Reverend Insanity
219 Entering Bai Gu mountain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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219 Entering Bai Gu mountain

Chapter 219: Entering Bai Gu mountain

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After a short period of time, Bai clan leader took her gaze off the map, giving up.

Bai Gu mountain was huge, even though the range was restricted to the back mountain, it was still a long way to pinpointing the exact location.

"That Gu Yue lad, he is on guard against our Bai clan and would not ask for the direction directly. It seems that to find out the location of the spirit spring, we will need to buck up!" Bai clan leader gritted her teeth, evaluating.

Once they obtained the location of the spirit spring, Bai clan would hold a thorough investigation.

"But if the spirit spring's surrounding beast groups isn't a lot, and the price for killing them isn't huge, I will strike directly. After all, we have the initiative to act first! But if the surrounding wild beasts and gu worms are too many, we will provide support and reinforce Gu Yue clan, making them bear the brunt of the attacks, while we wait for the opportunity to reap the rewards afterwards. If we do this well, we might even absorb the remnants of Gu Yue clan. Hehehe..."

Thinking of the great plan, Bai clan leader laughed out.

She had no idea now, that the so called Gu Yue remnants were just a big fat lie.

In fact, Fang Yuan obtained even more valuable information from Bai Lian.

The righteous inheritance was at the back mountain of Bai Gu mountain, Fang Yuan did not fake the information.

However, there were many bone beasts at the back mountain, and even more Gu worms dominating the area, it would be tough and full of obstacles to claim the area as a clan territory.

He knew from Bai Lian's words, that there were some exaggeration, relying on his five hundred years of experience, he filtered the exaggerated parts, and obtained one truth —— if he and Bai Ning Bing worked together, to get to the inheritance ground, it would take at least half a year.

The situation on Bai Gu mountain was not like the woods. There were large numbers of wild beast groups, and many ferocious beasts and dangerous gu worms lurked. Many areas needed to be avoided and some places even needed to be steered clear of.

Once back at the village, it was like what Bai Sheng Jing said, their battle results were superior to Bai Zhan Lie.

After a day of circulation, this competition was widely known.

The five walked in the campgrounds, receiving much attention.

"Senior Bai Lian won today."

"That is just Lord Bai Zhan Lie being unlucky. You know, hunting relies on luck too. If you do not encounter rare prey, so what if you have strength?"

"Those two, are they the ones from Gu Yue clan?"

"Who is that girl? So beautiful... not any less than Bai Lian's beauty!"

"I heard this Gu Yue clan young master is interested in Lord Bai Lian, truly a lame toad trying to eat swan meat ."

"According to my observations, this person's nature is flawed. Having one beside him already, yet craving another, no wonder Lord Bai Zhan Lie was furious."

"Everyone can tell Lord Bai Zhan Lie is interested in senior Bai Lian. After all, I heard they were childhood friends."

"Sigh, unfortunately the feeling isn't mutual..."

Many whispers and secret talks were undergoing, as people lowered their heads.

Fang Yuan looked like he was gloomy, even though he won, he did not show any joy on his face.

Only until at night, at the central tent, as another campfire banquet was held.

The twins, Bai Sheng and Bai Hua, toasted to Fang Yuan before being brought away. In the tent, many new faces emerged.

Bai Lian and Bai Zhan Lie's competition caused them to leave the ordinary hunting competition. Thus, the spots they used to hold were freed now, causing many youngsters in the Bai clan to step up.

These two males were evidently closer to Bai Zhan Lie, one stared at Fang Yuan angrily during the banquet while the other was apathetic.

"Junior, it has been so many days, where are your clansmen?" At the banquet, Bai clan leader asked.

Fang Yuan showed some worry: "According to my calculations, it should be these few days. Sigh, maybe they encountered some trouble, but with their strength, there should be no problems.

Bai clan leader nodded, what she was concerned with was Fang Yuan.

After spending so much effort, and establishing this stage. At this point where progress was being made, and success was around the corner, she did not want the Gu Yue remnants to appear and thwart the entire plot.

What she did not know was, her worry was unnecessary. In this world, only two Gu Yue remained, Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng.

"No worries junior, I have sent people to scout around, I believe that not long later, you will hear news of your clansmen." After reacting, Bai clan leader consoled Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan quickly thanked her, as Bai Ning Bing frowned.

The situation was getting more critical, the longer they dragged, the worse it was for them.

Now was still fine, using excuses to answer them. After all, in the wild, encountering unexpected troubles is normal. But after they dragged it out, Bai clan would be suspicious, and may even find out the truth behind their lies.

But these days, they continued to hunt in the wild, and Bai Ning Bing did not dare to do anything. She knew that there were Bai clan gu masters invigilating the entire process, hiding at a corner.

They lacked a strong movement gu, and with the complex forest terrain, it limited their speed.

In Bai Ning Bing's perspective, the situation was worsening by the day, they seemed to have fallen deep into the quicksand, sinking deeper as time passed, at this rate they would be thoroughly consumed.

"What exactly are you planning?" Bai Ning Bing stared at Fang Yuan.

She understood Fang Yuan, he was not the type of person to wait and die. But because of her little life experiences, she could not think of a way to break out of the situation.

In this environment, she could not discuss openly with Fang Yuan either.

The pressure in Bai Ning Bing's heart was intensifying.

Another day passed.

Fang Yuan's group was narrowly beating Bai Zhan Lie's group in terms of results.

