Reverend Insanity
250 Truly Demonic Gu Masters!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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250 Truly Demonic Gu Masters!

Chapter 250: Truly Demonic Gu Masters!

Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral
As the saying goes, adding icing on the cake cannot compare to offering help in times of need .

Troubled times and turbulence revealed people's true colors.

Fang Yuan, however, wasn't concerned with Shang Xin Ci's expression; next was the truly important thing.

He continued: "There is something I must tell you."

"Please speak." Shang Xin Ci wiped the corners of her eyes with her jade-like fingers, and adjusted her mood.

"Bai Yun and I are demonic path Gu Masters." Fang Yuan said.

Shang Xin Ci wasn't surprised and instead nodded her head. She had already anticipated this. Previously, Zhang Zhu had also guessed this and had reminded her to be on guard against Fang and Bai.

She was thus mentally prepared and could calmly accept this shocking statement.

She didn't have the aptitude to cultivate and was, moreover, an illegitimate child; her different life experience made her mature fast and have a deep understanding of the world's nature.

What's more, right now, she didn't have any other better options.

Fang Yuan's voice turned cold: "Those from the demonic path are vicious and merciless. Bai Yun and I are no exception; we have taken lives."

Shang Xin Ci subconsciously puckered her lips.

"You have to trust me, for me to be able to help you. But rest assured, after I feel that I have repaid your favor in full, I will quietly leave. Others will not associate you with demonic Gu Masters. But before that, Bai Yun and I will show up as Zhang Clan's Gu Masters, I hope that you can clarify our identities." Fang Yuan indifferently said.

Shang Xin Ci revealed a resolute gaze: "Lord Hei Tu, just address me as Xin Ci. You are of demonic path, but you are frank and someone of principles. Xin Ci is not pedantic, those righteous Gu Masters are mostly just hypocrites, being able to receive your protection is my fortune."

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed loudly and looked deeply at Shang Xin Ci, "As long as you don't regret it later."

Shang Xin Ci was just about to speak when there came a sound from outside the tent.

"Zhang Xin Ci is in this tent?" It was an arrogant and youthful male voice.

"Lord Gu Master, please stay where you are. Missy is having an important discussion inside." Xiao Die blocked the man.

"Important discussion? Haha, all of your Zhang Clan's goods have been donated, what important matters could there be to discuss?" The man sneered.

"Lord Gu Master… aahhh!" Xiao Die suddenly screamed, and then there was the sound of her falling to the ground.

"Get lost, you lowly slave dare to block my, Ou Fei's, path?!"

Shang Xin Ci's beautiful eyes immediately flashed with panic and worry; she was about to stand up, but was blocked by Fang Yuan.

The tent flap was suddenly lifted and a devious looking young Gu Master appeared in front of the two.

"Zhang Xin Ci!" The young Gu Master's gaze immediately landed on Shang Xin Ci's body, without bothering to conceal the lustful desire within.

"Haha, you were here, I have been looking all over for you." He curled up his lips and raised his head, looking at Shang Xin Ci as if everything was under his control.

Shang Xin Ci was wearing green clothings, and looked like a delicate lotus; there seemed to be nothing more beautiful than her.

This beautiful figure was already ingrained into many hearts in the caravan. Ou Fei was one of them; he had always yearned for her and wooed after her several times, but was always rejected by Shang Xin Ci. He had thought of using force, but had to control himself because of Zhang Zhu's presence.

Now, the only Gu Master from Zhang Clan in the caravan, Zhang Zhu, was dead. Shang Xin Ci was just a mere mortal but was so beautiful; Ou Fei had been coveting her in his heart and now he had this chance.

Ou Fei's lustful and invading gaze made Shang Xin Ci's heart twinge, her mood turning dismal.

She had given up the goods of her own accord, but was still not able to obtain safety. Her appearance had become a curse. These righteous Gu Masters who normally appeared dignified had now torn their masks.

Shang Xin Ci was clear that this Ou Fei was only the most impatient one and there were still many other wolves like him.

"I am not sure for what matters has Lord Ou Fei come for?" Shang Xin Ci stood up and asked in greeting.

"Hahaha!" Ou Fei threw his head back and laughed, "I came to help you, Xin Ci. Darling, the Gu Master protecting you has still not returned, he is definitely dead. You are only a weak woman, and as long as you rely on me, you can live safely. Pitiful girl, you don't need to thank me, this is how kind I am, just follow me."

Saying so, he walked forward to grab Shang Xin Ci.

Shang Xin Ci's face was pale, she was a young girl after all and couldn't help taking a step back.

This delicate and pitiful look, instead ignited the lust in Ou Fei.

"Missy, you can't go with him!" Xiao Die ran into the tent and opened her arms to block in front of Ou Fei.

Ou Fei became furious, and immediately slapped Xiao Die.

Xiao Die tumbled onto the ground, her cheek was already swollen up. She felt dizzy and her ears were ringing from the slap.

"Xiao Die!" Shang Xin Ci quickly crouched down and supported her.

"Missy, leave quickly. Even if I die, I won't let you take Missy!" Xiao Die slowly stood up and stared fiercely at Ou Fei; her gaze carried fear, anger and also decisiveness.

"You lowly servant, you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!" Ou Fei was going crazy with anger, he raised his hand and slapped down.

However, the next moment, a sturdy hand stretched out from seemingly nothingness, and fiercely grabbed his arm.

"Who is it?!" Ou Fei was startled, but when he looked at the person that was grabbing his arm, he only saw an ugly servant.

