Reverend Insanity
266 My name is Fang Zheng
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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266 My name is Fang Zheng

Chapter 266: My name is Fang Zheng

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Wei Yang was sent flying by Fang Yuan's fist, and before he stabilized himself, spiral bone spears came flying from above.

The spiral bone spears penetrated the air, shooting like lightning with a crisp sound.

At such a distance, Wei Yang could even see the spiral carvings on the bone spear tip.

"These spiral bone spear Gu, although strong and are able to penetrate defenses, are only rank two Gu worms, there is no threat in them." At that instant, Wei Yang's thoughts moved like lightning.

Bai Ning Bing's blue eyes were cold as ice, Wei Yang challenging both of them at the same time triggered the arrogance in her heart.

"Spiral bone spear can only restrict him, I don't have enough Gu, if I want to finish him, i'll need to use my fists and legs!"

She was a genius.

When Fang Yuan sent Wei Yang flying, although it was just one hit, it showed Bai Ning Bing his weakness.

Wei Yang had never received a permanent strength boost from any Gu worms, he only had the strength of a normal human.

This was a major weakness that could be exploited.

Bai Ning Bing took many steps ahead, following after the bone spears and raising her leg to kick harshly.

"Brother Wei…" Little Xiao who was watching the match saw this scene and started to worry.

If Wei Yang's movements were restricted by the bone spears, it would give Bai Ning Bing a chance to strike. At the same time, if Fang Yuan cornered him, Wei Yang would be in a disadvantage!

"Hehehe." At the final moment, Wei Yang laughed.

As the spiral bone spear was about to hit him, suddenly, his body shone in a white light, and he turned into a flash and vanished.

"He had this Gu indeed…" Fang Yuan squinted.

"What quick speed!" Bai Ning Bing's pupils shrunk, feeling astonished.

At the next second, the spiral bone spears pierced through the flagstone, stabbing into the ground.

Bai Ning Bing could not stop her momentum, with a 'bang', her leg crushed the flagstone. The spider web-like cracks enveloped the ground.

"Big brother Wei's rainbow light Gu! I thought he might not use it in time, but to think he was waiting for that moment to escape, causing his enemies to hit nothing. Superb, this is a strong blow against the enemy's psychology." Little Xiao could tell the intentions of his actions.

Seeing that they were about to gravely injure their enemy, an escape at the last moment would turn hope into disappointment, anyone would experience this change of emotion.

Rainbow light tore through the air, as the light dispersed, Wei Yang's body appeared again.

In the blink of an eye, he flew over fifty meters, more than half the battle stage, pulling great distance from Fang and Bai.

Seeing such speed, Bai Ning Bing's footsteps came to a halt.

With the rainbow light Gu, Wei Yang could come and go as he pleases, fighting whenever he wants to, at this point, it was impossible for him to lose.

Rainbow light Gu was a rank three Gu, capable of allowing a Gu Master to turn into light and escape, it was the fastest among the rank three movement Gu!

In contrast, Fang Yuan only had the jumping grass, while the other had no movement Gu. With Wei Yang's speed, they had no chance of hitting him.

In terms of movement, the rainbow light Gu gave Wei Yang a huge advantage, once this Gu was used, Fang and Bai could work together but still fall into a passive state.

"Guests, this is the rainbow light Gu, although it is rank three, its speed far surpasses many rank four Gu. The speed is so fast even the Gu Master cannot react in time, that is the first weakness. To use it, one has to use the lightning thoughts Gu or a flash of inspiration Gu, or others. Otherwise, by the time the Gu Master reacts, they would've flown too far and even crashed into a wall."

Wei Yang spoke, admitting the flaws of the rainbow light Gu.

"Its second weakness, is that it expends too much primeval essence. Among rank three Gu, this expenditure is already middle-high tier consumption. There is a third weakness, but I shall not mention it, you can guess for yourselves."

"Is that the fact that you cannot use a strength Gu to raise your physical strength?" Bai Ning Bing immediately answered.

This time, it was Wei Yang's turn to express shock.

He gave a look of amazement: "Miss Bai Yun really has great cognitive abilities, indeed, if a Gu Master uses a Gu worm to alter their body, and increase their strength, it will be difficult to utilize the rainbow light Gu. Their primeval essence expenditure will increase drastically, or worse, the light transformation might fail and the rainbow light Gu would be destroyed."

But to think, after Bai Ning Bing heard his praise, her expression turned cold as her gaze was like ice, staring at Wei Yang with killing intent: "Hey, let me warn you, do not call me Miss!"

"Eh?" Wei Yang's expression froze: What did I say wrong? Is it wrong to use the word 'Miss'? What a strange taboo.

Wei Yang thought in his heart, as he apologised: "I'm sorry for the offense, Lady Bai Yun…"

Veins popped on Bai Ning Bing's forehead, as she gritted her teeth: "Do not use that either!"

"Oh, then… Sir Bai Yun?" Wei Yang observed her expression as he carefully chose his vocabulary.

Bai Ning Bing's face finally returned to normal.

Wei Yang's lips curled into a smile, continuing: "Then two sirs, it is my turn to attack."

"Give me all you've got!" Fang Yuan patted his chest, screaming and scaring Bai Ning Bing who was right beside him.

"Sir Hei Tu is truly brave and admirable, then take my hit." Wei Yang praised, as he spoke, he turned into a white light and crashed towards Fang and Bai.

Facing such speed, Fang and Bai could not even blink before this rainbow went through the gap between them and arrived behind them.

