Reverend Insanity
233 A deep misunderstanding
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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233 A deep misunderstanding

Chapter 233: A deep misunderstanding

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On the second day, it was Bai Ning Bing's turn to lie on the bed, in so much pain that she could not move at all.

Fang Yuan had recovered mostly, going off the plow the fields at the east of the hamlet.

The old lady went into the room, asking in concern.

Bai Ning Bing kept saying she was fine, that she was tired after a day of physical work, and that she only needed to rest for a day.

The old lady gave an understanding smile: "Indeed you were tired , your actions these past two days were slightly loud, I could hear it all."

"What?" Bai Ning Bing could not understand it.

"Young lady, stop keeping it from me, I could tell a mile away!" The old lady laughed.

Bai Ning Bing's pupils shrunk, did her identity get exposed, how can that be? At once, a deep killing intent arose in her, but she could not bear to do it.

She could cold-heartedly watch the Bai clan siblings burn to death, but that is because the Bai clan was destined to be their enemies. Although she was proud, she was not merciless like Fang Yuan, towards people who had helped her, she would not be able to act.

The old lady in front of her was such a case, and so was the former Bai clan leader (from Bai Ning Bing's clan).

The old lady held no suspicions towards Bai Ning Bing, she grabbed her hand and patted: "Young lady, I can tell these few days, how can guys have such a butt and waist like yours! No wonder you wear a straw hat, and do not like talking. Although I am old, I am still a woman, we women have a talent compared to guys, that is we are meticulous."

"Ah?" Bai Ning Bing did not know what to say.

The old lady was enthusiastic, speaking in an understanding tone: "I understand you, as a women, dressing up like this outside to protect yourself, otherwise accidents might occur."

Bai Ning Bing was speechless.

She hated people using the word "woman" to trigger her nerves. But towards this enthusiastic and simple old lady, she was very helpless.

The old lady smiled until her eyes were a straight line, suddenly suppressing her voice: "You two must be a couple right. You have been too loud these days, I could even hear you from far away. I don't want to say this but, those actions, you have to restrain yourselves."

This was simply a nightmare!

Bai Ning Bing's expression froze, like she was zapped by lightning.

"Auntie, it is not what you think." A long while later, she barely squeezed out this sentence, her expression extremely stiff.

" Sigh , why are you so shy, its nothing, you can tell me everything. I've lived for so many years, what have I not seen!" The granny winked, laughing until her teeth were showing.

And then her gaze shifted to the bed, subconsciously or not.

Bai Ning Bing followed her gaze, and just wanted to kill herself.

But honestly, the bedsheets were torn by her...

Next, the old lady said a few things to her, but Bai Ning Bing's brain was in a mess, not listening to a single word.

In the afternoon, when Fang Yuan came back to eat, the old lady blocked him at the door, kindly reminding: "Lad, your wife has told me already. I know youngsters are in heat but you have to take care of your own bodies, and even more concern for your wife. Remember my words okay?"

"Hah?" Fang Yuan opened his mouth wide, not able to react to what he has just heard.

The old lady clicked her tongue, using a dissatisfied and helpless tone: "Everything about you is good, except that you are too simple. Being so honest, you'll lose out eventually!"

If Gu Yue clan, Tie divine investigator, or Bai Hua and Bai Sheng heard these words, they might jump out of their graves.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot in daze, suddenly light flashed across his eyes, and he finally got it.

"Oh... that, hehe..." He scratched his head sheepishly, nodding: "Auntie, you are right, I get it."

At the dinner table, he saw Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing looked at him coldly, her body almost emitting cold air.

The corners of Fang Yuan's eyes had been twitching non stop.

This matter was a reminder to Fang Yuan as well.

Fang Yuan can easily portray any role, that is because he has a rich experience and broad horizon. But Bai Ning Bing was not, because even after disguise, she still has her flaws.

Thankfully, this flaw is small, and in this world, whenever a women travelled, she would definitely dress up as a male, to reduce the potential danger she might encounter.

Even though this misunderstanding was very awkward, Fang Yuan had to admit that this can better conceal their true identities.

Bai Ning Bing's mood became worse.

That night, she asked Fang Yuan again, when he can return the Yang Gu to her.

Fang Yuan could only answer, that once he reached rank three, he would return it to her.

Bai Ning Bing snorted, she understood Fang Yuan, she would rather die that trust Fang Yuan's words! But now she could not take the Yang Gu by force yet.

"When I get to Shang clan city, I have to get at least a poison vow Gu, three hand Gu, or even seize Gu would work too..." Thinking so, Bai Ning Bing was even more anxious about getting to Shang clan city.

Other than dual cultivation, Fang Yuan's cultivation has a new chapter added to it.

That is, using the crocodile strength Gu to increase his strength.

Speaking of which, being able to feed the crocodile strength Gu to this date, was out of Fang Yuan's expectations.