"Such audacity!" Ou Fei's expression twisted into one full of anger.

He tried taking back his arm, but Fang Yuan's arm was like iron pincers and didn't even move a bit.

"Dog slave, you are still not releasing your hand?!" Ou Fei's anger had reached the peak, turning into huge killing intent. He was going to activate his primeval essence when Fang Yuan suddenly smiled.

His whole face was full of burn injuries and he was also one ear short; right now as he smiled, he appeared extremely terrifying.

Ou Fei's heart immediately palpitated; Fang Yuan had already released his hand.


He raised his leg and gave a strong kick at Ou Fei's stomach.


Ou Fei only felt an enormous strength - that he had no way to resist - attack him. With the intense pain that followed, his whole body flew out of the tent like tattered rags, stopping only after twenty to thirty feet.

For a person to shoot out from a tent was a rather big commotion.

The surrounding people stopped to watch the show.

The tent flap was torn when Ou Fei flew out. From the torn hole, Shang Xin Ci and Xiao Die saw Ou Fei lying motionless on the ground.

The two were dumbfounded.

Merchants always paid particular attention to amiability with others, even putting on smiles when they were wronged. Shang Xin Ci's came from a poor background, she had already learned to endure and was used to lowering her head. Although she had rank three Zhang Zhu before, he was after all a healing Gu Master and couldn't do much by himself; most of the conflicting views had to be resolved warmly. Peacefully like the flow of water or the thawing of snow.

However, Fang Yuan's sudden kick was like a crash of thunder, a steep cliff; with no hints of moderation and restraint, it carried a dominating tyranny.

This intense violence far surpassed the two girl's imagination.

Ou Fei laid on the ground, stupefied for several seconds. Then the intense pain in his stomach aroused strong hatred and anger in him.

Someone had kicked him and that someone was even a servant!

"Bastard, you actually dared to kick me! How dare you kick me? You lowly mortal, you are asking for death! I will cut your corpse into thousand pieces!!" Ou Fei growled in fury and stood up from the ground.

The anger made his whole face red, he was gritting his teeth and his eyes clearly showed his anger; he looked just like a wild beast that was about to devour a human.

"Go and die!" He crazily charged towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan took a steady step forward, and blocked in front of the two girls with his head high and chest out.

Ou Fei suddenly jumped when he reached close, he reached the heights of twenty feet before diving down at Fang Yuan.

"I will swat you into meat paste!" He shouted and stretched out his two palms.

Under the influence of his Gu, his palms increased in size by over three times, and as it ruthlessly came down on Fang Yuan, even the wind seemed to scream indicating at its violent strength.

If Fang Yuan was truly a mortal, he would definitely be swatted into meat paste by Ou Fei's palms, dying a terrible death.

However, he was no mortal.

Not only that, he was a rank two upper stage Gu Master.

And not only was he a rank two upper stage Gu Master, he even had a portion of rank three peak stage snow silver primeval essence in his aperture.

Since his advancement to rank two, Fang Yuan's aperture had been able to contain some snow silver primeval essence. Especially during the frequent attacks by the beast groups, Fang Yuan had stored a portion of snow silver primeval essence to avoid any mishaps. Hence, Fang Yuan might be at rank two upper stage, but his fighting prowess wasn't limited to that.

And this Ou Fei - was no more than a rank two initial stage trash.


The strong wind brought forth by Ou Fei's attack, was blowing at the two girls' bunned hair.

Xiao Die's face was deathly pale upon seeing Ou Fei descending like a deity, his two hands swatting down with an extreme power.

Shang Xin Ci's heart was also palpitating, and couldn't help but shout: "Careful!"

Fang Yuan only scoffed, before lightly flicking his forefinger.

Spiral bone spear Gu!

A spiral bone spear suddenly shot out towards the sky.

"What?!" Ou Fei was shocked, his mind was in chaos as he tried to immediately dodge.

The bone spear pierced through his defense and skewered his shoulder, before stopping at the scapula; fresh blood spewed out of the wound.

The pain immediately stopped the momentum of Ou Fei's dive and he fell down on the ground in a sorry state.

"You are actually a Gu Master!" He cried out in panic and surprise.

Fang Yuan didn't reply, he just rushed forward and smashed his right fist at Ou Fei.

Ou Fei was dazed as he looked at the fist rapidly expanding towards him.

"Damn it!" He cursed and promptly activated his Gu worm as well as subconsciously raising his fan sized palm to block the attack.


The strength of two boars and a crocodile burst forth.

The enormous strength tore through Ou Fei's palms, breaking his defense and then struck his face.

His nose bone fractured and his whole face caved in by the attack. The attack sent him flying, blood spurting out wildly all along the way. And as he fell on the ground like tattered rags, he was already as dead as a corpse could be.

"Oh my god, he killed him!"

"A Gu Master was killed!"

The spectators were horrified; some cried in fear and some screamed.

Fang Yuan's body was covered by a layer of white light. This was the effect of the canopy Gu. He couldn't have used his strength as he much as he liked without this layer of defense.

"Gu… he is a Gu Master!!" Xiao Die's eyes widened into the size of saucers.

Shang Xin Ci was also dumbfounded with shock, she suddenly recalled Fang Yuan's words as she looked at his back.

"Those from the demonic path are vicious and merciless. Bai Yun and I are no exception; we have taken lives."

They were truly demonic Gu Masters!

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan saved the day :)


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