Reverend Insanity
341 What ferocity and wickedness!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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341 What ferocity and wickedness!

Chapter 341: What ferocity and wickedness!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Tian Ti mountain was the number one mountain in central continent. It was also called the land of inheritances and the mountain of sages.

Its height was over three thousand kilometers, it was imposing and had a grand presence. Its peak seemed to pierce through the skies and was hidden beyond the snowy fog and clouds.

What was extremely unusual was there were not many craggy rocks on the mountain.

Giant square shaped rocks reclined upon each other, stretching from the base of the mountain towards the top, forming stairs.

However, the scale of this stairs was so huge that there was an old legend about it in central continent saying the stairway reached the realm of the immortals and was a bridge connecting heaven and earth.

There were many touching, mysterious, tragic, and joyful stories revolving around Tian Ti mountain.

Tian Ti mountain became the holy land of central continent's Gu Masters, a place closest to the immortal court. Many Gu Masters seeked for immortality but failed, and before death, they would place their tombs here. At the same time, a large majority of them would also set up their inheritances here.

Tian Ti mountain hid countless inheritances, and only those fated could obtain them.

Every year, after clouds and mist that covered it dispersed, Tian Ti mountain would experience an enormous flow of people. Many inheritances would be inherited, and many new inheritances would be set up.

However, this year was different.

This year, the inheritance that opened at Tian Ti mountain was Hu Immortal blessed land which led to the appearance of Gu Immortals. After discussing, they made an alliance and locked this mountain, setting up a contest for their sect's juniors.

Right now, at the foot of Tian Ti mountain, an intense battle between the youngsters was already reaching its end.

Ten thousand cranes flew together and floated around Fang Zheng. Wei Wu Shang was panting and his clothes were in rags; he stared straight at Fang Zheng from within the layers of encirclement by the cranes.

"No, I haven't lost yet! I still have my trump card!" Wei Wu Shang was not resigned to admit defeat after being at the losing end.

If it was an ordinary situation, he would have conceded defeat already. But god knew how many elite disciples were fixing their gazes at this match.

Wei Wu Shang was not representing only himself but also the Heaven's Envy Sect behind him. At the same time, others did not matter but Fairy Bi Xia whom he admired was also watching the match.

"I cannot lose!" With this thought, Wei Wu Shang valiantly activated a Gu in his aperture.

He had always been hiding this Gu, not using it even at the important sect examination.

Once this Gu was activated, it created a colorless breeze.

The light breeze revolved around Wei Wu Shang's body, moving his clothes and caressing his hair.

However, Fang Zheng looked like he was facing a great enemy.

It was because Lord Sky Crane had already reminded him loudly: "Not good! This kid actually has injury wind Gu. Defend, defend with all your might, this Gu can whip up injury wind; it looks light and harmless, but it is extremely terrifying. Heaven's Envy Sect's junior was not weak indeed. This seems to be his trump card!"

Injury wind blew; Fang Zheng completely gave up on attacking and used all his strength to defend.

Injury wind looked gentle, but wherever it blew, the cranes cried out in pain; countless ironbeak flying cranes crashed down to the ground like their wings were broken.

Injury wind blew on Fang Zheng's body; the defensive light around his body continuously flickered.

Beads of sweat dripped from Fang Zheng's forehead, he gritted his teeth and transferred the primeval essence from his aperture to his defensive Gu endlessly.

The stalemate lasted a while, finally Wei Wu Shang sighed inwardly and stopped activating injury wind Gu.

It was not that he did not want to continue the fight, but his aperture was already close to drying up.

Gu Masters all had a common point, that was when primeval essence was consumed, the Gu Master's fighting strength would sharply decrease.

Rank one to rank five Gu Masters all suffered from the restraints of primeval essence. Only when they went beyond mortal and reached the realm of immortals, becoming a Gu Immortal, would they be able to have endless primeval essence.

"I lost." Wei Wu Shang's gaze was dark.

He had calculated it clearly: His primeval essence was exhausted and so he did not have any more strength to battle. However, Fang Zheng had been commanding flying cranes to battle from the start; his primeval essence consumption was relatively less and was sure to have some more primeval essence left.

"Brother Wei is worthy to be Heaven's Envy Sect's elite disciple, possessing such unusual and incisive methods; I have increased my knowledge and my horizons have been broadened. My primeval essence has also almost been exhausted by brother. How about we consider this spar as a draw?" Fang Zheng smiled.

"What?" Wei Wu Shang was stunned.

What was Fang Zheng saying? He was very clear of his own situation. How could he have a Gu that could exhaust Fang Zheng's primeval essence?

However, Wei Wu Shang immediately realized Fang Zheng was telling a lie.

"Fang zhen is giving me a way out of this situation." After understanding Fang Zheng's plan, there was a complex expression on Wei Wu Shang's face.

The disciples of every great sect could not casually make their moves.

Because they represented not only themselves, but also the sect behind them.

Moreover, with Fairy Bi Xia at the scene, Wei Wu Shang could truly not afford to lose this battle.

Since Fang Zheng gave him a way out, Wei Wu Shang quickly cupped his fists towards Fang Zheng after hesitating for a moment: "Brother Fang is a young hero, I am filled with admiration. Immortal Crane Sect indeed has deep foundations for being able to teach a figure like brother. I have benefitted from this spar and like brother Fang said, we will consider this match a draw."

