Reverend Insanity
240 Arm Wrestling
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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240 Arm Wrestling

Chapter 240: Arm Wrestling

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Bandit monkeys were very strong and were as big as an elephant. Mature bandit monkey could reach ten meters of height and had bulging muscles all over their body. Their arms were over two times thicker than their legs and their tails were like iron rods, capable of pulverizing rocks.

The fur of bandit monkeys were golden with black tiger stripes covering their body. What was peculiar was the fur from their waist grew out naturally to cover the crotch and the butt area, just like a leather skirt.


The monkey king of this bandit monkey group, suddenly opened its large mouth and gave a loud howl.

Its howl were as forceful as lions and tigers.


The monkey king's howl was answered by the other monkeys.

The howls created soundwaves which engulfed the surroundings, scattering the winds and clouds along with the dense white fog.

Within seconds, everyone's sights broadened and only then did they realize both sides of the passageway were filled with bandit monkeys; over a thousand bandit monkeys had surrounded the caravan.

They were enormous, the same size as the trees. Some young trees could only reach upto their waists.

In front of the caravan was the monkey king who had an even larger physique, and was boldly sitting on a stone bench. A gray stone wine jar that was as big as a water tank, was lying on its side, giving off a dense fragrance of alcohol.

The monkey king stopped after howling once, but the other bandit monkeys were still howling without stop.

This instead enhanced the monkey king's majesty.

Its eyes were sharp and bright, its gaze tranquil as it sat there without moving. In contrast, those ordinary bandit monkeys were getting restless as they stared at the caravan's goods, itching to have a go.

Wild beasts like monkey, fox and wolves possessed intelligence.

This bandit monkey king's intelligence might only be equal to three year old child and wasn't at the level of cunning lightning wolf, but it was enough for it communicate.

The leader of the caravan, Jia Long, narrowed his eyes at the monkey king and suddenly said: "Jia Yong, go."

"Yes, chief." Jia Yong stood up.

He was tall and fat, especially with his bulging stomach, but he was actually rather robust.

He was defensive Gu Master and his lifebound Gu was water armor Gu. He was a rank two Gu Master and was specialized in fighting in water. Once, when he was swimming in a river, he luckily encountered a boat-sized tortoise and killed it, obtaining a tortoise strength Gu from its body. After he used it, he was able to permanently gain the strength of a tortoise.

The monkey groups howled even more fiercely when they saw Jia Yong coming closer, their voices shaking the whole forest.

Jia Yong had a solemn expression as he lifted his sleeves and stood in front of the monkey king.

The monkey king was enormous and even while sitting, it was still taller than Jia Yong by a head.

It looked at Jia Yong and howled; several bandit monkeys immediately brought a stone table while panting hard.

The stone table was as large as a bed and was extremely heavy, producing a muffled sound as it landed on the ground.

Another two bandit monkeys came over and moved a stone stool, placing it in front of the monkey king.

The monkey king slammed at the stone table, the sounds produced was as if he had beaten a large drum.

Jia Yong gulped a mouthful of saliva and sat down. He placed his right elbow on the table and extended his forearm.

The monkey king similarly extended his left hand; two palms tightly grasped each other.

Beside the table was an elderly female bandit monkey who suddenly shouted.

Jia Yong and the monkey king heard the signal and immediately put strength in their arms, starting this uncommon style of strength contest.

Bandit monkeys respected strength and arm wrestling was their main social activity. Young monkeys could arm wrestle immediately after being born. Arm wrestling was not only a game for bandit monkeys, it was also commonly used method to resolve disputes.

In the past, the righteous Gu Master Sky Crown Marquis was only a rank five Gu Master, he naturally wasn't able to slaughter the mountain with this strength. It was this armwrestling custom of the bandit monkeys he used to reach the peak of the bandit monkey mountain and win against the monkey emperor. He was then able to obtain the monkey groups' approval and came to an agreement, opening the trade route.

From then on, any caravans that were passing through Fei Hou mountain would follow this agreement and arm wrestle with the bandit monkeys.

If they won, they would obtain the bandit monkeys' approval and be able to pass without paying the toll. If they lost, they would have to let the monkey group take a portion of their goods.

With this, the caravans could carry out their business and the bandit monkeys were also happy to be able to get benefits.

As the years went by and the caravans abided by the agreement, the trade route began to gradually flourish, and the agreement also gradually stabilized.

Jia Yong, sitting opposite the monkey king, was flushed red, his expression was twisted as he was already using all his strength.

However, he still couldn't resist the monkey king's strength, and his arm began to gradually incline to the side until finally the monkey king's arm slammed Jia Yong's arm to the table.


Monkey king stood up and excitedly beat his chest with his fists.

The rest of the monkeys were howling and screeching; the noise was frightening.

Jia Yong walked back to the caravan with his head lowered. The bandit monkeys teased and taunted him while he was walking back - some lifted their leather skirt, showing their butts at Jia Yong; some made faces; and some shook their fingers at him.

"To think there would be a day where I am ridiculed by a bunch of beasts…" Jia Yong gave a helpless sigh with a bitter smile on his face.

Jia Long showed no expression, and just raised his hand.

Jia Clan's troops began to move forward, the monkeys flocked towards them and began to wantonly take goods from the wagons.

Jia Clan had already made careful considerations; they covered the high quality coal stones with a layer of colorful and gorgeous silk and thin fabric. The monkeys were all attracted by these colorful cloth, and let go of the more valuable ash-grey high quality coal stones.

The monkeys were very happy with their choices, playing around with the cloths. Many wrapped the cloth around their arms, waists and even draped the cloth over their shoulders; the whole scene was noisy and chaotic.

"Where is Jia Ping?" Jia Long shouted with a heavy voice.

