Reverend Insanity
352 Casually killed
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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352 Casually killed

Chapter 352: Casually killed
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Mountain winds gently blew.

In an ordinary bamboo forest in the middle of San Cha mountain, the space suddenly shattered and light burst out.

The light flickered away instantly; in a bush where there had been no one before, a person appeared.

It was a youth with black hair, black pupils and a calm face. He was holding a token, it was Fang Yuan.

"I have exited King Quan Inheritance…" Fang Yuan had only felt his eyes blur for a moment and the next moment, he was at a strange place.

He looked around, confirming there was no danger around him and that he was somewhere around the middle of San Cha mountain.

According to his initial estimation, he was now at the northern side of San Cha mountain; while the cave he had occupied with Bai Ning Bing was on the southeast side.

He raised his head and looked at the peak.

San Cha mountain possessed three peaks which stood high in the clouds like three equal spear tips.

The light pillars on the peaks were gradually dying down.

The yellow light pillar represented the entrance to King Quan Inheritance; the blue light pillar was King Xin Inheritance; and the red light pillar was King Bao Inheritance.

The size of the light pillars had already decreased by around half compared to when Fang Yuan had just entered.

With the passing of time, the number of Gu Masters that entered the inheritances increased while the light pillars would continue to become small till it completely disappeared; at that time, the entrances to the three inheritances would be closed.

After another round of waiting, the light pillars would activate again and bring in a new round of carnage.

Fang Yuan looked at the token in his hand.

On the surface of this unsightly King Quan token, there were now several deep cracks.

Fang Yuan was not surprised.

King Quan travel token could be used for three times at most. After three uses, the token would completely crack into pieces and could not be used anymore.

However, these three chances for retreating were extremely precious. This was not only a chance to survive, the even more important thing was the Gu Master would have a psychological superiority and could choose their paths more freely.

Fang Yuan stored this travel token carefully and hurried towards his cave.

"Ah, it is Fang Zheng!"

"Little beast king has finally appeared…"

On the whole way, Fang Yuan ran into many Gu Masters; regardless of righteous path or demonic path, they all casted a strange and amazed look at him.

"What happened?" Fang Yuan frowned, he keenly sensed that something rather important had happened.

Halfway to his cave, he casually grabbed someone and questioned.

It turns out Bai Ning Bing killed a Tie clan Gu Master in King Quan Inheritance. After she came out of the inheritance, she was immediately discovered by Tie clan.

Tie clan Gu Masters surrounded the cave and trapped Bai Ning Bing.

Four rank four middle stage Gu Masters moved at the same time and used iron cabinet Gu to lock down the nearby area.

Bai Ning Bing could not force her way through it and was now being attacked continuously by Tie clan Gu Masters.

"Lord little beast king, this matter has been made a big deal and the whole San Cha mountain knows about it. This is no longer a matter of personal hatred but it represents the battle between the righteous path and us demonic path! Actually, everyone is waiting for you. Lord, if you act, those Tie clan Gu Masters won't be able to block you. You are our demonic path's genius, our demonic path's flag! Lord, I have said everything there is to say, can I take my leave now?" That unlucky guy grabbed by Fang Yuan begged in a sobbing voice.

"Such a big thing happened…" Fang Yuan slightly furrowed his brows while holding the unfortunate guy by the collar.

Although this news could startle anyone when they first hear it, it was not beyond Fang Yuan's anticipation.

There were naturally going to be conflicts as they moved through the three kings inheritance.

This was a demonic path inheritance, the competition was extremely cruel. Sometimes, even if one wanted to retreat, they could not.

"Tie clan has rust flower Gu, this Gu is stored in the souls of Tie clansmen. Whoever kills Tie clansmen would be stained with this formless fragrance. It is not surprising Bai Ning Bing was found out." Fang Yuan nodded while mumbling to himself.

"Lord, you are truly knowledgeable, you are extremely right. Lord, you don't know that your disappearance these few days caused everyone on San Cha mountain to comment and say you are an ostrich and are afraid of being involved with a top clan like Tie clan. Do I not know what kind of person lord is? Lord, you are the one I admire the most, since you arrived at San Cha mountain, you have killed the tyrant, Fei Li and Sky Tiger. Is there anyone who do not know of your fame and reputation? You definitely have some reason that the outsiders don't need to know. Right now if you act, those Tie clansmen will definitely wet their pants in fear and implore lord to let them off."

Fang Yuan had great strength and as he grabbed this unlucky guy's collar, the unlucky guy was having trouble breathing and his face was becoming purplish.

However, for survival, this Gu Master talked non-stop, flattering from start to end, showing his immense will to survive.

Fang Yuan fell silent and only after a long while did he slowly speak: "You are right."

He loosened his hand.

This rank two Gu Master immediately flushed with joy: "What kind of person is lord, any discerning person would be clear of it! Lord is absolutely a great hero, great warrior, those slandering lord are bastards, they are all blind! Lord, I have always supported you and argued with others for you…"


Fang Yuan suddenly laughed coldly.

