplessly! Hahaha!"

"The land spirit is so amazing? Even Gu Immortals are not its match?" Fang Yuan felt surprised.

"One side will go all out while the other side has to restrain themselves… Moreover, land spirit has blended in with the blessed land, and in the blessed land, land spirit is an immortal deity able to control the whole blessed land. Controlling the land spirit means controlling the blessed land." Lord Sky Crane laughed.

Realization dawned upon Fang Zheng: "Ah! I understand, that little girl we saw is the land spirit!"

"Hahaha!" Lord Sky Crane laughed, "Disciple, you aren't so stupid after all, finally realizing it. That's right, that little girl is Hu Immortal land spirit. Now charge forward bravely. This Dang Hun mountain is extremely difficult to climb, it would at least take a year or so. Just in case, I won't speak much from now and will only secretly help you. With my help, you have at least eighty percent chance of seizing Hu Immortal Inheritance! As long as you get the Hu Immortal Inheritance, you can rise rapidly, turning from beggar to tycoon and become fat from just one bite. This is ascending to the heavens in one step!"

"I understand, master! I will do my very best and not disappoint you!" Fang Zheng's fierce eyes flashed with a firm and courageous light.

"Go, the whole Immortal Crane Sect is looking at you." Lord Sky Crane spurred Fang Zheng on with one sentence and made his blood boil.

Fang Zheng felt extremely energetic!


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