Reverend Insanity
354 Ancient Bronze Skin Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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354 Ancient Bronze Skin Gu

Chapter 354: Ancient Bronze Skin Gu
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Dark purple qi barrier was like a high tower firmly locking in thousand meters of area.

The qi barrier, however, did not isolate sight. Who knew how many eyes were secretly watching the scene from outside the barrier.

"Bai Ning Bing, just let yourself be captured obediently. It is impossible for you to escape!" Tie clan's four old-timers occupied east, south, west and north positions separately, locking Bai Ning Bing in the center.

Bai Ning Bing was sitting cross-legged on a boulder, her two hands holding primeval stones as she replenished her primeval essence.

"Bai Ning Bing, don't hold any delusions. You killed our Tie clansman, and still thinking you will be able to escape? Hmph." The four old-timers' gazes were grave and started fixedly at Bai Ning Bing, encircling her with no gaps.

Bai Ning Bing slowly opened her narrowed eyes, her eyes were calm and her tone was indifferent: "Tie clan's four old-timers, what use is it in speaking so much? If you want to capture and kill me, them bring it on! Even if I, Bai Ning Bing, die at your hands, I will definitely take a few of you down."

She paused for a while before continuing: "You have been continuously maintaining this qi barrier, it should have consumed a lot of your primeval essence, right? Hehe, I know you four are experts at team battle tactics while I am only at rank four initial stage. But you can bet on it that if you killed me, even if you guys don't die, you will definitely be heavily injured. And in case my partner appears, what will become of you then?"

"You…" The four old-timers of Tie clan were exasperated.

Bai Ning Bing might have borrowed Fang Yuan's name, but it struck their weak spot.

"Bai Ning Bing, stop being stubborn. Here, let me see what you can do." One of the old-timers stood up.

"Hehehe." Bai Ning Bing softly smiled and slowly stood up to take the challenge. Silver hair and snow white clothes, with a grace that stood out from the crowd, even if she was trapped, she was still calm, a confident bearing that showed she had no worries about this life and death situation.

The two began their fight; sand and pebbles started flying inside the qi barrier, snow light spread everywhere and the clash of steel resounded...

Far away on a short mountain peak stood a group of Shang clan Gu Masters.

"Another round of battle has begun again. This Bai Ning Bing is worthy of her fame in the battle stage. She is able to resist the four rank four middle stage Gu Masters attacking her in turns, she is not simple!" One of them sighed.

"Bai Ning Bing has outstanding battle sense, she is indeed strong. But another reason is because the four old-timers from Tie clan do not dare to use all their strength." Someone analyzed.

"That's right. The old-timers are worried and afraid of the counterattack from Bai Ning Bing when she is near death. They are good at team battle tactics, and their individual strength aren't as fearsome as the Gu Masters at the same level. If they become short of a member, their whole strength will fall sharply and it will be difficult for them to contend for the three kings inheritance."

"What I am worried about now is Bai Ning Bing has purple thorn token. If she takes it out, do we make a move?"

"Don't do anything for now. I have already sent the message, and the clan has already sent a strong reinforcement. Elder Yi Huo is rushing here!"

Hearing this information, Shang clan's Gu Masters rouse their spirits.

Yi Huo was not an ordinary Gu Master, he was one of the five great elders of Shang clan with a cultivation of rank four peak stage! He was one of the experts under Shang Yan Fei, now that he was dispatched, it was sure to change the situation of the entire San Cha mountain.

"To think the things turned out this way. If Bai Ning Bing is killed by Tie clan, our deal with Shang clan will fall through." In an underbrush, Meng Tu observed the battle inside the qi barrier with glowing eyes and said with a worried tone.

He was at the prime of his life and was at rank three peak stage, the same as his partner Jiao Huang.

These two were famous assassins in demonic path, some time back even the rank four middle stage righteous path Xiao Fu Lu died at their hands.

They accepted a mission from Shang clan; if they could kill Fang and Bai, they would be allowed to join Shang clan.

They had already made their move on Huo Tan mountain, but the lava crocodile group they attracted did not pose any problems to Fang and Bai.

The two did not give up and continued to follow Fang and Bai to San Cha mountain, waiting for an opportunity ever since.

"Sigh… what can we do? We are good at assassinations and not at frontal attacks. If we move in front of everyone, our success rate will be too low. If Bai Ning Bing dies, we also can't do anything about it; we can only leave it up to fate!" The old man Jiao Huang said with a sigh.

"Yes, who knows how many are watching from the darkness. Who is to say we haven't been discovered while coming here." Meng Tu powerlessly added.

They were assassin Gu Masters and paid particular attention to concealment; it was okay if they did not make a move, but once they made, it must be a fatal strike. Before making their move, they made went through meticulous planning and made large numbers of preparation before bursting out all at once.

If the success rate was too low, they would not make a move and would rather give up the deal.

This was also the reason they were able to survive while roaming in demonic path for such a long time.

Every well-known Gu Master had their own unique ways for survival.

"Hehehe… these four old-timers of Tie clan are in such an awkward state." Li Xian stood in front of the qi barrier and looked at the battle inside; his eyes narrowed and were filled with joy towards others' misfortune.

Although this place had already become a focus of many gazes at San Cha mountain, Li Xian did not care.

He was very confident that he would absolutely not be exposed by others.

This confidence came from his rank five Gu - Invisibility Gu!

