Reverend Insanity
358 New Trump Card
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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358 New Trump Card

Chapter 358: New Trump Card
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Light dispersed and a Gu slowly landed onto Fang Yuan's palm.

This was water cage Gu which was used especially to capture wild Gu worms and was very effective.

The hairy man in front was in the process of refining Gu. When he saw Fang Yuan was already done, he immediately let out a desperate howl.

Thunder crackled in the sky and the hairy man was killed.

Similar to King Quan Inheritance, King Xin Inheritance was also extremely cruel. Gu Masters had to tread through blood and death to move a step forward.

Fang Yuan sighed and stored the water cage Gu before continuing forward.

If he remembered correctly, this was already the thirty-second round in King Xin Inheritance.

King Xin Inheritance was an inheritance related to refinement path. The difficulty increased every ten rounds and the hairy men that appeared also became smarter and stronger.

In the early twenty or so rounds, Fang Yuan was able to rely on his speech to flatter the hairy men and disrupt their concentration, causing their Gu refinement to fail and give him effortless victories.

But starting from thirtieth round, the hairy men that appeared were huge and had remarkable intelligence; Fang Yuan could only compete fairly.

But fortunately, the Gu refinement materials of the first twenty rounds were accumulated by Fang Yuan and gave him ample options in refining Gu.

These Gu refinement materials could be saved by the Gu Masters and used for future rounds.

This was also a trick King Xin had left behind when she set up his inheritance. In Fang Yuan's previous life, this trick was made public only after a year. Right now, it was a secret, even if some people realized this trick, the number was only a small fraction of the participants.

Fang Yuan was able to rush forward like this because of his plentiful accumulation and his previous life's experiences. His achievement here were even better than at King Quan Inheritance.

From fortieth round, the difficulty of King Xin Inheritance increased by several folds.

At this stage, Gu Masters could use one of their Gu. But in King Xin Inheritance, the Gu they use must be of refinement path.

Fang Yuan did not have any refinement path Gu, the materials on him were also almost used up.

He began to feel the difficulty of advancing forward.

It was become very difficult to cross each round.

What was good was that after fortieth round, King Xin Inheritance gave the Gu Masters a corresponding reward.

These rewards could be refinement path Gu worms, recipes, primeval stones and so on, and were very generous.

When Fang Yuan broke through to forty-fourth round, he was given an opportunity to leave. He took this opportunity and left King Xin Inheritance.

The time he spent this time in King Xin Inheritance was even longer than in King Quan Inheritance.

Returning to San Cha mountain, Fang Yuan found Tie clan's purple light barrier was still standing tall. Tie clan's four old-timers were very patient and did not enter three kings inheritance; Bai Ning Bing was still trapped.

The three light pillars on the mountain peaks had already shrunk down to a cup sized thickness.

But as long as the light pillars existed, even if it was only the thickness of a tiny needle, it meant the doors had not closed and people could still enter.

But every time the inheritance opened up, no matter which inheritance of three kings inheritance Gu Masters chose, they could only enter one time.

Fang Yuan looked for Li Xian and made another transaction again.

Li Xian received many things from Fang Yuan and was inwardly startled.

"I have a bad news for you. Tie clan's four old-timers have already requested for support from their clan, Tie clan has already sent a group of reinforcements over and it might be unfavorable for sir."

Fang Yuan was not surprised, this action of Tie clan's four old-timers was also within his expectations: "Eh? Who did they send as reinforcements?"

"The head is Tie clan's Tie Ba Xiu, he is a strength path Gu Master with rank four upper stage cultivation. Besides him, there is also Tie Ruo Nan. She is one of the eight young masters of Tie clan and is a rising star who has been in limelight these two years! Every one of Tie clan's eight young masters are dragons and phoenixes. Especially this Tie Ruo Nan, she is the daughter of Divine Investigator Tie Xue Leng and already has rank four initial stage cultivation at such a young age."

Li Xian placed emphasis on Tie Ruo Nan in this batch of reinforcements, and only gave small snippets of information regarding Tie Ba Xiu and others.

Tie Ba Xiu was already a famous character and everyone knew of him. But Tie Ruo Nan was a rising star and could only be said to have some reputation and had yet to be famous around Southern Border.

Li Xian, however, did not know Fang Yuan was familiar with Tie Ruo Nan.

'Sure enough, she advanced to rank four. Tie Ba Xiu, Tie clan indeed sent this group just like in my previous life...' Fang Yuan pondered in his mind.

Li Xian had been observing Fang Yuan's expression the whole time, but seeing him remain calm, he was increasingly feeling more afraid.

"Lord little beast king, when this batch of Tie clansmen arrives, Tie clan's four old-timers will be free to deal with Bai Ning Bing. There is still time if you make a move now." Li Xian persuaded, with sincerity showing all over his face.

"I will have to ask you to pay more attention to our future deals." Fang Yuan smiled and left the cave.

The moment Fang Yuan left, Li Xian's expression turned grave.

