Reverend Insanity
267 Greatly underestimated Fang Yuan’s shamelessness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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267 Greatly underestimated Fang Yuan’s shamelessness

Chapter 267: Greatly underestimated Fang Yuan’s shamelessness

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"Gu Yue Fang Zheng?" Listening to Wei Yang's report, Shang Yan Fei frowned slightly.

Gu Yue was a distinct surname, Shang Yan Fei searched through his memories and soon found it.

"Gu Yue Clan, one of the three clans of Qing Mao mountain, having hundreds of years of history. Qing Mao mountain…" Shang Yan Fei's gaze brightened as he recalled an intel he got over half a year ago.

Qing Mao mountain was mysteriously attacked and within a night, changed from a green and lively mountain to a deadly domain of ice and snow.

Even till now, the ice and snow on Qing Mao mountain had yet to completely melt. No one knew what happened at Qing Mao mountain, but from all kinds of traces found there, people knew there had been a huge battle between Gu Masters.

Now, Qing Mao mountain's destruction was classified as a mysterious event and was already spread all over the southern border. As to what caused this, opinions differed from people to people.

However, to certain people, the traces left on Qing Mao mountain made it obvious. The secret of the ten extreme physiques was more or less known to the higher ups of the Gu Master world.

The moment he got this intel, Shang Yan Fei had also immediately guessed this was brought upon by one of the ten extreme physiques, Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique.

"If that is the case, Gu Yue Fang Zheng's origins can be explained. The group sent to investigate the incident on Mu Bei mountain also sent a letter saying there was no suspicious point."

Shang Yan Fei drew up an approximate outline of the whole affairs in his mind.

"Now, there is only one doubt remaining. Why did they conceal their identities and hide in the caravan?"

Shang Yan Fei already had many conjectures, but it still needed to be investigated.

"Right, you sparred with them, how were their skills?" Shang Yan Fei asked.

Wei Yang's expression was solemn as he respectfully reported: "Geniuses! Given time, these two will definitely surpass me."

"Oh, you have such a high opinion of them?" Shang Yan Fei was slightly amazed.

We Yang nodded and continued: "They might be concealing their cultivation with some Gu worms, but being able to last so long in battle, they should at least be rank three. Considering their young age, these two should both have A grade aptitude."

Shang Yan Fei smiled: "But Wei Yang, A grade aptitude only represents talent and not everything. You, yourself, are the best proof of this. You have only B grade aptitude but have become one of my external elders. Furthermore, how many A grade talents have died in your hands over these years?"

In ordinary clans, A grade aptitude was an extraordinary matter.

However, to Shang Clan, they were rather common.

One reason was because it was a large clan and there were many clansmen. Another was because they recruited demonic Gu Masters, those demonic Gu Masters who distinguished themselves in battle arena definitely had extraordinary aptitudes. And the third reason was because Shang Clan's riches were as high as a mountain, they had the ability to purchase aptitude changing Gu worms.

"You praise me too much, lord clan leader." Wei Yang modestly said and continued, "I also understand this logic, thus I am even more sure these two are extraordinary."

"They have rich combat talents and have a sort of innate sense towards the battle situation, as if they were born to fight. They also did not have a complete set of Gu worms, but they were able to last for so long just with two to three Gu, it truly was amazing."

"As to their disposition, they were tough and were not discouraged when disadvantaged. When I exerted pressure on them, they were able to make a breakthrough and constantly adjust themselves, they also have tacit and great teamwork. As the battle continued, they were able to hold their ground even more stably, their improvement was extremely clear."

"Individually, the two have some differences. Gu Yue Fang Zheng is straightforward, charging forward with incomparable bravery and has a lofty disposition. As for that Bai Ning Bing, she is quick-witted with a sharp gaze and only moves when she is sure of it, she had been constantly trying to find my weakness during the battle. In particular, Gu Yue Fang Zheng admitted his loss calmly when I said I possessed a light source Gu, he is broad-minded and absolutely has a larger heart than any ordinary man."

"Lord clan leader, these two; one is a young tiger of the lands while the other is a dragon whelp of the seas . One Yang and one Yin, one domineering and another scheming; a perfect combination, the brilliance of twin stars, each enhancing the other's strength. If we can recruit them, it will be a huge asset to Shang Clan!"

Shang Yan Fei was moved.

Before, he did not put Fang and Bai in his eyes, now his interest was greatly aroused as he listened to Wei Yang.

"Wei Yang, you have followed me for many years, I trust in your foresight. But there is no need to undervalue yourself, they might not necessarily be able to top you even after they grow up. You are hindered by lacking aptitude, otherwise with your talent, you would be even more outstanding than now. There is no need to worry, if a reform Gu appear, I will definitely help you get it."

Reform Gu could raise a Gu Master's aptitude; it was extremely rare and expensive.

Wei Yang's eyes turned red with emotions: "I won't forget this kindness for as long as I live!"

