Reverend Insanity
296 Auction
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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296 Auction

Chapter 296: Auction
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"What are they doing inside, it has already been over an hour…" Outside the secret room, Tie Dao Ku was standing with his arms crossed, the doubt in his heart increasing with time.

The secret room isolated sound but it was not firm. In the case where a fight broke out, he would be able to immediately sense it.

The problem, however, was that it had been calm and quiet since the start, making Tie Dao Ku unable to figure it out.


Just as he was thinking this, the door opened from the inside.

"Brother Dao Ku, please come inside, we have finished our talk." A Gu Master of Bai clan informed.

Tie Dao Ku entered the secret room, the first thing he saw was the table smashed by Bai Zhan Lie and all kinds of dishes scattered on the ground.

Tie Dao Ku could not help but raise his brows.

Clearly, this feast could not be enjoyed anymore. Even if it could, the Bai clansmen present there did not have any appetite.

Their faces were ashen and their expressions sluggish as if they had suffered heavy injuries.

Only Fang Yuan's complexion was normal and even looked healthier than normal.

Just now, he had reached an agreement with the Bai clansmen and everything was settled by using poison vow Gu on the spot.

"What happened?" Tie Dao Ku was bewildered.

"I will leave first, take care." Fang Yuan left these words and walked out of the secret room.

"Fang Zheng, just wait for me at the battle stage!" Tie Dao Ku growled.

Fang Yuan ignored him and walked away, disappearing from everyone's sights.

"What exactly happened here?" Tie Dao Ku was very puzzled. How could talking for a while make all these Bai clansmen's expression change, he could not feel any flames of hatred in them.

"Sigh...." Bai Feng heaved a deep sigh.

He raised his head and looked at Tie Dao Ku, his gaze complex: "Brother Tie, something happened and it is not convenient for me to speak of it. We are withdrawing, we cannot go against Fang and Bai anymore."

"What?" Tie Dao Ku cried out involuntarily, revealing an incredulous expression.

"Our Bai clan has little assets, we cannot afford to take risks. Take care!" Bai Feng stood up and walked straight out of the secret room.

"You don't have to be worried, he is relying on Shang clan, but isn't my Tie clan also one of the lords of the southern border?" Tie Dao Ku hurriedly tried to persuade them. To deal against Fang and Bai, it was better with more people. If Bai clan left, he would be all alone!

However, how could he know the situation behind this?

His persuasion was of no use, Bai clan was bent on leaving and he was not able to stop them anymore.

Looking at the image of the Bai clansmen leaving, Tie Dao Ku's expression turned extremely cold and mumbled to himself: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting; Fang Zheng, you made a good move! But don't think I, Tie Dao Ku, will give up just like this. Hmph!"

His will was firm, others might have given up, but he still chose to persist.

He decided to register his name at the battle zone right away. He would hunt Fang Yuan in the battle stage!

"Sir, please stop." A waiter ran over and politely stopped Tie Dao Ku with a smile on his face: "You haven't paid the bill."


"Five hundred thousand primeval stones, how can we prepare such a large sum of money within a day?" Walking on the spacious street, Bai Lian voiced out her worries.

"With my identity as an elder of Bai clan, I can go to the loan sharks to borrow three hundred thousand. As for the remaining two hundred thousand… I will have to pawn small tornado." Bai Feng understood the situation.

The other Bai clansmen were moved.

Bai Zhan Lie cried out: "Lord Elder, small tornado Gu is your core Gu, are you really going to pawn it?"

Bai Feng let out a bitter smile.

"Even with elder pawning small tornado Gu, it won't be enough to get two hundred thousand. Add in my lotus cloth Gu." Bai Lian pursed her lips.

With this, the remaining Bai clansmen also understood.

"Pawn my fountain thoughts Gu as well."

"My little wind drill Gu as well."

"I will contribute my three forked bone spear…"

Bai Feng slowly nodded: "You all have the spirit of sacrificing for the clan, there is no worry that Bai clan won't flourish. Today's disgrace will be paid a thousand times over in future. But now, we still need to think of the clan. I decided on this, so I will take all the responsibility for this matter once we return to the clan."

"Lord Elder!" The group was stunned.

They could not take their revenge and had to instead sign a disgraceful and unfair treaty. Although it was the best choice, there would definitely be heavy pressure and criticism when they returned to the clan.

Political struggles existed everywhere.

However, Bai Feng was going to bear the responsibility for the whole affair, no doubt he was protecting the political prospects of Bai Lian, Bai Zhan Lie and the others.

Bai Feng revealed an affectionate smile and sighed: "No need to say anything, I am already old, the clan's future lies on your shoulder. How could we gain anything without giving and sacrificing? It is because of countless people sacrificing and enduring humiliation, that the clan is able to thrive, and preserve the smile of our family members."

"Yes!" Bai Lian, Bai Zhan Lie and others nodded, realization dawned on their minds.

Their ashen expressions gradually disappeared and were replaced with a gaze that was glowing brighter and brighter.

Three days later, in a large scale auction.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at a frost breath Gu. Rank three Gu worm, able to breathe out cold air which has the effect of inflicting frostbites and slowing your opponents. Frost breath Gu's biggest advantage is that every activation only consumes five percent of light snow primeval essence. The starting bid is twenty-three thousand primeval stones!" On a round platform, the hosting Gu Master was speaking through sound amplify Gu.

"Twenty-five thousand."

"Twenty-eight thousand."

"Thirty thousand!"

After a round of intense bidding, the frost breath Gu was sold for thirty eight thousand primeval stones.

