Reverend Insanity
347 What level of proficiency in enslavement path is this!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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347 What level of proficiency in enslavement path is this!

Chapter 347: What level of proficiency in enslavement path is this!
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Woof Woof Woof!

The sound of furious barking of dogs echoed endlessly.

Dozens of dogs were in a fierce fight; one side had many numbers but their formation were scattered. Another side had fewer numbers, but they were in a tight formation, and furthermore they were displaying battle tactics like shielding, retreating, attacking and so on.

Fang Yuan stood on a nearby hill and overlooked the whole battlefield while commanding his dogs.

This was already his tenth battle in King Quan's inheritance.

With his plentiful experience and the understanding of King Quan's inheritance, he had sprinted through the whole process without any incidents.

The battle lasted for five more minutes before it ended.

In the whole battlefield, there were nineteen dogs still standing, all of them the result of Fang Yuan's hard accumulation.

Fang Yuan softly let out a breath of turbid air, his mind felt slightly exhausted.

"In King Quan's inheritance, the difficulty increases sharply every ten rounds of battles. I used twenty eight dogs this time but had to sacrifice nine of them to resist the assault of nearly sixty dogs and cross this barrier."

To be honest, Fang Yuan had some alarming moments during this process.

"The three kings were demonic Gu Masters, demonic inheritance always held the law of the survival of the fittest, an intense and cold competition. This round should be enough to eliminate most of the participants who want to steal benefits."

There were countless righteous and demonic Gu Masters on San Cha mountain. Every time the three kings inheritance opened, large numbers of Gu Master would come pouring in to try their luck.

However, no matter which inheritance of the three kings inheritance it was, they were all extremely strict. To choose the most suitable inheritor, the barriers the three kings set up were high.

Among the three kings, King Quan was an enslavement path Gu Master, King Xin was a refinement path Gu Master, and King Bao was a fire path Gu Master. Their chosen inheritors naturally should also follow these paths.

The difficulty of the first ten rounds ruthlessly eliminated most of the Gu Masters of other paths.

At the thirtieth round, there would not be any Gu Masters of other paths.

At the fiftieth round, those remaining would be elites and geniuses of these paths.

At the seventieth round, only experts with deep foundations would remain.

Very few could reach the ninetieth round and they could be counted with two hands.

Especially from ninetieth to hundredth round, the final ten rounds, the difficulties were extreme and unsurmountable like the heavenly chasm. Even a monster like Fang Yuan could not cross it.

In his previous life, the three kings inheritance lasted for close to ten years. It involved countless people; both demonic and righteous, heroes and villains.

As of now, it had not been even a year since the appearance of the three kings inheritance and it was in its early stage. It was already amazing for many people to be able to charge through a dozen barriers.

By the middle stage, the participants would find it difficult to continue from around fiftieth barrier; they would exchange their experiences and sum up many rules.

At the late stage, most of the participants would hover around seventieth to eightieth barrier. Only an extremely few number of participants would be struggling at ninetieth round. These people were mostly rank five Gu Masters, their every action attracting many gazes.

And at the final period, the mystical figures of many rank six Gu Immortals also appeared.

Fang Yuan remembered most of the parts clearly. Of course, there were also some blurry areas, but they were minor details.

He had a deep understanding of three kings inheritance.

He knew no matter which inheritance he chose, he could only charge to the ninetieth round with his strength.

After the ninetieth round, the barriers were all something only rank five Gu Masters had a chance of clearing.

Fang Yuan knew it would be very difficult for him to cultivate to rank five. Ten years was absolutely not enough.

This was not only because cultivation became more difficult the higher the Gu Master advanced, but also because of Spring Autumn Cicada.

In this Gu Immortal blessed land, time flow was quickened which intensified the recovery speed of Spring Autumn Cicada.

This was an enormous threat to him.

Heavenly power descended once more and Fang Yuan's vision flashed.

In a split second, he found himself transported to another strange place.

His field of view was not clear as the previous ten rounds, the surroundings were filled with dense grey fog, making one unable to distinguish even the directions.

Apart from rank six Spring Autumn Cicada, none of his other Gu worms could be used.

Nineteen dogs walked around him, but there was only a faint connection left from the dog enslavement Gu.

However, Fang Yuan was not flustered, he was clear that starting from the tenth round, the inheritance would give every challenger the power to choose.

He stood calmly and soon was able to distinguish.

Towards the depths of the fog on his left was an orange glow like someone had turned on a lantern. It was accompanied by a sound, the clear sound of a dog's bark.

Towards his front was an indistinct black human shadow, appearing near but also far.

Towards his right, in the depths of the grey fog, a ball of blue lightning crackled.

"The orange light represents chrysanthemum akita dog. This dog is more loyal than the ordinary dogs with me, they are easy to control and can execute exquisite battle tactics. The blue light should be lightning symbol dog; it is very fast, faster than ordinary dogs by two times. And the black human figure should be my opponent, another Gu Master." Fang Yuan pondered.

These were all reminders provided by King Quan's inheritance to him.

The first time a person enters, they would have a blurred vision and could only feel their way through the barrier, not able to make the most beneficial choice.

