Reverend Insanity
292 Law Fragment, Traces of Great Dao
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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292 Law Fragment, Traces of Great Dao

Chapter 292: Law Fragment, Traces of Great Dao
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In the secret room, Fang Yuan sat on the cushion, his eyes shut tightly.

Light silver primeval essence continued to pour into the self-reliance Gu.

Self-reliance Gu was diving in the primeval sea in Fang Yuan's aperture.

It was shaped like a cockroach, a dark-brown colored flat body. There were feelers on its head, and wings on its back.

This was the rank three healing Gu that Fang Yuan purchased for a huge amount of primeval stones.

Self-reliance Gu could be said to be the best Gu for strength cultivating Gu Masters.

The greater the physical strength of the Gu Master, the better the effect of the self-reliance Gu's healing. In contrast, the weaker the Gu Master, the weaker the healing effect.

Self-reliance, relying on oneself, it meant obtaining the ability to regenerate and heal using one's own strength.

Fang Yuan had the strength of two boars, one bear and a crocodile, now that he used the self-reliance Gu, the healing effect was on par with the flesh-bone Gu. This was not its limit yet, when Fang Yuan gains new strength from more Gu, its effect would surpass the flesh-bone Gu, continually improving.

But the self-reliance Gu has its weaknesses.

It could not heal others, only the Gu Master himself.

This greatly limited its use.

Moreover, it was expensive, as a rare Gu, it costs forty-five thousand primeval stones! Even more expensive than the sword shadow Gu. Thus, although there were many strength path Gu Masters, few could afford it.

Different from ancient times, strength path Gu Masters now were of the lowest social class, holding jobs that involve physical work. There were many low rank ones, few high rank ones, and even less outstanding ones. Barely any stood at the peak, in the entire southern border, only Empress Wu Ji was a successful story. But even she relied on the ancient strength path inheritance to do so.

This was an era where strength path declined.

Now, Fang Yuan was using the self-reliance Gu to recover his injuries.

In the battle with Li Hao, he had gotten injured.

The biggest culprit was not Li Hao, not the mountain back toad, but Fang Yuan himself.

As he attacked with such a ferocious force, and for such a long time, it caused his muscles and tendons to be overworked, and some of them tore, even the canopy Gu was in bad shape, needing time to recover.

Thankfully, he had used the iron bones Gu before, thus there was no problems with his bones. If not, even his bones would have broke.

Normally, when people exerted too much strength, they would pull a muscle. If a cannon is fired too many times, it would be easy to jam up.

Any kind of strength needed a foundation to contain it. On this aspect, strength path Gu Masters follow the same rule.

Fang Yuan had the canopy Gu and iron bones, but his strength was too great, unleashing such a flurry of attacks, even his muscles could not take it, there was great stress on his organs, blood etc.

After this battle, there were lots of hidden injuries in his body.

Even his sweat had blood traces.

"Since I started using the self-reliance Gu to heal, this is the tenth hour already. Mostly because of the steel tendon Gu, it is making my healing difficult." Fang Yuan had an understanding of his situation.

Before this, he had been using the steel tendon Gu to transform and train his body. It caused the tendons in his muscles to gain a layer of black color, shining with a metallic glow, becoming tougher.

Right now, his tendons were either pulled or torn, to reconnect and heal them, it would be much harder than an ordinary person's muscles and tendons.

Why is that so?

Ordinary people might not know why, only treating this as a natural phenomenon. But Fang Yuan knew clearly, he had been a Gu Immortal after all, he knew these involved the natural laws of heaven and earth.

Man is the spirit of all beings, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth.

Whether the Gu worm's body is large or small, it would contain a law fragment of the Great Dao.

Steel tendon Gu's effect is to reinforce the tendons in the Gu Master's body until they are tough as steel. This caused Fang Yuan's tendons to contain the corresponding power of the natural law, the traces of Great Dao.

For the self-reliance Gu to heal, it not only has to recover the body's tendons, but also has to overcome and overwrite this layer of natural law.

But thankfully, this law did not clash with the healing law. Otherwise, not only would Fang Yuan not be healed, he would be damaged instead.

Similarly, the brown bear innate strength Gu, black and white boar Gu, and crocodile strength Gu were the same.

They contained the Great Dao law fragments regarding "physical strength", when their strength lurk in Fang Yuan's body, they form into beast phantoms and conceal themselves. Only after he unleashes their true power could they be seen by the naked eye.

The so called beast phantom, its essence was the Dao mark of "physical strength"— a trace of Great Dao in heaven and earth.

Take the poison vow Gu as another example.

It contained the law of restriction, it stays in a Gu Master's body to restrict them.

This Dao mark is normally not seen, but under the effect of the eating one's words Gu, it will be forced to appear, and then exterminated.

The law contained in the eating one's words Gu were opposite of the poison vow Gu. But the former was slightly stronger, thus it could overwrite the other.

Or taking it further, why did the rainbow light Gu, position swap Gu, require Gu Masters to be free of strength modifications?

It was the same reason.

The law of strength would interfere with the law of light and the law of space. If the Dao mark of strength is too strong, it would cause the two Gu to fail when utilized.

"Gu Masters use Gu, but the truth is that they use the Great Dao law fragments within the Gu. Gu is the carrier of the fragment, a tool of heaven and earth. When Gu Masters refine Gu, they are fusing laws, and forming laws. Nurturing Gu, using Gu and refining Gu… Gu cultivation is not a small Dao, but a true Great Dao. In cultivating, Gu Masters learn about nature, and learn about heaven and earth. This is why the hope for immortality, and becoming an everlasting existence still remain."

