Reverend Insanity
338 Hu Mei Er
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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338 Hu Mei Er

Chapter 338: Hu Mei Er
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Hearing Fang Yuan say that, a few members of Ten Tyrants showed a softer expression.

Next, one of them pounced and kept the female Gu Master on the ground.

The female Gu Master struggled to no avail, as this member of Ten Tyrants laughed and pulled with his demonic palm.


The silk clothing of the female Gu Master was torn open, showing her underwear.

Such a scene caused the people to howl like a wolf, as the demonic Gu Masters were very aroused.

Many righteous Gu Masters gritted their teeth secretly.

Someone wanted to stop them, but was stopped by another: "Don't do anything. There is not only the Ten Tyrants here, but also the black and white twin demons, are you courting death?"

"Moreover, that female Gu Master is not a righteous character. You don't have to involve yourself."

"Damn, members of the demonic path are truly scum of the world, unscrupulous and shameless!" Some Gu Masters were indignant, clenching their fists.

Many female Gu Masters looked away, shutting their eyes.

"No, no! I'm begging you, please stop…" That female Gu Master cried out in despair.

Bai Ning Bing was expressionless, as she stared at Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan was sneering, looking at the scene.

"My respects to the two black and white twin demons. We will report your act of friendship to our boss, since you gave the opportunity to us and merely watched." A Gu Master of Ten Tyrants walked up and cupped his fists towards Fang and Bai, smiling respectfully.

The other members walked to the female Gu Master.

One of them spit out some phlegm, cursing: "Little slut, do you think you can seduce the two lord black and white twin demons by begging? Naive! Stupid!"

"You sure ran fast, next I will make sure you enjoy yourself! Hehehe…" Another person laughed lecherously, looking extremely perverted.

As for the person on top of the female Gu Master, he was about to 'attack'.

At this moment, a pink light appeared from the female Gu Master's body, and exploded.

The male Gu Master was caught off guard and sent flying. He was like a comet, flying far away, landing after a hundred steps away, fainted.


"This female Gu Master is trying something funny, let's attack together!"

"What guts! You dare to resist us?"

The other members of the Ten Tyrants shouted as they pounced at the female Gu Master.

But the next moment, the pink light flashed again, and intense screams were heard.

The members of Ten Tyrant were sent flying all together.

The pink light displayed the female Gu Master's overwhelming battle strength, as she had a alluring and evil gaze, the disguise on her was completely removed, showing her true flirtatious appearance.

The members of Ten Tyrant were lying on the ground, shocked.

Who knows what methods she used, causing them to be weak and powerless on the ground, unable to get up.

The fierce and evil Ten Tyrant members were actually not the female Gu Master's match.

Such a sudden change caused everyone's expressions to change. Many people watched speechlessly, extremely surprised.

Only Fang Yuan's expression remained the same, as if he knew all along.

The female Gu Master laughed, after showing her true appearance, her alluring eyes were soul-stealing. A slender body with perfect curves, like a flowering peach in spring, made everyone extremely comfortable.

During this period, the members of Ten Tyrant got up.

Their strength slowly recovered.

But even so, the shock on their faces were still apparently. They felt a real rank four aura from the female Gu Master.

This female Gu Master's cultivation, was actually rank four!

Numerous people's expressions changed when they found out.

"Little beast king, you left a maiden in distress, are you a man?" The female Gu Master looked at Fang Yuan, showing an upset, annoyed expression, causing people greatly pity her.

At once, all the males stared at her fixedly.

Many Gu Master started to be jealous Fang Yuan. If this woman would give them one glance, it was worth dying for!

But Fang Yuan had no emotions, his tone was like ice, chilling to the bone: "Hu Mei Er, do you think this level of acting can trick me?"

The female Gu Master's pupils shrunk.

She did not expect Fang Yuan to expose her identity so easily.

But she quickly recovered, her lips pouting: "To think that my lowly name is known by lord little beast king. It is my great honor, but, before I exposed my true appearance, how did lord manage to find out?"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Before you showed your true self, I was only guessing. But whether I guessed right or wrong, I have no losses, am I right?"

Even if Hu Mei Er was a demonic Gu Master, upon hearing Fang Yuan's cruel words, her heart chilled.

"It is actually her…"

"This woman is famous in the demonic path, she is very scary. An expert at disguise, don't be moved by her appearance, she is a demoness that devours people whole, she is completely ruthless!"

"Hu Mei Er has a broad network, she has slept with many demonic Gu Masters, why did the Ten Tyrants provoke her?"

Ten Tyrant's members helped each other up as their faces were pale without a trace of blood.

