Reverend Insanity
303 I really want to kill her
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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303 I really want to kill her

Chapter 303: I really want to kill her
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan could not help but think again: "According to Tie clan's reaction, Tie Ruo Nan probably has no idea the blood skull Gu is in my hands. Maybe my A grade aptitude now is the greatest facade I have."

Regarding this, Fang Yuan was spot on.

The truth is, Tie Ruo Nan had never suspected Fang Yuan's identity.

The reason was obviously aptitude.

Tie Ruo Nan had always assumed that Fang Yuan was the Desolate Ancient Moon physique. Regarding the weakness of the ten extreme physique, she had learned much about it in Tie clan. After such a long time had passed, if it was really Fang Yuan, he would've died long ago.

Furthermore, from Tie Dao Ku's reports, Fang Yuan's fighting style of being brave and forthright, was also a testament to his identity.

In Tie Ruo Nan's mind, Fang Zheng was the one with such a style, as for that devious Fang Yuan, how could he fight with such ferocity?

On Tie Ruo Nan's fourth visit, she finally met Fang Yuan.

In the living room, only Fang Yuan and Tie Ruo Nan were present, the rest were sent away.

"To think that you and I would meet under such circumstances." Tie Ruo Nan exclaimed.

Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng were twins, they looked almost identical.

She exclaimed, but Fang Yuan was even more emotional, sighing deeply: "The past is the past. Let it stay that way, I do not want to mention it again."

Tie Ruo Nan's eyes shone sharply: "No, some things cannot be forgotten. My visit this time is for the matter back then. You must know how my father died, please tell me the truth!"

Fang Yuan looked at Tie Ruo Nan deeply, she showed no fear, staring right back at him. Her gaze showed a strong determined spirit.

Her eyes and eyebrows were sharper than before, as she did not roam around these few years, her slightly dark skin had turned pale, and together with her aquiline nose and red lips, it displayed the image of a heroic female general.

No doubt, she was a beauty. Although no match for Bai Ning Bing and Shang Xin Ci, her body had great shape, especially the long legs. Coupled with her unique disposition, it caused her to shine among people, and lure the conquering desire of men.

But Fang Yuan was not concerned with her appearance, from her gaze, Fang Yuan sensed that she had no doubt about his identity.

This was good.

Then next, the problem was how to explain the matter back then.

Fang Yuan knew, if he did not give a proper explanation, Tie Ruo Nan would not let go.

Regarding this, Fang Yuan had his measures.

Thus, he sighed: "Every time I think about Qing Mao maintain, my heart aches. You may have lost a father, but I lost a clan, every single one of my family, and was forced to roam in the wilds. Although Shang clan city is good, it is after all a foreign land, there is no feeling of home."

Saying so, his eyes turned red.

Seeing Fang Yuan act like this, Tie Ruo Nan's tough as steel gaze softened.

As people in similar circumstances, both of them were victims. But compared to her, Fang Zheng who had lost all his clansmen was no doubt more pitiful.

"Do you know? You killed a young master from my clan, if I had not stopped them, you would have been trialed by my clan already." Tie Ruo Nan changed the topic.

Fang Yuan's expression changed, rapidly explaining: "I know about the matter regarding Tie Dao Ku, it was not intentional! I dug the traps to deal with the grass skirt monkeys. Who asked your Tie clan to tail after me and fall into my trap? They were asking for death, how can you blame me!"

"A life for a life, it is perfectly justified, no?" Tie Ruo Nan's expression turned solemn.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart: "If that is the case, how many lives would I need to repay them?"

His face showed a cold smile too: "Tie Ruo Nan, after so many things had happened, we are no longer naive kids. Your Tie clan has no justification in this matter, the reason you did not act is because of the purple thorn token in my hand, is that not the case?"

Tie Ruo Nan replied honestly: "The purple thorn token is the main reason. But it can only protect your safety in Shang clan city, once you leave, we will not let you go. If you can tell me the truth behind the matter back then, I can assure you, as long as I live, Tie clan will not pursue you for this matter."

Fang Yuan's heart was slightly shocked.

This Tie Ruo Nan seemed to have developed well these few years. Even as a Tie clan young master, not many had this level of authority.

"If you do not believe me, we can use the poison vow Gu." Tie Ruo Nan continued.

Poison vow Gu again?

To speak the truth, Fang Yuan was already getting sick of refining the eating one's words Gu.

"The truth is nothing much, now that you are Tie clan's young master, can you not guess it?" Fang Yuan lowered his head, secretly observing Tie Ruo Nan.

He used this to probe her, but Tie Ruo Nan did not seem to notice it.

The young girl smiled: "Actually, even if you do not say it, I have an idea already."

Fang Yuan's tone changed: "You know?"

Tie Ruo Nan sighed slowly: "The ten extreme physique is not a secret to the high-tier clans in the Gu Master world. Causing that scene and sealing the entire Qing Mao mountain in ice, even a rank five Gu Master cannot do it. But what I did not expect is, your brother was not the Desolate Ancient Moon physique, but the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique."

