Reverend Insanity
243 Benefits sent towards oneself
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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243 Benefits sent towards oneself

Chapter 243: Benefits sent towards oneself

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"There are so much goods, it won't be cheap. It'll require at least fifty thousand primeval stones." Jin clan's Gu Master looked at Fang Yuan in suspicion.

After getting approval from Shang Xin Ci, Fang Yuan immediately found a few Jin clan Gu Masters, this was already the sixth.

"I do not have primeval stones." Fang Yuan shook his head: "But I can use my goods to exchange for yours."

"Exchange?" The Gu Master's eyebrows rose. He was not surprised as it was common to barter, especially in the caravan.

To him, there was no loss in bartering as long as the value was about the same.

"What will you use to exchange?"

Fang Yuan brought him to the goods immediately.

Jin clan's Gu Master frowned: "Your goods are cheaper than mine."

"But you can get a good price for it on this Huang Jin mountain, am I wrong?" Fang Yuan laughed.

Jin clan Gu Master frowned even deeper: "If the price is set too high, we won't be able to sell it."

"Then sell it slowly, it'll be sold eventually. Goods are more expensive when they are rare, by then you will be sitting at home collecting your earnings." Fang Yuan smiled.

The Gu Master laughed, the reason he talked so much was only to lower the price; his heart was moved long ago.

"You are not bad at all. As a mortal, you are neither haughty nor humble. I have three stores, are you interested in working for me? I can give you the position of shopkeeper! Your wages can also be further discussed." The Gu Master patted Fang Yuan's shoulders.

Fang Yuan rejected politely; the Gu Master felt a little pity.

"Hei Tu, what have you done!" After the transaction was over, Xiao Die ran over with a frosty expression.

"You exchanged all the goods? What are you trying to do? You are too bold!" Xiao Die stomped her foot in anger: "Do you know these goods were all chosen by Missy after much consideration. After we transport them to Shang Clan City, we can sell them for twice the amount! Quick, exchange them back now!"

Fang Yuan's expression turned cold: "Your Missy has already lent all the goods to me, which is to say, these belong to me. Hmph, I am dealing with my own goods, is there a problem?"

Fang Yuan's gaze swept through Xiao Die, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Die instantly felt a chill that made her heart palpitate.

Fang Yuan had decided to expose a little more and thus putting on such a strong attitude against Xiao Die.

Xiao Die was witty and eloquent all along, but now, a cold feeling crept up her heart: "You, you… I will tell Missy, watch out!"

She tried her best to hide her inner emotions, but still left frantically.

Her report naturally caused no disturbance to Fang YUan.

But the servants that Shang Xin Ci brought along, had much opinions about Fang Yuan's actions. Many discussed secretly, thinking this Hei Tu had gone crazy.

Fang Yuan knew the value of these goods and could sense Shang Xin Ci's business talent.

But this was her first time doing business, her experience was very lacking even though she had talent. Business was not just transporting goods to the destination, and earning profits from the price difference.

A true expert merchant earned along the way as well. Using their keen foresight to explore new opportunities, learning about the specialty of each mountains, and tailoring to the needs of each clan; they built networks as they profited from all those around them.

Of course, these requirements were too high for the current Shang Xin Ci. She had just turned 16, although she had talent, she was still a fresh young girl.

Fang Yuan spent about a hundred years in his past life doing trade. He joined caravans and even became a leader He also opened his own shops, including rock gambling and even auctions.

When it came to experience and foresight, those leaders and vice leaders in the caravan could not hold a candle to Fang Yuan, let alone the inexperienced Shang Xin Ci.

"There is still a distance to Shang Liang mountain. If I manipulate this wholeheartedly, I can at least increase the value of these goods by seven or eight times!"

This profit margin was terrifying. Any higher and even Fang Yuan could do it. Due to actual circumstances, seven to eight times was the limit of this world.

"Of course, if I use unorthodox methods, not just seven or eight, I can easily jack it up by seventy or eighty times." Thinking so, Fang Yuan could not help but think of a poem on Earth ——

Obeying the law and living in constant worry, bandits live in pleasure every night; those who harm others to benefit themselves ride horses, while those were righteous and fair starve in hunger. Those who build bridges and repair roads go blind, while those who murder and cause arson have many offsprings. When I died, I asked Buddha, Buddha said: There was nothing I could do!

Haha, the so called system and law was to deprive the masses and limit the weak.

Whichever world it was, the law of the jungle prevailed!

Thus, even during an era ruled by law, countless rich and influential people found loopholes and avoided the judgement of the law. Not to mention this Gu world, where strength was everything one needed to exert influence!

In Fang Yuan's previous life, he once did business with all his heart, having millions of assets and countless properties. But later, some experts casually usurped them, causing him to go bankrupt and living in the streets.

For the next four hundred years of his life, whenever he thought back to it, he was extremely glad he had such an experience.

Only through pain can one learn about the truth!

Precisely because of this experience, he woke up from his delusions and broke free of the restraints that bound him while living in the lawful society of Earth.

Humans were often blinded not by the sight before them, but by the chains in their hearts.

To Fang Yuan, if he abided by morals of business and be a proper businessman, he could only earn seven to eight times the profit.

