Reverend Insanity
302 Tie Ruo Nan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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302 Tie Ruo Nan

Chapter 302: Tie Ruo Nan
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"Tie Dao Ku, what happened to your eyes?" Tie Ruo Nan saw Tie Dao Ku wearing a black eyepatch and asked in surprise.

Tie Dao Ku showed an embarrassed expression, speaking the truth: "My eyes were injured by Bai Ning Bing."

A few months ago, he had a battle with Bai Ning Bing, and suffered a great setback.

Losing his left eye, his battle strength fell drastically, and with the hand blade Gu mercilessly taken by Bai Ning Bing, he was no longer her match.

But Tie Dao Ku did not give up.

He had a determined heart, gritting his teeth and relied on the battle stage, along with taking some jobs of escorting and investigating, to survive in Shang clan city.

He was like a lone wolf licking his wounds, as he observed Fang and Bai secretly, slowly gaining back his strength as well as reporting to the clan.

Precisely because of his letter, Tie Ruo Nan brought a team here personally.

"Bai Ning Bing… actually injured you. Tie Dao Ku, your intel had some errors, why did you not mention this in your letter?" Tie Ruo Nan frowned, slightly unhappy.

How could I have the face to say it...

Tie Dao Ku laughed bitterly, he was a rank three Gu Master, he had his pride and dignity.

But towards Tie Ruo Nan's accusation, he lowered his head, answering: "It was my mistake."

He was a proud man, but he was very respectful to Tie Ruo Nan.

It has been two years.

Two years ago, Tie Xue Leng's death was reported to the clan, causing them to fall into deep sorrow.

A rank five Gu Master was a great strength, standing at the peak of the mortal realm, even a huge clan like Tie clan would feel pain in losing one.

Moreover, this was the divine investigator Tie Xue Leng.

His name spread throughout the southern border, he was a symbol and a flag for Tie clan.

Tie Xue Leng's death was a loss to Tie clan, but also a loss to the entire righteous faction.

Just as the clan grieved, Tie Ruo Nan, as Tie Xue Leng's daughter, stood up.

She had been following her father, roaming the southern border. After returning to the clan, she challenged the Tie clan thirteen halls, defeating her foes in the arena battles and becoming one of the eight young masters in Tie clan. After taking over Tie clan's internal affairs, she cracked many cases, corruption and greed could not hide from her, as she brought the criminals to justice.

TIe Xue Leng fell, but Tie Ruo Nan rose, taking over her father's duty, and became the new rising star for the last two years in Tie clan.

Tie Ruo Nan's name started to travel wide, and even Tie Dao Ku, someone who was far away in Shang clan city, heard about her stories.

Tie clan and Shang clan had different policies, even if Tie Ruo Nan fails to attain the position of Tie clan leader, she will still be an important member, a great general protecting the mountain.

She was young, but already rank three upper stage. Her title of genius was true to its name.

Be it Tie Ruo Nan's current or future achievements, it was worth Tie Dao Ku's respect.

"Tie Mu, go see to his injuries." Tie Ruo Nan waved her hand, saying.

Tie Mu had a delicate face, he was the healing Gu Master in the team. He quickly went forward and checked Tie Dao Ku's eyes in front of everyone.

In just a few breath's, Tie Mu reported: "His eye is crippled, there is nothing I can do. To heal it, a rank five Gu Master is needed."

He was being humble, merely twenty-eight years old but already rank three peak stage, he was a clan elite from Tie clan's side branch.

Many people tried to recruit him, but he decided to serve Tie Ruo Nan instead.

These few years, Tie Ruo Nan had taken the role of young master, and her forces expanded, recruiting many talented elites into her faction, TIe Mu was only one of them.

"In Shang clan city, there is a rank five expert named Doctor Su Shou. Tie Dao Ku, take this money and go heal your eyes." Tie Ruo Nan took out a primeval elder Gu, and threw it to Tie Dao Ku.

"Thank you young master." Tie Dao Ku took the Gu and showed a grateful expression.

Doctor Su Shou's treatment fee was extremely expensive, he had scrimped and saved these few years, to save up enough money to heal his eyes.

But a hundred thousand primeval stones was not a small sum. Commodity prices in Shang clan city is high, and Tie Dao Ku had to buy a hand blade Gu, he had no opportunity to save enough money.

He straightened his back: "I have already reserved a garden estate for young master to stay in, please follow me."

But Tie Ruo Nan waved her hand: "No rush, bring me to Nan Qiu garden, in your report, you mentioned that Fang and Bai stayed at Nan Qiu garden right?"

"Erm… yes, that is so." Tie Dao Ku was stunned, not expecting Tie Ruo Nan to be so direct.

"Lead the way." Tie Ruo Nan instructed.


Tie Ruo Nan had a swift and decisive nature, but a moment later, she was denied entry.

"Sorry, my two masters are cultivating in their secret rooms." Nan Qiu garden's doorboy respectfully said.

"What, scared? Trying to hide inside!" Tie Dao Ku snorted in disdain.

