Reverend Insanity
325 Immortal’s Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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325 Immortal’s Blessed Land

Chapter 325: Immortal’s Blessed Land
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"During these last ten days, we earned twenty thousand on average a day. In total, the initial hundred thousand had already tripled, we have three hundred thousand now!" Holding onto the account book in her hand, Shang Xin Ci was surprised and delighted.

Ten days into the young master competition, Shang Xin Ci had already tripled the initial capital in her hands, she immediately pulled apart from her competitors.

Three hundred thousand, and this is only the amount earned from the young master's capital. Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing had also invested much into this, right now they earned a fortune. Fang Yuan's primeval elder Gu was no longer enough, as he bought two more, his total asset had reached two million and four hundred thousand.

Bai Ning Bing also earned a lot.

Shang Xin Ci's servants, Xiao Die and Xiao Lan, looked at Fang Yuan with a colorful gaze.

They knew that this amazing result was all due to Fang Yuan.

A good start was half the success. The two servants were doubtful of Shang Xin Ci competing for the young master position, but now they had much more confident.

"But, how did Fang Yuan know such accurate information about the three kings inheritance?" Bai Ning Bing sat at one side as she felt suspicion.

The reason Fang Yuan was able to use this opportunity and earn this time was all due to the information he had.

Does that mean, Fang Yuan had some secret regarding the three kings inheritance? Or did he have a mysterious source of information?

No matter which it was, the truth shows that Fang Yuan was not simple at all.

Although Bai Ning Bing earned a lot as well, she felt a strong pressure in her heart.

She had spent a lot of time with Fang Yuan, she found that often, Fang Yuan would bring her some surprise when she least expects it.

Although he does not appear mysterious at all on the outside, he is, in fact, shrouded in a thick layer of fog.

Precisely because she had spent so much time with him, she could feel this and experience how unfathomable Fang Yuan was!

"Brother Hei Tu, thank you so much this time. With this three hundred thousand, I can better execute my plans now." Shang Xin Ci smiled and said.

But Fang Yuan waved his hand: "No worries, Xin Ci, you had a great idea, but it is very difficult to execute."

He continued: "A business that sells information in the battle stage is unlike us purchasing Gu in bulk. This time, I struck when your competitors were caught off guard, but most important, it was because Shang Ya Zi who controlled the shops was gone, and there was no one managing the Shang clan shops. Without a firm leader, even if others wanted to interfere, they could not do so, and could only watch us earn this profit."

"But an information business is different. To start this, not only do you have a great need for resources, you also need manpower and a huge network to assist you. Otherwise, your competitors will suppress and attempt to ruin your business. Our foundation is weak, we cannot afford any failed attempts. Once we invest in a business, it has to succeed. Thus, we need to make preparations."

Shang Xin Ci's expression turned solemn, nodding: "Brother Hei Tu, you are right. But it has only been a few years since I came to Shang clan city, I only have Xiao Die and Xiao Lan to help me. As for network, I barely have any contacts."

Xiao Die was a servant she brought over from Zhang clan, she was loyal and now that she was nurtured as a Gu Master by Shang Xin Ci, she had decent aptitude of B grade.

As for Xiao Lan, she is a rank three healing Gu Master that Shang Yan Fei sent to assist Shang Xin Ci, she was reliable and trustworthy.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Xin Ci, don't think too lowly of yourself. Shang Chi Wen who controls the battle stage has a good relationship with you."

"We can relate to each other because we are girls. At the same time, an intel business helps her revenue, I believe she will not object." Shang Xin Ci analyzed and said.

"Xin Ci, I said I'd help you get the young master position, I have my plans, and ample confidence of winning. No need to worry, just do what I say, there is a high chance of winning." Fang Yuan reassured.

"I will listen to Brother Hei Tu's instructions." Shang Xin Ci laughed, replying with no hesitation.

Fang Yuan sat on the chair, his strategizing posture gave Shang Xin Ci a strong sense of security.

"Xin Ci, firstly, you have to recruit people. If you want to do this business, you need a large number of loyal subordinates. But before that, you need a manager. He needs to have rank three cultivation and must be able to hold his own, being experienced and capable at trading. I have already found such a person, his name is Zhou Quan, he was a shopkeeper under Shang Ya Zi." Fang Yuan continued to plan.

Shang Xin Ci was slightly dejected: "Zhou Quan? I know him. But he is a rank three Gu Master, he is arrogant and proud. He was once Zhou clan's clan leader, having rank four cultivation. But after there was an internal strife, and the clan got slaughtered by demonic Gu Masters, he escaped with heavy injuries, thus only having rank three upper stage cultivation left. He takes care of the shops and always has the best performance among all the other shopkeepers. But even Shang Ya Zi could not get his loyalty, such a person, I am afraid…"

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "How would you know if you don't try? Xin Ci, you have to become confident, trust me, you have a unique charisma. In the future, many people will serve you willingly and fight for you. Zhou Quan is a difficult target, you might not succeed, but as long as you display your sincerity, your hard work will definitely pay off."

