Reverend Insanity
349 Big Lightning Symbol Dog
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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349 Big Lightning Symbol Dog

Chapter 349: Big Lightning Symbol Dog
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Thirteenth round...

Fourteenth round...

Seventeenth round...

Eighteenth round…

Fang Yuan got through all the stages, and the number of dogs he controlled increased. By the end of the nineteenth round, he had over eighty dogs.

Among them, he had over forty chrysanthemum akita dogs, more than twenty lightning symbol dogs, and nineteen hedgedogs.

During this period, he killed another person, it was a rank three peak stage water path Gu Master.

But, he eventually did not meet Bai Ning Bing.

"Twentieth round." Fang Yuan had been counting in his heart.

In the three kings inheritance, every ten rounds, the difficulty would rise sharply.

After the twentieth round, there would be hundred beast kings, and hundreds to nearly a thousand beasts would attack at once.

Three lumps of light shadows appeared again in the fog, left, right, and center.

The one in the middle was orange, the size of a wicker-basket.

The left was a eerie blue lightning static, shining and was the size of a stone mill.

At the right, it was like the moon in water, flower in fog , it was a green-white formless light shadow. Among the three, this was the smallest light shadow.

Fang Yuan was clear, the size of the light shadow represented the size of the beast group, the larger it is, the more beasts there would be.

The orange shadow in front represented the chrysanthemum akita dogs, around two hundred of it. The left was the eerie blue shadow, showing a hundred and fifty lightning symbol dogs. The right was a green-white shadow, showing the Yin dog group, only around a hundred of it.

Fang Yuan eliminated the chrysanthemum akita dogs from his choice.

Once the chrysanthemum akita dog group had a dog king, they would be even more united. The larger the numbers, the larger their battle strength. Over two hundred chrysanthemum akita dogs was a calamity to the current Fang Yuan.

Next, he ruled out the Yin dog group.

Yin dogs were very unique, they did not have physical bodies, and were like a lump of Yin energy in a dog shape, floating in the air. Ordinary attacks cannot kill them, they can even penetrate mountain rocks, phase through the ground, and hide under water, etc.

Fang Yuan's dogs did not have the ability to kill them. lightning symbol dogs only represented speed, they did not have the ability to emit lightning.

After thinking for a while, Fang Yuan chose the left path.

After the fog dispersed, the dog group surrounded him, moving alongside him slowly. A rank two dog enslavement Gu fell from the sky, landing in his palm.

When he got out of the fog, the lightning symbol dog group was loitering around the area.

On the mound, there was a larger dog, lying on the grass and sleeping.

It was larger than an ordinary lightning symbol dog by twice of their size, its body was covered in deep blue fur, sharp and spiky, flowing with static.

This was a hundred beast king — Big Lightning Symbol Dog!

"A godsend opportunity!" Fang Yuan was clear of the battle situation, as his eyes shone in a brilliant light, instantly making his decision.

He waved his hand, and sent out all his troops.

More than eighty dogs surrounded him in the middle, charging towards the big lightning symbol dog.

The big lightning symbol dog's reaction was fast, its ears twitched and it opened its eyes, standing up instantly.

It raised his head and howled, assembling the nearby lightning symbol dog group.

Getting the command from their king, the surrounding lightning symbol dogs responded and quickly gathered at the dog king's side from all directions.

Although the lightning symbol dogs had great speed, Fang Yuan had the initiative.

He gathered the force that he had, using them to collective assault the leader of his enemies!

Some nearby lightning symbol dogs were faster than Fang Yuan and gathered at the dog king's side.

"Charge!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone with resolution, at this time, hesitation was the biggest taboo. Once he had made up his mind, he would charge ahead fearlessly.

The defending lightning symbol dogs were quickly overwhelmed.

Fang Yuan's formation was tight, while the lightning symbol dogs were loosely positioned, as most of them had not reached the dog king yet.


As the hundred beast king big lightning symbol dog, seeing its subjects slaughtered, its inner ferocity was unleashed, as it charged towards Fang Yuan while brandishing its claws.

Fang Yuan willed, and twenty lightning symbol dogs split into two groups, flanking from the left and right. Nineteen hedgedogs lined into formation, charging fearlessly at the big lightning symbol dog. The remaining dogs — over forty chrysanthemum akita dogs, surrounded Fang Yuan, slowly spreading out and moving ahead with the hedgedogs.

The big lightning symbol dog had fallen into Fan Yuan's encirclement, trapped in the middle.

Fang Yuan did not care about the expenditure of his mental energy, mobilizing his dog group and using the most perfect coordination.

The big lightning symbol dog had greater speed than an ordinary lightning symbol dog, but because of Fang Yuan's encirclement, its greatest advantage was restricted.

It barked loudly, gathering its subjects.

Its subjects were rushing over in a frenzy, trying to defend it.

Fang Yuan had to trap the big lightning symbol dog, while blocking the attacks of the outside dog group, he faced great pressure and his head started hurting, as sweat poured out of his forehead.

The situation was dangerous.

If he fought them head on, even if he won, it would be a tragic victory, and his troops would dwindle. Thus, he thought of the 'capture the king' approach.

But if he could not control this hundred beast king, then Fang Yuan would become the filling inside a dumpling, not only would he fail this round, he might even lose his life.

In this Gu Immortal Blessed Land, other than the inheritance's Gu worms, other Gu cannot be mobilized, thus it was easy for Gu Masters to die.