Gu worms at rank five were rare. Many rank five Gu Masters would only have one or two rank five Gu on them for many years.

Invisibility Gu could only be detected by specific rank five investigative Gu. However, it had not been long since three kings inheritance opened and there has yet to be anyone who had broken through the middle rounds, so it was not likely to attract rank five Gu Masters to make a move.

Li Xian had his own fortuitous encounters to possess the scarce rank five Gu when he was rank four.

"This iron cabinet Gu recipe was created by Tie clan's refinement path master Tie Yi Ban. His original intention was to refine a type of firm and secure storage Gu. After he refined this Gu for the first time, he gave it to Tie Xue Leng to test out. The Divine Investigator used it to capture people and it was very durable. When supplemented with qi flow Gu, its effect was amplified. From then on, iron cabinet Gu had become an efficient mean for Tie clan to capture demonic Gu Masters."

"Hehe… but now, these Tie clan's old-timers have to maintain both Tie cabinet Gu and qi flow Gu, unable to execute their team attacks. If the four attack together, this purple qi barrier will disappear. Without any obstruction, Bai Ning Bing can run free and they will lose a lot of reputation. Hahaha, interesting, interesting. These old-timers have no way out."

Li Xian looked at the show, the corner of his lips could not help but curl up.

But when he thought of someone, the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

"Little beast king, he actually didn't come to rescue! Did he realize the truth behind this tricky situation or is he truly so cold blooded and decided to abandoned Bai Ning Bing? No matter which it is, it all proves how scary this person is... I should hand that Gu over to him."

A Gu was handed over to Fang Yuan.

Its appearance was like that of a bedbug, flat and wide, its head was quite small and its body looked oval shaped. Its whole body was yellow-orange, and gave off a metallic luster like a bronze.

People called it 'ancient bronze skin Gu'.

Bronze skin Gu was a series Gu from rank one to rank three. But if it were to advance to rank four, it would be ancient bronze skin Gu whose defensive power was much stronger than rank three bronze skin Gu.

"Li Xian, you are worthy of being a famous merchant of the demonic path. You could get me ancient bronze skin Gu this quick, it was really a correct decision to make the transaction with you. I don't have tea here, please have some wine."

Fang Yuan's tone was polite and his face appeared gentle as he welcomed Li Xian and poured him a cup of wine.

"No, no, it was nothing. It is my honor to be able to do business with lord little beast king." Li Xian appeared very modest, lowering his status.

The two discussed for a while. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

If someone who did not know about them saw this, they would think these two were good-natured and elegant. How would they think these two were two-faced, ruthless demonic path Gu Masters?

"Li Xian, you don't need to be so polite, you can simply call me Fang Zheng. Let me first give you fifty thousand primeval stones, consider it a deposit for our future transactions." Fang Yuan brought out primeval elder Gu and waved his hand, bringing out fifty thousand primeval stones.

Primeval elder Gu appeared like a crystal ball, there were a lot of primeval stones stored in it, the old man in the clouds in the ball appeared to look very kind.

Li Xian looked at the wide smile on the old man's face, he could not help evaluating Fang Yuan much more highly.

"I will have to trouble you to help me with something." Fang Yuan suddenly spoke.

Li Xian's gaze flashed and immediately said: "Please speak."

Fang Yuan brought Li Xian towards the depths of the cave and pointed to a stone vat: "I have a stone vat here but I lack a fire type Gu. I will have to ask you to help me melt these bronze pieces and put them in the stone vat."

Li Xian let out a sigh of relief and smiled: "I just so happen to have a fire type Gu. It will only require a slight effort."

The temperature inside the cave rapidly soared.

After a while, Li Xian melted the bronze pieces into metallic liquid, the stone vat was filled almost to the brink.

Fang Yuan took out coal stones and piled them under stone vat to maintain the temperature.

Then, under Li Xian's astonished gaze, he softly jumped right into the vat.

The boiling bronze liquid sizzled and immediately burned Fang Yuan's clothes. His whole body was soaked in the bronze liquid and only his head was revealed outside.

"Little… Lord little beast king, what are you doing?!" Right now, Li Xian could smell the odor of burnt smell.

Fang Yuan activated the ancient bronze skin Gu in his aperture while smiling with gritted teeth: "Li Xian, don't you know? There is a method to use this ancient bronze skin Gu and accelerate the speed by thirty percent, that is to use it with bronze liquid."

When ancient bronze skin Gu was activated, it could remodel the skin and flesh of the Gu Master into ancient bronze skin. If it was used with the body soaking in bronze liquid, it could shorten the time required. Li Xian had also heard of it, but he had never thought of this.

When Fang Yuan was preparing these things, he had thought these were supplementary materials for refining Gu.

Because this method was extremely painful and cruel.

Gu Master must come in touch with scalding, boiling bronze liquid without using any defensive means. Only a perverted masochist would choose this method.

Is little beast king a masochist?

Li Xian kept on thinking of this question as he returned to his cave with a dazed expression.

At this time, there was another person who was also thinking of Fang Yuan.

"Fang Yuan, why have you not appeared yet?" Bai Ning Bing sat cross-legged on the ground, her eyes half-narrowed as she faintly felt the situation was far from reassuring.

"We have used poison vow Gu, he absolutely cannot leave me in the lurch. But he still hasn't appeared now, could he still be inside the inheritance or maybe met with some trouble?"


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