At the banquet, Bai clan leader called Bai Mo Xing for another secret discussion.

Clan leader tapped on the table with her finger: "This cannot go on, although today during the hunting, Bai Lian continued to talk about the dangers of Bai Gu mountain, I could feel Fang Zheng wavering but time waits for no one. Once the Gu Yue group shows up, Fang Zheng would've found his pillar of support, and our efforts would have been in vain."

"Time is not on our side." Bai clan leader sighed, unable to hide her worry.

What she did not know was, Bai Ning Bing was more worried than her.

Time was even more precious for Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan.

Bai Mo Xing pondered for a while: "Clan leader, the way I see it, it is not realistic to expect Fang Zheng to trust us in the short run and give us the location of the spirit spring. I have an idea here, but we still need to continue manipulating and intensifying his pressure."

"Oh? Speak."

Bai Mo Xing whispered softly.

Bai clan leader nodded slightly: "You are right, that Fang Zheng is very anxious, probably worried that his clan would suffer too much losses from fighting for the spirit spring. Doesn't he want information on the area near the spirit spring? He definitely wants it, but is wary of us. Moreover, their cultivation is weak too, your idea seems good….."

Subconsciously, the female clan leader felt that this method was inappropriate, but now that they had no better plans they could only try this.

Thus, on the third day of the duel, Bai Zhan Lie accidentally caught a wild swimming dragon butterfly during hunting, and the entire camp was in a commotion.

Bai Lian showed a grim expression: "The situation is looking bad, swimming dragon butterfly Gu, rank three and very precious. Bai Zhan Lie's score is way ahead of us, we can only take a risky move to have a chance to win. I am very clear of the forest's terrain. We can only go into Bai Gu mountain to hunt, and kill bone beasts or capture wild bone Gu."

Bai Ning Bing heard this, and her heart jumped.

Bai Gu mountain, isn't that the best way to break out of their predicament? Haha, to think that an opportunity would arrive like this.

Although Bai Gu mountain was dangerous, it was the best way to escape Bai clan.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "This is too dangerous, lady Bai Lian, we have limited strength, forget it."

Bai Ning Bing stared with wide opened eyes, wanting to strangle Fang Yuan so badly.

Bai Lian laughed instead: "No worries young master. I have a plan, I have a good relationship with Bai Sheng and Bai Hua, we can coax them into joining the hunt tomorrow. They have no cultivation, thus they are not considered reinforcements for us. But they have Gu Masters hiding around protecting them from danger. If we enter Bai Gu mountain, and encounter danger, how can they not help? We will not take the wild beasts they kill, but only hunt our own. The beast groups are bound to have the old, sickly and weak, the wild beasts on Bai Gu mountain are way more valuable."

Fang Yuan was shocked: "To think that Bai clan is doing this, all just to prevent my suspicion."

As he thought so in his heart, he said instead: "Great idea! Lady Bai Lian is truly pure hearted, I am very amazed."

"No, I am flattered." Bai Lian smiled shyly, but smugness flashed across her eyes.


The next day.

At dusk, in the central tent, Bai clan leader stared at the rainbow smoke in the air tightly.

In the smoke, an image appeared.

In the image, there were seven people. Other than Fang Yuan, Bai Lian and the three, there were also two children, the Bai clan young masters.

"It seems Bai Gu mountain is very peaceful. We've moved for so long, and not encountered any trouble." In the image, Bai Sheng Jing spoke.

Bai clan leader snorted out of anger.

To protect them, she sent out a large number of Gu Masters to pave the way, not leaving behind a single elder, all protecting them in secret.

The reason Fang Yuan's group was having such an easy time, and encountering sporadic wild beasts, was because they were purposely left behind by the Bai clan Gu Masters.

In this six hours, Bai clan had sacrificed tens of outstanding Gu Masters, and even three elders were injured.

Among them, two were severely injured, falling unconscious and were on the way back to camp.

But this was still Bai Gu mountain's foot, the more they ascended, the more danger lurked.

Don't see how easily Fang Yuan and the others travelled, this was all due to the other Gu Master's sacrifice of life and blood.

Especially Bai Gu mountain, no one lived there, and it was a wild beast territory. To pave the way and explore, the price to pay was huge.

Fang Yuan continued to ascend, and with Bai Lian's guidance, they arrived at Bai Gu back mountain.

"We have limited information, I do not know where to continue going. The sky is getting dark, maybe we should get back." Bai Lian purposely said.

"Since we're here, we might as well explore." Fang Yuan said instead.

He looked around, trying to discern, like he was trying to find something.

He started to lead them, according to his memories, he knew the inheritance ground was close by.

"Hey, hey, hey, can you at least try to pretend?" Beside him, Bai Ning Bing saw this and was screaming in her heart. Fang Yuan's behaviour was already out of character.

Bai Ning Bing looked around worriedly, but what was strange was: Be it Bai Lian, Bai Sheng Jing or the others, it seemed they could not tell anything, letting Fang Yuan search in silence.

"Good, this is it! It seems this place is very close to the spirit spring!" In the tent, the clan leader said agitatedly.

"Hehehe, Fang Zheng, you are still too young... Eh? They entered the cave, is the spirit spring inside the cave?" The image flashed, showing the insides of the cave.

Right when Bai clan leader was getting confused, someone reported from the outside: "Reporting to clan leader, an investigative Gu Master is back, bringing a Tie clan Gu Master, they have important news to report!"

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