Wei Wu Shang said so on the surface, but in truth, he secretly transmitted to Fang Zheng: "Fang Zheng, I, Wei Wu Shang, shall remember your leniency and will definitely repay it in the future. However, Fairy Bi Xia is my love, I will not concede on this. I will train harder and spar with you again in the future!"

Fang Zheng smiled, he nodded on the surface, but was inwardly feeling a headache.

Wei Wu Shang continued with the secret communication: "Fang Zheng, you need to be careful. Fairy Bi Xia has many admirers, not just me. Even with your formidable strength, you will still have four competitors. They are Heaven River Chen Da Jiang, Rising Purple Lightning Gu Ting, Nine Death Sorrowful Wind Tang Ru Qi and Tigress Zhao Shu Ye. You are so close with Fairy Bi Xia, they will definitely come find trouble for you. You better not lose."

Fang Zheng's gaze could not help but flicker at the mention of these four famous names, feeling that his headache had become worse.

As for Lord Sky Crane, he was laughing heartily in his mind.

Sure enough, like Wei Wu Shang said, three days later, disciples of Ancient Soul Sect arrived at Tian Ti mountain. Leading them was Gu Ting, and after knowing of the matter between Fairy Bi Xia and Fang Zheng, he immediately sent a challenge.

To avoid this unexpected calamity, Fang Zheng chose to avoid the fight.

Gu Ting naturally was not willing to leave the matter at that; he would visit Fang Zheng's residing cave every day and provoke him to a fight.

He continued this for seven days in a row.

His words became more vulgar as time passed. Immortal Crane Sect's other disciples were unsatisfied and went to find him but were defeated.

Ancient Soul Sect's momentum rose greatly, and at the eight day, everyone went to block Fang Zheng's cave entrance and cursed endlessly.

"Fang Zheng, you ostrich, still not coming out?"

"Fang Zheng you are hiding now, but can you hide for your entire life? Obediently stop getting in contact with Fairy Bi Xia and big brother Gu Ting will magnanimously spare you."

"Immortal Crane Sect is merely so, they actually taught such cowardly disciple."

At the mention of Immortal Crane Sect, Fang Zheng who was in the cave let out a sigh and helplessly walked out of the cave.

He could endure the curses directed towards him. However, once it involved his master, his temperament changed. Disciple needed to uphold the prestige of their masters, this was an important value of central continent. If he did not uphold it, then when he returned to Fei He mountain later, he would be impeached and even receive punishment.

Lord Sky Crane made a loud din inside him: "Gahaha… Fang Zheng, my disciple, do you understand now? What I have been telling you from the start is not wrong, right? Blindly enduring will let others misunderstand and bully you. In this world, the more harmless and cowardly you appear, the more people will appear that will want to bully you. Fight, defeat this Gu Ting! Shut the mouth of these people from Ancient Soul Sect! Improve your reputation!"

"Sigh… one has to compromise in this world , I really feel it now. I can only fight!" Fang Zheng gained an understanding with this event.

Gu Ting, come, let's fight!

At the similar time as the fight between Fang Zheng and Gu Ting, far away at southern border's San Cha mountain, a battle ended.

The battlefield was a mess; blood all over the ground, smashed rocks, destroyed trees and craters all around.

Fang Yuan stood proud on the battlefield while his opponent Fei Li was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing and begging for forgiveness.

"Lord Fang Zheng, please be magnanimous and spare me!" Fei Li continuously kowtowed while begging bitterly.

He had a cultivation of rank four middle stage and was also a strength path Gu Master. He had been full of spirits, but now his body was soaked with blood, his right arm broken and his two legs fractured, cutting out an extremely sorry figure.

"Since you are begging for forgiveness, then first hand over your expend strength Gu and I shall consider whether to accept it or not." Fang Yuan looked down upon Fei Li, cold light bursting out of his eyes.

Fei Li hesitated before handing over expend strength Gu.

This Gu was his vital Gu and also his core Gu, it made his enemies waste more strength when making any movements, doubling the expenditure of their stamina.

Handing over the expend strength Gu, Fei Li lost his vital Gu and suffered a heavy backlash, spurting out huge mouthfuls of blood.

Fang Yuan's gaze flashed as he accepted expend strength Gu: "I have considered, expend strength Gu is not enough to exchange for your life."

Fei Li's eyes opened wide and not considering the critical state of his body, he shouted: "Lord Fang Zheng, this is my most precious Gu!"


With a shift of Fang Yuan's mind, beast phantoms directly pounced forward and turned Fei Li into minced meat.

"Pauper." Fang Yuan looked at the disfigured corpse below him and sneered.

Then his gaze swept through the battlefield.

The spectators were not few, but all of them subconsciously chose to avoid Fang Yuan's gaze.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "What's wrong? Sky Tiger Xue San Si isn't here? You guys tell her, we are both strength path Gu Masters, three days later, I will come visit her and exchange pointers!"

The moment these words came out, it caused an uproar.

Little beast king was too violent; a few days ago, he had killed Tyrant Heng Mei, and at this battle, Fei Li begged him for forgiveness, but he did not let him go and smashed him into minced meat.

Now, he was going to challenge Sky Tiger Xue San Si!

What ferocity and wickedness was this!

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
Seriously doing a better job than Tie clan at exterminating demonic path Gu Masters.


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