"What?" Fang Yuan called out in his mind, but his expression remained the same, only squinting appropriately.

"Why did she think I am the Desolate Ancient Moon physique?" Fang Yuan felt weird at the absurdity of her claim.

"Wait… no wonder back then, the Gu Yue clan leader protected me for no reason. Don't tell me, they thought my cultivation speed was due to the ten extreme physique?" As he considered this, many things started to make sense.

"If she thinks so, then the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique is my greatest cover. This means she had never doubted my real identity. As long as I do not show a flaw in my pretense later…"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's face showed a complicated and painful expression.

He did not speak, only sighing.

The more he speaks, the more loopholes he creates, words lead to mistakes!

Tie Ruo Nan looked at his expression and affirmed her guess, as her tone became softer: "Fang Zheng, I know the pain in your heart is very complicated. The only who ruined your home, causing you to roam outside, and murdered your entire clan, was your own brother Fang Yuan…"

Fang Yuan stopped her words, his eyes turning red: "Stop speaking, since you know so clearly, why must you ask me now."

"But I need a clear answer, all these were my assumptions!" Tie Ruo Nan gave a forceful gaze.

Fang Yuan nodded, as tears fell silently.

Tie Ruo Nan seeing this, could not force him further, only saying dejectedly: "Do you know, I had rushed back to Qing Mao mountain, seeing the snow that engulfed the mountain, my heart was a mess. I know my father was killed by Fang Yuan, if he was still around, the hatred of killing my father is greater than the heavens, I will definitely kill him for revenge. But he is already dead…"

"So what if I am not content with the outcome? I want to be filial to my parents but it is too late, I want to kill the murderer but he is already dead. It is the greatest regret in life!" Tie Ruo Nan sighed, not knowing that her mortal enemy was right in front of her.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, showing displeasure: "Fang Yuan is after all my brother, he is already dead, what more do you want?"

Tie Ruo Nan's eyes shone: "I want to know some things. Back then, my father had received a mysterious letter, I know what is written in it. It says that the Gu Yue village contained a blood sea inheritance, thus my father disregarded his injuries and rushed to Qing Mao mountain immediately. Do you and Bai Ning Bing know about it?"

Fang Yuan shook his head: "If I obtained it, I would've used it already. Why would I suffer so much on this journey?"

Tie Ruo Nan stared at Fang Yuan with deep meaning: "The blood sea inheritance brings endless disasters. Back then, the demonic path Gu Master blood sea ancestor left this vile inheritance behind. Getting to the root of the problem, my father's death was also due to this inheritance. Fang Zheng, if you really received this inheritance, I hope you can hand it over to me, and let me compensate for some of my regrets."

Fang Yuan shook his head: "No means no."

Tie Ruo Nan was solemn, before speaking: "According to my reports, you have a Gu in your possession that gives off a strong blood aura, you used to use it as a long range attack. But after you converted to a strength path cultivation, you no longer use it. Why is that?"

Fang Yuan was stunned, before realizing.

"You are suspecting me of taking the blood sea inheritance, but wanted to conceal it? Hmph, you mean this Gu?"

Fang Yuan willed, and took out the blood moon Gu from his aperture, tossing it to Tie Ruo Nan.

"This is the blood moon Gu from my clan, did you not see my brother use it before? Back when the explosion occurred, my clan leader and Bai clan leader worked together and protected me and Bai Ning Bing at the expense of their lives. The clan leader handed me his remaining Gu, and during the journey with Bai Ning Bing, many Gu died of hunger, but only this blood moon Gu remained became it was easy to feed."

Fang Yuan's words not only answered Tie Ruo Nan's enquiry, but even explained why he and Bai Ning Bing were able to escape from the icy hell.

Tie Ruo Nan inspected the blood moon Gu, her expression turning relaxed: "So that's it. Your clan leader was courageous, in order to protect the bloodline, he sacrificed himself, he is truly noble!"

Fang Yuan snorted: "That is why I have to live better, and rebuild Gu Yue village. Whoever dares to stop me, I will end his life!"

This explains why he was so cruel and ruthless in the battle stage.

"Although we did not spend much time together, I can evidently feel that you have changed." Tie Ruo Nan looked at Fang Yuan, she was only reminiscing and did not suspect him.

After encountering such a trauma, most people would change, that was normal.

Fang Yuan looked at her plainly: "People change, didn't you change as well?"

Tie Ruo Nan shook her head: "I have just been walking on my own road."

After that, both of them went silent.

Long after, Tie Ruo Nan spoke: "I will bring Tie Dao Ku back. I promise you, Tie clan will no longer pursue this matter. Relying on Shang clan and rebuilding your clan is a good method, many people succeeded, and I wish you success as well."

After saying that, the young girl stood up and left decisively.

Fang Yuan looked at her leave, his eyes squinting.

He had an obscure premonition, this Tie Ruo Nan was not simple, she might bring him great problems in the future.

"I really want to kill her in advance…" Fang Yuan was filled with helpless regret.

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
I hope Fang Yuan can rebuild his clan soon. Poor thing.


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