Reverend Insanity
336 Hero saves the beauty
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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336 Hero saves the beauty

Chapter 336: Hero saves the beauty
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Rocks cracked and flew; the crocodile group hissed in pain.

The large battle was at its end; Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing stood high on Huo Tan mountain, surrounding them were corpses of lava crocodiles.

Meanwhile, that thousand beast king lava crocodile king was on the ground with all the bones in its body broken, the two protruding mini volcano on its back were also smashed apart.

It hissed in a soft voice as it laid flat on the ground with blood pouring out from countless wounds on its body. Its claws shook as it tried to rake the ground to drill underground, however it no longer had enough strength.

Its struggles continued to decrease till death finally descended on it.

With the death of the thousand beast king, the remaining lava crocodiles immediately scattered, drilling into the ground or fleeing in disarray.

After roughly clearing up the battlefield, Fang and Bai resumed their journey.

Jiao Huang and Meng Tu were hiding in a faraway corner without moving even a bit. These two famous assassins had quite an unsightly expression right now, just like zombies.

They were scared!

"Are these two still humans? They contended against the whole lava crocodile group with just their own strength!"

"Bai Ning Bing walks the ice path and greatly suppresses the lava crocodiles. That can't be helped, but the main thing is still that Fang Zheng, he is simply a monster in human skin. The more injuries he suffered, the stronger he became. At the end, he even sent the lava crocodile king flying easily."

Jiao Huang and Meng Tu glanced at each other, both saw palpitation in each other's eyes.

Fang and Bai's terrifying strength greatly exceeded their expectations.

They did not live in Shang clan city, so only after seeing the whole battle, did they become deeply aware of Fang and Bai's terror.

"These two youths are seriously only around twenty years old? Screw that, compared to them, we were simply living a dog's life for the last forty years of our career." Meng Tu cursed out in fear.

"Brother Meng Tu, don't say so. Hearing you say that, I am completely ashamed of myself." The older Jiao Huang heaved a deep sigh, "Undoubtedly, these two are geniuses! Comparing oneself to others will only make you angry . We are simply not their match. If I had known this early, I would have never accepted this deal."

"Brother Jiao Huang, your words have spurred on my competitiveness and made me more indignant. This is still not finished, although we can't defeat them, we still have a chance!" Meng Tu said as he spit out some saliva.

"Eh? What chance?"

"Think of it, brother Jiao Huang. They are going to San Cha mountain to seek benefits from the three kings inheritance. San Cha mountain is extremely chaotic right now with rank four and rank five experts everywhere. They will definitely have to clash with others once they reach there. We will look for an opportunity while they are there. If we can take advantage of the situation while they are in trouble, that will be the best!"

Jiao Huang's eyes brightened upon hearing this reminder.

He patted Meng Tu's shoulder: "Brother, what you said makes sense. Let's go, go to San Cha mountain!"

"There was something fishy about that group of lava crocodiles." Fang Yuan thought along the way.

The timing of the lava crocodiles and the area they appeared in were too coincidental. The moment they appeared, they firmly surrounded Fang and Bai. Bai Ning Bing did not sense anything wrong, but the astute Fang Yuan with his previous life's experience could smell a conspiracy.

Fang Yuan was very familiar with such situations.

"Someone intentionally designed this trap and wanted to deal with me. But which side is it? Wu clan, Bai clan or Shang clan?" Fang Yuan inwardly pondered.

"Because I know Li Ran's identity and I have now left Shang Liang mountain, there is a probability that Wu clan would make a move."

"As for Bai clan? I have become their enemy, I know the huge secret of their clan's spirit spring drying up and have extorted them of three million primeval stones. How could they not hate me?"

"There is also Shang clan. The amount of Shang clansmen I have offended are also many. Shang Ya Zi, Shang Yi Fan, after buying that group of Wei clansmen I also offended Shang Pu Lao. In Shang clan's young master competition, I was one of the forces of Shang Xin Ci and if I was to be eliminated outside, she would be greatly weakened."

"Forget it, let's not think too much about it. I will just deal with it as they come." Fang Yuan shook his head and threw the disorganized thoughts out of his mind, clearing his thoughts.

If it was before when he was weak, he would have to exhaust all his energy to plan for everything. But now, his strength had increased by a lot and he had the aura of someone who would not move no matter what wind attacked him.

Central Continent.

Wind whistled through the sea of clouds.

Ten thousand flying cranes were flapping their wings together.

Fang Zheng and the other elite disciples of Immortal Crane Sect stood or sat cross-legged on the flying cranes and hurried towards Tian Ti mountain.

"Boss Fang Zheng, your crane group is really mighty. We will definitely shine brightly on this trip to Tian Ti mountain and sweep through everything." An elite disciple said.

He used a Gu while speaking, so no matter how strong the wind blew, his voice was not obstructed and was clearly transmitted to everyone.

"You speak too highly of me. This time, the ones participating in the competition for Gu Immortal Bai Hu's inheritance are all elites from the ten great sects. If we want to get the inheritance, not only do we need strength, but also luck."

"Boss Fang Zheng, you are too modest. With your myriad crane group, who can stop us?" Immediately another elite disciple said.

