Reverend Insanity
326 Nine Eyes Liquor Worm
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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326 Nine Eyes Liquor Worm

Chapter 326: Nine Eyes Liquor Worm
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Days went by and with the news of the three kings inheritance, a time of unrest began at San Cha mountain.

Many formidable demonic Gu Masters, righteous Gu Masters and people of all occupations and goals rushed towards San Cha mountain.

At first, Shang clan controlled the situation, continually sending reinforcements and tyrannically occupying the inheritance entrances, displaying their determination towards obtaining this inheritance.

However, Wu clan moved and broke the blockade of Shang clan.

After that, news continued to spread. The fact that the site of three kings inheritance had been rank six Gu Immortal blessed land caused a huge uproar and countless people flocked towards San Cha mountain. Several other top ranked clans were also alarmed by the news and dispatched groups of formidable Gu Masters one after another.

With this, even Shang clan and Wu clan could not block the huge wave of people.

San Cha mountain fell into chaos.

There were casualties every day. To seize the chance to enter the inheritance, there were intense battles between righteous and demonic; demonic and demonic; righteous and righteous.

Every change in the situation in San Cha mountain affected the hearts of many people.

Fang Yuan was also paying close attention to this.

After the inheritance opened, close to a month had passed. Some people already gained some benefits in the inheritance, stimulating the passion of many others to explore the inheritance.

However, Fang Yuan did not care about these benefits. With the memories of his previous life, he knew that the true essence of three kings inheritance lied in the depths of the inheritance ground. There were at least a hundred barriers before one could reach there and it was a time and energy consuming process. Sometimes, people would be lost and trapped in fog, and not be able to find the exit. Sometimes, there would be attacks from dogs and many Gu Masters would die under these dogs' sharp canine teeth.

The three kings were demonic Gu Masters; this was a demonic inheritance.

There were dangers lurking all over in demonic inheritances. In many cases, one needed to risk their lives to explore them.

"It is still too early to go to San Cha mountain, the time is not ripe yet. It is better to benefit from other's efforts and preserve my strength. When they remove the barriers and clear the obstacles, that will be the time I seize the rewards. For now, I should refine Gu." Fang Yuan had already made a plan.

The Gu he was going to refine this time was none other than liquor worm!

Rank one liquor worm could purify green copper primeval essence by a small realm. Rank two four flavors liquor worm could purify red steel primeval essence by a small realm. Rank three seven fragrances liquor worm could purify white silver primeval essence by a small realm. Rank four nine eyes liquor worm could purify yellow gold primeval essence by a small realm.

Rank five liquor worm, however, did not exist. The recipe grandmaster who researched liquor worm's recipe had an outstanding talent, but he was killed by enemies when he was young and died prematurely.

Geniuses only represented a possibility.

There were many cases of geniuses who were killed before they matured.

However, the current Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing could already be said to have matured; killing them would not be easy.

After Fang Yuan fused liquor worm into four flavors liquor worm, he had not used it and had only been raising it.

It was because he had bone flesh unity Gu and Bai Ning Bing's help that the four flavors liquor worm lost its worth. However, it was different now.

Bai Ning Bing was now rank four while Fang Yuan was rank three peak stage; he would also advance to rank four initial stage not long later. At that time, their cultivation would be the same.

The help that bone flesh unity Gu could offer to Fang Yuan would decrease by a lot. At that time, a rank four nine eyes liquor worm would make his cultivation speed faster.

Refine the nine eyes liquor worm!

While Shang Xin Ci was starting to recruit Zhou Quan, Fang Yuan chose to go into closed door cultivation to refine Gu.

Bai Ning Bing also chose to go into closed door cultivation, refining Gu secretly.

To refine four flavors liquor worm, two rank one liquor worms and wine of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavors were required. To refine seven fragrances liquor worm, two four flavors liquor worm and seven types of spices were required.

To refine nine eyes liquor worm, one needed two seven fragrances liquor worm and eyeballs of nine different hundred beast kings.

Right now, Fang Yuan was at Shang clan city and had a huge advantage. If it was at other places, he would have to spend large amounts of energy to search for materials to refine liquor worm. However, at Shang clan city, he could easily buy them as long as he had money.

Fang Yuan already possessed a four flavors liquor worm. He bought two liquor worms and fused them into the second four flavors liquor worm.

He then fused these two four flavors liquor worm into seven fragrances liquor worm.

The process till this stage was smoothly finished by him. However, he ran into difficulty while refining the second seven fragrances liquor worm.

While he was fusing the third four flavors liquor worm and the second seven fragrances liquor worm, the fusion failed. The primeval stones spent on it were all wasted. He had to buy the supplementary materials and restart it again.

Fortunately, fusing the two seven fragrances liquor worm was completely smoothly. Three days later, Fang Yuan obtained a nine eyes liquor worm.

Nine eyes liquor worm was like a silkworm and was pure white like a pearl. There were no eyes on its head, but rather it had nine colors that resembled eyes - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so on - as if they were precious gems embedded on its body.

Nine eyes liquor worm could purify yellow gold primeval essence by a small realm!

Fang Yuan had spent a lot to refine it, his expenses almost reaching two hundred thousand primeval stones.

No Gu Masters could avoid failures in refining Gu. Fang Yuan might have failed many times, but his luck was pretty good.

His failures was all concentrated in the early stage of refining four flavors liquor worm and seven fragrances liquor worm. At the final juncture, he had succeeded in one try.

What Gu Master feared the most in refining Gu was failing at the latter stage. That kind of loss was disastrous.

"I have nine eyes liquor worm now." Fang Yuan observed the Gu for a while before satisfiedly putting it into his aperture.

