Reverend Insanity
278 What naivety!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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278 What naivety!

Chapter 278: What naivety!
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Starlight shone on the secret room.

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged on his mat and started refining his Gu.

After he parted with Bai Ning Bing, he went to the shop again and bought all that he needed to refine the eating one's words Gu. Of course, to prevent his secret recipe from being exposed and hide his true intentions, he bought some unnecessary materials as well.

He willed, and summoned a Gu.

This Gu was round like a ball, fist sized and orange in color. The surface was wrinkled and thick, giving an unpleasant feeling at touch.

This was a rank one smelly fart Gu.

Its only use was to emit a foul odor and possessed no attacking power.

However, even though this Gu has little to no use on its own, it was a widely used refinement material.

Fang Yuan injected light silver primeval essence, causing the smelly fart Gu's body to expand and float in the air.

At the same time, he opened an urn in front of him.

At once, a rotten smell spread on the room.

In this urn, there was rotting swamp mud - black and gooey. This mud was also a widely used refinement material.

"Rice bag, go." Fang Yuan willed, and a seed flew out of his aperture.

The seed was planted into the mud, and as his primeval sea level fell, dark green vines grew out of the rotten mud.

The vines continued to extend and grow out of the urn; after around 60 centimeters, leaves started to grow on it.

These leaves were bucket shaped. They were small at first, but grew to the size of a bowl quickly.

Fang Yuan peeled the leaf from the top of these buckets, revealing the white delicious rice kernels within.

However, Fang Yuan did not take them out, but poured the rice grains into the rotting mud. He next lowered the smelly fart Gu, and multi-tasked, activating the rice bag grass and smelly fart Gu at the same time.

The smelly fart Gu glowed in an orange light, while the rice bag grass gave off a green light; the two fused together eventually.

The fusion light dimmed, as it went deep into the urn.

The urn vibrated intensely, before finally stopping as a new Gu flew out of it; yellow-brown in color, like a lump of mud, it gave off a slight stench just like faeces.

This was the defecate Gu.

It might look unappealing, but it could cause people to suffer from diarrhoea. Many doctors used it to heal illnesses and for detoxification; this gu was very valuable.

Fang Yuan was calm as always.

Gu existed in all forms and sizes. It could be the pure and holy heavenly essence treasure lotus, the poetic and mysterious Spring Autumn Cicada, the evil and bizarre blood skull Gu. Without a doubt, one that was disgusting in appearance, smell and touch, such as the defecate Gu or smelly fart Gu existed as well.

Refining the rank two defecate Gu was the first step.

Next, Fang Yuan took out the big strength Gu, bought from the shop as well. This could increase a Gu Master's strength for fifty breaths of time.

Fang Yuan fused the big strength Gu and defecate Gu, successfully refining the big strength defecate Gu.

Although the big strength defecate Gu was rank three, its purpose was the same as the defecate Gu, even looking similar but its effect was three times as strong.

This Gu, however, was much less popular than its rank two counterpart.

Gu worms were not necessarily better as they get higher in rank.

Rank three Gu worms consumed much more food than their lower counterparts, although the big strength defecate Gu was more effective, the same effect could be achieved if one used the defecate Gu multiple times. There were also cases of misdiagnosis, where the big strength defecate Gu was used inappropriately and resulted in a person dying from excessive diarrhoea.

Obtaining the big strength defecate Gu was the second step.

Next, Fang Yuan took out the lion roar Gu.

This Gu looked like a lion head, and once used, it summoned an image of a lion's head, the size of a stone mill, and unleash the mighty lion's roar. It was often used to send signals or scare away wild beasts. In battle, when used properly, it could cause the opposing Gu Master to lose their concentration.

Fang Yuan used both the lion roar Gu and big strength defecate Gu.

As a result, a weird scene appeared in the air; a lion head's image opened its mouth and started to eat the big strength defecate Gu.

But after eating a third of it, the lion roar Gu could not eat anymore, and the image was on the verge of collapsing.

Thereupon, Fang Yuan willed, and summoned a paper crane Gu, also bought from the shop.

This Gu was split into light blue, dark green, pink and several other colors; it was especially used to send letters.

The light blue color paper crane flew towards the lion roar Gu, and was swallowed by lion image.

Doing three things at once!

If outsiders saw this, they would scream out in shock.

It would be impressive if ordinary Gu Masters could do two things at once. But three, few could do it, this was a display of a Gu Master's extreme talent in refinement.

Many ordinary Gu Masters required the use of Gu worms to be able to multitask.

Fang Yuan used the lion roar Gu, big strength defecate Gu as well as the paper crane Gu using only his own mind.

But to him, this was not talent, rather it was an accumulated experience.

Any skills could be improved with practice. Fang Yuan spent five hundred years, slowly gaining experience, and trained for hundreds of years. From doing a single task at one time, it increased to two, then three, sometimes he could even do four things at once!

Of course, any more and he would need an assistance Gu worm.

After the lion head image swallowed the paper crane Gu, it no longer fizzled, but went back to original.

Fang Yuan continued to will it to eat the big strength defecate Gu.

