Reverend Insanity
289 Can’t stop me
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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289 Can’t stop me

Chapter 289: Can’t stop me
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

"Even Wang Han lost and died in the battle stage."

"This lad is too ruthless, he does not know how to show mercy!"

"The all-out effort Gu is strong indeed…"

Outside the stage, spectators discussed.

Fang Yuan kicked and destroyed the water prison, charging over and killing the blue shirt man from the impact, causing the battle to end.

The blue shirt man's chest was completely caved in, as his white ribs were exposed, soon, blood dyed the battle stage's field red.

The hosting Gu Master walked onto the stage and declared Fang Yuan's victory.

The blue shirt man's corpse was left lying there, no one was dealing it with at the moment.

From the hosting Gu Master, Fang Yuan took back the vine information Gu, and looked into the Gu, he had seventeen victories now, with zero losses.

After all, this was the fifth inner city battle stage, it was mostly made up of rank two Gu Masters, Fang Yuan had the cultivation advantage plus the all-out effort Gu, after his first few matches, in the subsequent battles, he only took a few moves to win.

These victories earned him a large number of primeval stones.

Winning in the battle stage, you not only get your opponent's Gu worms, you can also receive primeval stones as a reward from the battle stage.

The more the spectators, the more primeval stones you earn.

"Li Ran, this is fifty thousand primeval stones, I'm passing this to you in public in case you try to defame me in the future." Under everyone's watchful gaze, Fang Yuan took out a bag of primeval stones.

Li Ran walked out from the crowd, receiving the primeval stones with a smiling face as numerous envious people watched.

"Fang Zheng, you truly kept your word. First, you passed me eighty thousand, and now fifty thousand, a total of a hundred and thirty thousand primeval stones already." He cupped his fists, saying that as he left.

The crowd went wild.

"This Fang Zheng, first he gave eighty thousand, next fifty thousand, where did he get all those stones?" Some did not understand.

"It is not strange, during these two weeks, he got consecutive victories in the battle stage, the fame of the all-out effort Gu attracted many spectators. Every match earns him thousands of primeval stones. After a few battles, he would have several tens of thousands." Someone replied in a sour tone.

"Not just that, this lad is ruthless, killing his opponent almost every match. Very few people can survive a match with him, thus he can get around two to three Gu worms per battle. After selling them, that is another sum of primeval stones." Someone snorted, revealing Fang Yuan's brutal acts.

"This Fang Zheng is too much, he is advancing by stepping on our corpses." Someone was furious.

Someone sighed: "We are all demonic Gu Masters, why is there a need to kill each other? Sigh…"

Someone exclaimed: "But to speak the truth, this Fang Zheng has his merits. Actually passing Li Ran two hundred thousand primeval stones as promised. To speak the truth, if I was in that position…"

Once he said so, the crowd became silent.

But someone quickly retorted: "He hasn't finished paying the two hundred thousand primeval stones. We can talk again after he pays the full sum."

Looking at fang Yuan leaving, someone laughed coldly among the crowd: "His good days are coming to an end. In five days' time, it would be the date where Li Hao forcefully challenges him."

"Li Hao? Didn't he ascend to fourth inner city already?"

"Just a little bit to go, hmph, I can't wait to watch this battle!"

"Hehe, this lad is too arrogant, let Li Hao teach him a lesson."

Swish swish swish...

In the aperture, primeval essence ebbed and flowed, waves appearing on surface of the light silver primeval sea.

Steel tendon Gu swam in the sea, absorbing primeval essence as it emitted a black light.

It was shaped like an earthworm, but had a black body and the surface was not as soft as an earthworm, instead, there was an oily and shiny exoskeleton.

It emitted an eerie light, penetrating the aperture and shining on every part of Fang Yuan's body.

Under the influence of the eerie light, Fang Yuan's muscles and tendons were covered in an oily dark color, causing them to become more firm and strong.

After half a day, Fang Yuan stopped using the steel tendon Gu.

He had sweated a lot, his breathing was rough, and his head felt slightly dizzy.

The feeling of using the steel tendon Gu was not comfortable, it gave a sort of numb, painful and itchy feeling, invading his nerves, it put the endurance of the Gu Master to test.

An ordinary Gu Master, when using the steel tendon Gu, it would take half a year to complete.

But in Fang Yuan's plans, he condensed the time to a month.

This means, the amount of time Fang Yuan uses on the steel tendon Gu a day is six times of an ordinary person, it was a strict test of his willpower and endurance.

"I have to treasure every minute and second, to cultivate! Increasing my strength as fast as possible!"

"I need primeval stones, the battle stage is the best way to earn. But if I lose a match, I would lose the all-out effort Gu. I might be able to use the purple thorn token to stop them, but I would have to pay a huge price in other aspects!"

"I cannot lose at all! I am like a battle horse charging rapidly now, as my battle strength rises. But if I lose one match, it would be game over. My rapid growth would experience a huge setback."