By now, they had already understood, they were obviously toyed by Hu Mei Er.

Hu Mei Er had rank four cultivation, it was easy for her to deal with them. Her earlier disguise and performance was just to toy with them, she was trying to use them to probe and get close to the black and white demons.

But little beast king had sharp eyes, he actually saw through her disguise.

"Hahaha, Fang Zheng, you are truly heartless… But don't be too smug. You two have been too famous these few days, now the entire San Cha mountain knows that two demonic path geniuses are here. Be it righteous or demonic path, many seniors and experts are now trying to test you. You have offended many people, I advise you to stop here. Otherwise, you might lose your life when you ascend the mountain." Hu Mei Er laughed.

"Oh? That means, you are the first person sent to test us? Hehe, why are you worrying about our safety? As for offending people? The one thing I am not afraid of is offending people. So what if I offend every human alive?" Fang Yuan spoke plainly, but his words were chilling.

Hu Mei Er listened as her eyes glowed brightly, showing excitement in her eyes.

She laughed while covering her mouth: "Well said! What great courage, I like it. Not afraid to offend people? Then let me tell you, you looked down on my appearance, that is offending me. In this world, only villains and women are hard to please. I am not only a woman, but also a villain. Hehehe, little beast king, let's see who laughs till the end! I hope you can leave the mountain alive!"

Hu Mei Er said with a sharp gaze as she turned to leave immediately.

Everyone watched her pink dress flutter in the wind, her beautiful appearance as she left, leaving everyone speechless.

"Hu Mei Er…" Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart.

This Hu Mei Er was a demoness in the demonic path. She was very mysterious, no one knew her origins. In his previous life, she was very active, causing problems everywhere, sowing discord, causing fights and disputes wherever she went.

She cultivated the enchantment path, specifically, enchanting people. Using her appearance, she controlled many demonic experts, and she had many puppets all over southern border, among them, there were even rank five Gu Masters.

There were even rank four Gu Masters who fought due to jealousy over her.

However, others did not know her origins, but Fang Yuan knew.

This demoness had a great origin, she was the granddaughter of granny Mei Hua.

Granny Mei Hua was a rank six Gu Immortal in southern border, occupying the Mei Hua blessed land.

The demoness seduced men all over southern border, and had a specific interest in young men. In his previous life, a hundred years from now, she would gather her force and head to Xi Yang mountain.

Nobody knew what happened on the mountain, but the result was, she alone left the mountain.

What was worth mentioning was, she ascended the mountain as a rank four Gu Master, but she descended as rank five peak stage.

"This demoness has an unspeakable secret. Right now, she is starting to display her enchantment path and recruiting people. To think that she would develop an interest in me this time."

Fang Yuan compared his lives, and exclaimed.

He used the advantages of rebirth to grow quickly, and became chosen by Hu Mei Er. Hu Mei Er was interested in his potential, and wanted to seduce him into her puppet.

But how could that happen?

"Hmph, in the five hundred years of my past life, I had already eliminated my mortal desires. But the enchantment path has its strengths, I cannot be unguarded… Hu Mei Er must've gone to incite people to find trouble with me. She has the Gu from granny Mei Hua, if I want to kill her, I will need ample preparation and isolate that Gu from her. Hehe, I wonder which blind fool would dare to find trouble with me."

Fang Yuan analyzed in his heart.

Since he could not kill Hu Mei Er at the moment, he could only deal with the situation step-by-step.

Right now, Hu Mei Er's enchantment path had not reached greater success, she only had rank four Gu Masters under her charm.

As long as they are not rank five, Fang Yuan had no fear. He was confident that with his experience and this set of Gu worms, even if he cannot win, he will not lose.


Central continent, Tian Ti mountain.

Riding the flying crane, Fang Zheng and others travelled days and nights before arriving.

Before them, many elite disciples from the other ten sects had already arrived.

"It is the people from Immortal Crane Sect."

"Hmm? Why did Fairy Bi Xia from Heavenly Lotus Sect come with Immortal Crane Sect?"

"Who is that lad? Fairy Bi Xia is talking so happily with him, I have never seen Fairy Bi Xia speak so nicely to a guy from the same generation before."

Fang Zheng and the others' arrival attracted everyone's attention.

"Bi Xia, you arrived too. Do you know, since our last separation, I have been wanting to meet you again. This time, at the Hu Immortal Inheritance, I expected you to come. Thus, I begged my master to let me come here as well." A young man saw Fairy Bi Xia and quickly came over.

Bi Xia was speaking and laughing with Fang Zheng, but upon seeing him, her smile vanished.

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