"Boss Fang Zheng, you are my role model. No wonder you were dispatched to this mission by the sect leader after just becoming an elite disciple. On this trip to Tian Ti mountain, we will only be following your lead!" An elite female disciple said respectfully.

On the way, Fang Zheng had sparred with all the elite disciples.

He was very strong and also had a spirit incubating flea in his aperture. Lord Sky Crane's soul resided in the spirit incubating flea and would give guidance from time to time. There was also the support of the myriad crane group.

Because of this, Fang Zheng defeated all the other elite disciples.

He was not arrogant after his victory, he had a great bearing and was modest, easily winning everyone's good impressions and was pushed to become their head. They were all in admiration of Fang Zheng.

"Among the ten great sects of Central Continent, which one of them does not have deep foundations? I am sure they also have talented people among them. Although I have the myriad crane group, my weakness is that I can't control them fully. I still need to ask you all to provide guidance regarding the control of the flying cranes." Fang Zheng cupped his hands towards the people beside him.

"We wouldn't dare. It is our honor to be able to spar with Boss Fang Zheng."

"Boss, you have been cultivating so hard these days that it makes us blush with shame."

"Boss, your progress is remarkable, you have an innate talent in controlling the cranes. You only lacked practice before, and given some time, you are sure to surpass Sun Yuan Hua."

The other elite disciples said words of agreement.

Their words were from the depths of their hearts. On this journey, they could clearly notice Fang Zheng's progress.

Fang Zheng smiled. With Lord Sky Crane providing guidance and secret experiences, and even controlling his body sometimes, how could he not improve at a lightning pace?

After flying for some time, the ironbeak flying cranes started to cry out one after another.

Fang Zheng and the rest understood.

"Alright. It is time, we need to land and feed the flying cranes." Fang Zheng stamped, the flying crane group started to pierce down through the layer of clouds under his control.

For a moment, it was only a scene of white vastness.

Soon, the clouds and mist disappeared as the group flew down from the layer of clouds to the verdant and lush ground.

Flying cranes also needed to eat. The larger the scale of the crane group, the higher their demand for food. Fortunately, ironbeak flying cranes could eat anything. Sometimes, they even ate stones to fill their stomachs, thus were very easy to raise.

Fang Zheng possessed such a large scale crane group, but it was also equally troublesome. After every set intervals, he would need to fly to the ground and feed the crane group.

"Eh? There is a battle going on!" As they were descending down, an elite disciple suddenly spoke out.

Everyone immediately discovered the unusual state on the ground.

Four demonic Gu Masters were laughing evilly while surrounding three female Gu Masters and slowly nearing them.

" Tsk , it is the four great obscenities." Soon, an elite disciple exposed those four demonic Gu Masters' identity with a disgusted tone.

These four great obscenities were separately; Eastern Obscenity Chen Yi Dao, Western Thief Yu Ba Guang, Southern Disturbance Shi Bao and Northern Squandering Fan Chun Yao.

They had been travelling all over Central Continent and were all rank four Gu Masters. They were extremely strong and were even able to contend against rank five Gu Masters when they combined their strength.

"Look, they are actually surrounding Fairy Bi Xia of Heavenly Lotus Sect!" An elite disciple with sharp sight shouted.

"Hmph, demonic path's people, every single one of them needs to be executed!" Fang Zheng's expression turned incomparably cold and immediately commanded the crane group to charge down without thinking much.

"Hehehe, Fairy Bi Xia, it will be difficult for you to escape this calamity today!"

"To think our luck is so good today to be able to smell the aroma of Fairy Bi Xia. Even if we suffered heavy injuries, it is worth it."

The four great obscenities winked as they pressed on towards the three female Gu Masters.

"Damn it." Fairy Bi Xia gritted her snow-white teeth. She was seriously injured and did not have strength to break through.

Just as she was starting to feel desperation and was thinking of committing suicide, she suddenly heard the cries of a group of cranes from above her.

"Who is it?" The four great obscenities raised their heads and shouted.

"Immortal Crane Sect's elite disciple, Fang Zheng!" Fang Zheng was standing on the back of the ironbeak flying crane king, his tongue seemed to burst out with thunder.

He stood upright and proudly on the crane's back, his body was robust, his brows thick and his eyes like that of a tiger's. He fixed his gaze on the four obscenities and waved his hand.

The elite disciples behind him and ten thousand ironbeak flying cranes passed him and charged towards the four obscenities.

"Heavens, so many cranes!"

"It is one of the ten great sects, the elite disciples of the Immortal Crane Sect…"

"What bad luck, we have injuries and can't contend against this group, let's retreat!"

The four great obscenities sized the situation before turning to flee and soon, they had escaped far away, their figures disappeared from everyone's sight.

"These demonic path trash, they might not have other abilities but they are pretty quick in running." The elite disciples laughed loudly.

"Are you okay?" Fang Zheng got off from the back of the crane and approached Fairy Bi Xia, asking softly.

"I, I am okay… thank you young master Fang Zheng for saving me!" Fairy Bi Xia looked at Fang Zheng, her face blushed red and her gaze carried hints of infatuation.

She had thought she would not be able to escape this calamity, but a hero came falling from the sky.

Fang Zheng was like the hero saving the beauty and it left a deep impression on Fairy Bi Xia.

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
Fang Yuan would've killed those four immediately. How useless.


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