Reverend Insanity
309 Xin Ci’s aspiration
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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309 Xin Ci’s aspiration

Chapter 309: Xin Ci’s aspiration
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With Wei Yang's successful bid of heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus's recipe, the auction ended.

Ju clan was after all a clan which had stood for centuries; it possessed deep foundations. Many auction participants obtained something from their collection while others were able to experience new perspectives.

"It is rare for everyone to gather together, do not leave now, let me host a feast." Fang Yuan urged everyone to stay.

In a restaurant, there were all kinds of delicacies, fine food and liquor, placed on jade plates.

"Brother Fang Zheng, this is the recipe you wanted." After three cups of wine, Wei Yang took out a heart engraved Gu and gave to Fang Yuan.

Heart engraved Gu was like a ladybug and was finger sized. Its whole body was scarlet red, and on its round carapace were four white heart shaped spots.

Heart engraved Gu was a storage type Gu.

It was almost the same as bookworm; they were used to store information.

Heart engraved Gu was a series of Gu that could range from rank one to rank five. A rank one heart engraved Gu only had one white heart shaped spot on its carapace, while rank two had two and so on.

This heart engraved Gu Wei Yang took out had four spots which meant it was rank four.

But, using a rank four heart engraved Gu to store the recipe of heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus was also normal.

Fang Yuan had spent six hundred and seventy thousand primeval stones for this recipe. He had made Wei Yang bid to avoid suspicions.

Seeing this heart engraved Gu, Fang Yuan did not accept it but said: "Since Brother Wei Yang had already refined it, it will be better for you to use it now so that I do not have to refine it again."

"That works too." Wei Yang nodded his head and poured his primeval essence.

The heart engraved Gu turned into a thin flow of pink light with a soft crackling sound. Under Wei Yang's control, the light flow entered Fang Yuan's heart and disappeared instantly.

Immediately, a recipe appeared in Fang Yuan's mind containing the method to refine heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus.

The main Gu worm for the fusion, all the supplementary materials, every step and every matter that needed attention was mentioned in it.

The contents could not be forgotten even if Fang Yuan wanted to forget them as if they were deeply imprinted into his heart. This was the ability of heart engraved Gu; granting a deep memory like it was etched into one's bones and heart.

A feeling of happiness emerged in Fang Yuan's heart: "I have heavenly essence treasure lotus but it is only rank three. It is still worth using now, but when I reach rank four, its use will immediately dwindle. Now that I have this recipe, if I can refine heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus in the future, it will no doubt be a great help to me."

Fang Yuan did not know heavenly essence treasure lotus' recipe. Obtaining this recipe was an unexpected joy.

Although this recipe had yet to be appraised, with Fang Yuan's plentiful experiences, he was able to give an initial judgement that the probability of this recipe being fake was very small. Otherwise, Shang clan would not have put it in the auction.

"But I still need some Gu to deduce it further and prevent any traps or errors."

"Now that I have bought this recipe, I am afraid some people have some thoughts about it. There will definitely be many people guessing if I have a heavenly essence treasure lotus."

"However, heavenly essence treasure lotus might be rare and precious, but it is not one of a kind and troublesome like the blood skull Gu. Otherwise, I would not be able to brazenly buy this recipe. Now, my Gu set assembly is nearing completion and with my cultivation breakthrough, I have fewer worries and there are not many problems in buying this recipe."

If it was before, Fang Yuan would not have bought this recipe so openly.

But now, he was only half a step away from rank three upper stage which he could reach in a few days.

After that, he would use white silver relic Gu and reach rank three peak stage!

His strength was completely different from when he first came, with the purple thorn token protecting him, plus most people were only guessing, the consequences were something he could accept.

"Calculating the time, Fang Zheng had already been in Shang clan city for over two years. His rapid development was really shocking. Heavenly essence treasure lotus…" Wei Yang thought while drinking wine, but did not speak out.

"Could it be Big Brother Hei Tu has heavenly essence treasure lotus?" Shang Xin Ci also inwardly guessed but did not ask.

On her first day of cultivation, Shang Yan Fei told her about the many taboos of Gu Masters. One of the taboos was to not casually inquire about the Gu worms other Gu Masters possessed.

To Gu Masters, their Gu were their butter and bread. It was their private matter, their secret and their trump card.

Once their Gu worms were exposed, it was very easy for others to target them.

Thus, among Gu Masters, it was a great taboo to ask what Gu worms the other held.

"Fang Yuan has heavenly essence treasure lotus, so he bought the recipe. This is understandable. But why did he give up bitter strength Gu to buy atmosphere Gu?"

Bai Ning Bing was sitting without speaking. She thought for a while but she could not see through Fang Yuan's move.

"Sigh, it would have been good if I was able to become a young master. Shang clan young master has an opportunity to apply for three Gu worms every year from the clan and the clan will search for the Gu without any charge." Shang Xin Ci said with a sigh.

This was a great policy by Shang clan to nurture their young masters. As long as the requests were not absurd, Shang clan would gather its strength to get the Gu the young masters wanted.

If Shang Xin Ci became a young master, it would be as easy as flipping her palm to get a bitter strength Gu by borrowing the whole clan's strength.

Fang Yuan had been searching for bitter strength Gu since long ago. One finally appeared in the auction, but Shang Ya Zi prevented him from obtaining it. Shang Xin Ci wanted to help Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan patted Shang Xin Ci's shoulder and smiled: "It does not matter. Who knows, maybe that Shang Ya Zi might hand over the bitter strength Gu to me."

