Reverend Insanity
238 Lady, save me!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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238 Lady, save me!

Chapter 238: Lady, save me!

Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral
The old steward's anger surged to the skies, he decided to give Fang Yuan an unforgettable lesson.

Bang, he opened the door.

However, the scene that appeared in front of him was Fang Yuan's injuries and blood stains.

The old steward got quite a shock, forgetting his rage, he asked: "You, what happened? Has a beast pack raided us?"

"No, old steward. It was those thieves that injured me, and snatched my primeval stones! Old steward, you need to seek justice for me!" Fang Yuan wiped away his tears and shouted.


" hurts!"

"Has that lunatic gone away?"

"Damn it, that lunatic is too strong!"

The scene inside the tent was of a complete mess. The aroma of the meat stew was still there, but it could no longer be salvaged and the pot was completely smashed.

The group of servants were slowly recovering their senses; they either had bloody noses and swollen faces, or they were drawing in gasps of cold air.

"Son of a ... A mere newbie dares to beat us, this has gone too far!"

"We have not even gone to find trouble with him yet he dared to find trouble with us first?!"

"I cannot contain this anger. We cannot let this be, we must get back at him!"

"How? Can you even beat him?"

"Why would we beat him? We will just tell on him and let the old steward handle him. This newbie is too tyrannical, how can we still work together later?"

"That's right. Pass those two primeval stones he threw to me. This will be the evidence!" Brother Qiang suddenly said.

The tent immediately quietened down, everyone knew this was just an excuse used by Brother Qiang.

The servants who hadn't been able to snatch the primeval stones looked at this with joy, looking at the skinny monkey and another servant.

The two of them seemed to be mumbling, but didn't speak; clearly, they didn't want to hand it over.

Brother Qiang was not stupid at all, as he said tactfully: "We are all injured, these two primeval stones are not only evidence, they are also our medical fees."

These words resounded with the servants who wanted to have a share, as they spoke one after another.

"Brother Qiang is right!"

"Monkey, hand the primeval stone to Brother Qiang. Or are you thinking of becoming the boss?"

"Brother Qiang has a deep background, only he can avenge us!"

"Brother Qiang, we believe you…"

Under everyone's pressure, skinny monkey and the other servant could only purse their lips, and unwillingly hand over their primeval stone to Brother Qiang.

As Brother Qiang received and felt the smooth, glossy primeval stones, he felt his nose didn't hurt so much anymore.

However, right at this moment, the entrance curtain was suddenly lifted.

Everyone was shocked, thinking Fang Yuan had come again. But the one that was staring at the scene was the old steward.

"Old steward, what are you doing here!"

"Old steward, we were just going to look for you!"

The servants were both surprised and joyous.

The old steward's expression, however, was not good, especially when he saw those two primeval stones on Brother Qiang's hand, his looks turned even more gloomy.

He reached in front of Brother Qiang in few steps, then snatched the primeval stones and gave several tight slaps to Brother Qiang.

Brother Qiang was stupefied.

The rest of the servants were also stupefied.

After several moments, the group finally reacted.

"Old steward, why are you so angry?"

"Old steward, you, what are you doing?!"

The old man simply walked away and lifted open the curtains: "Qiang, skinny monkey, you group of bastards, come out!"

Then he directly walked out of the tent.

Brother Qiang covered his face, but he didn't dare to oppose the old steward. He restrained his anger and walked out of the tent in bewilderment.

The rest of the servants also followed him out of the tent, when they saw Fang Yuan standing to the side; his whole body was injured and his cloth was stained with blood.

"Old steward, they are the ones who stole my primeval stones!" Fang Yuan pointed at them and shouted with righteous indignation.

"What the!" The servants only then reacted.

"Brat, you dare slander us!"

"Asshole, I will peel off your skin!!"

The group of servants were furious and shouted one after another.


A clear slap instantly suppressed the scene.

The servant who was shouting the most, was covering his face, and involuntarily took a step back from the slap.

The old steward looked at him darkly: "Why wouldn't he complain, hmm? Hehe, you guys are getting more and more out of control, you even dare to snatch the primeval stones of your workmate!"

The old steward was well aware of the bullying on newcomers, but he was glad to see that happen.

This was a necessary process. On one hand, it would suppress the arrogance of the newcomers, making his supervision work easier; on another hand, it could also promote the harmony between the oldcomers and the newcomers.

However, the bullying this time went too far, they directly snatched the primeval stones; what difference was there between them and the bandits?

"Old steward, it isn't what you are thinking…." Someone complained.


Another clear slap.

The old steward's tone turned cold: "Did I tell you to speak?"

"Old steward, we must speak up!"

"Yes, we are being accused!"

Many servants shouted, feeling wronged. We are the victims here!

The old steward seethed in anger as he shouted fiercely: "You guys took his primeval stones and you actually dare to say you are being accused. These two primeval stones, are they his or not? Speak! Speak honestly!"

"Yes, yes."

"It is, but…"

Slap slap!

Two slaps, the two servants shut their mouths.

The old steward pointed at them and angrily rebuked: "Okay, let's forget about snatching the primeval stones, you actually dared to use knives! You sure have guts! Speak up, who used the knife…"

When the servants were crippled and couldn't work anymore, their recuperation and treatment would be expenses!

If such matters were delayed, the target of the Gu master's blame would be the old steward.

