Reverend Insanity
220 Turns out they were demonic scoundrels!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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220 Turns out they were demonic scoundrels!

Chapter 220: Turns out they were demonic scoundrels!

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"Important information?" Bai clan leader frowned - what could be more important than the spirit spring?

"Since it's not an emergency, let them wait first." She instructed before turning her gaze back to the smoke image.

The image shone, showing the situation in the cave; Fang Yuan and the group moved deeper into the cave, till they reached the end.

This cave wasn't big. Bai clan leader was disappointed as she did not see the spirit spring, there was no way it could be in a place like this.

"It seems that we still need some time to find the spirit spring." Bai clan leader muttered. She swung her sleeves and kept the smoke back in, before saying towards the outside of the tent: "Call them in."

The tent flap was opened; a fierce and vigorous investigative Gu Master walked in and bowed: "This subordinate greets lord clan leader, I have an important news to report."

There was a trace of anxiety in his voice.

"You captured a Tie clan Gu Master." Bai clan leader frowned slightly.

Tie clan was a huge powerhouse which not even ten Bai clans could match. There would be huge trouble if the matter was not handled properly.

Bai clan leader was blaming the subordinate in her heart, this Tie clan Gu Master was like a bomb, he should've killed him secretly in the woods. Bringing him back to the clan would leave behind evidence and cause complications.

"This subordinate had received a mission, and while investigating the directions of the Gu Yue remnants, I accidentally found a heavily injured Gu Master. I was suspicious at first, thinking he was a Gu Yue clansmen. But after healing him, he claimed to be a Tie clan Gu Master. And he told me a shocking news! Qing Mao mountain's three clans were completely wiped out. A mysterious demonic Gu Master managed to escape from the disaster, and the Tie clan mobilized their Gu Masters to pursue these demonic Gu Masters." The Investigative Gu Master reported.

"What did you say?" Bai clan leader was surprised; her heart jumped, and she started frowning.

At this instance, Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's images flashed in her mind. Are these two youngsters demonic Gu Masters? They didn't look like it!

Especially when she thought about Fang Yuan's crying image at the banquet — how can such a person be a demonic Gu Master?

"How can you be sure this person is a Tie clan Gu Master?" Bai clan leader asked again.

"This is the Tie clan token I got from his body! And his Gu worms are also Tie clan's characteristic Gu worms." The investigative Gu Master said while handing over a metal token.

Bai clan leader received the token, she felt a cold sensation from the token.

It was indeed the Tie clan token, but…...

"There is also a possibility that this person killed the Tie clan Gu Master and took the token as their loot. Maybe this person is trying to mislead us, he might just be the demonic Gu Master the Tie clan is pursuing." Bai clan leader thought of a possibility.

In order to live, demonic Gu Masters obviously have to lie about their identity.

The Bai clan leader had too deep of a preconceived perception. But no matter what, she would have to confirm it herself.

She squinted and said: "Bring that captive here."

"Move." Soon, the tent was opened and a Gu Master was brought over.

It was Tie Dao Ku; his hair was a mess and his face pale as he walked towards the Bai clan leader.

"Kneel down!" The Gu Master behind kicked, and this strong willed man grunted, kneeling on the ground.

But he strongly resisted and tried to remain standing.

"Stay still!" Two Gu Masters behind him held each of his arms, forced him down.

Tie Dao Ku struggling was to no avail, he shouted: "I, Tie Dao Ku, will kneel to the heavens and earth, will kneel to my parents, will kneel to the clan leader, but do not humiliate me, or I'd rather die!"

"Oh, great acting." Bai clan leader's eyebrows raised, but she just sneered and interrogated: "Speak, you are a demonic Gu Master, how did you kill the Tie clan Gu Master and obtain this token?"

Tie Dao Ku was stunned, before spitting out some bloody phlegm: " Spit ! I am Tie Dao Ku of the grand Tie clan, my name and surname will never change. Now that I've landed in your hands, do whatever you wish to me, but trying to frame me like this, isn't it too hypocritical?"

The phlegm did not land on Bai clan leader, as it hit an invisible wall in midair and fell on the ground.

Bai clan leader's expression turned ugly.

Tie Dao Ku laughed coldly: "Our Tie clan is an expert in pursuing and investigation. Bai clan, you captured me and humiliated me like this, hehe, you better decimate my corpse, and pray you are not found out. If not, heheh, you shall face the wrath and revenge of our entire Tie clan!"

Bai clan leader sneered: "You keep claiming to be a Tie clan Gu Master, but I've seen many Tie clan Gu Masters, those who are below rank 5 would move in large numbers, and are extremely spirited, and iron willed. Not only are you travelling alone, just look at your state, you should act better if you want to pass off as a Tie clan Gu Master."

Tie Dao Ku's cold sneering froze.

Bai clan leader's words triggered the most painful memory in his heart.

Back when they left Qing Mao mountain, all nine of them were high spirited, but now only he was left and that too as a prisoner!