However, Fang Yuan was well aware; whether it was chrysanthemum akita dog, lightning symbol dog or the Gu Master, they were all challenges but also opportunities.

Fang Yuan considered it for just a short while and directly walked forward, abandoning the left and right directions.

As he walked forward, the grey fog started becoming thinner and his vision became clearer. At the same time, his control over his nineteen dog enslavement Gu also became stronger.

And the grey fog on his left and right became denser.

Han Bu Liu stood still, calmly looked at the person that walked out of the fog.

Han Bu Liu was already forty-eight, he was a righteous path Gu Master with a cultivation of rank four middle stage, and had already entered King Quan's inheritance many times.

This allowed him to have a lot of understanding regarding King Quan's inheritance. Right now, as he saw Fang Yuan's figure in the fog walking slowly towards him, he immediately knew this was his opponent.

However, he was not in the least bit nervous.

He was an enslavement path Gu Master and was like a fish in water in King Quan's inheritance.

In this special environment, all the previous accumulation of Gu Masters were not counted. They could only use the Gu the inheritance gave them to fight. The difference in cultivations had sharply decreased.

"This person is really unfortunate, actually bumping into me. I will do my best to win against this person with the smallest loss. Then I will charge towards the twenty-second barrier."

Han Bu Liu was very confident towards himself. He had charged to twenty-first barrier last time. Such an accomplishment was one of the best in his circles, even surpassing many rank four upper stage and peak stage Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan stepped out of the fog; his eyes as dark as the abyss and his expression as tranquil as water.

Han Bu Liu's pupils shrunk rapidly as he revealed a terrified expression.

"It is little beast king!"

He immediately felt nervous and panicked.

Although Fang Yuan had arrived in San Cha mountain not long ago, he had killed three middle stage Gu Masters with his initial stage cultivation. His might was awe-inspiring and his vicious reputation had spread far.

Han Bu Liu was also at middle stage, but he, himself, knew his battle strength could not compare to Sky Tiger and others.

But soon, Han Bu Liu regained his senses: "This is the Gu Immortal blessed land, not the outside world! In this round, we can only use dog enslavement Gu. Little beast king can't use his Gu set! He walks the strength path and is so young, how could he have any proficiency in the enslavement path?"

Han Bu Liu's eyes shone with ecstasy and greed as he roared in his mind: "Ahahaha, this is a heaven sent opportunity! By killing little beast king, I can greatly spread my reputation. By taking his Gu worms and selling them, I can make a lot of primeval stones! Dogs, charge!"

Righteous path inheritances were gentle and usually did not cause any deaths. Sometimes, even when someone failed, they would have some gains.

However, King Quan's inheritance was a demonic path inheritance.

Here, one could kill and death was a normal thing.

The most crucial thing was in this Gu Immortal blessed land, Gu Masters could not utilize their Gu worms. This meant if the Gu Master died, they cannot will their Gu worms to self-destruct.

The Gu Masters on San Cha mountain had already discovered this point through fights.

This led to a sharp increase in the number of casualties in the inheritance!

At outside world, Gu Masters could cause their Gu worms to self-destruct before their deaths, not letting their enemies have them. The profits from battles were very small. But here, if a Gu Master died, their Gu worms would be left behind. This enticed people to commit crimes!

If Han Bu Liu killed Fang Yuan, almost all the Gu worms on Fang Yuan would be left behind. Such enormous spoils caused Han Bu Liu to let out his killing intent without restrain.

With a shift of his mind, eleven dogs charged towards Fang Yuan.

Woof Woof Woof!

They let out savage barks, and seemed unstoppable.

Fang Yuan was indifferent, he waited till these dogs neared him then waved his hand.

With a light wave, nineteen dogs rushed out from the grey fog behind him.

"Nineteen?" Han Bu Liu was extremely shocked, his eyes almost falling from their sockets.

"How can there be so many?!" He was filled with doubts.

He was an enslavement path Gu Master and had a lot of experience in commanding dogs, but despite his greatest efforts, only eleven dogs remained when he was done with the tenth round.

And little beast king, this strength path Gu Master has nineteen? A whole eight more than his!

What level of proficiency in enslavement path was this!

"No! Impossible! This is absolutely because he was lucky, otherwise how could he have so many dogs remaining? The true contest starts now. I will let you see what the commanding skill of an enslavement path Gu Master looks like!"

Han Bu Liu calmed his mind and was soon filled with fighting spirit.

In his opinion, little beast king was so young, no matter how much of a genius he was, he could not advance in both strength path and enslavement path at the same time.

"Eh? A flaw." Fang Yuan had been observing his opponent from the start.

Seeing Han Bu Liu's expression change irregularly, he immediately grasped this fleeting chance and decisively mobilized the few strongest dogs to form an offensive arrow formation.

The next moment, this 'arrow' suddenly broke the opponent's formation.

"Oh no!" Han Bu Liu's heart jumped rapidly as he immediately controlled his dogs.

However, how could Fang Yuan give him this chance, his remaining dogs formed into two exquisite arcs and outflanked the opponent's formation from left and right, seizing control of the situation in an instant!


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