The doorboy had been specially trained by Shang clan, he had great qualities, after giving Tie Dao Ku a look, he remaining guarding the door firmly, not letting them through.

Tie Ruo Nan was one of the young masters of the great Tie clan, she would not make a fuss towards a child.

She smiled, taking out an invitation, passing it to the doorboy: "No worry, pass them my invitation letter. I have some relationship with your masters, we will come again at night."

"I will definitely convey Lord's message, but they are in closed cultivation, I cannot guarantee when they will come out. They might not come out by dinner time." The doorboy reminded before they left.

Until dinner time, when Tie clan came again, they were rejected once more.

"I think this Fang and Bai are afraid of young master's grandeur, hiding inside afraid to show up."

"Maybe they are trying to display their authority, specially targeting us."

Tie clan gang guessed, speaking in indignance.

They had visited twice, but were treated like this. Did they really think so highly of themselves? Even Shang clan young master would need to leave his work and come to attend to the group.

"Do not be anxious, we will come again tomorrow morning." Tie Ruo Nan calmed the gang, handing out another invitation as she showed an expression deep in thought.

On the second morning, Nan Qiu garden closed shut again.

Tie clan gang's emotions were surging, almost breaking through by force, but were halted by Tie Ruo Nan, who handed out another invitation.

The group had just left, and Fang Yuan came out of his secret room.

"Tie Ruo Nan?" Hearing the servant's report, Fang Yuan gave a weird look.

He knew that this woman was Tie Xue Leng's daughter, didn't she die on Qing Mao mountain?

Tie Xue Leng flew out of the bronze mask of the mountain giant puppet Gu, using the steel hand Gu to save Tie Ruo Nan. Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing were engaging in a fierce fight at that moment, his vision obstructed by the white form immortal snake, thus he did not see it.

After the fog dispersed, he was attacked by the crane group, the scene was a mess and he did not have a second to rest. Even until Bai Ning Bing self-detonated, Fang Yuan did not see Tie Ruo Nan.

Thus, in Fang Yuan's impression, he had always thought that the Tie clan father and daughter had died on Qing Mao mountain.

"To think this Tie Ruo Nan is still alive, not only that, she even became Tie clan young master." Fang Yuan held the three invitations, taking a look and frowning deeply.

Seeing this name, he felt a strong killing intent oozing out of his heart.

This person is too much of an eyesore!

A survivor of Qing Mao mountain, had interacted with himself and Gu Yue Fang Zheng, a huge threat to himself.

If his true identity was exposed, it would affect his current peaceful lifestyle, and the haven he had painstakingly crafted in Shang clan city would be lost.

But this Tie Ruo Nan, Fang Yuan could not do anything to her.

Tie clan young master, in Shang clan city, he was not permitted to kill her.

"I am still too weak, if I was rank six like back then, I could kill this small-fry with one finger." Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

Although his battle strength surged, and his growth was astounding, killing Tie Ruo Nan had consequences the current him could not bear.

In fact, he could not even use his own name at this point.

There is always a mountain higher than a mountain, an expert stronger than another expert. Rank five was only the mortal realm peak, yet he was merely rank three.

Fang Yuan quickly sorted his thoughts, eliminating her was the most direct method, but it could not be used, thus he had to think of a way to deal with this unwanted guest.

"The matter on Qing Mao mountain was not exposed, seeing Tie Ruo Nan's action, she must not know anything. Otherwise, she would not come with just this group to arrest me."

"She sent out three invitations and purposely displayed her determination of wanting to meet me. It seems she wants to learn what happened back then from me. After all, her father died on Qing Mao mountain."

"Then the matter now is, I am using Gu Yue Fang Zheng's name now, will she suspect my true identity?"

"If she has suspicions, how do I get rid of her doubts?"

"Or even worse, if my identity is exposed, how do I salvage it? From Shang Yan Fei's findings, I have an ordinary aptitude, only my brother is A grade aptitude, how do I explain the change in my talent…"

Fang Yuan's brain rapidly worked.

He was a sly schemer, having a vigilant nature, he always considered the worst outcome, and this huge crisis was no different.

He quickly thought of a countermeasure.

"If I really get to that stage, I will sell the blood skull Gu to Shang Yan Fei. He had been collecting the blood sea true inheritance, if I sell the blood skull Gu to him, he would be able to raise Shang Xin Ci's aptitude. He dotes on her so much, using the man triumphing heaven Gu for her to change her fate. He will not reject this deal."

Handing over the blood skull Gu, would allow Fang Yuan to explain the reason why he concealed his identity.

But unless the matter had progressed to the worst stage, Fang Yuan would definitely not sell the blood skull Gu.

"The blood skull Gu is a divine Gu to raise geniuses for a clan. If I sell it to Shang clan, Shang clan's forces would expand rapidly. Although the blood skull Gu has no value to me anymore, it is another story for others."

Fang Yuan did not know Fang Zheng was still alive now, and was experiencing a rapid growth in strength.

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