Especially when he thought about how Tie Ao Tian died, the huge regret and pity intensified his pain.

Tie Ao Tian was the Tie clan's fourth young master, with superior talent and a determined nature; there were many expectations placed on him since young. He was a strong competitor for the clan leader position, and was the future hope of the Tie clan. The intellect and talent he displayed made Tie Dao Ku see the future of the Tie clan in his hands.


When that overwhelming explosion occurred, everything ended.

It was too abrupt!

Tie Ao Tian who was in the middle of the explosion didn't even have time to activate his defensive Gu before he was blown to bits.

A generation's genius, the star of the future, died in such an obscure way!

Not only Tie Ao Tian, some others were affected as well and died in the explosion along with countless Gu worms.

There were only two people alive; both heavily injured.

Tie Ku Dao was one of them. Back then he was at the back of the team, and because his skin had turned into bronze skin by his Gu worm, he preserved his life.

Another injured person had lost half his body, and in a short while, fell into a coma; eventually dying after resuscitation failed.

Tie Dao Ku cried as he buried his clansmen.

He had wanted to bury them separately, but most of the corpses were in pieces. Tie Ao Tian was the most pathetic, only a palm sized piece of flesh was left of him.

He carried his extreme pain and grief, and built a tomb, cutting a huge rock and moving it there as a marking.

Next, he investigated the explosion site.

With his experience, he concluded it was the charred thunder potato Gu.

Almost a hundred charred thunder potatoes, buried together! Without a doubt, this was a huge devious, ruthless and extremely evil trap!

Who would do such a wicked thing!

Who set this trap?!

Tie Dao Ku thought about it hard, and felt that Fang and Bai were the most suspicious. Of course, he did not know their names or the exact info, but he understood that this culprit was most likely the demonic Gu Master they had been chasing.

Too despicable!

Too vicious!

Tie Dao Ku flew into a rage, his hatred as deep as the sea.

Revenge, he must get revenge, and bring this demonic Gu Master to justice!

Tie Dao Ku could no longer return to Tie clan. He was responsible to get to the end of the fourth young master's death. Furthermore, if he returned empty handed like this, it would be a huge disgrace to his character.

He had to continue the chase!

His life had suddenly turned from colorful to grey. He wanted to kill the demonic Gu Master of Qing Mao mountain to vent his anger. Even if he could not, he wanted to give his all.

"Revenge! Revenge!" He shouted, he would not stop until he killed Fang and Bai.

However, reality was cruel. His injuries could not receive proper healing, and in a few days, he suffered from a high fever and terrible headache. He also encountered beast groups' attack, and barely managed to escape through the river. But without proper supplies, he still fainted in the end.

When he was awake, he found that he was saved, but became Bai clan's captive.

Thinking back, it was all a series of painful events!

Tie Dao Ku kneeled in the tent with tears flowing out uncontrollably.

Bai clan leader was amazed, Tie Dao Ku did not answer her questions and just kept on giving off a determined aura.

This did not look like a fake identity, like a demonic Gu Master who wanted to live.

"Is this person really from Tie clan?" Bai clan leader started to feel something amiss, the bad feeling in her heart starting to spread.

She wanted to find out more details, but Tie Dao Ku did not reply and even closed his eyes.

Bai clan leader's mind turned as she suddenly said: "Not long ago, our Bai clan entertained two Gu Yue clan guests. They are two youngsters, one claiming to be Gu Yue clan's young master..."

Before she finished, Tie Dao Ku opened his eyes abruptly. His once dead eyes started shining with radiance.

Hatred, anger, joy, all sorts of complex emotions burst forth.

He wanted to get up agitatedly, but was pushed down by the two Gu Masters behind him.

He shouted: "It's them, it's definitely them. To think I met them here. Two people, and even youngsters, hmph, they must be the demonic Gu Masters that escaped from Qing Mao mountain!"

Tie Dao Ku did not know the situation on Bai clan, the investigative Gu Master only interrogated, there was no way he would tell him such information.

Bai clan leader quickly asked: "If you are a Tie clan Gu Master, where are your companions?"

Tie Dao Ku's attitude changed completely at this point; for the sake of revenge, he answered seriously: "They're dead."

"Where did they die? Where are the corpses?"

Tie Dao Ku's expression changed: "I cannot tell you this. The dead shall rest in peace, even if you suspect me, I will not allow you to dig their graves!"

Bai clan leader's heart sank after hearing this.

These were not words a demonic Gu Master would say.

"Don't tell me..." An intense worry grew in Bai clan leader's heart.

She could not help but wave her sleeves, as a colorful smoke flew out and coiled around in the air, forming an image.

"Your clan's young master is in our hands, all of you get out now!" In the image, Fang Yuan had already fallen through with Bai clan, he was gripping Bai Hua and Bai Sheng's throats as he threatened.

Bai clan leader was instantly dumbstruck.

After a few breath's time, she flew into a rage, slamming the table in front of her into smithereens.

She wanted to scream ——

"Turns out they were demonic scoundrels!"

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