"Yes, Brother Hei Tu, I will work hard!" Shang Xin Ci clenched her fists.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Good, then go ahead."

Not longer after Shang Xin Ci left, Wei Yang arrived at Nan Qiu garden.

Fang Yuan attended to him at the lake pavilion: "I understand why brother Wei is here, please take a seat."

Saying so, Fang Yuan poured Wei Yang a cup of tea.

Wei Yang laughed: "Brother Fang Zheng is wise, then please tell me about it."

Fang Yuan used the three kings inheritance to earn a fortune, it was all because he had secret information about it in advance.

Shang Yan Fei was no fool, he immediately knew Fang Yuan possessed valuable information.

The three kings inheritance was the largest event for the last fifty to sixty years. Right now, it had affected the entire southern border, and attracted the attention of many forces. But because in the southern border's mountain terrain, danger lurked everywhere, it was not easy to get to the inheritance ground. Even so, many clans, as long as they could, sent out their respective groups of Gu Masters.

The inheritance of three rank five Gu Masters, even the super-class Shang clan would be moved.

"My information came from Bai Gu mountain. Grey Bone Scholar had once explored the three kings inheritance grounds, and gathered some information. The truth is, the three kings inheritance ground they discovered now is an ancient Gu Master's blessed land." Fang Yuan answered in a half-truth manner.

His information was obviously not from Bai Gu mountain. But the information about the blessed land, it was true, he had confirmed it in his previous life.

"Blessed land?" Hearing this phrase, a brilliant light flashed across Wei Yang's eyes.

Blessed land, blessed land, it is the land of blessings, the place of residence for Gu Masters after they become immortal.

In the blessed land, the scenery is like a drawing, having a unique atmosphere and large amounts of treasure and precious materials. The primeval essence inside is often dozens of times thicker and denser than the outside world.

A blessed land was an independent small world, a utopia, isolated from the world. The Gu Immortal rules the land, and anyone who lives in it can experience serenity and happiness.

"Brother Fang Zheng, are you serious?" Wei Yang's tone became more anxious.

He had to be serious.

Rank five was mortal, rank six was immortal. Between rank five and six, there was a qualitative difference that made them world's apart.

The inheritance of three rank five Gu Masters could only pique Shang clan's interest. But if it involves the inheritance of a rank six Gu Immortal, then all of the super clans in the southern border would go crazy over it!

The inheritance of a rank six Gu Immortal was simply too valuable. It was so important that even those secluded rank six Gu Immortals would appear one after another!

Fang Yuan laughed: "I am not sure about the exact details, but in Grey Bone Scholar's notes, that is what was written."

He was not afraid of exposing this information earlier, because there was no bad consequences in doing so.

According to his memories, in just a few days, people will start to develop an understanding of this. Anyway, after a short period, Shang clan would also learn of this. He might as well tell Wei Yang in advance to earn their trust.

"Brother Wei, calm down. Although this is a blessed land left by a rank six Gu Immortal, it had long been degenerating. Right now, it is on the brink of collapsing. Back in the day, this blessed land was occupied by the three kings and they dug out all of the resources and treasures inside. Right now, the three kings used this blessed land to build their inheritances, causing the blessed land to feel even greater pressure. Eventually, it will face destruction, and vanish into thin air." Fang Yuan said slowly.

"Oh, is that so?" Wei Yang blinked, as he rapidly processed the information.

"These were all recorded in Grey Bone Scholar's notes, but to ensure my safety, I had already destroyed all these documents, I cannot show them to you." Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

"Brother, this is too big of a matter. It is not that I do not trust you, but I have to report to lord clan leader, and let him decide." Wei Yang was solemn.

Fang Yuan expressed his understanding: "If Shang clan wants to send out an exploration team, I have some information here that might be helpful."

Fang Yuan had some understanding of the things inside the inheritance.

"Haha, in that case, I cannot let you lose out. Give a price." Wei Yang was in charge of Feng Yu manor, and controlled intel in the city.

Fang Yuan thought about it, and said four hundred thousand.

Wei Yang frowned: "For information on the inheritance of a rank six Gu Immortal, four hundred thousand is… too little. But the reliability of the information has yet to be confirmed, I will pass you four hundred thousand first. After a while, when it is evaluated, no worries little brother, with your brother Wei here, you will not lose out."

"I am assured by brother Wei's words." Fang Yuan laughed.

After getting this information, Shang Yan Fei paid great attention to it, sending three teams to San Cha mountain. Each team had at least three elders, it was a strong investment.

A few days later, Fang Yuan received the compensation from Wei Yang regarding the information.

The information he provided had helped Shang clan's teams greatly, and avoided many deaths.

After getting the funds, Fang Yuan approached Li Ran.

Li Ran was a spy sent by Wu clan, right now he was inside third inner city battle stage, his identity was still a secret and nobody knew except Fang Yuan.

"I have some information about the three kings inheritance, I am sure your Wu clan would be interested." Fang Yuan met with Li Ran in secret and immediately said.

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