Fang Yuan's strength qi Gu, all-out effort Gu could not be used.

Of course, he had his final trump card — Spring Autumn Cicada. But with the Spring Autumn Cicada's current condition, although he could activate it, there was a huge risk in doing so. He was likely to self-detonate and die for nothing. Thus, unless he was forced to the extreme, and had no other choices left, Fang Yuan would not use it abruptly.

Sweat gathered into drops on his forehead, falling onto the ground.

Fang Yuan did not care about wiping it, he was clutching onto the rank two dog enslavement Gu, and did not strike yet.

He was finding the best opportunity.

Using a rank one dog enslavement Gu and subduing ordinary dogs, he could do it half-heartedly. But to subdue a hundred beast king using a rank two dog enslavement Gu, there was a possibility of failure.

That is because the hundred beast king has natural Gu worms on its body. These Gu could ruin Fang Yuan's plans.

He only had one chance, if the rank two dog enslavement Gu was destroyed, he would be finished. Thus, he had to be careful!


The big lightning symbol dog was getting anxious, it suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a lump of blue plasma.

The dark blue plasma was like a sticky substance, falling from above. As it landed on the grass, it did not dissipate, but remained shining, turning the grass and rocks charred black with a crackling sound.

"This is a rank two plasma Gu!" FangYuan immediately recognised the culprit behind this plasma.

Plasma Gu did not have a strong attack power.

Although the attack was very suddenly, and engulfed Fang Yuan's numerous chrysanthemum akita dogs, he quickly ordered the dogs in this field of plasma to retreat at the first second.

The fur on the dogs were all charred, and they were moving sluggishly, after being paralyzed by the current. But they still had some fighting power remaining.

"Woof, woof, woof."

The big lightning symbol dog continued to shoot out plasma, as it covered a large area of grass.

Fang Yuan's brows were tightly knitted, his expression turning grim.

The plasma Gu's attack power was not high, but it would affect the terrain for a period of time. During this period, the area would be a forbidden zone for Fang Yuan's dogs.

Fang Yuan's troops were already in the center, they did not have much room to move.

The plasma added onto this disadvantage, being a huge restriction to Fang Yuan's plans in mobilizing troops, or changing their formation.

Without any choice left, Fang Yuan had to redeploy his troops.

He had originally placed the lightning symbol dogs at the outer line of defense, but now they moved in to deal with the hundred beast king. He sent the chrysanthemum akita dogs out, to defend against the over hundred lightning symbol dogs.

Lightning symbol dogs moved freely in the area affected by the plasma, in fact, because of the electric current stimulation, their movement speed was even raised.

The scene had become extremely disadvantageous to Fang Yuan.

Lightning symbol dogs had some fear and hesitation towards the hundred beast king big lightning symbol dog naturally. This caused Fang Yuan's manipulation to be tougher and more energy intensive, and at the same time his control was weaker.

At the outer ring of defense, the chrysanthemum akita dogs' speed was inferior to the lightning symbol dogs, they could only form into a tight ring of defense and defend against them passively.

If they were the lightning symbol dogs, Fang Yuan could still use speed to restrict them through kiting.

"Endure, we have to endure this! I've already learnt of the hundred beast king's first Gu, next, we have to continue…" Although he was in danger, Fang Yuan's heart was still calm and peaceful.

Everytime the plasma Gu was activated, it needed a cooldown of five breaths. The plasma Gu itself needed rest too.

During this five breaths, Fang Yuan could activate the rank two dog enslavement Gu without fear of the plasma Gu's attack.

But Fang Yuan did not know what other Gu this hundred beast king had.

To be safe, he had to continue testing.

Time continued to pass, and the situation was getting tougher for Fang Yuan.

He had lost fourteen lightning symbol dogs, only having nine left. The hedgedogs were not the same race as the lightning symbol dog, thus there was less casualties, but only eleven remained.

Chrysanthemum akita dogs suffered the greatest loss, from around fifty, they fell to less than twenty.

But Fang Yuan did not manage to find out of the hundred beast king possessed a second Gu.

He decided to strike!

"I can't wait anymore. Most likely, this big lightning symbol dog only has one Gu on it."

He had to take a risk.

If he continued waiting, his line of defense would be completely broken.

Rank two dog enslavement Gu!

While the big lightning symbol dog shot out a plasma bolt, Fang Yuan quickly struck and unleashed his Gu.

Under Fang Yuan's supervision, the dog enslavement Gu successfully flew into the big lightning symbol dog and planted itself into its soul.

A formless impact in terms of mental energy assaulted Fang Yuan through his dog enslavement Gu.

Fang Yuan's head was already hurting, but after suffering this attack, he instantly felt dizzy.

This was the soul of the hundred beast king, the resistance towards the enslavement.

Subduing a hundred beast king was not easy.

Fang Yuan's body wavered, gritting his teeth as he endured.

A mental connection allowed Fang Yuan and the big lightning symbol dog to communicate. The dog was still resisting earlier, wanting to chop Fang Yuan into pieces, but the moment later, it started barking, wagging its tail at Fang Yuan affectionately.

The surrounding lightning symbol dog group heard the dog king's call and stopped their attack.

The intense battle had ended, and peace returned.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot, turning his head and looking at the battlefield.

The risk paid off!

Although he had some losses, but looking around him — there were at least a hundred and twenty lightning symbol dogs.

Not to forget, he had a hundred beast king that possesses a plasma Gu.

Fang Yuan's battle strength surged!


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