The white light dispersed, and turned back into Wei Yang.

He held two broadswords, and slashed them towards Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing respectively.

Before this broadsword hit, Bai Ning Bing felt her skin tighten. She immediately knew that the ice muscles' protection could not endure this blade, and she quickly retreated.

Fang Yuan growled lightly, not dodging but activating the canopy Gu and flying bone shield Gu, sending his fist over.

The light broadsword first split the white bone shield into half.

Wei Yang turned into light and fled again.

Seeing his fist about to land on Wei Yang's chest, Fang Yuan was just an inch away before missing entirely.

The rainbow light flew away, and stopped far away.

The entire exchange of blows was done at lightning speed.

In less than a few seconds, Wei Yang had moved from a side of the battle stage to another, over a hundred meters long.

"Again!" Fang Yuan howled, battle intent burning in his eyes.

Wei Yang turned into light again, appearing before Fang and Bai in an instant.

Bai Ning Bing could not endure it head-on, she could only use the spiral bone spear but Wei Yang's speed was too fast, causing her bone spears to hit air.

Fang Yuan could only endure the hits passively, other than the first time, his fist never hit Wei Yang again.

At once, light flashed across the battle stage continuously, like a bouncing ball trapped in a box. Meanwhile, Fang and Bai could barely take the hits, having completely lost their momentum.

"Is this big brother Wei's true power? Too impressive…" Little Xiao observed the chaotic sight before him.

Wei Yang's speed was terrific, like a specter moving in the shadows.

After a few more minutes, he stopped his movements: "If both guests want to compete in terms of expenditure, and are trying to exploit the weakness of my rainbow light Gu which consumes massive amounts of primeval essence, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed. I have a light source Gu in my hand, it is an assistance type Gu whose only use is to allow a Gu Master's primeval essence expenditure to be halved when using a light type Gu."

"Damn it…" Bai Ning Bing clenched her teeth in anger.

Fang Yuan waved his hand about: "No more, I can't win. Brother Wei, we concede."

Wei Yang laughed heartily, cupping his fists: "It has been an honor."

Little Xiao seeing the battle ended, immediately came over, with excitement still lingering on his face: "Big brother Wei is truly impressive, but both sirs managing to endure so long is equally impressive. You may not know, but brother Wei has superior battle skills even though he is rank three peak stage. He is Lord Shang Yan Fei's third general, called the White Light Swordsman. If it was me, I would not even be able to exchange twenty blows with him."

"A loss is a loss, there is no big deal. Wei Yang, after I get my hands on suitable Gu worms, i will challenge you once again." Bai Ning Bing's expression was icy cold, from young, the arrogant her had never lost so badly, her mood was obviously terrible.

Little Xiao seeing Bai Ning Bing address Wei Yang by his name, showed displeasure on his face.

Fang Yuan stood at the side: "Brother Wei Yang held back already, I can feel it. Heh, after I buy some useful Gu, I will spar with you again. Although I lost this time, I am still indignant! Next time, please use your full strength, do not worry about the consequences."

"Hahaha, brother Hei Tu speaks his mind. It is my fault this time, next time I will definitely use my full ability." Wei Yang patted Fang Yuan's shoulder.

"That's the way. Brother Wei Yang, I accept my loss completely, let me treat you to some wine. Brother Xiao, you can come along too, and tell me about brother Wei's heroic tales. I can only beat him after learning all about him right." Fang Yuan laughed.

Little Xiao felt that this person, although ugly and lacked a ear, was very pleasant to look at.

Compared to that freak "Bai Yun', his temper was way better.

"Alright!" Little Xiao laughed: "Fighting made us closer, I know a restaurant, newly opened, cheap, and also serves good food. We cannot make our guests pay, let me treat tonight, I hope big brother Wei can come too!"

Fang Yuan stared: "How can we do that?"

"Little Xiao is a local, while you two are guests, let him treat." Wei Yang came in to advice.

Fang Yuan thought about it: "Okay, this time you will treat, but let me do it next time! I don't have money with me anyway, after I sell my recipe and get money, I will treat you two to a good meal. To speak the truth, after coming here, I have been shocked by the commodity prices."

His words were a little cheeky, and also admitted that he was poor, causing Wei Yang and Little Xiao to laugh, thinking that Fang Yuan was a clear and upright man.

Only Bai Ning Bing knew Fang Yuan's acting skills, seeing this, she was used to it already.

In the room, the three drank wine and spoke, announcing their names, pulling their relationships closer together.

Only Bai Ning Bing drank water, being alone and enjoying her peace.

Little Xiao was called Xiao Yan, twenty seven years old, specializing in fire type Gu worms. Recently his cultivation rose by a small realm, to rank three middle stage, thus finally breaking through the fourth inner city's battle zone and reaching third inner city.

"Hei Tu Bai Yun are just fake names, my real name is Gu Yue Fang Zheng, she is Bai Ning Bing." Fang Yuan pretended to be drunk and exposed some information.

They had the Bai clan arrest warrant, as long as Shang clan investigated, the matter could not be kept secret. Fang Yuan gave it away on purpose, to give off the impression of having a clear conscience.

Xiao Yan was a little moved.

He and Wei Yang were demonic Gu Masters, Fang Yuan telling them his "real name" , was an act of "true friendship".

"Surname Gu Yue…" Light flashed across Wei Yang's eyes, this was an important information. It seems that the mission given by the clan leader has been successfully completed.

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