His hand moved like lightning, like an eagle's claws, as he suddenly pinched this rank two Gu Master's neck.


The Gu Master's eyes quickly widened, the spinal bone on his neck was completely crushed by Fang Yuan and he lost his life on the spot.

Gasp… Upon seeing this, the Gu Masters observing from the shadows drew in a cold breath sharply.

Fang Yuan was an influential figure and because of Bai Ning Bing's matter, the moment he appeared, his tracks were revealed and his every movement was watched by many.

Fang Yuan killed this person and immediately searched his body.

Unfortunately, whether it was on him or his aperture, all the Gu worms had self-destructed.

Fang Yuan attacked extremely fast, but how could it be faster than a person's thought?

The speed a person could send a thought was as fast as a jolt of electricity, even a blink of an eye could not match one percent of its speed.

In the outside world, the probability of getting Gu worms as the spoils of battle against Gu Masters was quite low. It was not like at three kings inheritance with the heavenly power's restriction where Gu at rank five and below could not self-destruct.

Seeing Fang Yuan's skilled body searching method, the many Gu Masters observing from the darkness felt the chill intensify further in their spine.

"Such skillfulness, how many people has he killed?"

"Fang Zheng does not let even rank two Gu worms go, he is clearly a rank four, we can see how greedy his nature is!"

"Fang Zheng is extremely addicted to killing! That Gu Master was clearly begging him and was of no threat to him, but he still did not let him go."

"Have you guys seen enough? If you have, then screw off!" Fang Yuan stood arrogantly and shouted while looking around him with a fierce gaze.

Soon after, human figures emerged from the lush bushes, trees, creeks, and from under the soil and stones.

These figures quickly retreated and disappeared within seconds.

The area around Fang Yuan had once again regained peacefulness. It was really difficult to imagine that there were so many people hiding.

Fang Yuan had a great reputation for his violence now, he killed three rank four demonic Gu Masters in a row, he got things done by hook or by crook, he was despicable and cold-blooded, and was fiercely addicted to killing. These people had their courage broken by Fang Yuan's one simple sentence and did not dare to linger around Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan snorted and looked around him once again before proudly leaving this place.

But he knew, he was still being monitored from within the darkness.

The ones scared off by him were all shrimps. The remaining ones were all unique, with the capital to be confident.

Fang Yuan was not concerned about them and strutted out of this place.

In truth, although he had outstanding battle prowess now, he still had a weakness in the investigative aspect. Moreover these Gu Masters who were secretly following and monitoring him were sure to also be experts at speed. Even if Fang Yuan discovered them, he only had charging crash Gu and it would be fairly difficult for him to chase them.

"Where is he going? This direction is not towards the area where Bai Ning Bing is trapped."

"Did he discover me? Just now when he looked around, my heart skipped a beat…"

"Is little beast king afraid? Wait a moment, this cave seems to be Li Xian's residence?'

These Gu Masters followed after Fang Yuan cautiously, they were all inwardly surprised when they saw Fang Yuan stop in front of a cave.

HIs partner, the inseparable white demon Bai Ning Bing was trapped, but little beast king did not seem to be the least bit anxious. Instead, he walked towards Li Xian's residence.

Li Xian was a demonic path Gu Master at rank four upper stage. He was cunning and never suffered losses, a troublesome character. Could it be little beast king was looking to find trouble for Li Xian?

The Gu Masters following Fang Yuan secretly made guesses.

Fang Yuan's arrival immediately attracted Li Xian's attention.

Li Xian was already near his cave setting up detecting methods.

"Lord little beast king, truly a rare guest! You came to my place, what can I do for you?" Li Xian took the initiative to greet Fang Yuan, he approached Fang Yuan and cupped his fists as a greeting at a distance of twenty steps.

He did not dare to be too close to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was a temperamental ruffian; Li Xian, this unscrupulous merchant was also on edge when facing him.

Fang Yuan's visit was beyond his expectation. Who knew what Fang Yuan, this lunatic, cunning and shameless guy would do next?

Thus, Li Xian appeared calm on the surface and was full of smiled, but he was already extremely vigilant.

"I came to you naturally for business. What's wrong, are you not going to invite me in?" Fang Yuan smiled with an indistinct gaze.

"Since you are a customer, I will of course welcome you. Please come in, come in." Li Xian's gaze flashed and he moved aside, letting Fang Yuan enter first.

Fang Yuan strutted past him and glanced at Li Xian.

Li Xian smiled and walked alongside Fang Yuan into his cave.

"They have gone inside!"

"I can't follow them anymore, there are investigative Gu installed around the cave. If I trespass, I will definitely be treated as an enemy by Li Xian."

"Is little beast king really going to make a deal? Why do I feel Li Xian is out of luck this time?"

"I can already predict the scene of the explosive and tremendous battle between the two."

"Li Xian is at rank four upper stage, he definitely has many trump cards. If a fight erupts, it is sure to be a battle of dragon and tiger!"

Outside the cave, the group of Gu Masters could only stop and stretch their necks to look at the dark cave.


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