He was still only at rank three peak stage now and could not use the nine eyes liquor worm; he could only wait till he reached rank four before he used it.

Bai Ning Bing could use it.

However, yellow gold middle stage primeval essence had a strong cleansing effect towards the aperture walls. Bai Ning Bing possessed northern dark ice soul physique, and from what she said, her aptitude had already increased to ninety-six percent now. Nine eyes liquor worm would do more harm than good to her.

"When I reach rank four initial stage and use this nine eyes liquor worm, I will have yellow gold middle stage primeval essence. At that time, the quality of my primeval essence will, for the first time, surpass Bai Ning Bing." Fang Yuan could sense he was not far from reaching rank four realm.

Although they had undergone a 'vow', he had never forgotten the danger called Bai Ning Bing.


Time passed day by day. A great demonic path figure appeared at San Cha mountain inheritance grounds after Kong Ri Tian.

He was Long Qing Tian, 'one who had dyed the sky blue before', a famous poison path Gu Master. When he appeared in the inheritance grounds, he killed three Shang clan elders with poison and gave a huge boost to the demonic path's morale.

Fortunately, two days later, Wu clan sent the rank four Elder Wu Tong Shen to hold back Long Qing Tian. This brought back the situation in San Cha mountain to an equilibrium.

On Shang Xin Ci's side, she, as expected, met setbacks when recruiting Zhou Quan and her progress was slow. Zhou Quan was proud and arrogant, his attitude did not ease even a little and his tone also seemed like he had no intentions to discuss.

After Fang Yuan succeeded in refining nine eyes liquor worm, he was putting all his energy in cultivating.

Because Bai Ning Bing was continuously supplying him with yellow gold primeval essence, his cultivation speed accelerated and was quickly approaching rank four realm.

However, these days, Spring Autumn Cicada's recovery speed was also becoming faster and its pressure on Fang Yuan's rank three aperture had become more obvious.

On this day, Shang clan city welcomed the Auspicious Festival.

This was Shang clan's traditional festival, it was an important celebration that commemorated the ancestor, who founded Shang clan thousands of years ago, setting up a stall for the first time.

Shang clan's first ancestor was a legendary figure.

He was originally a mortal who lived in poverty and made a livelihood by trading. On one certain transaction, he unexpectedly obtained a Gu Master's inheritance token.

He relied on this token to inherit the legacy of the Gu Master and stepped into a whole new world. He moved forward steadily and step by step, his wealth and power expanded continuously until he finally founded Shang clan city.

Thus, on the day of the festival, Shang clan inner city was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. All large stores, brothels, restaurants and so on closed their business for the day. People were in a joyous mood and excitedly walked on the streets, setting up stalls. Men, women, old and young, all immersed in this lively atmosphere of the festival; on this day, buying and selling were treated as an interesting game.

However, the joyous atmosphere of the festival seemed to have no effect on Shang Xin Ci.

The young girl sat in front of a table with her beautiful brows in a slight frown as she looked at the several invitation cards on the table with melancholy.

These invitation cards all came from the nine young masters.

During Auspicious Festival, the young masters would hold grand banquets, inviting people of all sides and reward them.

"Big Brother Hei Tu, what should I do?" Shang Xin Ci was in a dilemma and subconsciously looked at Fang Yuan for guidance.

"Xin Ci, our sales have tripled your hundred thousand capital and you are now one of the most popular candidate to win the young master competition. They will naturally invite you to participate."

Fang Yuan smiled and continued: "However, we can only choose one of these nine invitations. On the surface, this looks like a joyous and harmonious banquet, but it is actually a political move to determine where you stand."

Fang Yuan explained the deep political meaning behind these invitations.

Shang clan only had ten young masters, there were alliance between these ten young masters and also internal conflicts.

Shang Xin Ci was competing for the young master position and was also one of the most popular candidates. Naturally, the nine young masters paid close attention to her. Shang Xin Ci had yet to become a young master but they were already trying to rope her in.

One had to make compromises in this world.

To be part of Shang clan's higher-up, one could not avoid being engulfed by the political whirlpool.

"Should I choose Shang Chi Wen's invitation? After all, she is in charge of battle stage and will be a great help to our later plans." Shang Xin Ci voiced out.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "It looks like there are nine invitations, but actually that is not the case. The biggest power among Shang clan young masters is Shang Qiu Niu who is the eldest son of the first wife and thus has the greatest advantage. Second faction is the alliance of Shang Pu Lao, Shang Suan Ni and Shang Bi Xi; this faction is currently in the limelight. Third faction is the alliance of Shang Chao Feng and Shang Fu Xi who are currently biding their time. Among the rest, Shang Chi Wen does not have any ambitions while Shang Pi Xiu is too playful…"

"Xin Ci, your foundation in Shang clan city is too weak. If you are going to choose, you need to choose between these three factions to make up for your weakness. As for Shang Chi Wen, there won't be much of a difference whether you choose her or not."

"So it was like this…" Shang Xin Ci's eyes brightened as she listened.

Hearing Fang Yuan's words, she felt like she had dispelled the fog around her and was looking at the clear sky.

The bewilderment she was feeling earlier was swept away. She thought a little and made her choice.

She chose the third faction, Shang Chao Feng's invitation.

"Among the three factions, the first and second faction are competing against each other; I will definitely be offending the other if I choose one of them. It is better to choose the third faction and enter this political whirlpool, but still stay out of it for the time being." Shang Xin Ci explained to Fang Yuan.

Shang Xin Ci immediately understood with her high intelligence.

Fang Yuan was happy at this but also felt a little irony.

In his previous life, Shang Chao Feng and Shang Xin Ci fought and contended for Shang clan leader's position. To think that in this life, these two arch-enemies would instead choose to walk together.

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