Reverend Insanity
295 Actually, I was a victim too
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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295 Actually, I was a victim too

Chapter 295: Actually, I was a victim too
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Bai Feng's expression was gloomy and his gaze kept on flashing. He was thinking of denying this but Fang Yuan saw through his plan.

"Don't even try to cover it, it's no use. As the spirit spring continues to dry up, the primeval stones produced will also decrease sharply. Bai clan has been concealing it well, you have either used your remaining stock in the storage or traded to fill up this gap. But this will definitely leave traces, as long as someone carefully investigates it, they will find out." Fang Yuan was calm and comfortable.

Bai Feng tightly clenched his fists, glaring at Fang Yuan like he wanted to swallow him alive.

Looking at the appearance of this elder, even a stupid person would realize the truth.

"Our clan's spirit spring is drying?" Bai Lian was dazed, leaning on her chair listlessly.

Bai Zhan Lie bit his lips, going silent.

The others also did not speak, they were astonished and terrified. The atmosphere in the secret room turned extremely oppressive.

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan chuckled, "Your Bai clan is really in danger. Even a stronger clan will collapse if their spirit spring dries up and they don't find a new spirit spring. Now, you have obtained Bai Gu inheritance, the forces around you are all coveting it; tell me, what will happen if I spread this secret information?"

"No!" Bai Lian lost color in her face and immediately interjected.

The others also thought of the seriousness of the matter and their expressions turned grave.

Now, Bai clan had obtained Bai Gu inheritance, their strength rose due to the benefits gained from Fang Yuan's discovery. The few neighbouring large clans were staring at them covetously, but also held their guard.

If the news of the spirit spring drying up was exposed, Bai clan would lose their deterrence and become a paper tiger; the surrounding forces were sure to make their move!

Those forces would never want to see Bai clan survive this ordeal and because of the Bai Gu inheritance, rise in power and suppress them.

Hence, this information had to be guarded!

Bai clan's gang were startled awake by Fang Yuan, gaining some understanding of the situation. Bai Zhan Lie and others fixed their gazes at Fang Yuan, their eyes shining even more fiercely and emitted killing intent.

"Want to kill me?" Fang Yuan sneered and shook his finger, "Since I am meeting with you alone, I have naturally made thorough preparations. In truth, if you hadn't come to find me, I would have gone to find you."

These were not senseless words. The Bai clansmen had no choice but to restrain their killing intent and retract the ominous glint in their eyes.

"Alright, let's get down to business now." The corner of Fang Yuan's lips slightly curled up as he adjusted his sitting posture.

He pointed his hands down and said: "Take a seat and let's discuss it."

"Discuss what, what's there to talk about with you? Hmph!" Bai Feng's expression was gloomy, but despite saying so, he still sat down.

The remaining clansmen hesitated for a while before sitting down.

The tense situation immediately eased a little.

"Of course we are going to discuss the fees to keep me silent. Was it easy for me to lead you here? Wasting my time and energy, you should compensate me! Primeval stones, I want primeval stones. Give me three million primeval stones and I can promise you I won't reveal this information."

The Bai clansmen immediately stood up again when they heard Fang Yuan.

"You dare to threaten us!"

"You killed our two young clan leaders, and dare to demand primeval stones?!"

"Fang Zheng, don't go too far. At worst, I will stake my old life and take you down with me!!"

The group roared and growled in anger.

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan threw his head back and laughed. He then stood up and a cold light blossomed in his dark eyes as he looked at the group.

"That's right, I am threatening you! You don't agree? Then I will simply leak this information. What did you say, you want to die together with me? Hmph, even if I die, this information will be leaked to the world. At that time, you will become the sinners of the clan; because you didn't agree to my request, your clan will be besieged by the surrounding forces!"

"You, you, you…" Elder Bai Feng was angered to his limit as he speechlessly pointed at Fang Yuan.

The other clansmen also glared at Fang Yuan with furious eyes while gritting their teeth, but no one moved.

"You what?" Fang Yuan sneered at Bai Feng, his tone full of disdain, "What can you do to me? Kill me? I have a purple thorn token, do you dare to try it? I know you are all courageous, not afraid of death. But your clan is the most important. If your family and friends die, it will be all because of you!"

The Bai clansmen clenched their fists, standing stunned on the spot.

"Ahh—!" Bai Zhan Lie suddenly raised his head and shouted, he then lifted his fist and smashed it down.

Due to his furious punch, the whole banquet table was smashed and the dishes crashed to the ground.

He felt deep hatred!

His grandfather Bai Zhan Wen had died because of Fang and Bai. This hatred was irreconcilable!

Because of this, he joined the pursuit group, constantly running about, now that he finally found the killer…

The enemy was clearly in front of him, but he could not do anything! Fang Yuan was clearly within his reach, but he could not exact revenge!

Not only could he not exact revenge, he still had to endure Fang Yuan's threat.

His chest burned with anger, an anger that threatened to burn the sky and was already burning his heart. But he could not move, he did not dare to imagine the consequences if he moved. His life was a minor thing, but the whole clan might face a calamity because of him!!

"No need to get angry. Actually, in this whole event, I was also a victim." Fang Yuan's tone relaxed and said with a sigh.