Fang Yuan was clear in his heart.


"Because hardships strengthen resolve, the strong-minded will not be lured by worldly affairs. Today I step on grass; later I shall step on mountains and rivers!"

In the study room, Shang Yan Fei muttered, thinking about the poem Fang Yuan recited, showing interest on his face.

"Because of difficulties, one gain aspirations and resolve. The allure of the mortal world cannot restrict one's heart. What grand aspirations! Especially that last line, are you treating my Shang clan as grass?"

"Lord clan leader, the way I see it, Fang Zheng was referring to his opponent Li Hao, being too weak for him." Wei Yang cupped his fists and said.

Shang Yan Fei shook his head: "It is fine, I am not so narrow minded. But it is a pity I missed a good show. Although I did not see it personally, I can imagine the scene of Fang Zheng unleashing his ability, striking with a grand aura."

Shang Yan Fei stood at a high point, he had a broad vision, and naturally was broad minded. Towards Fang Yuan's aspirations, he could understand, and appreciate it.

Reminded by Shang Yan Fei, Wei Yang recalled the scene of the battle, and exclaimed: "That is indeed so. The battlefield back then, Fang Zheng was extremely ferocious, stunning the spectators, everyone was dominated by his aura and no one said a word!"

Shang Yan Fei got up from his seat, strolling slowly to the window: "Armies are easily built, but generals are hard to come by. A pity this general is too arrogant, not even placing Shang clan in his eyes. But, he had gone through tough times, managed to survive, and gained much from it, as his cultivation rose rapidly. This caused his nature to develop in that direction."

"Lord clan leader's analysis is spot on. Young men would definitely have such ambitions, being lawless and fearless." Wei Yang lowered his head, adding on.

Shang Yan Fei looked outside the window, squinting.

Fang Yuan equated Shang clan city to grass, this was an overwhelming aspiration, he was definitely someone with great ambition. But Shang Yan Fei himself did not mind that.

He was a man standing at the peak, on the top of the whole southern border, he could definitely accept people with ambitions. Furthermore, Shang clan city would not truly become grass just because someone said so.

What he minded was the first sentence.

Because hardships strengthen resolve, the strong-minded will not be lured by worldly affairs…

In this world, there were lots of people with great ambitions but no ability, while people with aspirations and talent were few, one in a million. Those who not only had talent and aspirations, but also a firm will, were almost non-existent!

Aspiration and talent were not scary, but if they had an indomitable will and determination, that would cause worry.

Such a person, in history, he would either be called a hero, a villain, or a conqueror.

Such people, can change history, and create history!

Such a person, how would he submit to others? How would he allow himself to be used by Shang clan? If he could not be used, and this person walks the demonic path, he would definitely leave his mark in this world, causing storms and disasters in his life. This was not something the righteous path wants to see…

Thinking so, Shang Yan Fei suddenly said: "I heard, Fang Zheng snatched Li Ran's opportunity, thus he compensated him two hundred thousand primeval stones to repay the favor. How much does he still owe?"

Wei Yang replied: "He already paid a hundred and thirty thousand, only seventy thousand remain. But it should be repaid soon."

Hearing this, Shang Yan Fei's worry eased.

He nodded: "That's true. Someone with ambition would not mind the small details, so what if it is two hundred thousand primeval stones. Hehehe."

Thinking of how Fang Yuan saved Shang Xin Ci, Shang Yan Fei laughed.

He was really interesting, doing things with his own principles, repaying kindness and taking revenge for hatred. But he does not have righteous morals nor any restraints, such a nature was dangerous, but there was still hope of recruiting and controlling him.

Right now he was at the peak of his fame, there was little hope of recruiting him, they had to wait.

After he faces hardship from reality, they will use kindness to move him, and recruit him under Shang Xin Ci's wing. With such a helper, Shang Yan Fei would feel assured about her safety.

"Nevermind, Fang Zheng, let me see how far you can go…" Shang Yan Fei thought in his heart.

He had a sharp foresight, entirely clear of the situation.

After Fang Yuan killed Li Hao, the entire battle zone went into a commotion.

The power of the all-out effort Gu was seen by everyone.

Many started to realize Fang Yuan was a tough opponent. But on the other hand, it made many experts start to notice and desire the all-out effort Gu.

Fang Yuan would have a peaceful time for a while, but soon, those days will end.

According to his nature, he would definitely suffer extensively. At that time, he would know how weak he truly was.

Using the battle stage, he would be suppressed and polished.

As Shang Yan Fei predicted, Fang Yuan's days got easier, as he won without a fight in his subsequent matches.

Who was Li Hao?

He was the number one strongest in fifth inner city battle stage, someone about to rise to fourth inner city.

Even he died by Fang Yuan's iron fist, who could stop him?

But a forceful challenge cannot be cancelled, those demonic Gu Masters thinking of taking advantage of the situation were forced to enter the arena.

At the start, some minded their reputation and tried to spar with Fang Yuan.

But Fang Yuan heavily injured several people, and after he killed one person, they did not dare to think highly of themselves anymore, once the battle started, they surrendered.

Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one victories...

Fang Yuan went onto the stage no longer to battle, but just to collect primeval stones.

It could be said to be the easiest time of his life.

And during this period, a group of pursuing Bai clan Gu Masters arrived at the foot of Shang clan city.

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