Reverend Insanity
337 Leaving somebody in the lurch
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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337 Leaving somebody in the lurch

Chapter 337: Leaving somebody in the lurch
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"Two young babies, leave behind your primeval stones, strip off your clothes and kowtow to your grandpa thrice, and I shall spare your little lives. Gahaha…"

A rank three old demonic Gu Master with dishevelled hair suddenly appeared and blocked Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's way.

"Hehe, the old monster Hei Shi is making it difficult for newbies again."

"These two youths are out of luck considering they ran into the old monster Hei Shi."

"That girl looks quite pretty.Why does she look somewhat familiar? It is a pity the old monster Hei Shi is here, otherwise we would have made a move."

From within the darkness, many demonic Gu Masters looked here with sinister smiles on their faces.


Fang Yuan's response was straightforward, he directly summoned his beast phantom.

The moment he made a move, the breath concealment Gu lost its effect, and his rank four aura was revealed in its whole.

Shock and desperation immediately showed on the old monster Hei Shi's face.

He wanted to escape but Bai Ning Bing also made a move at the same time and kept him in check.

The old monster Hei Shi was directly struck by beast phantom and turned into minced meat.

Blood, bone pieces and brain matter mixed together and splattered all around.

"I… what the f*ck…."

"Oh god, these two youths are both rank four Gu Masters!"

"I remember it now, they are black and white twin demons! One is called Fang Zheng and another is Bai Ning Bing, both are geniuses of the demonic path. They have made great names for themselves in Shang clan city's battle stage, especially Fang Zheng, people call him little beast king, almost having hegemony over the whole battle stage. Why are these two guys here?"

"The temptation of San Cha mountain's inheritance is too big, they were also attracted by it. Old monster Hei Shi kicked an iron board , his death was really tragic!"

Many Gu Masters watching from the darkness, as they opened their eyes wide in extreme shock and fear.

"Hmph!" Fang Yuan was not satisfied with killing the old monster Hei Shi. With a shift of his mind, he activated another beast phantom and charged towards a specific shadow.


A huge sound resounded, the demonic Gu Master hiding in the shadow directly exploded into meat paste by Fang Yuan's attack.

Countless demonic Gu Masters drew in a sharp breath of cold air from the darkness.

"Jin Cheng En also died!"

"Little beast king has a heavy murderous nature, he doesn't let even spectators go."

"Let's go, let's go. Even the old monster Hei Shi could not resist their one move, it will be too late if we don't hurry now."

Trees shook, stones were lifted up; countless shadows scuttled out, fleeing towards every direction.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing quietly watched this and did not block them.

As they got closer to San Cha mountain, the demonic Gu Masters they ran into also increased.

During ordinary times, one could only occasionally run into these guys. However, San Cha mountain was like a fragrant honey that attracted all kinds of flies, bees and so on.

"We have yet to reach San Cha mountain, but we have seen all kinds of demons and ghosts fighting each other. It is obvious how chaotic the situation over at San Cha mountain is now." Bai Ning Bing's expression was indifferent but her tone was slightly heavy.

Several months had already passed since the three kings inheritance appeared on San Cha mountain, this caused a huge disturbance in Southern Border. Countless figures appeared one after another and rushed towards there.

Righteous path and demonic path fought against each other for a place in the quota to enter the inheritance.

San Cha mountain had already changed into a slaughterhouse. Every day, there was large amounts of lives lost in open fights and schemes.

"Kill them all, gain notoriety through killing. Kill until these people tremble in fear, only then will they not dare to lightly provoke us." Fang Yuan smiled coldly, his eyes filled with thick killing intent.

Fang Yuan was fully aware that reputation was very important when one went outside.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were living in Shang clan city all this while, although their fame had spread, it was mostly limited to within the city.

Most people had not heard about Fang and Bai.

Killing all that stands in their way, killing to gain fame; this would be an enormous help to Fang Yuan's future plans.

"Alright. Let's continue using breath concealment Gu and hide our rank four aura. Killing like this is really splendid and very interesting. We can leave deep impressions on others and make them remember us for their whole lives." Bai Ning Bing smiled, her blue eyes shone with cold light. Her beauty was like that of a snow fairy, untouched by the mortal world. Her tone, however, was like a bloody, poisonous scorpion, and was filled with terrifying killing intent.

Breath concealing Gu was only a rank three Gu ; Fang and Bai were barely able to use it to conceal their rank four cultivation.

Fang Yuan advanced to rank four initial stage and he needed to replace many of his Gu. Bai Ning Bing was also the same.

"Three kings inheritance has many of the Gu I need. As long as I obtain those Gu, my set of strength path Gu worms will push towards completion. It will also provide me great help in advancing to rank five and allow me to dominate the mortal realm."

"Calculating the time, the Hu Immortal blessed land in central continent should also have opened. Fairy Bai Hu was a rank six Gu immortal and the inheritance she had left behind is intact, it is many times better than the three kings inheritance. Unfortunately, I am not in central continent. No, even if I were in central continent, I am not a disciple of the ten great sects and thus cannot participate in the contest at Tian Ti mountain. Sigh, such a pity…"

Fang Yuan gazed far away towards the direction of central continent before continuing to move forward.

Bai Ning Bing was silent as she walked alongside Fang Yuan.

The two crossed mountains and charged around everywhere; they would directly kill any demonic Gu Masters or righteous Gu Masters they met.

Their vicious reputation quickly spread.

