Reverend Insanity
299 Shut up, you fat pig!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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299 Shut up, you fat pig!

Chapter 299: Shut up, you fat pig!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"This match is over. I have consumed seventy percent of my primeval essence, only twenty percent is left…" After obtaining victory, Bai Ning Bing left the battle stage.

She summarized her battle learnings while walking.

She would summarize every match she fought. The battle with Tie Dao Ku today, although she felt a pity that she was not able to kill him, her gains were quite great.

"The battle just now was intense but it lasted only a brief period. However, it expended a lot of my primeval essence, come to think about it I have A grade aptitude primeval essence recovery speed. During an intense battle, my set of Gu worms clearly has high primeval essence consumption issues."

Many Gu Masters faced difficulties in this aspect when they organized their Gu worms.

Who did not like powerful Gu worms? But often, those Gu worms with higher efficacy had higher consumption rates of primeval essence.

Of course there were Gu worms who were powerful and consumed less primeval essence. But they were all rare Gu worms and were very expensive.

Bai Ning Bing had extra money on hand, but it was not a lot. She was smart and after quickly realizing her situation, she started saving money.

Before, she would spend money like water and had no clear concept of the value of primeval stones. That was because the clan spent all their efforts in cultivating her.

Now, she was in charge of her own money during in this period of time, her awareness had a significant transformation.

While Fang Yuan was growing, Bai Ning Bing too was improving rapidly in all aspects.

"It would be good if I had Fang Yuan's heavenly essence treasure lotus. At least in rank three stage, there would be no need to worry about primeval essence expenditure." Bai Ning Bing thought of this, inevitably having a feeling of jealousy.

Fang Yuan walked the strength path. Strength path Gu consumed the least primeval essence and with his ninety percent A grade aptitude, he had an abundant source of primeval essence. Heavenly essence treasure lotus could not display its true value in his hands, it was simply casting pearls before a swine!

"What if I buy heavenly essence treasure lotus from Fang Yuan?"

Bai Ning Bing shook her head, quickly throwing away this impractical thought from her mind.

She understood too well what kind of person Fang Yuan was.

She had never seen him suffer a loss, if someday she was able to take heavenly essence treasure lotus from his hands, then it would definitely be after she pays a heavy price.

"Without the help of the heavenly essence treasure lotus, I can only reduce the Gu worms on me."

After carefully thinking it, Bai Ning Bing decided to give up on snowball Gu.

Snowball Gu was a high tier Gu in rank three and she had planned to use it as a long range attacking method.

However, this Gu expended quite a bit of primeval essence.

It was still okay if she only used it one time. But how could she only send out one snowball in the midst of intense battle?

Five to six snowballs after, her primeval essence consumption would amount to a lot.

"I will give up snowball Gu and keep icicle Gu. Icicle Gu might only be rank two, but it can also restrict the opponent. It would be a threat if I use it with ice explosion Gu."

Ice explosion Gu was a rank three Gu which could detonate ice and form an instantaneous destructive power.

The larger, older, and colder the ice, the greater the power of the explosion.

She was able to establish her dominance in the battle against Tie Dao Ku because of this ice explosion Gu.

Of course, if the ice explosion spread towards Bai Ning Bing, she would also receive injuries. But if she turned her body into ice crystal, the severeness of injuries would fall to a low level.

Thinking of the splendid battle just before, Bai Ning Bing licked her lips in excitement.

A normal ice path Gu Master pursued defensive or trapping abilities. Only those like fire path Gu Masters or thunder path Gu Masters focused on explosive strength.

However, Bai Ning Bing did the very opposite. The inspiration for it was the ice explosion Gu and she had not expected the results to be so good, beyond her original estimation.

"Ice explosion Gu is brilliant and very effective in battle, I will continue to make full use of it later." Bai Ning Bing inwardly planned.

She used to advocate a direct and straightforward fighting style; fierce and swift, slashing everything with her ice wind. However, she was influenced after being in contact with Fang Yuan all the time, and now was interested in making treacherous moves.

She was interested in everything splendid in this world.

"Ice crystal Gu, Ice edge Gu, Icicle Gu, Ice explosion Gu...can this set defeat Fang Yuan?"

Bai Ning Bing considered this, considering Fang Yuan as her number one imaginary enemy.

"Fang Yuan walks the strength path, he has all-out effort Gu and is much more domineering in close combat than that guy just before. With my current methods, it won't be easy to win against him. Unless I can regain my killer move."

Bai Ning Bing's killer move was her self created ice blade storm. She had created this using revolving Gu paired with whirlwind Gu and ice blade Gu, forming the icy tornado.

But now Bai Ning Bing's vision had widened, this move was already old fashioned. Ice blade storm could bully rank two, but would be substandard in rank three realm.

These days, she had been thinking of ways to improve and polish her killer move, but was not able to get any ideas.

She suddenly thought of something and her pace quickened: "Oh right, today is Fang Yuan's first battle after advancing to fourth inner city. It shouldn't be too late if I go see now!"

"Kill, kill him!"

"Zhu Ba, finish this kid quick!"

"The way I see it, Zhu Ba doesn't even need to make a move and this Fang Zheng kid won't be able to bear it."

"Hehe, this kid is in trouble. He ran into Zhu Ba who happens to subdue his strength path on his first match!"

The battle stage was lively and full of people.

