Reverend Insanity
225 Jade Bones, Steel Bones
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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225 Jade Bones, Steel Bones

Chapter 225: Jade Bones, Steel Bones

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There was an explosive sound before the bone wall collapsed, a new path appeared in everyone's sights.

Destroying was much easier than creating, especially when this inheritance didn't have anyone controlling it.

"We have news from ahead. The fifth path has been completely investigated but the target hasn't been found."

"Reporting to clan leader, I entered the sixth path and found a bone hall. There was a skeleton and a huge bone book in it."

"Reporting, seventh path also has a hall with similar structure, with a skeleton sitting cross-legged and also a bone book."

"Reporting, discovered the eight path!"

"Search again!" Bai Clan leader's face was gloomy, there were over seven giant bone books piled up in front of her.

"This design really is in accordance to people's hearts. When a Gu Master finds the skeleton and the bone book, they would subconsciously have a misunderstanding by thinking they already inherited the whole inheritance, but in truth Grey Bone Scholar has set up many similarly structured halls. The true inheritance should be hidden in one of the paths." Tie Dao Ku was deeply interested.

Bai Clan Leader's brows furrowed even deeper.

The situation had become complicated, she wasn't worried Fang and Bai would head back the way they came, since she had already arranged many people to guard the entrance.

What she was worried about was Fang and Bai would escape from some paths in the inheritance. After all, she could only control the entrance and not the countless exits.

Right at this moment, a Gu Master rushed over with an ecstatic expression: "Found it. We found a bone hall in the eighth path; the skeleton in there has been smashed to pieces and the Gu worm in the skull has also been taken."

"This is definitely the path they took!" Tie Dao Ku's spirits was raised.

"Lead the way!" Bai Clan Leader immediately moved.

After a short period, a group of people hurriedly arrived at a hall.

"How can there be two secret tunnels?" An elder was surprised.

"Which path did those two demonic path thieves take?"

"Regardless, we will just go in two groups. Once we reach them, we must protect the young masters no matter what!"

The flight of stairs that led to Flesh Sac Secret Chamber stood out and attracted the attention of Bai Clan Leader, Tie Dao Ku and most of the elders.

"Flesh Sac Secret Chamber?" After a while, the group reached the end of the stairs.


The door was smashed to smithereens, and the group flocked inside.

However, there was not a soul in the secret chamber.

Heeheehee… hahaha… hehehe...

The countless mouths on the wall produced all kinds of laughing sounds.

"What nonsense is this?!"

"Laughter meat Gu, especially used to store treasures. These mouths are like drawers."

"This mouth is opened quite wide, they might have gone through here."

Bai Clan Leader glanced around before finally, her chilly gaze stared at the only secret tunnel in this chamber: "You, you and you will remain behind, rest of you will follow me!"

A while ago, in the same secret chamber.

Bai Sheng had just regained his consciousness when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

"If you don't want to die, stand up!" Shortly, he heard a ruthless voice.

Towards this voice, Bai Sheng had the deepest impression of it.

It was precisely the owner of this voice who had cheated a whole clan and kidnapped him. Even the identity of Gu Yue clan's young master might be a scam!

Scammer, hoodlum, demon!

Despite cursing in his heart, Bai Sheng still obediently crawled up.

He only then found that he was in an extremely strange place, the flesh walls around him were filled with mouths and were producing cacophony of laughters which was reverberating in his ears.

"Flesh laughter Gu?" He blurted out as he recalled the records in the books.

"Little guy, you are young but are quite knowledgeable." Fang Yuan smiled.

According to the rumors in his previous life, he heard this Bai clan brother and sister were innately intelligent, especially the big brother Bai Sheng who had high wisdom even at young age with a memory ability that was close to photographic memory. Right now, he was able to recognize the flesh laughter Gu, it seemed the rumors were not baseless.

"You two!" Bai Sheng gritted his teeth and stared at Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing with deep hatred.

"Big brother!" Bai Hua had also been kicked awake by Fang Yuan, she ran to Bai Sheng's side while sobbing.

Bai Sheng promptly protected his sister behind him.

"What a great sibling relationship." Bai Ning Bing chuckled.

"You malevolent woman! You grew up so beautiful, but your heart is as poisonous as a scorpion!" Bai Sheng fearlessly scolded.

The smile on Bai Ning Bing's face immediately disappeared.

Bai Sheng's words deeply stabbed her. 'Woman', 'beautiful', she didn't want to hear these words even a little bit.

Slap, slap, slap!

She walked forward and grabbed Bai Sheng before slapping him thrice.

She possessed the strength of a crocodile, and although she restrained majority of her strength, after she finished with her slaps, Bai Sheng's two cheeks turned red and swollen.

"Venomous woman, evil woman, kill me if you have guts!" However, Bai Sheng still continued to curse.

Slap, Slap, Slap!

Bai Ning Bing gave him another three slaps.

" Sob sob , let my big brother go, please release my big brother…" Bai Hua grasped Bai Ning Bing's leg and implored, crying.

"Sister...don't beg her!" Bai Sheng spoke with difficulty.

Fang Yuan sighed, he then walked forward and grabbed Bai Hua's collar.

