Reverend Insanity
234 Arrest Warran
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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234 Arrest Warran

Chapter 234: Arrest Warrant

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"You have to know, there are lots of purple maple leaves on Zi You mountain. Those people buy it because it is more convenient for them, and they can save time from picking them. Sigh, it's pointless to tell you now. Nevermind, nevermind...."

The old village head continuously sighed.

Fang Yuan bobbed his head: "We just wanted to sell it for more primeval stones, one is to recoup the cost, the other is to take care of our parents. Who would have thought that after so much effort, it could not be sold."

He sounded anxious, a hint of crying in his speech.

Hearing his words, the old village head's heart softened, the grudge in his heart dispersing by more than half.

Fang Yuan said again: "No worries lord village head, I have decided to follow the caravan tomorrow. By lowering the price, I'm sure we can sell it eventually."

"Follow the caravan? Who allowed you to follow the caravan?" The old village head stared with wide opened eyes.

Fang Yuan said as a matter of fact: "I saw many mortals in the caravan. If they can follow, why can we?"

The old village head rested his head on his arm: "Those are the family servants of the lord Gu Masters! You think simply anyone can just follow them? What if people with ill intentions mix in among them?"

"Ah?!" Fang Yuan's mouth opened wide, stunned on the spot: "Then how? The caravan is leaving tomorrow."

" Sigh ..." The old man sighed deeply: "Nevermind, I'll help you to the end. Tomorrow I'll beg them to let you into the caravan, it'll all be up to your fate."

The sun had just rose, and there were still a few stars visible in the light blue sky. Looking afar, Zi You mountain is enveloped in a dark purple colour, peaceful and mysterious.

After a night of rest, the caravan had started loading up their goods already.

"Inspect the goods once more!"

"Tie the ropes tightly, if anything drops during the journey, we will punish you with a hundred beatings."

"Quick, quick, quick, feed our black skin beetles till full."

Gu Masters ordered and sent their family servants into a busy state. Some had bad temper, holding a whip in their hands, whoever moved slowly would be whipped. Some loved their Gu worms, and fed them personally.

"Lord Chen." The old village head bowed, paying respects to one of the vice leaders in the caravan.

"Oh, old Zhang, I am busy here, just tell me what you have to say." This Chen Gu Master said.

"It is like this. I have two juniors, doing small business..." Before the old village head finished, Chen Gu Master suddenly shouted: "Chen Xin, why are you in a daze? Go and feed the winged snakes, you think those servants can feed them properly? That snake of yours had already swallowed three servants these few days!"

"Yes clan elder." Chen Xin was grabbed, raising his head and said.

But Chen Gu Master did not let go of him, chiding again: "How many times have I told you, call me clan elder in the village, in the caravan, you have to address me as vice leader."

"Yes, yes, yes Lord vice leader." Chen Xin answered, running away swiftly.

"This rascal..." Chen Gu Master scolded under his breath in anger, before turning to the old village head: "What did you say earlier? Oh! You want me to vouch for your two juniors to enter the caravan?"

"Lord is truly wise, that is the case." Old village head quickly answered.

"That..." Chen Gu Master purposely hummed.

The old village head was turned into a Gu Master by him, because this route needed for the caravan to pass by, he needed someone who worked for him.

For caravans travelling, those villages were crucial, but the mortal hamlets along the way cannot be ignored as well, they were equally important.

The caravans had many people and much to do, much living resources would be quickly expended and need to be replenished along the way. There are also servants, when they encounter danger, some servants die and manpower becomes lacking. The caravan will have to select some mortals in those hamlets to recruit.

Speaking of which, among Chen Gu Master's family servants, manpower was starting to feel lacking, after all mortals had cheap lives, they were just a type of expendable resources that can talk and move.

"Henceforth, when I cross by Zi You mountain, I will still need to make use of old Zhang, if I don't accede to his request, wouldn't that discourage him? Although I am lacking manpower now, I cannot agree so easily. I have to wait, and sell this favor at a good price."

Chen Gu Master was still considering, when a messenger Gu Master from the caravan came running.

There was a stack of paper in his hand, as he ran and shouted: "All members take note, there is a new arrest warrant, there is a new arrest warrant!"

He shouted as he pasted a piece of paper on a black skin fat beetle's body.

"New arrest warrant? From which clan? How much bounty, retrieve it for me." Chen Gu Master was interested.

"Yes, vice leader." The messenger Gu Master quickly handed over a piece of paper.

Chen Gu Master looked: "Oh, an arrest warrant from Bai clan. As long as information is accurate, they will give a thousand primeval stones? So much!"

Chen Gu Master's eyes shone, gaining interest in the matter.

There were two prices on the warrant, one was information price, the other was killing price.

Information priced at a thousand primeval stones, normally it is used for a wanted demonic cultivator that has made a name for himself. But this poster only showed two youngsters, with proper features, and one was even very beautiful.

One male one female, these were two newbies.

"One is a rank one Gu Master, the other is rank three. With information price of a thousand primeval stones, and killing price of five thousand eight thousand primeval stones. Pfft, it seems that Bai clan hates these two demonic rascals to the core. Hehe…" Chen Gu Master laughed at their predicament, so long as it is not his Chen family.