Fang Yuan calmly looked down at the circular stage from his seat.

He was sitting in a private room at the auction; others could not see him. This was the benefit of having a purple thorn token.

In small scale auctions, he could use the purple thorn token to buy auctioned goods in advance. He was not able to do that for the large scale auctions.

"Please take a look, this is a flame heart Gu. Its shape is like a miniature volcano. After refining it, it resides in the heart of the Gu Master. As everyone knows, its ability is to strengthen fire type Gu worm's attacks. Rank three flame heart Gu, starting bid of thirty thousand primeval stones!" The hosting Gu Master shouted loudly from the platform.

He had just finished speaking, when someone immediately made a bid: "Thirty-five thousand!"

The first bid immediately raised the bid by five thousand primeval stones, showing a clear assertiveness.

But this could not stop interested parties.

"Thirty-six thousand!"

"Thirty-eight thousand."

"Forty thousand…"

The price finally stopped at forty-two thousand.

"Looks like these people are quite rational. This is a reasonable price…" Fang Yuan watched this from the private room, evaluating the situation.

Shang clan city frequently traded, this type of large scale auctions were held at fixed intervals. The Gu Masters living in Shang clan city were all used to it and were smart when bidding in auctions.

No one was foolish.

Of course, there were occasional extravagant participants.

Fang Yuan had observed for a long while, today's auction did not seem to have such a person.

This was his luck and also others' luck.

If there had been such a person, Fang Yuan would have to start bidding and empty out these people's capital early. This type of battle of wits and contest of force was child's play to Fang Yuan.

All the Gu showed in the large scale auctions were rare and precious. All of them were rank three or above, there was almost none below rank three.

Besides the Gu worms, there were also rare Gu food, rare Gu refinement materials, Gu refinement recipe, information about some inheritances, perfect looking gambling rocks; there were also female slaves, male slaves, captured beast kings and so on.

Frost breath Gu and flame heart Gu were sold for about thirty to forty thousand; this price could only be considered to be low compared to other auction goods.

Soon, Fang Yuan saw a rank four grass tree army Gu being sold for two hundred and fifty thousand primeval stones.

Grass tree army Gu could turn every plant and tree within a certain range of the Gu Master into an offensive method. In the terrains of Southern Border, it was an absolute killing weapon.

Ordinary rank four Gu could cost up to a hundred thousand primeval stones. Grass tree army Gu's price already reached the price of an ordinary rank five Gu.

Fang Yuan carried five hundred thousand on him right now, but at this auction, it really was not much and could only buy two grass tree army Gu.

Instant success Gu was a rank four rare Gu.

After a bidding competition, Fang Yuan successfully bought it with over one hundred and eighty thousand primeval stones.

Next, he spent a total of eighty-three thousand primeval stones to buy a white silver relic Gu and a golden shield Gu.

He did not make any bids after that.

Primeval stones could not be spent recklessly and should be spent in useful areas. Currently, all-out effort Gu was his core, he also had self-reliance Gu. He lacked a bitter strength Gu; this Gu was not cheap, moreover it was extremely rare, rarely seen even at Shang clan city.


Because the fusion success rate was extremely low, so there were only a small number of people who used it.

Gu worm's transactions also depended on the supply and demand of the market. With low demand and high production costs, the supply would naturally be low.

"If I can't buy bitter strength Gu, then I can only try refining it myself. It is just that its success rate really causes a headache."

"I got the white silver relic Gu, but there is no hurry to use it. If I was cultivating alone, it would be better if I used it earlier, but now that I have Bai Ning Bing to rely on. I will leave the white silver relic Gu to use for later."

"I have used over two hundred and seventy thousand primeval stones today, now just over two hundred and twenty thousand remains. I will accumulate them for the super sized auction held every two years in Shang clan city."

"Li Ran told me that Bai clan's group has indeed left Shang clan city. Although I extorted three million out of them, I can't underestimate this clan. Suffering in silence with the mentality of sacrificing, no wonder they rose to power abruptly in my previous life. Right now, they are using the excuse of exploring Bai Gu inheritance to recklessly search for the spirit spring in Bai Gu mountain. The progress is a lot faster than in my previous life, I have no choice but to be vigilant against them."

"Bai clan has already chased me to here, would Tie clan be far off? Tie clan, demon suppression tower… as for that Tie Dao Ku, he is of no worry for the moment."

Just as Fang Yuan was making future plans, at the entrance of Shi Zi restaurant.

Eighteen foreign girls stood in two rows, laughing and chatting with each other.

They wore revealing clothes and the fragrance of their makeup filled the air. They had plump breasts and looked sultry.

They had no need to solicit customers, just standing there was the best signboard, attracting countless male Gu Masters to loiter around and enter.

With a grim face, Tie Dao Ku was standing at the side with several other Gu Masters, guarding the entrance.


The shame in his heart had reached its limits.

To think that Shi Zi restaurant's banquet was so expensive, without any money to pay for it, he could only work to write off his debt.

"Look at what a grand Tie clan's Gu Master has fallen to, I am actually forced to do this type of thing! The restaurant has background and doesn't care that I am a Tie clansman. Sigh! I hope no one sees me, absolutely no acquaintances…" Tie Dao Ku prayed desperately.

"Eh! Isn't this brother Tie Dao Ku? What are you doing here?" A voice arrived.

Tie Dao Ku was immediately stunned.

A familiar person...



"Aaaah! Fang Zheng, just wait!" Veins bulged out of Tie Dao Ku's forehead as he roared furiously in his heart.

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