"Using knife?"

"We didn't!"

"Old steward, we are all experienced, who doesn't know about this?"

"A load of bullshit. Do you think I am blind? If you didn't use knives, then where did his injuries come from? Are you telling me he cut himself?" The old steward continued to angrily shout.

Bai Ning Bing thought inwardly, while looking at this scene from a dark corner not far away: Old steward, you are quite smart, you actually guessed it.

Slap.. Slap.. Slap…

The old steward's anger had reached an extreme as he slapped the servants one after another.

Every servants received few slaps; none dare to speak up in fear of the old steward's authority.

They could only clench their fists in anger. The veins in their forehead out and cracking noises were emitted from their teeth grinding. They were all filled with stuffed feeling with nowhere to vent it on.

"Get back to the tent, I will settle the accounts with you tomorrow." The old steward's hands were already numb from the slapping; as he was old, he was having trouble breathing but his anger had also mostly dissipated.

The servants didn't dare to go against this order, but before leaving all of them angrily looked at Fang Yuan, engraving his image in the depths of their hearts.

The old steward walked towards Fang Yuan and gave him the primeval stones, saying with an annoyed tone: "You got your primeval stones back, don't lose them again. I won't give a damn if you lose them again!"

Fang Yuan was sniffing and weeping, he seemed to be both moved and afraid: "Old steward, please safeguard these two primeval stones for me. I am afraid they will be snatched."

Old steward was speechless for a while, before feeling a rush of excitement. Merchants were always be in danger, maybe one day Fang Yuan would be swallowed by the wild beasts, wouldn't these two primeval stones be his then?

"Alright, I will take it upon myself to safeguard them for you." The old steward said.

"Thank you old steward, you truly are a good person." Fang Yuan repeatedly bowed and kept on expressing his thanks.

"Alright, alright, I am tired, you should go rest too." The old steward waved his hand and impatiently walked away. As for where Fang Yuan slept, it wasn't his concern.

"This Hei Tu is truly stupid." The old steward sneered inwardly.

After everyone left, Fang Yuan's expression turned back to normal.

"The wounds on your body are still bleeding, aren't you going to treat them?" Bai Ning Bing came over.

"I still have use for them, let's go." Fang Yuan smiled.


Inside a tent, oil lamps were lit.

Shang Xin Ci was holding a book, when suddenly her brows slightly furrowed: "Xiao Die, did you hear that? It seemed like someone is crying for help?"

The servant girl called Xiao Die, was dozing off with her head slowly moving up and down. It wouldn't be okay if she slept before the young lady.

Right now, she was startled awake. She leaned her ears to listen and immediately said: "Wah, someone is crying for help…"

"Who is crying so late in the night? Why is it you again!" Shang Xin Ci's bodyguard Gu Master Zhang Zhu walked out and saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was slumped on the ground; snot and tears falling down.

"Get lost. I will kill you if you don't get lost right this moment!" Zhang Zhu shouted, he didn't have good impression of Fang Yuan.

"Uncle Zhang Zhu…" At this time, Shang Xin Ci and the servant girl walked out.

"How come it is you again, are you haunting us?!" The servant girl's eyes were wide open when she saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan ignored them and only looked at Shang Xin Ci: "Zhang clan lady, my life has been harmed by you and only you can save me!"

"Tsk, you lunatic, what nonsense are you saying!" Zhang Zhu angrily shouted.

"Our young lady is very kind hearted, how could she harm you? Lady, let's go, don't pay attention to this lunatic." The servant girl chided Fang Yuan.

Shang Xin Ci's nature was such that she could never see other's suffering and helplessness.

Fang Yuan's blood soaked and wounded body had already won her sympathy. Now, with his words, if Shang Xin Ci didn't get involved, she would definitely not be able to have a good sleep.

"You say you were harmed by me? What do you mean? Uncle Zhang Zhu, I have to trouble you to heal him first." Shang Xin Ci said.

Although Zhang Zhu was not willing, he could only do as she said. He pushed his hands, a white ball of light entered Fang Yuan's body; the bleeding immediately stopped and the wounds were gradually closing up.

Fang Yuan said: "It was those two primeval stones, the others were envious of it and snatched my primeval stones. I can't fight them and could only ask the old steward to uphold justice. They have returned the primeval stones, but threatened that they will teach me a lesson and make my life worse than death!"

"So, it was like that." Shang Xin Ci sighed when she heard this.

"You reap what you sow. Lady, we shouldn't get involved with him. He clearly brought this upon himself, selling at such a high price, did he think everything would be fine?" Xiao Die rolled her eyes, showing her displeasure at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan continued: "I have discussed it with my companion, we can only rely on Lady Zhang. Otherwise, we will be killed by them, two lives will be lost!"

"It won't go as far as killing…" Shang Xin Ci comforted Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan interrupted her: "Lady, you don't know how dark it is here. They will plot against me during the beasts attacks. Maybe one day, I will be eaten by the wild beasts, but actually it was manipulated by them behind the scenes. Lady, I beg you to take us in your shelter, please save us!"

Shang Xin Ci hesitated, but she finally couldn't bring herself to reject him, "Alright, I will temporarily take you guys in."

Translator's Thoughts
ChibiGeneral ChibiGeneral

Please save Fang Yuan from the thugs.


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