Reverend Insanity
329 Three brothers of Xiong clan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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329 Three brothers of Xiong clan

Chapter 329: Three brothers of Xiong clan
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The three instantly became overjoyed, taking out the other half of the token and formed the whole token on the spot.

So it turns out, the demonic Gu Master back then had his descendants too. Before he was arrested by Tie clan, he instructed his descendants, to remember this incident and, if possible in the future, repay that kindness.

The three brothers were descendants of this demonic Gu Master, after seeing this token, they immediately explained the matter to this young stall owner, asking him if he needed any help; they would do their best to assist him.

This young man was very crafty.

He immediately replied, he lacked three subordinates and there was nobody around to help him.

The three brothers glanced at each other, before kneeling down together, promising that they would serve the young man for twenty years.

They would listen to all of his orders for twenty years, but after that, they would be free.

These three brothers were famous in the battle stage, they each had rank three cultivation, and were most skilled in multi battles.

The young man relied on the strength of the three brothers, living the next twenty years in luxury. During the period, he asked the three brothers to get food, water, primeval stones for him, and they acceded to all of his requests.

But after twenty years, the three brothers repaid the favor and left. He had long forgotten how to work, and was too ashamed to beg, in fact, he did not even restrain himself, continuing to live like a king. Less than half a month later, he died.

Of course, all these happened in Fang Yuan's previous life.

At the moment, the three demonic Gu masters have not found the half-token yet. And this token was already in Fang Yuan's hands. As for that young man, who cares if he dies?

According to his memories, this half-token would only be discovered by the three demonic Gu Master brothers next year.

But now that Fang Yuan held the half-token, he brought Bai Ning Bing and Shang Xin Ci to find them directly.

The three brothers also opened a stall before their home, enjoying the festive mood and were having fun.

"Ah? It is Lord Fang Zheng! And Lord Bai Ning Bing." Seeing Fang and Bai, the three quickly got up.

They had all been thrashed by Fang Yuan or Bai Ning Bing before in the battle stage.

In this world, strength was everything, even more so for demonic Gu Masters. Bai Ning Bing had rank four cultivation, while Fang Yuan defeated Ju Kai Bei, there was no demonic Gu Master who did not respect the two.

"I am here today to find the three of you." Fang Yuan observed the three brothers emotionlessly.

These three brothers all had the surname Xiong.

The eldest was called Xiong Tu, shortest among the three, humble and honest. He was an earth path rank three upper stage Gu Master.

Second was Xiong Huo, wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, his body was bright red. He was a fire path rank three middle stage Gu Master.

The youngest was Xiong Feng, wearing a bamboo hat, having sharp tiny eyes, and enjoys squinting when he looks at people. He was a wind path rank three initial stage Gu Master.

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, the three brothers became uneasy.

Xiong Tu quickly cupped his fist, greeting Fang Yuan: "Lord Fang Zheng, may I know what is the issue? If my brothers had offended you unknowingly, I apologise to you here."

Fang Yuan frowned slightly: "I'm sure you've heard, I had given up on the battle stage to assist Shang Xin Ci in becoming a young master. We are lacking manpower over here, I want all three of you to join us."

"This…" The three Xiong clan brothers frowned.

They came to Shang clan city and entered the battle stage for only one reason: to become Shang clan's external elder.

But now that Fang Yuan wanted them to assist Shang Xin Ci, it was very different from their goals. Shang Xin Ci was just an inexperienced girl, and only had rank one cultivation with poor aptitude. The three of them all had B grade aptitude, and their combination strike could temporarily match a rank four Gu Master.

Asking them to go under Shang Xin Ci and be her subordinate, the three brothers were unwilling.

If others said this, the three brothers would have attacked already, beating the guy to a pulp. But it was Fang Yuan who said it, causing the three to be in a difficult position.

Fang Yuan had defeated Ju Kai Bei in a battle, they had watched it personally, even if they joined forces, they could not defeat Fang Yuan.

"Fang Zheng is here with ill-intention."

"He is obviously trying to forcefully subdue us!"

"Sigh, what bad luck to have been targeted by Fang Zheng. All three of us cannot defeat him, and he even has Bai Ning Bing beside him. Moreover, the purple thorn token…"

The three brothers looked at each other, knowing each other's emotions. The three of them were unwilling, but circumstances forced their hand, they could only choose to give in.

But Fang Yuan suddenly said: "I do not wish to force you, come if you are willing to, if not, I will not force you."

The three brothers glanced at each other, unsure if Fang Yuan was speaking the truth, or just trying to act graceful.

But Xiong Feng who was the youngest, was the most daring, as he said carefully: "Lord Fang Zheng, to speak the truth, we are used to freedom. We do not want to be involved in Shang clan's young master competition. Thus, thus…"

The other two smiled meekly, as they bowed towards Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing apologetically.

