Reverend Insanity
339 Trouble
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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339 Trouble

Chapter 339: Trouble
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"Oh, it is Sir Wei… no need to worry, thanks to young hero Fang Zheng, Bi Xia is safe and sound." Fairy Bi Xia avoided Wei Wu Shang's gaze and greeted.

"Young hero Fang?" Wei Wu Shang squinted, looking at Fang Zheng who was standing beside Fairy Bi Xia.

"Hello, I am Immortal Crane Sect's Fang Zheng." Fang Zheng smiled lightly, cupping his fists and greeting, oozing with friendliness.

"Young hero Fang Zheng, an elite disciple of Immortal Crane Sect, the number one in the most recent middle examination. He can control ten thousand cranes, thanks to these cranes, we could reach Tian Ti mountain so quickly."

Fairy Bi Xia said while looking at Fang Zheng, her face blushing shyly, as her tone carried a faint sweetness.

Along the way, she had conversed with Fang Zheng, and felt that they hit it off.

"Immortal Crane? These are just ironbeak flying ranes, although the number is a little large." Wei Wu Shang's eyes shone coldly, feeling extremely angry towards Fang Zheng.

He gritted his teeth, greeting Fang Zheng back: "Fang Zheng, you are an elite disciple of Immortal Crane Sect? That's great. I've long heard of Immortal Crane Sect's crane manipulation skill, I have always wanted to face-off against it. I would appreciate it if you would spar with me."

Saying so, Wei Wu Shang took large steps forward, his eyes glowing with overbearingness as he stared at Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng was stunned, as he sensed animosity, feeling absurdity from the issue.

"Hahaha." In his mind, Lord Sky Crane laughed loudly: "A beauty's gratitude is the biggest problem, my disciple, the act of saving that little lass Bi Xia has brought you many enemies. This young girl Bi Xia is a great beauty, now that she likes you, you have trouble ahead. This Wei Wu Shang is your first challenger."

"Huh? Likes me?" Fang Zheng shouted in his mind.

Speaking of love, he felt a deep sorrow in his heart.

These years, he had a girl's image deep in his heart.

She was a mortal, she was very normal, very ordinary, and much much inferior to Fairy Bi Xia. But in Fang Zheng's heart, she had an extraordinary cuteness.

The times he spent with her, were the best memories in Fang Zheng's heart.

Unfortunately, she was already dead, no longer in this world.

She was Shen Cui, Fang Zheng's former servant.

Thinking of Shen Cui, Fang Yuan's heart sank: "The girl I liked is dead. Master, you know how hard I've worked these years, my biggest goal is to defeat my brother and take revenge for my ancestors, my uncle and aunt, Shen Cui, lord clan leader, lord Qing Shu, and fulfill their wishes. Although Gu Yue village was destroyed, the Gu Yue bloodline still exists!"

"Hahaha, my foolish disciple, even if that is what you want, this Wei Wu Sheng will not let you off. Since you decided to save Fairy Bi Xia, why didn't you realize that?" Lord Sky Crane laughed.

"But… I do not want to spar with him. I've heard of this Wei Wu Shang in Immortal Crane Sect. He is a healing Gu Master, a rising star in Heaven's Envy Sect, a strong A grade aptitude genius. He is most skilled in healing himself, often leaving unscathed after a battle. If I battle him, even if I win, my condition will not be at its peak. It will negatively affect my performance when competing for the Gu Immortal Inheritance."

Lord Sky Crane laughed heartily: "Don't worry, go ahead and fight. The Hu Immortal Inheritance on Tian Ti mountain is special. It will not make you compete in terms of battle strength, it is a contest of willpower and determination. With my soul assisting you secretly, you have a great advantage!"

After pausing for a while, Lord Sky Crane continued: "You are still too young, you do not know the usefulness of reputation. Sometimes, reputation is more useful than strength, this is a rare opportunity, defeat these challengers and improve your reputation. Use the flying cranes and don't worry about their deaths. We have lots of cranes in Immortal Crane Sect, even if you use them all, we can return to the sect and replenish your army."

Hearing his master say so, Fang Zheng sighed, saying to Wei Wu Shang: "Since you want to battle, so be it."

"Excellent! Please." Wei Wu Shang sneered, stomping and shooting into the air like lightning.

Fang Zheng did not show any weakness, waving his hand and stepping on a flying crane, as ten thousand cranes cried out together, as if greeting their king.

Once the battle began, everyone got excited.

"Boss Fang Zheng, all the best, defeat this sissy from Heaven's Envy Sect!" Immortal Crane Sect's elite disciples shouted.

"Junior brother Wei, teach this lad a lesson." Wei Wu Sheng had his supporters.

Wei Wu Shang nodded, intense battle intent burning in his eyes.

He was the leader of the elite disciples sent by Heaven's Envy Sect this time, Fang Zheng's ten thousand crane group could scare ordinary elite disciples, but not him.

He had his own trump card!

"Battle!" Wei Wu Shang activated the Gu worms in his body, as his body flashed in the air and vanished.