After another one-third, the same thing happened, as the lion head image fizzled once again.

Fang Yuan was not flustered and calmly called out the second deep green paper crane Gu.

As with before, the lion head image started to become unstable again after it swallowed the entire big strength defecate Gu.

Fang Yuan then used the third pink paper crane Gu.

After swallowing it, the lion head image suddenly shrunk by more than half, and its white body started to glow in light blue, dark green, and pink. At the same time, the lion image started to chant: "Eat shit, eat shit…"

The voice echoed in the room, causing Fang Yuan's ears to buzz.

He was not afraid of the sound leaking, as it was a special secret room with reinforced walls, isolating any sounds.

He cheered in his heart, this Gu was finally completed!

This was the eating one's words Gu!

But this eating one's words Gu could only exist for ten breaths before it destroyed itself.

Fang Yuan did not dare to waste any time, calling the eating one's words Gu to his side.

As the light blue, deep green, and pink color lights shone on him, Fang Yuan's body started to produce a faint purple smoke.

"Eat shit, eat shit…"

The smoke trembled and moved about as the lion roared; in two breath's time, the smoke gathered into the images of two poison vow Gu.

Fang Yuan willed, and the lion head image opened its mouth, swallowing it. As it chewed, the poison vow Gu gave out an indignant cry, but it soon came to a stop.

The lion head image opened its mouth again, swallowing the other poison vow Gu. As it chewed, the poison vow Gu was completely eliminated, not a trace of purple smoke remained on Fang Yuan.

A few breaths later, the lion head image exploded into a three color rain in the air. The light rained down, causing the entire secret room to shine brilliantly.

Fang Yuan stood among the light raindrops, revealing a cold smile as his lips curled up.

Poison vow Gu?

Hehehe... hahaha…

Trying to restrict me with a poison vow Gu, how naive!

However, they could not be blamed. In his previous life, this eating one's words Gu only appeared two hundred years later.

It originated from a tribe leader in the west desert, only spreading around the world after another few decades. After ten more years, someone finally invented the black and white paper Gu replacing the poison vow Gu; it could not be broken by the eating one's words Gu.

The eating one's words Gu lost its effects, but in another few hundred years, the distorting black and white Gu appeared which was able to overrule the power of the black and white paper Gu.

Poison vow Gu, eating one's words Gu, black and white paper Gu, distorting black and white Gu, this was just a small segment of the struggle between agreements and breaking them. The struggle has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue into the future.

Fang Yuan possessed five hundred years of experience, it was as if he was ahead of the world by five hundred years! It was not hard to overrule the poison vow Gu.

Once the restraints were gone, Fang Yuan felt relaxed. Most importantly, he only removed his side of the vow, thus, Shang Ya Zi and Bai Ning Bing still had the restraints of the poison vow Gu on them.

This way, Fang Yuan held the complete advantage against these two people.

"Shang Ya Zi is narrow-minded, after I extorted him like this, he will definitely take revenge. But I have already planned for that, I shall let him play around for now. As for Bai Ning Bing, now that you are dancing in the palm of my hands, I will make good use of you in the short run, there is no need to fall out yet."

"These few days, after I gave away half my primeval stones, and bought many Gu, I spent over tens of thousands of primeval stones. Including the banquet treat, Nan Qiu garden's rental, the expenses at the gambling den, and the food for Gu worms, I have only four hundred and twenty thousand left."

If one did not have huge worries, they would worry about small things . Thinking about this, Fang Yuan frowned.

He wanted to assemble a set of Gu worms, he might seem wealthy now, but it was not enough.

Rank one Gu worms were around five hundred primeval stones. Rank two were five hundred to a thousand. Rank three ranged from a thousand to ten thousand.

For rank four, it ranged from ten thousand to a hundred thousand. For rank five, it could range from a hundred thousand to a million.

Rank six Gu has never been sold before.

These prices were only for ordinary Gu. Some rare Gu like liquor worm had the price of a rank two Gu although they were rank one.

The relic Gu was even more expensive. Green copper relic Gu was two thousand, red steel relic Gu was eight thousand, white silver relic Gu was fifty thousand, and the yellow gold relic Gu was close to three hundred thousand!

Fang Yuan had four hundred and twenty thousand now, he could not even afford two yellow gold relic Gu.

Relic Gu were natural Gu, they cannot be refined by Gu Masters. In many occasions, not even money could buy them.

"I want to stay here for two-three years, four hundred and twenty thousand won't even last me for a year. Gu Masters rely on resources to cultivate, the higher the rank, more the expenses. Next, I still have to spend a ton on the gambling den, I need to find a good way to earn money."

Shang clan city was bustling and competition was intense, but chances were everywhere.

As long as you had the ability, earning money was easy, but without ability, you will get eliminated.

This was another law of nature, filled with cruel competition.

Fang Yuan combined his previous life's experiences, and his understanding of this life, already having an idea on how to earn primeval stones.

That would be the battle stage.

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral
Now THIS is why I called it eating one's words Gu. Because Fang Yuan's words are as good as _____.


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