Reverend Insanity
262 Unable to sell
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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262 Unable to sell

Chapter 262: Unable to sell

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Three hundred ten?

Seeing the amount shown by the elderly, Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Liquor worm's price was five hundred eighty, bookworm was slightly higher, at six hundred. Black and white boar Gu were also six hundred, but all these Gu worms were rank one rare Gu, with little numbers, thus their price was steep.

Ordinary rank one Gu were around two hundred fifty primeval stones.

One time expenditure Gu like vitality grass were priced at fifty a piece.

Setting the bone spear Gu at three hundred ten was already quite good. This elderly working at Tong Ou shop did not suppress the price purposely.

But even so, Fang Yuan tried to raise the prices as much as he could.

Bargaining was already mastered by him to the limits in his previous life.

In just a few sentences, the elderly had no choice but to raise the price by ten primeval stones.

One bone spear Gu, three hundred and twenty primeval stones.

"Alright, we shall deal at this price." Fang Yuan waved his hand, and a wave of light flew out of his aperture.

Fifty-six bone spear Gu, floated in front of the elderly, causing him to jump from shock.

"So many…" He instantly regretted it. Each raised by ten primeval stones, this is nearly a six hundred primeval stone increment.

The truth is, Fang Yuan took almost two hundred bone spear Gu from Bai Gu mountain.

But as he traded along the way, without sufficient food, most of them had died already, only so little remain.

"Fifty-six Gu, that is seventeen thousand nine hundred and twenty (17920) primeval stones, I will ask the servants to bring over the primeval stones over now." The elderly kept the bone spear Gu into his aperture.

"No rush, look at this." Fang Yuan smiled, taking out a spiral bone spear Gu.

"This rank two Gu resembles the bone spear Gu…" The elderly showed astonishment on his face.

"Indeed, successfully refining the bone spear Gu will create this spiral bone spear Gu. It has a spiral force, thus its penetration ability is very strong." Fang Yuan explained at an appropriate timing.

The elderly tested, and verified what Fang Yuan had mentioned, giving a price of seven hundred eighty primeval stones.

After a few rounds of bargaining, Fang Yuan raised the price to eight hundred per Gu.

These spiral bone spear Gu were well kept by him, there were twenty in his aperture.

This way, he sold them all for sixteen thousand primeval stones.

"Now look at this Gu, seven thousand primeval stones." Fang Yuan gave a price, and took out the bone spike Gu, introducing once again.

The elderly held the bone spike Gu, but did not dare to test it, laughing bitterly: "This Gu is rank three, but it hurts both enemies and user. The pain of bone spikes penetrating the skin must hurt greatly. To use it, a healing Gu has to be used as well, this price is too high, I will consider six thousand five hundred, it is just the right price..."

"Let's not bargain anymore, I'll give in a little, six thousand seven hundred." Fang Yuan said.

After two rounds, the elderly found Fang Yuan extremely hard to deal with, he wiped the sweat off his forehead and gritted his teeth: "Deal."

"Then that is forty thousand six hundred and twenty (40620) primeval stones in total." Fang Yuan's eyeballs moved as he gave an accurate amount.

The elderly suddenly bowed, paying respects to Fang Yuan: "Esteemed guest, these Gu worms that you are selling, I have never seen them in my years of dealing in business. They are all interconnected, with a clear advancement path, they seem to be of one family tree. May I ask you, are these Gu from the same inheritance?"

Fang Yuan nodded: "Any intelligent person can tell, indeed, this was obtained through a lucky opportunity, and I inherited an inheritance, getting these Gu worms.

The elderly was joyful: "In that case, you must have the relevant Gu refinement recipe. Esteemed guest's luck truly is amazing, even an outsider would be envious, is it possible to sell these recipes together to my shop?"

Fang Yuan frowned.

Goods were expensive when rare, bone spear Gu, spiral bone spear Gu, bone spike Gu, not only he possessed them, Bai clan had them too. No issue if he sold them.

But the complete refinement recipe, he obtained it from the flesh sac secret room, there was only one in the world. Such a thing could not be easily sold.

"Anything that is below rank six, both Gu and recipes, can have a price. But, how much primeval stones can you offer?" Fang Yuan thought, and asked.

As long as the price is appropriate, this recipe could be sold.

He needed money.

After selling the bone spear Gu and others, the forty thousand primeval stones was insufficient for his plans.

The elderly raised two fingers: "Two hundred thousand!"

After selling so many Gu worms, he only got forty thousand. But the formless recipe, could gain him two hundred thousand.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The method to catching fish far surpasses the value of the fish itself.

Because the method implies a continuous source of fish.

To Tong Ou shop, with a recipe, it means they can produce bone spear Gu and the others themselves, endlessly.

That means a long term transaction item, only sold at a single place, thus the white bone recipe is definitely priced much more highly.

But Fang Yuan smirked: "Two hundred thousand. You dare report this price?"

The elderly's face turned red, this price was low indeed, he quickly said: "Three hundred thousand!"

Fang Yuan did not speak, but turned to leave.

The elderly gritted his teeth: "Five hundred thousand!"

"This price is finally looking bearable, I'll sell it for six hundred and eighty thousand." Fang Yuan sipped his tea.