The ones to thank were the Bai clan. It was due to getting large amount of crocodile meat from them that Fang Yuan was able to raise it to now.

Otherwise, it would have starved to death long ago.

Crocodile strength Gu was like black and white boar Gu, they permanently added strength to the Gu Master's body.

But before rank six, a Gu Master still has a mortal body. Like a bowl, it cannot contain a lake, a Gu Master's body has its limits eventually.

That is also why Fang Yuan could not use the crocodile strength Gu before. But now, he had obtained the iron bones Gu and jade bones Gu from Bai Gu mountain.

These two Gu were expenditure type Gu. Each had their merits, and their values were about the same, able to permanently improve the Gu Master's physique.

Choosing which Gu decides the progression route of the Gu Master.

When Gu Masters use Gu, there were much to consider. Some Gu could not be used together, while some complemented each other and produced greater effect when used together.

Bai Ning Bing once used the ice muscles Gu, thus her body was made of ice muscles. Ice muscles stopped perspiration, thus she cannot use a Gu like "blood sweat Gu" in the future.

And if she uses the jade bones Gu, her original mortal bones would become jade bones. Ice muscles and jade bones, it was a superb combination.

Each person has their own needs, ice muscles jade bones might suit Bai Ning Bing, but it does not suit Fang Yuan.

Considering the legendary Gu at Shang clan city, Fang Yuan plans, he wanted to form the most effective " steel tendon, iron bones ."

Being able to get the iron bones Gu on Bai Gu mountain, it was a perfect scenario for him.

After using the iron bones Gu, Fang Yuan's bones were tough as iron now. With his body foundation improved, he can now add the strength of one crocodile in addition to the strength of two boars.

His strength continued to rise.

Seven days passed in a flash.

According to their initial agreement, Fang Yuan got a cart of purple maple leaves from the old village head.

These goods were very cheap, the entire cart could not even sell for two primeval stones. But this was not Fang Yuan's objective, he only wanted to hide his identity and follow and get closer to the caravan.

When the caravan arrived, it was three days later than the old village head expected.

Only on the ninth day did they appear.

The originally peaceful town boomed with life again.

The caravan's size was huge.

Bus-sized black skin fat beetles carried goods and people as they crawled slowly.

Beside them, colored ostriches dragged the dray. Mountain large spiders wrapped boxes and containers on their bodies, winged snakes meandered, and toads carried large bundles on them.

These stead-type Gu, formed the main body of the caravan. Other than that, there were large numbers of mortals pulling cows, horses, or carrying bamboo bags.

"This year's caravan is finally here!"

"Everytime I see these snakes, i get a little scared."

"Lord Gu Masters are really amazing, they can make these ruthless snakes so tame."

"I hope my cured meat can be sold this time, I don't expect a high price, I'll be satisfied with just a few primeval stone fragments."

"Yeah, our luck is not as good as the outsider..."

"The village head is too biased, that is an entire cart of purple maple leaves, to think he gave them away like that!"

The villagers made many temporary stalls at the village entrance, as Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing dragged a cart of purple maple leaves, mixed among them.

Among these people, some were all locals, others were from other villages, carrying goods with them.

Places with people will have competition for benefits.

Fang and Bai, even though they stay at the village and plowed fields for seven days, their cart of purple maple leaves attracted many jealous gazes into them.

Fang Yuan of course, did not pay them any attention.

He was secretly observing the members of the approaching caravan.

This caravan is a mixed one, with many different clan forces among them gathered together. It was not like the Jia clan caravan, with Jia clan as the main force. This caravan, other than the selected leader, there were also a number of vice leaders, like a alliance army.

This was good news to Fang Yuan.

The more complex the structure of the caravan, the easier it is for him to mix in.

"Hey, how much are you selling this cart of purple maple leaves?" Someone quickly came to ask for prices.

"Two and a half primeval stones." Fang Yuan said.

"Two and a half? You might as well go rob!" The person stared with wide opened eyes.

"Buy it or leave!" Bai Ning Bing said at the side.

"Hmph!" The person waved his sleeves and walked off.

If they really sold this cart, what excuse would Fang and Bai use to join the caravan? Thus, they purposely denied three potential buyers and deterred them.

Until evening, they still did not manage to sell the cart of purple maple leaves. Instead, others managed to sell most of their medicine grass, cured meat, milk etc.

After all, the caravan was huge, they needed to replenish these goods.

Many people saw Fang and Bai as a joke, and some even start to mock them. Some kind people reminded them to reduce the price appropriately.

But Fang and Bai paid them all no heed.

Before night time, Fang Yuan pretended to be dejected, dragging this cart of purple maple leaves back to the old village head's house.

The old village head asked, and sighed: "You two, I told you that two primeval stones were already a high price. We can sell it even for one and a half. Why didn't you listen to me? Adamantly selling at two and a half!"

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