The little girl cried out in panic when she was lifted by Fang Yuan.

Bai Sheng could not longer act unyielding as he anxiously shouted: "Evil thief, let go of my sister!"

Fang Yuan extended another hand and tightly pinched Bai Hua's cheek, before saying in an unhurried tone: "So noisy, if you make anymore noise, do you believe that I will cut off both of your tongues? Yes, how about I start by cutting off this little girl's tongue first?"

A slight smile raised the corners of his lips; cold light flashed in his eyes as he released his killing intent.

Bai Hua was so scared she didn't dare to weep anymore, tears floated in her eyes.

Bai Sheng wanted to open his mouth to talk back, but his heart immediately palpitated with a glance from Fang Yuan, and he shut his mouth.

"This is good. Obediently cooperate with me and maybe I will let you live." Fang Yuan was still smiling.

Bai Ning Bing's mouth twitched.

However, Fang Yuan immediately added on: "I am saying the truth. I don't dare to make an enemy of your mother, capturing you was also to ensure our safety. If you obey us, we will let you go. Of course, if you don't cooperate, haha, I don't mind cutting off your tongues or few of your fingers to play with."

"Then what do you want us to do?" Bai Sheng took a deep breath, he wasn't afraid of the cold Bai Ning Bing, but was afraid of the smiling Fang Yuan.

"Do you see these mouths in the walls?" Fang Yuan's smile turned even bigger.

He explained the details and let these brother and sister go about knocking the teeth.

Barely a moment had passed when Bai Hua cried out in fear.

In front of her, a mouth opened up, its scarlet tongue extended and revealed a quail egg sized bone ball.

The ball was covered with black and white stripes, making Fang Yuan associate with an animal from Earth — zebra.

Fang Yuan quickly walked over and took this Gu, his countenance changing in pleasant surprise.

If he wasn't wrong, this was a movement type Gu — footless bird.

This Gu could only be used once, but it's body was big and it could fly thousands of miles.

This really was like receiving a pillow when one was sleepy .

Fang Yuan had just been worried about how to escape, and to think Bai Hua would present him with a footless bird!

However, this pleasant surprise was just the beginning.

After a while, Bai Sheng also achieved success.

He knocked and opened a mouth, a bone was revealed on its tongue.

The two ends of this bone was smooth and round; the middle part was long and slender; and there was a greenish glow to the bone like a green jade stone.

Jade bone Gu!

Fang Yuan held it, before immediately refining and putting it into his aperture.

This time, it was Bai Ning Bing's turn to be envious.

Jade bone Gu could remodel the Gu Master's skeleton into that of a jade like quality, making the bones harder and more supple. This effect was permanent like black and white boar Gu or the crocodile strength Gu.

Even more important thing was Jade bone Gu could be matched with ice muscle Gu to produce excellent effect.

Bai Ning Bing already had ice muscle, if she also possessed jade bones, she would have 'ice muscles and jade bones', the two effects would mutually complement each other producing a much better result.

However, this jade bone Gu was a one time use expendable Gu. It also had a shortcoming; the gu master would suffer from extremely intense pain when using it. A lot of Gu Masters with weak willpower have died from the pain of using the jade bone Gu.

"Do you want it? You can exchange it with meat-bone Gu." Fang Yuan smiled.

Bai Ning Bing coldly snorted and turned around without replying, increasing her efforts in knocking the teeth.

But this action was purely relying on one's luck. There were ten pairs of teeth in a mouth, and one needed to at least knock five teeth in correct order for the teeth to fall off.

Bai Ning Bing hadn't succeeded apart from his first try.

As for Fang Yuan, he was even more miserable.

However, after some time, Bai Hua and Bai Sheng again gave pleasant surprises.

Bai Hua knocked down another set of teeth, providing Fang Yuan with an Iron bone Gu.

And the mouth Bai Sheng knocked, gradually opened wide, changing into a new secret tunnel.

Such luck of the brother and sister made Bai Ning Bing inwardly gasp in surprise.

She didn't know this pair of brother and sister was the true fated owner of this inheritance. Fate was a type of otherworldly, magical, mystical strength; especially in this world, there were some rare Gu worms that contained the fragments of the law of fate, giving some lucky Gu Masters a grasp of some powers of the fate.

Since the new secret tunnel had appeared, Fang Yuan didn't think of staying any longer.

Bai clan Gu Masters could arrive at any time, and the remaining Gu worms were in the mouths which were locked firmly and were very difficult to destroy. They could only be left behind fo them.

Fang Yuan again knocked Bai Sheng and Bai Hua unconscious, carrying them in each of his hands as he followed behind Bai Ning Bing into the giant mouth.

The two came upon a hall as they walked through this secret tunnel.

This was the widest bone hall they had come across.

Just from the area alone, it was over 2 km2 . In the center of the hall was a bone pyramid; the peak was flattened into a platform with two flights of stairs leading to it.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing looked at each other, there were nothing else other than this bone pyramid.

After checking their surroundings and noticing no dangers, the two walked to the platform on the peak of the pyramid.

There was a sculpture of a skull of a giant ferocious beast on the platform; it was taller than half a man and looked like a lion or a tiger, with tightly closed fangs.

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