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's brows raised, as a cold light shot out of his eyes: "The three of you are really daring, you dare to reject my invitation?"

The three brothers' heart thumped.

Xiong Tu quickly cupped his fists, explaining in a hurry: "That is not the case, that is not the case. Lord Fang Zheng, please do not misunderstand, it is our honor to have received your invitation. My brother was too nervous, he did not know what he was saying. Actually what he wanted to say was, we would be glad to go under Lady Shang Xin Ci's wing."

"Yes, yes, that was what I meant." Xiong Feng continued.

"Hehe, in that case, I am assured. The three of you are so eager, Xin Ci, accept them." Fang Yuan turned around, saying to Shang Xin Ci.

Beside him, Bai Ning Bing frowned. Forcing them to join like this, he would not get their loyalty, such a distant subordinate, what use would it be?

Shang Xin Ci had the same worry, but she still chose to believe Fang Yuan. She took a step forward, saying to the three brothers: "From now on, please work hard."


"The three brothers of Xiong clan pays respect to Lady Xin Ci."

The three cupped their fists and bowed, replying listlessly.

"Hahaha…" Fang Yuan raised his head and laughed.

The three brothers thought: This Fang Zheng is too despicable, leading the life of a whore but still expecting a monument praising chastity 1 . Speaking in a righteous manner but acting like a despicable crook.

"That's right, I forgot something, take a good look." Fang Yuan stopped laughing, and took out a half-token, tossing it to Xiong Tu.

Xiong Tu caught it subconsciously.

"What is this?" The other two brothers glanced curiously.

But immediately, the three brothers were stunned.

"This, this is?!" The calm and stable Xiong Tu cried out.

Xiong Huo grabbed the token, inspecting it closely.

Xiong Feng also understood what happened, as he urged his brother Xiong Tu: "Brother, quickly take out our token."

Under Bai Ning Bing and Shang Xin Ci's weird gaze, Xiong Tu took out the other half of the token.

The two half-tokens perfectly fit into one, and a illusionary fire started to burn on the token.

"This, this is real!" Xiong clan's three brothers stared with wide-opened eyes.

Xiong Tu held the token with shivering arms.

"What is going on?" Bai Ning Bing and Shang Xin Ci had no clue what was happening.

"The three brothers of Xiong clan, did you really think I came here without a reason? Why are you hesitating?" Fang Yuan spoke at an appropriate moment.

His words woke them up.

"Grandfather once said, no matter who the token's owner was, even if it was an enemy, we have to repay the kindness from back then!"

"That's right, although grandfather is trapped, we cannot ruin his reputation."

"From now on, Lady Shang Xin Ci is our new master. But, only for twenty years. Twenty years is sufficient to repay the debt."

The three brothers discussed among themselves quickly.

Next, all three of them kneeled on one knee in front of Shang Xin Ci, cupping their fists.

"Xiong Tu, Xiong Huo, Xiong Feng, the three brothers greets Lady Xin Ci!" They shouted loudly, with a different tone from before, filled with drive and excitement.

"Brother Hei Tu, what is happening?" Shang Xin Ci found out that they were sincerely joining her, and felt extremely curious.

Fang Yuan snickered: "It is a long story. We will talk about it next time, now, let's go recruit some more members."

The gang of six arrived at the slave market.

In the world, there was slave trade. Any strong or affluent first-class clan, or super clan, would engage in slave business.

Shang clan's slave trade was handled by the head of the five clan elders, Shang Bu Li personally.

Slave trade was too profitable, the higher-ups were not confident of letting an external elder handle it. In history, only Shang clansmen were in charge of it.

Fang Yuan had planned early on, and investigated clearly. He walked ahead, leading the way, quickly arriving at a cage.

Within the cage, there were many people.

"Lady Xin Ci, Lord Fang Zheng, Lord Bai Ning Bing, are you here to purchase slaves? If that is the case, I do not advise you to buy the people inside this cage." A Gu master in charge of handling business quickly came over.

"Oh? What is that so?" Shang Xin Ci asked.

"Lady Xin Ci does not know, these people are from Wei clan. Wei clan had a political uprising some time ago, and Wei clan leader was overthrown by his younger brother. The people inside this cage are from the previous clan leader's faction. They are being sold now by the current Wei clan leader." The Gu Master answered.

Xin Ci immediately understood why he advised them not to buy these slaves.

Wei clan was a first-class clan. Although it was smaller than Shang clan, it was still a famous clan in the southern border.

Wei clan's political turbulence was said to be supported by Shang Yan Fei. The current Wei clan leader even sent the clansmen to Shang clan as hostage. Many Wei clan elders also secretly transferred their assets to Shang clan.

Wei clan could be said to be Shang clan's puppet already.

For Shang Xin Ci who was competing to become Shang clan young master, these people were trouble.

But Fang Yuan quickly said: "We are buying these people."

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