Reverend Insanity
330 Wei De Xin
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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330 Wei De Xin

Chapter 330: Wei De Xin
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"This… Lord Fang Zheng, are you certain on buying them?" The Gu Master in charge hesitated.

"Why, are you doubting my decision?" Fang Yuan gave him a plain glance.

This Gu Master laughed, he was a Shang clansmen, he was not afraid of Fang Yuan like the Xiong clan brothers.

"I wouldn't dare, I wouldn't dare." He cupped his fists, turning to Shang Xin Ci: "If I am not wrong, Lord Fang is buying these slaves to act as subordinates for Lady Xin Ci. But they are really bad news for those competing for the young master position. Lady Xin Ci, you are so intelligent, what do you think?"

Shang Xin Ci's eyes were focused on Fang Yuan, she smiled and replied : "Brother Hei Tu's decision is my decision. Just do as he says."

"Is that so." The Gu Master in charge was stunned, before smiling: "Since Lady Xin Ci says so, I will do so accordingly. To speak the truth, I am your supporter Lady Xin Ci…"

"You are speaking too much." Fang Yuan gave the Gu Master a cold stare, interrupting him coldly.

"Hehe." The Gu Master laughed: "Then I shall settle the procedures for you, but there are too many people, there will be a lot of procedures to go through, you need to wait a day. A day later…"


Fang Yuan raised his leg and kicked.

That Gu Master did not expect Fang Yuan to strike, and was caught off guard and hit on the stomach.

Flying over thirty steps away, he knocked onto a bystander and landed on the ground, falling unconscious after vomiting blood.

"Who dares to fight in Shang clan city?"

"Are you tired of living?!"

"Quickly surrender yourself!"

Such commotion immediately attracted attention. The slave market was heavily guarded in the first place, quickly, three groups of Gu Masters came and surrounded them.

"It was me." Fang Yuan had no fear, standing up.

"It's Fang Zheng!" The riled up group saw Fang Yuan and immediately lost their vigor.

Fang Yuan had rank four battle strength, they were only rank two and their leader who had the highest cultivation was rank three initial stage. They could not even be side dishes for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot and took out his purple thorn token.

The Shang clan Gu Masters saw the token and their aura diminished once more.

The leader's fierce and terrifying face quickly changed, as he smiled and politely said to Fang Yuan: "Lord Fang Zheng, we all know you are Shang clan's esteemed guest. But even a guest cannot resort to force in Shang clan, you even injured our clansmen. According to the rules…"

"According to the rules, I will be fined forty-nine primeval stones." Fang Yuan immediately said.

The leader was shocked, not expecting Fang Yuan to be so well-versed with Shang clan's rules.

Fang Yuan tossed out a bag of primeval stones, waving his hand: "There are fifty primeval stones inside, keep the change."

The leader received the primeval stones, feeling like a beggar. He had a shocked and dazed expression as he left with the others.

If Fang Yuan did not have strength, even with the purple thorn token, he would not have gotten out of it so easily. But now that he was strong, even in Shang clan city, if he beat up a Shang clansmen, as long as it was not someone important, there would be no consequences.

The Gu Master in charge was beaten unconscious by Fang Yuan, the slave market quickly sent out another Gu Master to attend to them.

We are buying everyone in this cage." Fang Yuan pointed at the cage and said.

Inside the cage, the people looked at Fang Yuan; most of them had a dazed or numb expression, but a few stared at him in rage.

Fang Yuan's casual attitude of purchasing made them feel extremely humiliated.

"Yes, yes, yes." The new Gu Master wiped his sweat as he attended to Fang Yuan politely.

In less than fifteen minutes, all the procedures were done.

"This is the rank three poison scorpion Gu, please keep it well Lord Fang Zheng." Lastly, the Gu Master handed Fang Yuan a Gu worm.

This poison scorpion Gu had a white body, like a flawless porcelain, and was the size of two fingers.

This was a rank three Gu, with only one ability: defecating.

The scorpion faeces it produced was black as bean, it was a rank two Gu.

The saying goes: Scorpion faeces are one in the world.

This scorpion faeces Gu, each one had a unique poison. Once used on someone, they needed the corresponding poison scorpion Gu to detoxify them once every seven days.

This was the most common method to control slaves.

Although there is also the slavery Gu, with better effect, but it was rank five. It was expensive and rare, it could not be commonly used.

Poison scorpion Gu, although Shang Xin Ci could not activate it, and could not make it defecate, she could make it sting someone without using any primeval essence.

Fang Yuan planned to first refine this poison scorpion Gu before passing it to Shang Xin Ci and letting her refine it; it was too difficult to let her do it herself.


"What did you say? Someone bought those Wei clan slaves? What did I instruct you, I told you to pay attention to them. Wait a few days for me to settle it out with Shang Qiu Niu, and buy them after the situation calms down!" In the study room, Shang Pu Lao had an ugly expression as he scolded the Gu Master in charge.