The elderly's face was bitter: "Five hundred thousand is the limit of my authority. Esteemed guest, you sold so many bone spear Gu, we can hire a recipe master to reverse engineer your recipe. It is really not bad to sell it for five hundred thousand already."

Fang Yuan shook his head, his attitude firm: "The recipe in my hands is unique to this world, there is only one in the entire world! At least six hundred and fifty thousand, otherwise I will not sell it. Within this Shang clan city, I'm sure there are other shops, right?"

"You do not know this esteemed guest, Shang clan city has many shops, but most are under the control of my clan's young master. If you cannot sell it here, no other places would buy it either. If you do not sell the recipe, I'm afraid you won't be able to sell these Gu worms too." The elderly cupped his fist, his words being both firm and compromising, with a hint of threat.

"Oh? Then we'll see about that." Fang Yuan kept all these Gu worms, and left.

"Esteemed guests, I am sincerely advising you, please stay and sell it." The elderly gave his last attempt.

Fang Yuan did not pay him any attention, walking out of the room immediately. Bai Ning Bing could only follow closely behind.

"Esteemed guest, you will come here again." The elderly laughed coldly, sending the two off with his gaze.

After Fang and Bai left, the elderly came to the secret room, and activated his primeval essence, summoning a Gu.

This Gu turned into a flash of light and entered a bronze mirror.

Ripples appeared on the mirror surface, as a young man's face showed up.

"This subordinate greets young master." Seeing the young Gu Master, the elderly quickly kneeled on the floor.

"What business do you have?" This young man was one of the young masters of Shang clan, called Shang Ya Zi. He was only eighteen, at the peak of his life, but he was an alcoholic, causing his face to be skinny, and his skin to be pale, and giving off a dazed expression.

The elderly spoke about Fang Yuan's matter.

In Shang Ya Zi's eyes, a devious but excited light shone.

He shouted loudly: "Excellent. Heaven really leaves a path for the desperate. I was worrying about how to keep my young master position, and now heaven sends me this gift. I have to obtain this inheritance, with this deal, I would be able to pass the evaluation this year!"

"This subordinate will do his best, but I am only in charge of Tong Ou shop, as for the others…"

"I will arrange it, hmph, these two wants to sell Gu worms, they can only bow to me!" Shang Ya Zi snorted in disdain.

Ba Bao shop...

"Sorry guests, there are instructions from the higher-ups, if the two of you wants to sell Gu, you should go to Tong Ou shop."

Yuan Fang 1 building...

"So it is the two esteemed guests, if you sell the recipe, all can be discussed."

Bu Dao store…

"You two are esteemed guests, I am a businesswoman, why would I chase you away, but I am left with no choice either..."

After three shops, Fang Yuan did not manage to sell his Gu worms.

"Haha, to think you would have this day. The old man was not wrong, this is indeed their territory." Bai Ning Bing struck a blow to Fang Yuan relentlessly.

After several rejections, Fang Yuan's face was still calm: "Shang clan leader Shang Yan Fei has many children, but there is only one position for young clan leader, and ten young masters. Every year there would be an evaluation to choose the young clan leader, and remove the worst performing young master to make room for his other children."

A bright light flashed across Bai Ning Bing's brain: "So that's it, that means this Shang clan young master is either vying for the young clan leader position, or to defend his young master title. Otherwise, he would not create such a commotion."

Fang Yuan laughed as he clapped his hands together: "This is Shang clan's third inner city, no fighting is allowed. Even if Bai clan came here, they cannot do anything here. For the Shang clan young masters, their restrictions is even greater. With the impending evaluation, every movement from them will be strictly observed. We are in no hurry, let's find a place to sit down first."

At Shang clan, there is no worry about lack of food.

Let's just stall it out, and wait a few more days with these bone spear Gu, let's see who outlasts the other!

At the same time, in the first inner city.

"Did you investigate clearly?" Shang Yan Fei stood at the window, staring at the garden.

"This lady is indeed your flesh and blood, clan leader. Moreover, her soul is intact, her body had not been taken over by another person. I've already contacted Zhang clan, and clarified her identity. But there is something strange, she was part of a caravan heading towards Shang Liang mountain, but we cannot find anyone who travelled with her in the caravan." The external clan elder Wei Yang lowered his head and reported.

Shang Yan Fei listened quietly, sighing in his heart: "Oh heavens, thank you for giving me a chance to make amendments. I have already let down a girl, I cannot disappoint this daughter of mine anymore!"


Shang Xin Ci sat before the table, seeing the hot steam rise from her tea, her eyes were out of focus.

From Xiao Die's words, she knew of Shang Yan Fei's identity.

She did not expect her father to be the Shang clan leader, a man with immense authority, whose every action can impact the entire southern border!

Then why did he not find her mother?

Shang Xin Ci was intelligent after all, quickly understanding the reason why Shang Yan Fei abandoned her mother.

But even on her deathbed, her mother missed him greatly.

Shang Xin Ci felt pain in her heart, but also hatred, but mostly emptiness.

She did not know how to face this father who appeared all of a sudden.

But running away was impossible, outside the door there was knocking: " Ci Er 2 , can I come in?"

Xiao Die instantly became nervous.

It was Shang Yan Fei.

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