The next moment, the space was torn apart as he travelled through several hundred steps away, directly appearing in front of Fang Zheng.

"Space piercing Gu?!" Even Lord Sky Crane was shocked.

An intense battle unfolded.

At the same time, on San Cha mountain.

In a certain cave, the Ten Tyrants gathered.

"That means, you were all used by Hu Mei Er to test the Black and White Demons?!" The leader of Ten Tyrants, "Tyrant Heng Mei", muttered.

"That's right, boss, that demoness tricked us all, and even injured seventh and tenth brother. Boss, you have to avenge us!" The second brother of Ten Tyrants shouted.


Tyrant Heng Mei slapped.

The second brother of Ten Tyrant was harshly slapped on his cheeks, his body turning on the spot.

"Bo... boss!" He held his face, looking at Tyrant Heng Mei in shock.

"Heavily injured? That is perfect, as long as they're not dead. You bunch with sperms for brains, control your lower body. I instructed you earlier to mind your actions and words already, do you really think this is still Nan mountain?!"

Tyrant Heng Mei scolded: "Wrong! This is San Cha mountain!"

"Be it Kong Ri Tian, Long Qing Tian, or Wu Shen Tong, Yi Chong, all of them can kill you like an ant easily. Although you have rank three cultivation, what is the most important reason you are able to stay here? Isn't it all due to me!"

"Hmph, this matter is a warning to all of you. I have to tell you, don't find problems with Hu Mei Er. This demoness seduces men to their death, she has a wide network. She is involved with Lin San Chi, has rumors with Li Xian, and even Mo Wu Tian."

Tyrant Heng Mei's words shocked the nine brothers.

Lin San Chi was a rank four demonic Gu Master, he was not only skilled in the metal path, but was also an earth path Gu Master. His metal and earth specialty was renowned through the land.

Li Xiao was similarly just as strong, he was not a native of southern border, but came from eastern sea. He was an unscrupulous merchant famous among the demonic path members, most skilled at finding opportunities to buy low and sell high. His network and human relationships were wide, many demonic Gu Master's loot were sold off by him.

As for Mo Wu Tian, he is even scarier.

He inherited a mysterious inheritance of an ancient Gu Immortal, and was the number one rising star of the demonic path, an absolute young genius.

Be it Lin San Chi, Li Xian, or Mo Wu Tian, they are all rank four Gu Masters.

"These famous people are all related to that demoness?" The members of Ten Tyrant heard this and went pale, their hearts palpitating with fear.

"I'll tell you one last time, this is not Nan mountain! Sigh, I asked you all to use your brains often and learn from mistakes, but you refuse to listen. Sigh, this three kings inheritance is not a small matter. Who knows how many formidable characters would show up." Tyrant Heng Mei sighed as he said.

The other brothers looked at each other, speechless.

Tyrant Heng Mei saw that the time was right, and changed the topic: "But no need to worry, on San Cha mountain now, the rank four and five Gu Masters are restraining each other, no one dares to act rashly. We the Ten Tyrants of Nan mountain are not to be trifled with. We cannot take this lying down, let's go, accompany me to find the black and white demons."

"Boss, you're going personally to find the black and white demons?" Someone expressed shock.

"Boss, you are rank four middle stage, a senior of the demonic path, when you were roaming in the world, they were still babies."

"That's right, boss, we'll go and ask them to come. You giving them an audience is their honor."

"Hmph, what do you know!" Tyrant Heng Mei chided: "The black and white demons are so young. The fact that they did not attack you this time means they know of my name, and know how to hold back. But they are youngsters, they love their 'face'. If I put down my ego and go to meet them personally, it is giving them full respect. Next, if I mention working together and come up with a plan to deal with Hu Mei Er, they are sure to agree. Hehehe…"

"Boss, I understand. You are using them as the vanguard!"

"Boss, you are a genius. This 'Black and White Demons' are only around twenty years old, they are too young. Now, they and Hu Mei Er are at odds, if they hear your suggestion, they would be extremely thrilled."

"Once boss plans, it truly is phenomenal!"

The Ten Tyrant members started bootlicking their boss.

"Hahaha." Tyrant Heng Mei laughed loudly, waving his hand: "Brother, come with me to visit the black and white demons!"

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing looked up at San Cha mountain peak.

This San Cha mountain has a peculiar design, from the mountain foot, it goes up to three hills, looking from afar, it resembles a fork with three tips, pointing at the sky.

Above the three peaks are the entrances to the three kings inheritance.

Every once in a while, the mountain peak would shoot out three beams of light, and allow people to enter.

Once the number of people reach an amount, the light pillar to vanish, and the entrance would disappear.

After that, Gu Masters who failed to pass through the tests would be thrown out from time to time. Of course, there are also many deaths inside the inheritance every time.

"There is about eight days till the next opening of the inheritance. Let's find a place to settle down for now." Fang Yuan gave the surroundings a sweeping gaze as he saw a cave in the middle of the mountain waist.

Translator's Thoughts
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They just don't learn. Continuously scheming against Fang Yuan.


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