Reverend Insanity
343 Shameless and Despicable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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343 Shameless and Despicable

Chapter 343: Shameless and Despicable
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

The lush valley enlarged rapidly in Xue San Si's eyes.

Wind blew past and buzzed intensely on her ears.

Xue San Si's face that had completely changed looked down at Fang Yuan with her tiger eyes, the corner of her lips already curled up into a bloodthirsty smile.

She could almost see little beast king being flattened into minced meat by her unprecedentedly fierce attack.

"There is no way he can survive such an impact!"

When she saw Fang Yuan activating golden shield Gu and his body covered by the golden light, she could not help but sneer inwardly.

"Rank three golden shield Gu? Even if it was the advanced rank four golden bell shield, it would not be able to defend against my attack."

The intensity of the battles between rank four Gu Masters was very high and was not something the defense of a rank three Gu could match.

"This time, I will let these juniors know what happens when they act so arrogantly!" Xue San Si's killing intent was already so overwhelming that it was threatening to burst out.

"Finished, Fang Zheng is finished this time!" When they sensed the fierce attack of Xue San Si, many of the spectators shouted out.

"This is good, little beast king had been too rampant, he should be taught a lesson!" Many righteous Gu Masters were feeling happy at this scene.

"Looks like little beast king wants to rely on golden shield Gu to resist this attack. That is really too naive."

"No, maybe he will activate beast phantom. The combined strength of eight beast phantoms is not a small matter. But if he does that, he would be breaking the agreement they made earlier. As long as he attacks, he will be breaking the agreement and it will mean his loss."

The spectators, whether they were of righteous path or demonic path, all wished for Fang Yuan to lose this battle.

Fang Yuan's activities these days brought them an enormous mental pressure.

"No, there is still an influencing factor on the battlefield - Bai Ning Bing!"

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Several figures suddenly moved to the entrance of the valley and silently surrounded Bai Ning Bing.

These people tacitly took the same measure.

If Bai Ning Bing moved to save Fang Yuan, they would stop her.

The terrifying thing about the black and white demons was the close cooperation between these two rank four Gu Masters. Now everything bode ill for little beast king after they restrained Bai Ning Bing.

If little beast king fell, then only Bai Ning Bing would be left and it would not be that threatening.

Fang Yuan's gaze was indifferent as he looked up at Xue San Si, in the depths of his pupils was a trace of mockery.

Xue San Si had yet to collide against him, but a formless wind pressure was already pressing towards him. From another side, it showed the tremendous strength of the imminent collision.

The phantom of Biao enveloped Xue San Si, the wings on her back flapped continuously as her speed increased more and more, and closed towards the ground.

Soon, this force would collide against Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with a bright light, and he activated a Gu.

Horizontal charge Gu!

He suddenly charged towards the left and then turned around.

Vertical crash Gu!

He charged a hundred steps away.

"Little beast king, you!!!" Xue San Si's anger flared up when she saw Fang Yuan suddenly running away, she opened her eyes so wide that the corners were about to rip!

She did her best to control her descent, but her speed was too fast and she could only let Fang Yuan run out of her attack range.

Seeing Fang Yuan suddenly retreat, the spectators had yet to react when the next moment, there was an enormous explosion like a bolt from the blue.


Xue San Si fiercely collided onto the ground, in that instant, the spectators around the valley could sense the ground under them shaking!

Crushed stones shot out everywhere, the collision created a strong wind pressure that immediately shot out towards all direction.

Everywhere the wind pressure reached, stones, trees, and plants were all uprooted and moved with it.

Smoke and dust whirled around, the enormous destructive force instantly formed a thirty meters huge round crater.

Everyone's heart pulsed rapidly in fear, and just as they were feeling moved about this destructive force, Fang Yuan suddenly changed direction and charged into the smoke.

Horizontal charge Gu, vertical crash Gu!

He used the two Gu one after another and rapidly charged towards Sky Tiger Xue San Si, not caring about the pain from the cold wind pressure and the crushed stones.

Xue San Si was in the center of the huge crater, her body covered in dirt from the collision and was cutting out a sorry figure.

Her ears kept on buzzing and a burst of dizziness attacked her mind.

The fierce Biao phantom had already dispersed. Her incomparably powerful bearing from just before was no longer there.

Bitter strength Gu, all-out effort Gu!

Fang Yuan hurried, an ominous glint shot out from his eyes.

Howl howl howl…

Eight beasts roared one after another.

Boar, brown bear, crocodile, green bull, horse, stone turtle, white elephant and black python, eight phantoms made their loud debut in the air above Fang Yuan!

Strength Qi Gu!

Yellow gold primeval essence severely depleted as it poured into strength qi Gu, creating a huge formless strength Qi.

This strength Qi attached itself to the eight beast phantoms; the beast phantoms turned solid and life-like one after another.

With a shift of Fang Yuan's mind, the eight beast phantoms charged towards the crater.

Xue San Si's body was shaking and she was just about to pull out her legs from the ground when she suddenly heard beast roars from above her.

She immediately raised her head and all she saw was darkness, countless attacks rained down on her like a windstorm.

Bam Bam Bam… the tragic sounds of the battle echoed from the huge crater.

Xue San Si did her best to struggle and resist, after all she was a rank four Gu Master and had strong foundations.

However, not even three minutes later, the sounds of battle stopped. Five out of eight phantoms remained and were shortly recalled by Fang Yuan.