What he did not know was, these two demonic rascals were near him.

The old village head took a look at the arrest warrant, and a chill came from within his heart.

"Gu Master's world is really dangerous, such a beautiful youngster, is actually a criminal demonic cultivator! Let's just hope that they are not coming to our village."

"Alright, seeing how you've worked hard for all these years old Zhang, I will accede to your request." Chen Gu Master said.

"Ah, thank you lord! Lord, I will call them here now." The old village head was overjoyed.

Chen Gu Master waved his hand: "No need, I'm very busy. Just get them to report to Chen Xin."

Towards two mortals, he held no interest. At the same time, he did not connect them to the arrest warrant in his hand, after all this is the Bai clan's request, and they were thousands of li away. Chen Gu Master subconsciously felt that he at a very safe distance away.

This was a very common thinking.

Even on modern Earth, when murder cases happen in cities, no matter how ruthless and vile it is, other cities do not feel much danger, even if transportation is so advanced.

Other than that, they also have a fluke mind mentality.

In this vast world, where people lived everywhere, how would these two demonic scoundrels come to my caravan? Then I would be way too unlucky, it's impossible!

People always tend to think that unlucky events would not occur on themselves.

Moreover, many people in arrest warrants are extremely vicious and cruel characters, attracting people's attention. Two newbies like Fang and Bai, one rank three and one rank one, what could they amount to?

Chen Xin saw the two of them but did not think of the warrant at all.

Fang and Bai's image had changed completely, not just the disfigured Fang Yuan, but after these days of practising, she also started to become more natural.

Chen Xin lost interest immediately, especially Fang Yuan's appearance made him disgusted.

He was only rank one, while Fang Yuan rose to rank two several days ago.

Chen Xin observed them carelessly, and did not feel any Gu Master aura, thus calling an old attendant and getting him to arrange Fang and Bai's jobs.

"What are your names?" The old attendant asked.

Only at this time did someone ask for their names.

"My name is Hei Tu, my wife is called Bai Yun." Fang Yuan casually said.

"Female?" The old attendant frowned.

He stared at Bai Ning Bing and looked, seeing her dark skin appearance and her dazed look, she's called Bai Yun 1 ? This Hei Tu is also really ugly!

"Women are trouble, you have to be more careful. If something happens, don't blame me for not reminding you guys!" The old attendant said.

"I know, this cart beside me is filled with purple maple leaves. My wife is staying on the cart and taking care of the goods, I do not want much interaction with other people." Fang Yuan said.

"Hmph, good that you understand."

The old attendant arranged a physical task for the two, to move goods, but for Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing, it is no issue at all, but Bai Ning Bing had to pretend and act like she was out of breath constantly, causing her mental fatigue.

Not far away, some family servants were slacking, resting at a corner.

Their gazes were directed towards Fang and Bai.

"Brother Qiang, there's two newcomers. Some people saw them bringing in their private goods! That's an entire cart of purple maple leaves." A thin family servant said excitedly.

Depriving newcomers, it was the ritual that the caravan old timers often did.

Brother Qiang squatted on the ground, squinting: "I see it. Skinny monkey, go test them out."

His body was strong as an ox, although his muscles were developed, he was not a rash person.

In this world where Gu Masters ruled above all, the strength of a mortal is nothing spectacular. Being able to become the most important person in this small circle, he had some wits after all.

Skinny monkey sighed, under everyone's supervision, he got near to Fang Yuan.

"Hey brother, where are you from? Others call me brother monkey, from now on we will be working together, I hope we can work together amicably." Skinny monkey forced out a smile.

Fang Yuan gave him a glance, only saying a word: "Scram."

Skinny monkey's eyes expanded as he showed a look of rage.

Fang Yuan did not look at him, but continued moving his goods. He had worked in the caravan in his previous life, extremely clear of such "rituals".

In plain words, skinny monkey was testing water, using words to test out Fang Yuan's identity, if he did not have any backing, they would work together and bully him, depriving him of some benefits.

But the truth is, not only are humans like this, Gu Masters were the same, they just did it more elegantly.

Moving alone and risking their lives, it included fighting with wild beasts. Moving together in groups, it was competing with their own kind.

At places with benefits, there were conflicts. There is only so much space after all, everyone wants to live better, and have more room to themselves, what can they do?

They can only invade other people's spaces.

Skinny monkey had not expected Fang Yuan to not give face, thus he was stunned at the spot, staring intently at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not give a thought about such a character. Mortals were cheap as grass, even if one or two were killed, so what?

As long as the goods were still delivered, the Gu Masters in charge would not care.

Even if they did, Fang Yuan had back up methods to resolve this issue.

All in all, trying to provoke Fang Yuan, these family servants were courting death.

"What, why are you not scramming, you want me to chase you away?" Fang Yuan gave skinny monkey a cold look again.

Skinny monkey snorted, but did not explode in anger, instead taking his leave.

Such a strong attitude, it caused brother Qiang to feel threatened: Did these two have some sort of background? Otherwise how could they be so arrogant? I had better check up on their backgrounds first.


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