"Second brother spent eight hundred and ten thousand to buy that bitter strength Gu, he has already become a laughingstock due to it. Wanting him to hand it over of his own accord, I am afraid it would not be possible…" Shang Chi Wen shook her head from the side, thinking Fang Yuan was indulging in fantasy.

"Could it be Big Brother Hei Tu has already thought of a plan?" Shang Xin Ci's eyes flashed with brilliance.

Wei Yang and others also looked over curiously.

Fang Yuan pointed at Bai Ning Bing, looking confident: "Everything is thanks to Ning Bing."

"Me?" Bai Ning Bing was stupefied.

"Speak quickly, what clever idea do you have?" Everyone could not help becoming more curious.

"You will find out in two to three days. Please wait till then." Fang Yuan laughed.

He then looked at Shang Xin Ci with a solemn expression: "Xin Ci, do you really want to become a young master? Becoming a young master means entering the political whirlpool and you will no longer have the freedom to act independently. You are now clearer of Shang clan's situation than me. The competition between Shang clan young masters is very intense, the struggle is even more bloody. If you want to become a young master, you will fall into this dangerous conflict."

This was the most crucial of matters; Fang Yuan needed a clear answer.

If Shang Xin Ci did not have such an aspiration, there was no point in helping her.

Under Fang Yuan's shining gaze, Shang Xin Ci smiled: "Big Brother Hei Tu, even now, do I really have freedom? I am also completely helpless in this."

"The whole journey to Shang clan city after joining the caravan was filled with untold dangers, I narrowly escaped death many times. I have reflected upon it; the world is an ocean and we are small boats on it. The small boats seem to be drifting freely with the flow, but most of them are helpless. Only with high cultivation and influence, can the small boat turn into a big boat and be able to resist the trials and hardships, to provide a safe area for the ones we care about."

Shang Xin Ci's words were ordinary and did not seem to contain any passion, but everyone could feel a heroic emotion from her.

"Great. You have aspiration." Wei Yang laughed.

Shang Chi Wen also threw an amazed look.

She had interacted with Shang Xin Ci for a fairly long time now but had never expected the latter to conceal such grand aspirations under her gentle appearance.

"My missy is a genius in business, she is more than capable of being a Shang clan young master." Xiao Die stood behind Shang Xin Ci and interjected proudly.

"Xiao Die…" Shang Xin Ci was embarrassed as she gave Xiao Die a stare.

Xiao Die simply stuck out her tongue.

"Haha, she is right. In that case, both of us will lend you a hand and help you become Shang clan young master." Fang Yuan laughed loudly as he felt a relief.

It was not strange for Shang Xin Ci to have such an aspiration.

Poor children matured early, Shang Xin Ci's childhood was not blessed as she was frequently bullied by her clansmen. She became clear of the cruelty of the world even more in the caravan due to her own negligible weak self. No matter how gentle the person was, they would still be greatly affected by such experiences.

However, Shang Xin Ci's nature was kind, different from Fang and Bai. She wanted to become strong, not only for herself, but more for the happiness of the people around her.

"Hehehe, this year's young master examination has already passed. Sister Xin Ci will have a chance in the coming year. But, the competition for the young master's position is very intense. Lord father has a lot of children; while there is only one young master position available every year, the number of competitors can amount to hundreds." Shang Chi Wen chuckled and gave advice to Shang Xin Ci.

However, she disapproved of this in her heart.

Shang Xin Ci's cultivation was very low, only at rank one upper stage now. Her aptitude also was not enough, not even having a B grade aptitude, so she did not have potential for development.

Her mother was from Zhang clan which had deep hatred against Shang clan. This was her greatest political disadvantage.

She was alone with no supporters, who would help her?

Her only advantage was that Shang Yan Fei doted on her. For her, Shang Yan Fei paid an enormous price, almost defying heaven, changing her hopeless aptitude into one which could cultivate. This was a treatment that none of his other children received.

However, this advantage was also a disadvantage in some aspect.

Shang Xin Ci was isolated. And even Shang Chi Wen was envious of her inwardly.

All these reasons made Shang Xin Ci unlikely to get the young master position, the chances were extremely slim.

Fang Yuan naturally was clear of these disadvantages. In his previous life, Shang Xin Ci became a young master only after six years. But things have changed, Shang Xin Ci was a lone force in his previous life, but in this life she has Fang Yuan's help...

"Xin Ci, do not worry. With me helping you, there is no need for next year, I will help you become a young master this year!" Fang Yuan laughed loudly

"Then I will wait and see." Shang Chi Wen had a smile on her face while inwarding curling her lips in disdain, feeling that the more Fang Yuan spoke, the more unreasonable he became, boasting so wildly.

Wei Yang put down his wine cup: "Brother Fang Zheng, the competition for Shang clan's young master position is not a small matter. As an elder of the clan, I cannot interfere in this."

"There is no need for Brother Wei Yang's help. The plan had already been made two years ago, and it is all thanks to Ning Bing." Fang Yuan smiled.


Instantly, the gazes of everyone concentrated on Bai Ning Bing.

Becoming the center of attention, Bai Ning Bing still maintained her indifferent expression, but doubts started rising in her mind and she could not help but curse secretly.

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Ning Bing, Ning Bing, calling my name so affectionately, does he really think our relation is that great!"

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