And Xue San Si, as the loser, had a mournful end. Pieces of her corpse were littered over the crater, her blood sprayed all over the ground and dyed the white bone pieces, there were also the brain matter, hair and so on.

Smoke and dust dispersed, the whole battlefield became clear.

When they saw such an outcome, the spectators all burst out in an uproar.

"Sky tiger is dead, another rank four Gu Master has been killed by little beast king!"

"Didn't little beast king make an agreement with Xue San Si? He said he would not not move, but he ended up running."

"This battle should be little beast king's loss. Because he went back against the battle agreement he himself set!"

The valley was a scene of commotion as the spectators commented and discussed; they were stunned and furious, showing intense resentment and disdain towards Fang Yuan's shameless behavior.

Bai Ning Bing laughed heartily and her indifferent gaze swept through the battlefield.

She had already expected this outcome. The so-called agreement was only a trap Fang Yuan set.

What kind of person was Fang Yuan? She, Bai Ning Bing, was the person who knew it the best!

The Gu Masters that were surrounding Bai Ning Bing all tacitly retreated at the same time.

Fang Yuan heard the rebukes, disdain and ridicule of the many Gu Masters around the valley, but he stood there with his hands behind his back and his face tranquil. His eyes squinted as if he was enjoying this.

In his eyes, this so-called 'sincerity' was merely people fearing deception, thus hoping and requesting others to follow their standards.

Walking the demonic path, one should have no restraints and taboos.

So what if he went against the agreement?

So what if he did not keep his promise?

As long as one had enough strength, they could do whatever they liked. What could other's disdain and ridicule do? These powerless and hollow words only manifested the helplessness of the weak, could it hurt a single hair of his?

'Hehehe….this Xue San Si is really stupid. She was actually bound by reputation and came running over to accept my challenge.'

Fang Yuan was in contempt of this: "Reputation is meant to be made use of, it is only a tool. But in this world, there are so many people who treats fame more importantly than their lives. Haha... really laughable! Of course, I did use some tricks in this match."

Xue San Si was different from Tyrant Heng Mei and Fei Li; she possessed flying type Gu and she could just fly to a high altitude if the situation turned bad, and Fang Yuan would have no way to deal with her.

Thus, Fang Yuan raised the agreement at the start. His goal was to restrain Xue San Si's movement ability.

When he mentioned the condition of three strikes, he had already not planned to abide by it.

Xue San Si fell step by step into Fang Yuan's trap, and Fang Yuan's injuries enticed her to continually advance forward.

After the second strike, Fang Yuan intentionally healed himself in front of her. Xue San Si was not willing to see her efforts go to waste and under her worry, without thinking much, she flew to the sky choosing to use her strongest attack.

However, in the end, Fang Yuan instead borrowed her strength to weaken her greatly by using little effort, then quickly went in to attack and killed her.

If it was truly an upright and frank battle, Xue San Si could fly with her wings and would absolutely not be so easily killed by Fang Yuan.

"Little beast king, you really are shameless and despicable."

"You went back against the agreement, you are the loser in this match!"

Many spectators started shouting and yelling, saying similar words.

"That's right. I admit defeat, so what?" Fang Yuan scoffed and replied loudly.

His voice reverberated in the valley.

The clamorous din suddenly quietened down...

'That's right, so what if he lost? Look at the winner, she has turned into a puddle of blood and flesh, even her own father won't be able to recognize her. What meaning is there in such an outcome?'

After reacting to this point, the noises in the valley suddenly rose an octave, much more violent than before.

Fang Yuan calmly admitted his defeat and even more showed his shamelessness; causing the spectators to feel indignant and furious.

Fang Yuan threw his head back and laughed heartily: "Since you guys are feeling such anger, do you want to take revenge for Xue San Si? I didn't know she had such good relationships. Come, come, come, all of you who wants to take revenge come at me together!"

The fierce criticism from the spectators suddenly quietened down and the surroundings turned silent in a moment.

Although Fang Yuan pulled a fast one and killed Xue San Si, Xue San Si was a famous rank four middle stage figure in the end and it was impossible for her to lack strength after the three attacks. However, she was also turned into meat paste by Fang Yuan, displaying Fang Yuan's formidable fighting strength once more.

Fang Yuan defeated three rank four middle stage experts in a row with his rank four initial stage cultivation. Such strength, other than a few individuals, who would not feel fear?

Moreover, the heavier the injuries Fang Yuan suffered, the stronger his strength became.

Fang Yuan arrogantly challenged them, but no one stood up.

Demonic Gu Masters were mutually restrained and held suspicions towards each other, almost every one of them was a loner; no one stood out for Xue San Si. On the contrary, some members of righteous path wanted to eradicate this devil Fang Yuan, but they could not easily move at this moment.


Because once they stood up, it would become taking revenge for Xue San Si. And Xue San Si was a demonic figure!

"Is there no one that wants to take revenge for her? Is there or not?" Fang Yuan again asked loudly.

Countless spectators' expression turned gloomy. Some looked at each other but no one replied.

"If there is no one, I am leaving." Fang Yuan raised his brows and walked a few steps before he stopped, "I am really leaving."

Still, no one spoke.

Fang Yuan's dominance suppressed everyone present. Such a rampant bearing made many rank four experts indignant.

Many people became restless but still restrained themselves in the end.

"Hahaha…" Fang Yuan raised his head towards the sky and laughed loudly as he walked away with large strides, soon leaving the battlefield.


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