Reverend Insanity
353 Thunder Boar, Rock Crocodile
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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353 Thunder Boar, Rock Crocodile

Chapter 353: Thunder Boar, Rock Crocodile
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Inside the cave.

Li Xian asked Fang Yuan to take a seat and then sat beside him.

"Please have some tea." Li Xian stretched his short and thick fingers, his hand opened up and a fragrant tea appeared on his open palm.

Fang Yuan looked at the tea, but did not accepted it or even budged, instead he sighed: "Eastern Sea's blue sky Gu is really handy. Not only does it have a large capacity, far surpassing others of the same level, it is also easy and convenient to use.

"Eh? I didn't expect Sir little beast king to recognize this Gu." Li Xian's gaze slightly flickered.

He was not from Southern Border, but came drifting to here from Eastern Sea. Blue sky Gu was a Gu unique to Eastern Sea and was very uncommon at that.

When Li Xian had dealings with other people, he frequently used this Gu to show his methods.

Southern Border Gu Masters did not recognize this Gu and when they saw such a method for the first time, they would often look more highly at Li Xian.

Fang Yuan smiled and slowly said: " This rank four blue sky Gu is fused from rank three sky granary Gu. The success rate is quite low so it is rare even in Eastern Sea. If blue sky Gu is to be advanced to rank five, the best method is to fuse it with sky well Gu, to form rank five blue sky well Gu. And this sky well Gu is a natural Gu found only in Eastern Sea's Tian Jing island. Li Xian, if you want to advance it, it will be troublesome. Here in Southern Border, only Yi clan might have sky well Gu."

Yi clan along with Shang clan, Wu clan and Tie clan, was a top clan and had very close relation to Eastern Sea's forces. Yi clan's businesses are very prosperous, second only to Shang clan. Their flying blue whale caravan could move through the sky, which even Shang clan did not have.

"Blue sky Gu, sky well Gu, blue sky well Gu and Tian Jing island….how does little beast king know it so clearly?" Li Xian was startled and suspicious when he heard Fang Yuan's words.

The world of Gu Masters was extremely vast, there were also barriers that acted like heavenly chasm between Southern Border, Northern Plains, Eastern Seas, Western Desert and Central Continent. It was very difficult to communicate with each other and news were also blocked.

Li Xian had already investigated all details on Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan was born in Southern Border and he was so young, how could he have such experiences? Even knowing detailed information about Eastern Sea!

A vague pressure started to form in Li Xian's mind.

'Strange, strange! What is the origin of this little beast king? How could he know so much? Could there be an expert behind him?'

'With his age and experience, how could he know such details? Oh yeah, he stayed for quite a while at Shang clan city and might have received guidance from Shang Yan Fei. Shang Yan Fei is Shang clan leader, a rank five upper stage Gu Master, an expert at the peak of the mortal world. It is not strange for little beast king to know these under his guidance.'

Li Xian's gaze continually flickered, his heart covered with haze of doubts. His whole body was in a stiff position and his palm was still holding the purple clay teapot.

"No!" Suddenly, his thoughts flashed like lightning as he thought of the main thing: "I originally wanted to display my methods and pressure him down. To think I became overly suspicious and my mind became uneasy just from little beast king's several words! Even if he has Shang Yan Fei behind him, so what? Others might be afraid, but I, Li Xian, have my own means! Hmph."

Li Xian softly snorted and placed the teapot on the table. He took this chance to calm his mind.

He was, after all, an elite of the demonic path and adjusted his mind in just few breaths' time. He then faced Fang Yuan calmly.

It was just that there were some cautiousness and graveness in his eyes now.

"Sir little beast king, please taste the tea. What transaction do you want to make with me?" Li Xian asked.

"You don't need to think much, it is only a simple transaction." Fang Yuan said, then took out some Gu worms from his aperture and showed to Li Xian.

These Gu worms were the loot he seized from the Gu Masters he killed in King Quan Inheritance.

There were rank three and rank four Gu, but they were not suitable for Fang Yuan's strength path.

Li Xian could not help narrowing his eyes when he saw these Gu.

He was a very shrewd person and immediately realized many things: 'Who would have expected this little beast king to also have some accomplishments in enslavement path! After entering King Quan Inheritance, he killed two Gu Masters. Such talent is truly demonic!'

Li Xian could not help but think of Mo Wu Tian.

After he came to Southern Border, he had walked on the demonic path for a long time, coming into contact with all sorts of people. He felt that just based on aptitude, talent and temperament, among the younger generation of the demonic path, Mo Wu Tian was at the top.

However, now, he realized the little beast king in front him had a talent that was not inferior to Mo Wu Tian's!

'Little beast king and Mo Wu Tian, I wonder what will happen if these two came across each other? It is just that the current little beast king's cultivation is somewhat weak, Mo Wu Tian is older than him and is already rank four peak stage.'

Li Xian pondered, he spoke excitedly, however: "Sir little beast king, you did the right thing finding me for this transaction. I have a Gu on me which I believe will be important to sir."

"Oh?" Fang Yuan raised his brows.

Li Xian spread out his palm and a ball suddenly appeared.

This ball looked nice, shining with white gold light. Fang Yuan carefully looked at it and saw that the ball was an ant ball; over a hundred flying ants crawling on each other and sticking together to form a ball.

These flying ants did not look any different from normal ants.