But if he used some illegal methods, becoming an unscrupulous merchant, he could make over tenfold worth of profits.

If he abandoned his position, and lied and scammed, becoming a dishonest trader, he could make tens of times of profits.

If he directly murdered and robbed, he would not even need a capital. Business without investing capital, was always the most profitable!

But Fang Yuan had other objectives doing business now. Thus, methods that broke the rules could not be used and this caused him to have some feeling of restraint.

However, the night before the caravan set off, a Jin clan Gu Master secretly approached him.

"There is a secret deal we want to make, are you interested?" This Gu Master was one of those who traded with Fang Yuan earlier.

Fang Yuan did not mind it, but after a few minutes, he changed his ideas.

"You are saying, someone wants to sell Jinzan grass?" He was extremely surprised, almost suspecting that he had heard wrongly.

To Jin clan, Jinzan grass could not be replaced with other materials, it was an important war resource. It was exactly because it could be used as a refinement material that Jin clan could produce large numbers of golden silkworm Gu. But now someone wanted to sell it?

In Fang Yuan's memories, it was because Jin clan had large numbers of the rank three golden silkworm Gu that their battle strength rose rapidly, thus eliminating Huang clan and becoming the controller of the area.

"Wait a minute, Huang clan still exists now. This means Jin clan has not fully manufactured the recipe for the golden silkworm Gu? That shouldn't be it, by this time they should have some ideas already, otherwise why would they mass plant Jinzan grass?" Fang Yuan's thoughts moved like lightning.

He probed: "I'm about done with trading goods. The Jinzan grass is an unpopular material, although it is rare, little people need it..."

Seeing Fang Yuan reject, the Gu Master panicked: "The price can be further discussed, why don't we have a good talk about it."

Fang Yuan's gaze shone, seeing the other party was very anxious, he started to lower the price.

After an intense bargaining, the Jinzan grass' price had been lowered to a horrifying degree.

The Gu Master's face paled, his expression turned ugly and his tone became irritated: "You win, we'll go with this price, can we complete the deal now?"

This price was very low, even lower than the cost of nurturing the Jinzan grass. If they sold it, it truly was making a loss.

The Jin clan Gu Master knew this, and so his heart bled.

Fang Yuan also knew this was the limit, but he still shook his head: "This price is too low, to speak the truth your attitude makes me feel uncertain."

The Jin clan Gu Master instantly exploded: "You were the one who lowered the price, now you're finding it too low?!"

Fang Yuan shrugged: "You said it earlier, this is a private transaction, there is no hard evidence. What if you sell me fake goods, who would I find then? You see, the caravan is leaving tomorrow, by then even if I made a loss, I have no choice but to leave."

"Your suspicions are valid..." Jin Clan Gu Master's anger subsided: "Don't worry about the goods, they are definitely real. To tell you the truth, this is secretly sold by our young master."

Fang Yuan's eyes shone brilliantly, he had finally received some useful information.

He pretended to be shocked: "Your young master stole it?"

"These Jinzan grass is a vegetation loved by the clan leader, purposely growing three acres of it. But we can't do anything about it since our clan leader has a unique interest. So do not worry, the Jinzan grass is nothing important, the son taking his father's things to sell, even if it is discovered, he will only be scolded." The Gu Master said.

Fang Yuan immediately understood everything.

So it was like this!

Jin clan had already been trying to fix the recipe for the golden silkworm Gu. At this point, they had a rough idea already and were thus growing three acres of Jinzan grass..

But to prevent unwanted attention from Huang clan, this information was kept among the higher ups of the clan, even the young master did not know, only thinking that this grass was planted out of interest.

The Jinzan grass' growth period was very long, needing four years to mature.

In his memory, Jin clan launched their attack a year later. They used the rank three golden silkworm Gu which had sharp offensive strength to eliminate Huang clan and dominate Huang Jin mountain.

If this three acres of Jinzan grass was gone, they won't be able to find that much on the market either. Then to eliminate Huang clan, Jin clan would need to waste a few more years.

Evidently, this Jinzan grass was a dangerous item!

If he really bought it, it would be provoking this large Jin clan.

An ordinary person would avoid it like the plague, but Fang Yuan saw a huge opportunity from it.

This profit, although dangerous, since it was delivered to him with both hands, how could he reject it?

To speak the truth, although Fang Yuan possessed the heavenly essence treasure lotus, he still had a need for primeval stones, and it wasn't a small amount he needed.

When they reached the Shang Clan City, he needed to purchase Gu worms, and that required a lot of primeval stones. Relying on the heavenly essence treasure lotus's daily production was troublesome and insufficient.

"That young master is definitely a wastrel, he is probably doted by the clan leader, but is in need of money recently, thus he set his eyes on the Jinzan grass. Hehehe..."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan couldn't help but laugh.

If he took this profit, not only would it help in purchasing Gu worms, it would also leave a deep impression on Shang Xin Ci. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Jin clan Gu Master saw Fang Yuan's smile, and laughed: "So, you agree?"

"Of course." Fang Yuan looked at him; once this deal went through, this guy would definitely be in trouble.

"But what does his trouble have to do with me?" What Fang Yuan was considering now, was how to swallow this profit without choking himself.

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