In Fang Yuan's view, at every stage, there was an appropriate manner to developing oneself.

When one was weak, they should keep a low profile and do things secretly, suffering patiently and growing stealthily. When they were strong, they should spread their name and strike when the timing was right, making others feel fear and terror.

Sometimes, reputation was a much stronger weapon than strength.

Soon, Bai Ning Bing realized the advantage of reputation.

When they had just started on the journey, the Gu Masters along the way often tried to make things difficult for them. Just like that old monster Hei Shi, daring to jump out with just a mere rank three cultivation.

Fang and Bai were young, moreover Bai Ning Bing's stunning appearance caused others to have an impulse to commit crime.

Now, however, even though Fang and Bai were using breath concealment Gu and hiding their cultivation, their path was unimpeded, saving them a lot of trouble.

They had yet to truly reach San Cha mountain but their evil reputation had already spread till there.

Good deeds remain obscured while bad deeds spread over a thousand miles.

Such evil reputation was the fastest to spread.

Right now, everyone knew there were two terrifying demonic path rising stars, rank four geniuses, killing their way towards San Cha mountain, two who were very aggressive and easily killed people.


This day, they finally reached the foot of San Cha mountain.

Sounds of a fight suddenly came from ahead.

"Don't come here, don't come!" A female Gu Master shouted with terror all over her face and was faintly gasping; her clothing in rags, revealing her beautiful shoulders and thighs.

"Hehehe, little beauty, quietly obey us."

"If you resist anymore, be careful that I might just slash your pretty face!"

"Don't resist. Let us big brothers give you a taste of euphoria, hahaha…."

The demonic Gu Masters' eyes shone with a wolf-like green light as they continuously charged towards the female Gu Master.

The female Gu Master resisted with all her might, but she was alone and her strength was not enough; the situation was in full control of the several demonic Gu Masters.

"Damn it, damn it!" The female Gu Master bit her full lower lip with her pure white teeth, her face filled with anxiety and terror.

She retreated bit by bit, the clothings on her body were slowly cut open. Her smooth legs were exposed and her thick hair was in a mess. As she escaped, her chest bobbed like a white rabbit which provoked the attacking demonic Gu Masters to let out wolfish howls.

"Can anyone save me? Can anyone save me? I have thirty thousand primeval stones here!" The female Gu Master shouted, her weak voice further stimulate the desire in these Gu Masters.

"Nobody moves!"

"This little girl is our, Ten Tyrants', prey. Wait till our boss comes over."

"That's right, we don't want the thirty thousand primeval stones. We will enjoy this first, the rest of you can take turns later. Gahaha…."

Some righteous Gu Masters were just about to make their moves to rescue the girl, but when they heard the name of Ten Tyrants, they immediately chose to shrink back.

The boss of the Ten Tyrants was a rank four Gu Master!

"Who can save me, please save me…" The female Gu Master shouted sadly like the lament of a cuckoo. She kept on running, asking for help everywhere, but wherever she went, the Gu Masters would all retreat and avoid her.

Only Fang and Bai stood on their spots, watching indifferently.

"Two lords, please, I pray you for mercy, please save me." The female Gu Master's eyes shone with hope; the weeping beauty ran towards Fang Yuan and pleaded.

"Where did these two brats come from, mind your own business!"

"We are Nan mountain's Ten Tyrants, you two young juniors… eh? This can't be!"

These few demonic Gu Masters suddenly paled when they recognized Fang and Bai's identity.

"Although that person is disguising as a male, she is a female. These two, one man and one woman; black cloth, black hair and black eyes; white cloth, silver hair and blue eyes, aren't they the recently famous…"

"Black and white twin demons!"

The demonic Gu Masters immediately stopped, they fixed their gazes at Fang and Bai with profound fear.

Fang and Bai's reputation were the number one thing they heard recently.

These two might be young, but were true geniuses of the demonic path. They were both extremely ruthless and had a murderous nature. Most importantly, they both had rank four cultivation.

Such cultivation was terrifying!

Rank one were considered substandard, rank two could be said to be lackeys while rank three were the main pillars and held their own.

Rank four were already experts among Gu Masters, and were the leaders of ordinary clans. Even in Ten Tyrants, only their boss was at rank four middle stage.

As for rank five, they stood at the peak of the mortal world and were very few in numbers. Even in southern border with hundreds of thousands of mountains and countless heroes, there were only over a hundred rank five Gu Masters.

"Lord twin demons, save me, please save me!" The female Gu Master found a way out of her predicament and knelt on the ground in front of Fang and Bai, imploring.

The surrounding Gu Masters all casted their gazes here.

"These two are the black and white twin demons who just recently became famous, they are unexpectedly so young!"

"Ten Tyrants against black and white twin demons; one has been famous for a long time while the other are rising stars of the demonic path, this should be interesting."

"As long as the boss of the Ten Tyrants does not show up, they are no match for black and white twin demons. Black and white twin demons got a bargain, getting that beauty for free. Pfft, little beast king will have beauties on his left and right, he really has luck with women."

Under everyone's gazes, Fang Yuan took a light step back.

"Save you, why would I save you? Because of your superficial beauty, or do you think I am a kind person and like helping people?" Fang Yuan looked down at the kneeling Gu Master, his gaze cold and indifferent.

The female Gu Master stupidly raised her head to look at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan coldly smiled then looked at the Ten Tyrants' members behind him: "You can continue, I won't make a move. I've had such a tedious journey coming here, please do give me a good show."

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