"Shang clan city is merely a starting point, how can I fall here? In this life, I have to become a Gu Immortal, I have to breakthrough to rank seven, eight, and nine. I want to ascend to the peak, and see the view that I did not manage to in my previous life. Legend says that beyond rank nine, it is the supreme realm of immortality! It is easy to have a long life, but to be an immortal, no one has ever managed to do it."

"The highest point for a lifeform is to reach immortality, their greatest desire is immortality. What is the point of wealth, it is merely a hoarding addiction. What men and women, it is just primal instincts. What reputation, it is just bullshit people spew about you, carrying the stench of depravity."

"Wealth, beauty, reputation, status, people who pursue all these are short-sighted. Back on Earth, there was no choice, as everyone was going to die eventually, thus they can only pursue these or life would be meaningless. But in this world, where primeval essence is rich, why would we not pursue immortality given the possibility?"

"For the sake of immortality, wealth, beauty, reputation, status, I can make use of all of them, and I can also discard them as easily! For immortality, fear cannot stop me, I will charge forward relentlessly! For immortality, laziness will not stop me, I will never slack even for a moment! For immortality, pain cannot stop me, gods and demons cannot stop me, even heaven and earth cannot stop me!"

As he affirmed his belief, Fang Yuan's black eerie eyes seemed to burn with a scarlet red demonic blaze.

After his rest was over, he activated the steel tendon Gu again without hesitation.

The dark eerie light shone on his body, even penetrating his skin.

In the silent secret room, his expression was extremely cold, like a statue made of steel, giving off the feeling of an everlasting toughness.

What numbness, pain or itching, they were merely tiny ripples in his heart.

Others might not be able to stand it, but that does not mean Fang Yuan cannot!

If stubbornness is demonic, then Fang Yuan is a demon among demons.

No matter how many times he dies, it would not influence his resolve! No matter what setbacks he faces, they would only be firewood that allows the demonic ambitions in his heart to burn even more brightly.



The loud sound reverberated in the battle stage.

Rocks and soil flew, as a blast of air swept the battlefield, although his opponent escaped the fatal blow, he was still pushed away by the air current and retreated over ten steps.

The dust cloud dispersed, and the culprit behind this attack revealed its true form.

This was a giant toad!

It was larger than a mammoth, having two eyes as large as stone mills. Its body was grey and had a huge stomach and strong limbs. There was green moss on its skin, and even some tiny rocks on the surface.

What gathered the most attention, was its back.

Its back was extremely swollen, like it was carrying a small hill!

This hill was the real deal, completely made of mountain rocks, about ten and a half feet high. It had many layers and folds, like it was shaved by swords and axes. Grass and weed grew on the mountain rocks, and there were even two or three trees.

This was the rank three Gu, named mountain back toad. It was heavy and cumbersome, its signature move was to leap up, and crash down like a mountain.

Earlier, it had displayed this move, and caused an earthquake to strike the battle stage, many spectators lost their balance and many things toppled.

"This attack is too strong, really too strong!"

"What a grand sight, even a spectator would feel his heart thumping."

"The mountain back toad is like a castle, attack and defense all in one. The only weakness is a lack of speed, but its owner perfectly covered up this weakness!"

Everyone discussed as they looked at this mountain back toad, but quickly shifted their gaze to a Gu Master.

This Gu Master wore a flowery robe, was thin, and had a delicate appearance.

Although he was a man, he had makeup and powder on his face, as he stood at one end of the battle stage, playing with his long fingernails.

His name is Li Hao, rank three cultivation with a rich combat experience. He was especially proficient in dealing with strength path Gu Masters.

"Just you alone, you want to compete with me? Hehe, admit defeat, don't waste my time." Li Hao stared at his fingernails, not even giving his opponent a glance.

"Scoundrel, looking down on me! Take this!" His opponent was also someone commonly seen in the battle stage, being humiliated in public like this, his face contorted with anger as he gritted his teeth and pounced on Li Hao.

Li Hao looked at him silently. As the opponent rapidly approached, Li Hao laughed coldly: "You have not learnt your lesson, was it not enough? Then, I'll let you experience it again."

Position swap Gu!

Li Hao's gaze gave off a strange light as he looked at his mountain back toad.

In a breath's time, he vanished on the spot, appearing at the mountain back toad's location.

At the same time, the mountain back toad appeared at his former location.

Using the position swap Gu, he swapped places with the mountain back Gu.

His opponent was rushing towards Li Hao, but in a split second, the mountain back toad appeared before him.


Mountain back toad jumped, and like a flying mountain, it sent the opponent flying.

The battle ended just as expected!

"Mountain back toad with position swap Gu, such a battle strategy is unbeatable."

"That's right, the position swap Gu can not only change the mountain back toad's location, it can also swap with the opponent. This completely eliminates the mountain back toad's weakness of low movement speed."

"After this battle, Li Hao has twenty-nine net victories. Just one more, and he can rise to fourth inner city."

"Hurry and leave, no one can stop him here anymore."

"Who is his final opponent? Eh, it is that super lucky guy who got the legendary Gu."

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
In case anyone got confused like me, Li Hao =/= Li Ran.


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