His small eyes flashed with sharp light: "I have been fanning the flames to this extent but this little beast king remains unmoved. Is he really not worried about his partner's safety? Could it be the relation between Bai Ning Bing and him is not as close as the rumors say? He is a man and Bai Ning Bing is so beautiful, he will definitely go rescue her. It seems I need to contact Hu Mei Er…"

Riling up people's emotions had become basic nature to him. He watched others fight and fished in troubled water, obtaining huge benefits.

"Is this true?" Hu Mei Er's eyes brightened with high spirits when she got the news from Li Xian.

"Why would I deceive my darling?" Li Xian smiled while caressing Hu Mei Er's waist.

Hu Mei Er smiled tenderly and threw herself into Li Xian's chest, acting coquettishly: "It is still big brother Li Xian who loves me the most."


A round pearl quietly rested on Fang Yuan's palm.

It was golden all over and was only the size of a thumb. In the dusky cave, the pearl let out faint golden luster.

This was a yellow gold relic Gu, rank four Gu!

This Gu's market supply was strictly controlled by all great clans. Even Li Xian could not get it.

It was all because this Gu could directly raise a rank four Gu Master's cultivation by a small realm. Rank four and rank five were already the higher-ups of a clan; a yellow gold relic Gu could change the power structure of the higher-ups.

"I was quite lucky this time, actually receiving a yellow gold relic Gu as reward in King Xin Inheritance." Fang Yuan sighed before activating this Gu with a thought.

Yellow gold relic Gu immediately turned into golden ray of light and entered Fang Yuan's aperture.

The ninety percent primeval sea in Fang Yuan's aperture surged and ebbed. In the center, Spring Autumn Cicada appeared and disappeared at times.

When yellow gold relic Gu entered the aperture, it was firmly suppressed by the indistinct aura of Spring Autumn Cicada. Fang Yuan could only make Spring Autumn Cicada conceal itself then use yellow gold relic Gu.

A ball of golden light immediately spread and covered the whole aperture. Bright golden primeval essence converged together, cleansing the aperture walls.

A night passed and when the light of clear dawn shone upon San Cha mountain, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes.

Rank four middle stage!

If he used nine eyes liquor worm, he would possess rank four upper stage essence gold primeval essence!

This moment, he had officially surpassed Bai Ning Bing in cultivation. At the same time, the stable aperture walls could bear even more of Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure now, somewhat delaying this death warrant.

"Next, it is refining Gu..."

Fang Yuan did not urgently use liquor worm, but instead took out a Gu.

This Gu was a ball of bone the size of a quail egg. On the surface, there were alternating black and white stripes like on a zebra.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing had once used this to soar to the skies.

This was the footless bird.

Although it was only at rank three, it could move ten thousand miles and was the number one mount under rank five. But it had a great a weakness - it could only fly once.

The moment it landed, it was the moment of its death.

This footless bird Gu was also obtained from King Xin Inheritance as a reward for Fang Yuan.

Nine palace flowers, aspiring stone, golden crow's essence, chilling grass… Fang Yuan threw all these materials into the footless bird Gu and also constantly threw in primeval stones.

Most of these Gu refinement materials were materials Fang Yuan had remaining from King Xin Inheritance, while a portion was bought from Li Xian.

He used up a total of a hundred and eighty thousand primeval stones before the Gu refinement finished.

Bone wings Gu!

It was a rank four Gu. It looked like a feather, was spotless white, had bony texture and was light as a feather.

Under Fang Yuan's will, this Gu flew towards his back and spread, forming into something resembling two pairs of folded wings that covered almost all of Fang Yuan's back.

He poured primeval essence into the bone wings Gu… suddenly, intense pain attacked him as countless bones grew out from his backbone and ribs. The bony outgrowth pierced through his flesh and grew out before converging together and forming two enormous bone wings.

These bone wings were like the wings on a bird; wide and long. When folded up, the tail of the wings could touch the ground. The current Fang Yuan was truly an eight foot tall man.


There was a soft sound as the bone wings stretched out. The cave did not look so spacious anymore.

Normal bone wings were spotless white. But the bone wings on Fang Yuan was not only pitch black, but also let out a metallic luster like that of steel and iron.

This was because Fang Yuan's skeleton surpassed ordinary, having been reformed by iron bone Gu and at the same time, he had constantly been using rank four essence iron bone recently.

This led to Fang Yuan's bone wings to far surpass other people's in terms of sturdiness. Rather than to say they were only bone wings, it was better to say they were iron bone wings!

Fang Yuan softly flapped the wings, there was only a blowing sound before a strong whirlwind blew up.

Bone wings could be used as he wished and was like a natural part of his body.

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

Ordinary Gu Masters were rather cautious in using bone wings Gu. They would often train for two to three years before they were able to fly. If it were to be used in battle, they would have to train even longer, at least five years and above.

After all, humans were creatures who walked on the ground and not flying creatures.

However, Fang Yuan had no such problem.

After five hundred years in his previous life, he had similarly gained plentiful experiences terms of flying.

One could well imagine, if he suddenly used them, it was sure to catch his enemies off guard.

His newly advanced cultivation and bone wings Gu became the new trump cards of Fang Yuan!

"Now, it is time to deal with Bai Ning Bing's matter." Fang Yuan kept the bone wings, a chilling light flashing past his eyes.


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