"Just think of it, Bai Gu inheritance was originally mine, but your Bai clan stole it from me. Your Bai clan chased after me and Bai Ning Bing, we were forced to kill Bai Hua and Bai Sheng to make it easier to escape. Later, I suffered serious injuries and landed on Zi You mountain, having close encounter with death all along the way. Do you think it was easy for me?"

"Your Bai clan's power is huge and I can't afford to offend it. I could only curl up in Shang clan city, but you still won't let me go. Tell me, what should I do? I am not someone who is unreasonable, three million primeval stones, that is the lowest I will go. I am very sincere, I have told this secret to only a few people and haven't spread it outside. I also intentionally sent the Tie clansman outside in consideration for your Bai clan."

Fang Yuan's expression was very sincere.

"Three million primeval stones, you are demanding an exorbitant price!"

"Fang Zheng, let's be fair, how did our Bai clan treat you! We treated you nicely with food and accomodation, but what came out of it? You repaid our kindness with enmity!"

"Our clan's two young clan leaders died in your hands, elder Bai Zhan Wen also died because of you. Many of our expert clansmen also died or got seriously handicapped while protecting you on your travels around Bai Gu mountain!"

The Bai clan's group all had different expressions; some were extremely angry, some were sneering and some were crying, but they all had a similarity — their deep hatred towards Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan's expression changed, he gave a cold smile: "It seems you are still not aware of the situation, I tried to give you face, but you don't want it? Very well."

Fang Yuan stood up and turned to leave.

Bai clansmen immediately fell into panic.

"Wait, wait a moment." Bai Feng was desperate as he sidestepped and blocked Fang Yuan.

"I will tell you honestly, I am going to go sell this information now. I believe Shang clan's Feng Yu Manor will give a good price for it. Can you guess how much they are going to pay me?" Fang Yuan smiled sinisterly.

"Fang Zheng, don't go too far!" Bai Zhan Lie roared and quickly walked towards Fang Yuan and stared at him dead on.

Fang Yuan nonchalantly said: "You want to attack me? You want to put your clan in danger?"

Bai Zhan Lie's inner fire was stumped, as he stood stunned.


Fang Yuan took this chance and slapped. He was very strong and with just a little strength, he sent the energetic Bai Zhan Lie retreating five to six steps.

"What do you think you are doing?!" Bai clansmen immediately flared up and surrounded Fang Yuan.

"Do you all want to become the sinners of your clan?" Fang Yuan snorted, his words were like ice, dousing the Bai clansmen's surging anger.

"You unappreciative scum." Fang Yuan pointed at Bai Zhan Lie, "If I don't teach you a lesson, do you really think you are the Heavenly Emperor?"

Fang Yuan showed no restraint in berating Bai Zhan Lie in front of the Bai clansmen.

He next looked at everyone: "You are all idiots! If I wanted Bai clan to face a calamity, it just takes one sentence from me! A wise man succumbs to circumstances , you still can't see the situation clearly? Make a move if you want. Come, even if I die, having your Bai clan accompany me in death won't be so bad."

Fang Yuan was completely surrounded, but his attitude was still unbridled.

Instead it was Bai clansmen, who were bigger in numbers, that had to give in while gritting their teeth and clenching their fists.

Bai Zhan Lie held his swollen face, his eyes bloodshot. This humiliation almost caused the anger in his his heart to burst up to the nine heavens. The veins in his forehead bulged out as he tried his best to maintain the final sliver of reason left in his mind.

The clan was their weak spot; Fang Yuan targeted this and also showed an attitude that was unafraid of death, causing Bai clan fall into a hopeless situation where they could only tolerate Fang Yuan.

"I will give you thirty breaths of time to consider." Fang Yuan continued.

The group of Bai clansmen immediately fell into a struggle.

They did not want to lower their heads to Fang Yuan, this murderer. However, if they did not lower their heads, their clan would be in danger.

They were at a loss and all of them looked towards elder Bai Feng.

Bai Feng's clenched fists slowly loosened before he again clenched them and unclenched after a while.

This continued again and again, showing the struggle in his heart.

Thirty breaths of time passed by, but Fang Yuan looked like he had forgotten it.

Bai Feng was impatient, but he only opened his mouth after five minutes, breaking the silence.

"Three million… is too much. We can't agree to this. Moreover, we don't have that much money on us!" His voice was hoarse like a guy who was about to die of thirst in desert.

He listlessly loosened his hands, having no more strength to clench them again.

For the clan, he had no choice but to give priority to the overall situation. Despite wishing he could cut Fang Yuan into pieces, he chose to lower his head for the moment.

The other Bai clansmen also felt their hearts relieved after hearing his words. Their killing intent towards Fang Yuan sank into the shadows, becoming thicker and deeper.

Fang Yuan laughed: "The three million does not need to be paid in full, just take it slowly, for now hand over five hundred thousand."

"Five hundred thousand? Why would we carry so many primeval stones with us?!" Bai Feng refuted.

Fang Yuan's brows raised: "You can borrow from loan sharks, pawn your belongings or even sell Gu worms… no matter what you do, I need five hundred thousand primeval stones within a day. Moreover, I do not want to see any of Bai clan's people staying in Shang clan city!"

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