Jia Ping slowly walked out, his body was starkly in contrast to Jia Yong, he was thin as stick and looked extremely fragile.

"I will avenge you." He patted Jia Yong's shoulder as he walked past him.

"This will naturally be easily over with Brother Jia Ping making a move." Jia Yong cupped his hands and gave a forced smile.

Jia clansmen let out a breath of relief upon seeing Jia Ping moving out; their expressions clearly easing up.

The bandit monkeys let out odd yells when they saw Jia Ping's physique, their gazes filled with contempt and disdain.

Monkey King was already sitting down, he indifferently lifted the wine jar and drank a mouthful of monkey wine.

"They are indeed animals, judging people by appearances." Jia Long sneered.

Jia Ping looked weak, but actually possessed strength of two bears. It was just that he used tendon coiling Gu which intertwined his whole muscles and tendons just like tree roots, and thus compressing his muscles.

Jia Ping sat down and stretched his arm.

His arm wasn't even a quarter of the monkey king's arm. However, after they started, the deadlock only lasted a moment before the monkey king was defeated.

Instantly, the howls and screeches of the monkeys stopped.

The monkey king's eyes were opened as wide as saucers, revealing an incredulous expression.

Jia Long chuckled and waved his hand, signalling the troop to continue moving.

The monkeys that were blocking the path automatically made a way and didn't make any moves. When a portion of Jia clan's troops moved forward, the monkeys howled and again blocked the path.

The monkey king wasn't convinced in its loss as it slammed the stone table and challenged Jia Ping.

Jia Ping had a smile on his face as he gained another victory.

"Everyone, I am going to move first." Jia Long cupped his hands and after calling out to the others, the Jia clan's troops and wagons passed through the checkpoint.

"Alright, next it is my Lin Clan's turn. Lin Dong!" Lin clan's vice leader shouted.

The others didn't argue, they had already discussed the order of the caravan.

Time continued to pass and parts of the caravan had also moved forward.

To pass through the Fei Hou mountain and decrease the losses to the minimum, all the great clans nurtured a lot of specific Gu Masters.

Ox strength, Tiger strength, Elephant strength, Python strength, Horse strength… the Gu Masters possessing these went to compete, each showing their talents; some lost and some won.

Most of the people had passed through the checkpoint. Finally, it was Zhang Clan's turn.

Zhang Zhu didn't look good, he was a healing Gu Master and wasn't good at strength aspect.

Moreover, when arm wrestling with the monkey king, one could only use their strength and not the Gu worms. If they were discovered to have cheated by using Gu worms, they would be attacked and killed by the monkey groups.

The troops Zhang clan brought in this caravan didn't have any other Gu Masters except him, a rank three Gu Master. Thus, they were the weakest in strength in the whole caravan.

Shang Xin Ci did not have an easy life in Zhang Clan, and was shunted aside for being an illegitimate child. The situation had become worse after her mother died of illness.

In light of her mother's will, Shang Xin Ci sold the family assets and organized this caravan.

Most of Zhang Clan's people looked forward to this disgrace of the clan dying outside. Thus, they didn't send any Gu Masters to reinforce her.

"Uncle Zhang Zhu doesn't need to worry too much, they are nothing more than goods, it is okay as long as people are safe." Shang Xin Ci had a delicate heart, she softly consoled Zhang Zhu when she noticed his expression.

"The only one remaining is Zhang Clan."

"Tsk, tsk no need to watch, they are sure to lose. I am quite familiar with that Zhang Zhu."

"It is said that Zhang Clan's girl organized this merchant group by herself. Hence, there is only Zhang Zhu to put up a front.

Many Gu Master stood behind the checkpoint, waiting to see a good show.

They had all, more or less, lost some goods, their mood were naturally not too good.

Comparison produces happiness, the unlucky people often felt relieved by seeing a more unlucky person.

Many were looking at Zhang Clan, trying to find comfort in their hearts.

"Goods can be lost, only lives are truly important. Uncle Zhang Zhu, you don't need to go, we will just let these monkey groups take the goods." Shang Xin Ci said.

" Sigh , miss, you don't know. We can't pass through without competing, these monkeys are very obstinate, we must arm wrestle. Miss, we can lose but we can't let others belittle us. I will go!" Zhang Zhu cupped his hands and forced himself to walk out.

"Wait, wait!" Right at this time, Fang Yuan walked out of the crowd.

"Miss Zhang, you are my benefactor. Let me be the one to go." He cupped his hands and said to Shang Xin Ci.

"You?" The servant girl Xiao Die rolled her eyes, "You are not a Gu Master, don't add trouble at this time of crisis!"

Shang Xin Ci smiled: "Hei Tu, I have received your intention. This isn't a joke, the monkey king has great strength, didn't you see some of those Gu Masters' arms fractured?"

"Miss, even if my arms fracture, I will repay you." Fang Yuan persevered.

"You, how can you be like this, not knowing your limitations. If your arm gets fractured, wouldn't it be my missy who has to waste time healing you?" Xiao Die waved her hand in disgust, "Don't stir trouble."

"Lady Zhang, you don't know, I have always had extraordinary strength since young, even adults didn't have as much strength as me when I was a kid. I must go this time!" Fang Yuan then turned and walked towards the monkey king.

"Hei Tu!" Shang Xin Ci wanted to stop him, but was stopped by Zhang Zhu.

"Miss, he is not a moron, he definitely has some confidence. Sometimes, we need to believe in others." Zhang Zhu persuaded.

In fact, he had no faith in Fang Yuan. He only thought this would teach a good lesson to these mortals who had brought him trouble.

"Eh, look, Zhang Clan actually sent out a servant!"

"Haha, Zhang Clan has no people left, they are sending out a servant to lose face?"

Fang Yuan's figure soon attracted the attention of the others.


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