"I, Shang Yan Fei, will never treat my loyal followers unfairly. Leave now, continue attending to them for a few days and see what they think about Shang Clan and whether we can recruit them or not."

"Yes, clan leader!"

In a blink of an eye, three days passed.

Nan Qiu garden.

In the lounge, Fang Yuan and Shang Ya Zi was sitting opposite each other.

Fang Yuan leisurely tasted the tea while Shang Ya Zi's expression looked rather unsightly.

"These few days, I have been sincerely coming to look for sir, but you have been raising your price again and again. First it was six hundred and fifty thousand, but you have raised it by tens of thousand every day and now sir actually wants eight hundred thousand! Is sir possibly playing with me to pass time?" Shang Ya Zi was feeling stifled and talked with clenched teeth.

If it was before, he would have already burst out in anger and smashed the tea cup on Fang Yuan's face.

But now, he could not do that.


Because this guy could directly complain to the clan leader!

I still don't know what relation they have with lord father! These days, Wei Yang has been accompanying them around the city. What kind of person was Wei Yang? He is known as the third general and is lord father's trusted aide! His actions don't usually represent himself, but rather lord father's will! But why is lord father giving such deferential treatment to these two guys that appeared out of nowhere?

Shang Ya Zi was bothered and bewildered.

Since that day, he had been crazily investigating the two.

But it was in vain.

He was merely a young master, his authority was limited to Shang clan city. He was far from having the huge capability of Shang Yan Fei.

The investigations bore no fruits, so he was forced to make guesses.

Why is lord father expressing his goodwill? Is it because of the inheritance in their hands? No, an inheritance might interest an ordinary clan, but not ours. Unless it is the inheritance of a rank six Gu Immortal, it would just be icing on the cake.

Or is it because they were talents? No way, there are so many loyal demonic Gu Masters in the battle stage, they would die to join Shang clan, and are extremely skilled in fighting. If father is not interested in those people, why would he want these two?

No matter how he thought about it, Shang Ya Zi could not think of an answer.

When these two guesses were rejected, a thought emerged in Shang Ya Zi's mind.

Are these two father's illegitimate child? Isn't Shang Tuo Hai, the current young clan leader, father's illegitimate child?

Shang Ya Zi pondered it again and felt that it couldn't be.

The implication of being father's bloodline is too great; when Shang Tuo Hai was discovered, he was firmly protected and safeguarded, unlike the these two.

Shang Ya Zi kept on agonizing over this but could not make progress.

And it was because of this, he was even more afraid of Fang and Bai. The most terrifying things were often the unknown.

Fang Yuan could tell this young master Shang Ya Zi was becoming more and more restless and impatient over these few days.

This was what he wanted to see.

This was also one of the reasons he was intentionally raising the prices every day.

If he directly raised six hundred and fifty thousand to eight hundred thousand, the negotiations would definitely collapse. But by raising the price by tens of thousands time and again, it would instead wear down Shang Ya Zi's resistance in his firm resolute heart.

The time was ripe.

Fang Yuan placed the teacup down and smiled: "Everything has their worth. This might only be a Gu Master's inheritance to others, but to you, esteemed young master, it is the final hope to protect your young master status."

"As such, the price should be a little higher, and as the evaluation date draws closer, the price for this inheritance will naturally keep on getting higher. Thus, I have been increasing the price every other day, isn't this something natural?"

"Hehe, if the price is lowered, how could it be worthy of your final hope? How could it be worthy of such an important position as Shang Clan's young master? After all, only Shang Clan young masters can compete for young clan leader's position."

Shang Ya Zi's eyes shook with anger.

This was blatant blackmailing, this guy was raising the price as he pleased!

How could he be so shameless?

Shang Ya Zi wished he could chop Fang Yuan into pieces. But he thought of the position of young master and was able to barely restrain himself: "You are really scheming. If I spend eight hundred thousand, it will be a complete loss and will instead lower my evaluation. Those elders in charge of evaluation are not stupid! Thus, I simply can't buy it at this price."

Fang Yuan had already expected this answer; the corner of his lips slightly curled up into a smile: "Therefore, I have a good solution. I will be openly selling it to you in six hundred and fifty thousand, but you will actually be giving me eight hundred thousand. You will maintain your young master's position and I will be getting a reasonable price, it is a complete win-win situation."

Shang Ya Zi's expression immediately changed and stared at Fang Yuan with wide eyes:"You want me to make a false account? This is impossible! If I am found out, no matter when, my young master's status will be revoked and moreover, I will receive a severe punishment."

Fang Yuan gave a frivolous look: "You can't say that. Who said anything about false account? I am only selling the secret recipe to you, and you feeling that I am an upright man, kindly gave me some primeval stones as a gift. There is simply no relation between the two!"

At that instance, Shang Ya Zi could only look at Fang Yuan, stupefied and speechless.

He had previously thought Fang Yuan was shameless, but now saw that he had greatly underestimated this guy's shamelessness!

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral

He is so righteous and inspirational that you are giving him primeval stones as a gift. No issues there.


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