"Fang Yuan's match has attracted many spectators. Well, the battle zone doesn't have any restriction regarding the spectator's cultivation. As long as the Gu Master has money, he can come watch." Bai Ning Bing arrived to the battle stage and looked around her before concentrating towards the stage.

This was a mid-scale battle stage and the terrain was ordinary stone tiled floor.

Fang Yuan and a heavily built Gu Master were fighting fiercely. According to the spectators' comments, Fang Yuan's opponent should be that Zhu Ba.

Zhu Ba was huge, almost three meters tall. His whole body was full of fats, making his head and limbs look smaller. He was like a enlarged version of the Earth's sumo wrestlers.

In this world, whether it was a Gu Master or a mortal, their height normally did not cross two meters. Zhu Ba's height was clearly the result of using some Gu worm.

This was quite normal in fact.

Many flying type Gu Masters would make their bones hollow to reduce the weight. Some earth burrowing Gu Masters would use bone shrinking Gu to turn into a dwarf; like this, their energy consumption would be much lower when drilling a tunnel.

Bai Ning Bing did not have much knowledge about Zhu Ba, but from the continuous comments of the spectators around her, he understood Zhu Ba's methods.

Zhu Ba was a defensive Gu Master.

The fats in his body provided him with a strong defense.

Fang Yuan moved around Zhu Ba, punching and kicking him. When Zhu Ba received the strikes, the fat on his body shook like water ripples and dispersed the force of the attacks onto all parts of his body. Then with the use of a Gu, this force was gathered together and through a counter-shock method, it was returned back to Fang Yuan.

According to sources, Zhu Ba received his Gu from a demonic inheritance. It was uncertain because he had never exposed the amount of Gu he had and their names.

However, his method of fighting made people helpless, particularly effective against strength path Gu Masters.

"Fang Zheng, take a rest, it is no use. I can send eighty percent of the force of your attacks back at you through counter-shock. Punches and kicks do nothing to me, instead you will be injured. Have you still not realized it?" Zhu Ba spoke in a low muffled voice.

He directly sat on the battle stage, letting Fang Yuan attack him, giving an immovable presence.

Boar phantom, brown bear phantom and crocodile phantom constantly flashed above Fang Yuan. It was the reappearance of the scene when he viciously beat the mountain back toad, but Zhu Ba was indifferent.

No matter how much strength you used, the other did not even glance at you, who would not be discouraged by such a situation?

However, Fang Yuan persevered and continued to move and attack Zhu Ba without saying a word.

It had been like this since the match started and by now, fifteen minutes had passed.

"Puff!" Fang Yuan let out a breath of turbid air and suddenly took back a step, stopping his attacks.

Blood seeped out from the corners of his lips; the counter-shock force from Zhu Ba jolted his organs, inflicting internal injuries on him.

He had iron bones, steel tendons, canopy Gu and there was also golden shield Gu, but this shock passed through all his defense and attacked his internal organs.

His internal organs were not strengthened at all, even though he was healing them with self-reliance Gu, the injuries were getting heavier.

Fang Yuan stopped his offensive, the counter shock force also dissipated. Several breaths later, his internal organs were completely healed.

The offensive resumed!

He took a strong step and began his attacks; his fists smashed like a meteor, bringing with it the sound of the wind. The fats in Zhu Ba shook once again, creating ripples and sending it back.

"Fang Zheng, you have a healing Gu, but so do I. You are suffering eighty percent of the attack, while I only receive twenty percent of the damage. Your consumption is more than mine, it is better to just admit defeat." Zhu Ba continued to persuade.

Fang Yuan only attacked, without replying.

When blood started seeping out again, he stopped the offensive and used self-reliance Gu to recover.

Although he eliminated the strength of a boar, he added in bull strength, horse strength and half a turtle strength; self-reliance Gu's effect had surpassed flesh-bone.

This state continued to persist and the spectators were starting to get bored, some even yawned.

"Too boring…"

"I really wonder why Fang Zheng is putting in so much effort."

"Today, Zhu Ba also looks somewhat abnormal, why hasn't he attacked?"

"Hasn't this been his style all along? First defend and waste his opponent's primeval essence and fighting spirit, then make his move, beating down his opponent."

"The problem lies here, Fang Zheng has too much energy, he has been attacking for so long with no results but he doesn't look the least bit discouraged. He is a strength cultivator, so his primeval essence consumption is also small. When will this stalemate end?"

"You guys can't see what is going on? Zhu Ba is playing with the newbie."

These words immediately caused the surrounding people to laugh.

To these Gu Masters who hung out in the battle zone all year round, Fang Yuan was indeed a very inexperienced newbie.

"Fang Zheng, there is no meaning in continuing this. I have no interest in your all-out effort Gu, I don't want to bully a newbie as a senior. It will be better for you to retreat, I promise I won't choose your Gu worms." Zhu Ba chuckled.

He had received Fang Yuan's attacks which contained the boar's collision force, the crocodile's biting force and the brown bear's smacking force, but he was still able to laugh.

"What kind of strength is this!"

"Indeed worthy of being rank eight in fourth inner city."

"His strength is the real deal."

The audiences were truly moved.

"Shut up, you fat pig!" Fang Yuan suddenly shouted.

The battle stage went silent.

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
Guess what happens. 1. The pig shuts up. 2. The pig dies. 3. ???


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