Except, they were several times larger and they had a pair of transparent wings on their back.

"This is rank three gold eating flying ant Gu, altogether, there are one hundred and twenty. Those several old fellows from Tie clan trapped lord white demon by using iron cabinet Gu along with qi flow Gu. Now, the thousand feet around that area has been locked down. However, the iron cabinet Gu will collapse easily against this group of flying ants. Sir little beast king, I have just calculated, the price of your Gu is just good enough to buy this group of flying ants." Li Xian smiled warmly.

However, beyond his expectation, Fang Yuan only glanced at this gold consuming flying ant Gu once before shifting his gaze: "Who said I am going to buy this thing? This is the list of items, I want all the things written on it."

Li Xian accepted the list and glanced at it, there were many Gu worms and numerous supplementary materials for refining Gu written on it.

Although there were all kinds of items on the list, with Li Xian's experience and shrewdness, it was not difficult for him to see these things were all necessary for strength path.

'Bai Ning Bing has been trapped by Tie clan, how come this little beast king is not in the least bit worried? Strange! It won't be easy for him to get rid of iron cabinet Gu with just the strength path Gu on him. Does he have some special methods? Or maybe, the items on this list is to refine the nemesis of iron cabinet Gu?'

Li Xian narrowed his eyes, a bright light flashed past the slit of his eyes. He probed: "Sir little beast king, there are all sorts of things on this list, I cannot bring them out in a short while. Moreover, their total price far surpassed the price of these Gu you are selling."

"No problem, no problem." Fang Yuan waved his hand, "I want to buy all the items on this list. Give me whatever you have currently. As for the others, I will have to trouble you to pay attention to them. Money is not a problem."

Fang Yuan had a lot of primeval stones on him, his financial resources were adequate enough.

Li Xian laughed, he could not probe out anything so he only nodded and agreed.


Inside a cave, lights flickered.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on the ground, his whole attention on ball of paste in front of him.

This paste was multicolored and was floating in the air, rolling and churning continually, and gave out a strange fragrance - the Gu fusion process had reached the critical stage.

Fang Yuan constantly threw in primeval stones.

Primeval stones entered the paste and immediately dissolved into essence liquid, diluting the thick paste.

Fang Yuan continued to throw in primeval stones without care, only after the paste thinned to a certain degree did he stop.

Then, he quickly took out a thunderclap Gu.

Thunderclap Gu was a rank three Gu. The paste swallowed it up and immediately flickered lightning.

In a split second, the fragrance in the air was magnified greatly, the multicolored light dispersed and was replaced with abundant blue light. The lightning produced soft crackling sounds like the combustion of tiny firecrackers.

Fang Yuan's breathing accelerated and when he smelled a burnt smell in the air, his eyes shone with bright light!

"It is time… all-out effort Gu."

Boar phantom immediately appeared above him.

Strength qi Gu.

Fang Yuan activated strength qi Gu; the boar phantom adhered to the formless strength qi, immediately become very menacing.

Under Fang Yuan's will, the boar phantom flew towards the paste.

The instance the two collided, lightning burst out and shone upon the whole cave, dispersing all the darkness and revealing all the details in the room clearly.

After the light dispersed, the boar phantom in mid-air had experienced a huge change.

The new boar phantom was twice the original size, its tusks were like that of an elephant's and its whole body was covered with white fur. Especially the fur at its back, they were thick and long, lined up in rows, stiffly pointing towards the sky, and lightning curled up on them.

Lightning boar phantom!

"Success, great. Thunder boar is equal to dragon-elephant, Biao and mastiff. With the thunder boar strength, my battle strength has increased again. Next it is the rock crocodile strength…"

A night of cultivation unknowingly passed.

When the light of dawn shone upon San Cha mountain, Fang Yuan walked out of the cave he stayed at.

Although he was exhausted, he was happy inside. He successfully upgraded boar strength and crocodile strength to thunder boar strength and rock crocodile strength; his battle strength was raised by at least thirty percent!

"Bai Ning Bing…" He looked towards the southeast direction; an area on the middle of the mountain was covered with a dark purple qi barrier.

The qi barrier was like a tall tower, sealing the space within and isolating it from the outside world.

The combination of iron cabinet Gu and qi flow Gu caused Bai Ning Bing to become a trapped beast of Tie clan.

Fang Yuan let out a cold snort.

The situation looked simple but it was a tricky matter.

The four old-timers of Tie clan who trapped Bai Ning Bing were all at rank four middle stage. Although Bai Ning Bing was a genius, she was only at rank four initial stage.

If the Tie clan was truly set on capturing Bai Ning Bing, they would have already captured her but they did not.

On one hand, it was to maintain their strength to fight for three kings inheritance.

On another hand, it was because they were held back by the purple thorn token on Bai Ning Bing.

Finally, it was to bait Fang Yuan!

In case Fang Yuan rashly charged in, Ti clan's four old-timers could combine their strength to activate the rank five search and lock Gu to easily suppress him and Bai Ning Bing.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Tie clan's four old-timers had used this killer move to capture demonic path's Kong Ri Tian. But soon after, they were killed by a rank three Gu Master.

Rank five search and lock Gu had an extremely huge demand towards primeval essence. Tie clan's four old-timers were really tragic figures, they cultivated the killer move for so many years and finally were in the limelight, but the scene did not last long because they lacked primeval essence and were killed by a rank three Gu Master.


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