Reverend Insanity
321 Shang Clan City Uproar
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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321 Shang Clan City Uproar

Chapter 321: Shang Clan City Uproar
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"Despite using rank three peak stage cultivation against a rank four, Fang Zheng still won. Not only did he overcome the odds, he even defeated such a strong expert like Ju Kai Bei! He is truly a promising young man!"

"This is no doubt a grand victory. Ju Kai Bei even used his killer move djinn transformation, but was still beaten till he sprawled on the ground by Fang Zheng, forced to admit defeat."

"The attack of the eight beast phantoms is truly terrifying… to think Fang Zheng had the strength qi Gu, he is too lucky, I heard this Gu was a prized treasure of his original clan."

In the tea houses, restaurants, and streets, people talked in their free time, discussing the battle of Fang Yuan and Ju Kai Bei.

At a point where both were at their peak, defeating a rank four with rank three cultivation was truly spectacular.

There was almost a thousand spectators at the battle stage, everyone watched the whole process. Fang Yuan won fair and square, there was no trickery or schemes, he completely dominated Ju Kai Bei through pure strength.

As for the origin of the strength qi Gu, Fang Yuan gave out fake news and caused everyone's guesses to link to Gu Yue clan.

"From today onwards, Lord Fang Zheng is my role model!"

After this battle, many people started calling Fang Yuan 'lord'. His battle strength had gained everyone's recognition.

"Lord Fang Zheng is truly awe inspiring, Ju Kai Bei's era has ended." A few female Gu Masters said with shining eyes.

"The newer generation replaces the old, as Ju Kai Bei topples, it all contributes to Fang Zheng's reputation." Some old Gu Masters exclaimed, feeling the rise of a new era.

"Fang Zheng defeated Ju Kai Bei, I wonder if he can defeat Yan Tu. If he beats Yan Tu as well, he would be the only person to dominate the battle stage in all these years. As long as he defends his position for eighteen battles, he would become an external elder of Shang clan!"

This battle created trembles in the battle stage.

The old structure was torn down, and a new force emerged.

People started to look at Fang Yuan's future, feeling excitement and anticipation.

Shang clan had not gotten an external elder for over ten years.

If Fang Yuan defeated Ju Kai Bei with a mild advantage, and had a tough time, their expectations might not have been so great.

But after Fang Yuan displayed overwhelming strength that crushed Ju Kai Bei, they started to analyze —

"Fang Zheng has the all-out effort Gu, bitter strength Gu, self-reliance Gu, and strength qi Gu, even an ancient strength path Gu Master could only reach this level!"

"The all-out effort Gu allows his attacks to be ferocious and dominating! The bitter strength Gu allows him to get stronger as he battles, paired with the self-reliance Gu, it was simply perfection. The strength qi Gu allows him to have a strong long range attack, and completely eliminates his weakness. The scene of the eight beast phantoms attacking together is simply terrifying. This is Fang Zheng's killer move!"

"Ju Kai Bei's loss was no fluke. Although he is rank four and had the advantage of cultivation, the strength path has little use for primeval essence, limiting that advantage he had. Furthermore, Fang Zheng's Gu worms are simply too good, they form into a powerful set, and are all closely related together. Ju Kai Bei probably admitted defeat after being disheartened."

"How can a person's luck and encounters be this good? Fang Zheng's luck is off the charts. He had only been in Shang clan city for a few years, yet he is already this developed. His Gu set is so strong, enough for him to spread his name in the southern border and gain his own title."

"Title? He already has it… many people are calling him and Bai Ning Bing the Black and White Demons. But even more people are calling Fang Zheng the Little Beast King."

Fang Yuan controlled the eight beast phantoms, and had a ferocious battle style, charging and crashing, the title of Little Beast King suited him well.

As for why he is not called 'Beast King'.

That is because Beast King is already an established demonic Gu Master. He occupied Bai Shou mountain, using the hundred beasts as his army, and was a rank five Gu Master, unreasonable, ruthless and evil. He was a troublesome person for both the righteous and demonic faction.

Fang Yuan was still rank three peak stage, although he defeated Ju Kai Bei and gained fame overnight. He was still very far from being at the level of 'Beast King' who was a rank five Gu Master.

From another aspect, people calling him Little Beast King meant that they are thinking highly of Fang Yuan and his future.

"I am looking forward to his battle stage defending battles. Every dominating expert's defense battle is a classic. Back then, Lord Wei Yang used rank three middle stage cultivation, even weaker than Fang Zheng now, to dominate the battle stage. Every one of his battles was a classic!" A senior Gu Master recalled.

Soon, many people started discussing Fang Yuan's future prospects.

"At this point, how many are Fang Zheng's match? Ju Kai Bei, Yan Tu, oh right, and Bai Ning Bing."

"But, Ju Kai Bei had already lost his djinn mind to Fang Zheng, he was really ruthless. Among djinn body, djinn heart, and djinn mind, djinn mind was the hardest to obtain. Without it, Ju Kai Bei's killer move is not complete. To Fang Zheng, that is one less threat."