The Gu Master in charge was lying on a bed with a pale expression.

After being kicked by Fang Yuan, he had just woken up when Shang Pu Lao came to question him.

"Young master Pu Lao, I tried my best already. I wanted to sow discord among them, but that Shang Xin Ci listened to Fang Zheng like a lamb. I tried stalling but before I finished my words, Fang Yuan sent me flying and knocked me unconscious." The Gu Master in charge listlessly explained as he laid in bed.

"Sigh… these Wei clansmen were once authoritative figures, controlling Wei clan's operation. They have high cultivation and experience in management. If I can get them, I can create half a Wei clan myself. Among them, Wei clan's first lady Wei De Xin is most skilled at nurturing guards. Wei clan leader's guard troops had once been famous, successfully blocking many assassination attempts, even blocking the attack of five rank three Gu Masters at once. If not for that internal crisis, how could they fall apart so easily?"

Shang Pu Lao heaved a long sigh.

"I am asking you now, can the situation be salvaged?" He stared sharply at the Gu Master in charge.

The Gu Master shook his head, explaining in a crying tone: "They were all brought away already, the entire procedure was proper and there were no problems at all. Young master, I have failed you."

"Nevermind, have a good rest." Shang Pu Lao heard this and lost his interest all together, giving a word of consolation before taking his head.

Morning of the next day.

In Nan Qiu garden's residential square, over thirty members of Wei clan stood.

Fang Yuan and Shang Xin Ci came together.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had helped Shang Xin Ci to refine the poison scorpion Gu. A rank three Gu was still too strong for her, thus, Fang Yuan chose some other Gu worms to assist her in controlling the poison scorpion Gu.

"From today onwards, Shang Xin Ci is your new master, why are you not greeting her?" Fang Yuan handed the poison scorpion Gu to her in front of them.

Wei clansmen slowly kneeled on the floor, paying respects to Shang Xin Ci. Their voices were listless, filled with helplessness and numbness, they were all behaving like puppets.

They were banished from the clan, all these authoritative figures who lived a good life had become slaves. Their dejected and low-spirited behavior was completely natural.

Looking at these people, how could anyone feel assured using them?

Shang Xin Ci felt pity for them, but also worry for herself.

"Wei De Xin, come out. I want to have a private talk with you." Fang Yuan stretched out his arm, pointing at one of the women.

They suddenly became energetic, as many of their dazes expressions became fierce and strong.

"What do you want?" Many people moved their bodies, shielding Wei De Xin.

"I am warning you, do not lay a finger on her." One of them pointed his finger at Fang Yuan, showing great alertness.


Fang Yuan's expression turned dark, as he took a few steps forward and gave a slap.

The person who pointed at him was sent flying by an overwhelming force. His mouth was full of blood as his broken teeth fell on the ground.

"It seems you are not clear of reality yet. Although I spent a lot of money to buy all of you, I am not against killing some of you for fun. So what if I want to do anything to your clan leader's wife, what can you do to stop me?" Fang Yuan had a cruel expression and his voice was like cold as ice.

"You…" Wei clan's gang were outraged, some youngsters clenched their fists, but they did not dare to speak out again.

"All of you stand down." Wei De Xin made them stand aside as she walked out.

Although her face was filthy, it could not hide her beautiful peach-like appearance.

She bowed to Fang Yuan: "What does Lord Fang Zheng need from this lowly servant?"

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, using a fierce gaze to inspect her body: "Lady Wei, you speak too much. Just follow me and obey what I say."

Saying so, he turned around.

As meat on the chopping block, Wei De Xin was helpless too, she gritted her teeth and followed Fang Yuan to the lake pavilion.

A cool breeze blew, causing ripples on the surface of the lake. Carp swam in the lake, and lotus leaves filled the surface of the water, with red and white flower buds within the leaves.

Such beautiful scenery caused Wei De Xin to relax slightly.

But Fang Yuan's next sentence made her nervous. He said: "Lady Wei, I am very interested in you."

Wei De Xin quickly kneeled on the ground: "This servant is lowly, it is my great honor that my appearance had attracted Lord Fang Zheng's attention. But I do not dare to offer my soiled body to lord's grand and masculine body."

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "Wei De Xin, don't be mistaken. I am very interested in your talent, your body and appearance is just a pair of skeleton in my eyes. Next, I want you to nurture a group of loyal female guards for Shang Xin Ci. At the same time, you have to motivate your Wei clansmen properly, tell them to work hard and have a positive attitude."

Hearing fang Yuan say so, Wei De Xin breathed a sigh of relief, as she promised: "Yes, this servant will follow Lord's orders."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed deeply again, saying with deep meaning: "Lady Wei, I know you are pregnant, and I know your intentions. You want to preserve your husband's only bloodline, and at the same time contact your younger brother Wei Shen Jing to exact revenge for you, am I right?"

As he said so, Wei De Xin's face went pale as her delicate body shuddered.

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