"Yan Tu is now Fang Zheng's greatest competitor. He and Ju Kai Bei were each 'half the sky of the battle stage', his strength is no joke. But Fang Zheng is able to defeat Ju Kai Bei, and has the strength qi Gu to eliminate his weakness, there is a high chance of defeating Yan Tu."

Someone mentioned Bai Ning Bing as well: "Bai Ning Bing is not to be underestimated, after she lost to Yan Tu, during her next match, she had already broken through to rank four initial stage! A rank four at this age, what sort of talent is that. But she and Fang Zheng have a deep relationship, she might admit defeat when they meet to help Fang Zheng."

Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan staying at Nan Qiu garden together was no secret. Many people guessed that they had already done intimate acts.

But then, just as the discussions were at their peak, Fang Yuan suddenly announced he was retiring from the battle stage.

Once news got out, everyone was shocked.

"Why did Fang Zheng give up such a good chance?"

"External elder after dominating the battle stage, it is right before him."

Many people sighed in pity.

"Are there any hidden circumstances?" The demonic Gu Masters started guessing.

"Could it be, Shang clan does not want external elders anymore, and forced Fang Zheng to give up?" Demonic Gu Masters often lacked a sense of security.

"Or is it that Shang clan wants to revise their policy, and remove the external elder position?"

Suspicion caused many to become uncertain.

Shang clan's recruitment of demonic Gu Masters as their external elder was the only case in southern border.

In southern border, many clans have battle stages. The largest and most popular battle stage lies in the number one clan of the southern border — Wu clan.

But these battle stages were mostly for their own clansmen, rarely for outsiders. Shang clan's external elder policy became extremely popular as a result, attracting numerous talents.

Even when they traded outside, many demonic Gu Masters do not rob the Shang clan caravans. That is because of the external elder policy, and these demonic Gu Masters needed a backup plan for themselves.

Shang Yan Fei felt something amiss, and quickly clarified the issue.

Although he had secretly use the two pawns Ju Kai Bei and Yan Tu to control the battle stage, such a thing cannot be exposed.

Shang Yan Fei's authority quickly caused this matter to close.

Soon after, a few days later, Fang Yuan announced in public, he was going to assist Shang Xin Ci and help her ascend to the position of young master.

Immediately, everyone's attention shifted from the battle stage to the young master competition.

Because Shang Ya Zi's fake accounting was exposed, his young master position was revoked and there was a spot empty now.

Many of Shang Yan Fei's children were looking at this position with extreme greed.

"I heard long ago, this Fang Zheng is loyal and righteous. He had his life principles, repaying a drop of water received in need with a spring, and exacting revenge for hatred a hundred times over. He truly is responsible." Someone praised him.

"In order to assist Shang Xin Ci to attain the position of young master, he even gave up the identity of external clan elder that was in sight. This is truly…" Some people could not understand.

"Maybe he and Shang Xin Ci has some underground relationship . If it was me, I would make such a sacrifice too."

"That is possible, wait. If that's the case, what about Bai Ning Bing?"

People had their gossiping nature, and it spread like wildfire. Fang Yuan, Bai Ning Bing and Shang Xin Ci's triangle relationship become a hot topic.

Soon after, in a few days' time, Bai Ning Bing also retired from the battle stage.

"Bai Ning Bing also went to assist Shang Xin Ci!" Someone exclaimed.

"What has this world become? Nobody wants to be an external elder?" Some people's worldview were tarnished.

"Bai Ning Bing has great courage, reluctant to let him go. For love, she decided to interfere, actually the three of them and their intertwined relationship begun the moment they met." Rumors started to spread again.

Countless scenarios were conjured by the people, there were even plays and dramas appearing in Shang clan city depicting the triangle relationship of Fang, Bai and Shang.

And it was selling like hotcakes!

Forget these details, but Fang and Bai's change in position did successfully make Shang Xin Ci the center of attention.

Bai Ning Bing was now rank four initial stage, a rank four Gu Master was a clan leader in middle or small sized clans!

Although Fang Yuan was rank three peak stage, his battle strength was on par with rank four Gu masters. Once he becomes rank four, who can imagine how strong he would become?

They were both very young, and had room to grow, thus there were a lot of positive remarks about them.

Getting two experts' help, Shang Xin Ci immediately become the second most popular person vying for the young master position.

Before her, people thought that the person with the highest hope of becoming a young master was Shang Yi Fan.

After Fang and Bai assisted her, the situation changed, and it became a contest between the two sides.


Shang Yi Fan was not tall, in fact he was slightly short. Eagle nose and tiny eyes, he had a sharp gaze.

"Shang Xin Ci…" He sat on the wooden chair in his study room, muttering as his gaze shifted uncertainly when thinking about this person.

Before him was one person.

It was none other than Shang Ya Zi.

"Little brother Yi Fan, I am here to help you. Shang Xin Ci has Fang and Bai's help, she will be your biggest competitor. Especially that Fang Zheng, you have to be careful, he is scheming and devious, he caused my downfall!"

Shang Ya Zi gritted his teeth and spoke.

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