Reverend Insanity
216 Green Copper Relic Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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216 Green Copper Relic Gu

Chapter 216: Green Copper Relic Gu

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The once lively Qing Mao mountain had turned into a world of ice and snow. Such a change had long attracted the attention and investigations of nearby forces. In these few months, news of Qing Mao mountain being destroyed had gradually spread far.

"I don't dare to recall, every time I think of it, it feels so painful." Fang Yuan sat down, his face full of grief.

"Servants, bring the wine." Seeing Fang Yuan unwilling to speak, Bai clan leader did not pursue the matter, but ordered her servants to bring two vats of wine.

Bai Ning Bing was indifferent, she never drank wine, only water.

Fang Yuan opened the seal immediately, gulping and drinking a mouthful as his tears fell once again.

Bai clan leader was stunned: "Junior, why are you crying again?"

"Your clan's wine is intoxicating, but it makes me recall our green bamboo wine and of those days when I drank on Qing Mao mountain." Fang Yuan wiped his tears as he said.

The clan elders' sighs became even louder, and many started consoling Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's encounter caused them to feel a sense of resonance. After all, Bai clan's spirit spring was starting to dry out, and if they couldn't find a new spirit spring, Gu Yue clan's sorry state would be their Bai clan's future.

Bai clan leader consoled him once more, only then did Fang Yuan stop crying.

"Who would not feel pain when their home is destroyed? I can understand junior's feelings. But as long as people remain, there is hope. Junior, don't grieve. I believe that in a few days, you will be reunited with your clansmen." Bai Mo Xing probed.

Fang Yuan acted as if he was unaware, wiping his tears and answering casually: "Yeah, it should be in a few days."

Hearing this reply, Bai Mo Xing and Bai clan leader glanced at each other.

After the banquet, Bai clan leader called Bai Mo Xing and entered a secret discussion.

"Clan leader, the situation is bad. Gu Yue village was destroyed, why did these remaining people come to Bai Gu mountain? It is likely that they want to snatch this territory, should we strike first instead?" Bai Mo Xing was worried.

"Hehehe." Bai clan's female leader laughed lightly instead.

Bai Mo Xing was bewildered: "Why is clan leader laughing?"

The female clan leader squinted and explained: "Don't be rash Elder Mo Xing, this situation has boon and bane. As long as we operate this well, we can save much effort."

Bai Mo Xing started to ponder the clan leader's words deeply.

That's right!

Bai clan's spirit spring was running dry after so many years of usage. They needed to find a new spirit spring as soon as possible, and this time they were searching for a suitable spring on Bai Gu mountain under the cover of hunting.

Bai clan's main group had just arrived and could not find anything yet. But if Gu Yue clan's remnants were coming to Bai Gu mountain, they had to know some intel.

It could even be deduced that Gu Yue clan definitely held information on that spirit spring.

Bai clan leader saw Bai Mo Xing's expression change and continued: "Looks like you got it. Actually, any large mountain is a gathering of primeval essence, and thus a spirit spring will be there. But to find the spirit spring's specific location, it is not easy and requires a lot of manpower and resources."

"There are Fang, Liao and Fan clan around our Bai clan, they are all strong clans with equal power. If the matter about our Bai clan's spirit spring running dry gets out, they will take advantage of the situation and attack our weakness, thus we decided earlier that we have to secretly find the spirit spring's location under the guise of a hunting competition. But by doing this, we are greatly restricted and have to expend even greater manpower and resources in searching for the spirit spring."

Bai clan leader was full of worries, but could not express her helplessness.

Bai Mo Xing continued: "Thus, clan leader wants to obtain information about the spirit spring from Gu Yue clan?"

"That's right." Bai clan leader nodded, her eyes shining brightly: "Gu Yue clan's leader and elders won't be easy to deal with, but with those two youngsters in our control? This is a godsend opportunity!"

Bai Mo Xing frowned: "But, I see that those two are not stupid. That lass is obviously one of those iron-willed stubborn type, while that young lad, although weak, was unfazed in dangerous situations, being calm at all encounters. The first time we met, even when he was surrounded by us, he did not show a hint of panic. It will not be easy if we want them to divulge information."

Bai clan leader chuckled: "If he did not have such composure, how would he be a clan's young master? These two young masters are very outstanding, but if they weren't, I would be doubting their identities."

Bai Mo Xing continued: "Thus, you have to think twice clan leader. If we interrogate them forcefully, they might not submit to us. With the traces they left behind, Gu Yue clan will be here soon. These are the type of desperate people with nothing to lose, except their lives."

Bai clan leader waved her hand: "That is not a worry, clan elder, I have a plan."

"Oh? This old one shall listen."

Bai clan leader said it softly while Bai Mo Xing's old eyes kept on getting brighter.

After Bai clan leader finished, Bai Mo Xing could not help but praise: "This is a good plan! I saw that Gu Yue Fang Zheng is very attached to his clan, he even cried twice for his clan in the banquet. He is after all a youngster, clan leader, this plan that you came up with is like placing honey in front of a young bear or placing a carrot before a young rabbit. There will be no issues getting him hooked."


Fang Yuan opened a corner of the tent's cover.

It was night time already, but Bai clan's temporary camp was well lit.

The tents were placed perfectly in order, with iron racks and torches at every certain distance, and patrolling gu master groups all night round.

"Young master Fang Zheng, what is the matter?" Fang Yuan had just opened the cover, and the two guards at the door immediately walked over.

Fang Yuan burped out some wine: "I drank a lot of wine at the banquet, is there anywhere I can relieve myself?"

"Young master, right this way. You are our esteemed guest, the clan leader has arranged a special spot for you, no further than thirty steps away." One of the guards immediately said.

"Give me a direction, I do not like anyone near me when i pee." Fang Yuan rejected.

"I do not dare to disobey young master, the wooden lavatory is right there." The guard pointed towards it, bowed and left.

Fang Yuan got to the wooden lavatory, and after peeing, he pretended to be drowsy and walked in an opposite direction. He was not even twenty steps out when a few patrolling Gu Masters came over: "Esteemed guest, that is the wrong direction, your tent is over there."

"Is that so? I remembered it was there." Fang Yuan burped.

"Esteemed guest, this way please." Bai clan gu masters smiled hypocritically, with a forceful tone.

Fang Yuan was brought back to the tent again.

In the tent, the lights were turned on.

There were two beds on eastern and western side in the tent. Bai Ning Bing was sitting on her bed and cultivating, using primeval essence to nurture her aperture.

Hearing Fang Yuan enter, she opened her eyes, inquiring with her gaze.

Fang Yuan glanced at her, before falling down on the bed: "Ning Bing, sleep early. You were exhausted these few days. Don't worry, we will join up with our clansmen in few days."

His words slurred at the end, and eventually he closed his eyes, snoring, evidently falling asleep.

Bai Ning Bing's pupils shrunk. She knew Fang Yuan was acting, purposely saying that as a precaution against any surveillance type Gu worms. He had gone out earlier to pee, but returned so early which meant the area was tightly secured and it was impossible for them to escape quietly in dark.

She couldn't help but be worried. Although she was at rank three peak stage, her Gu worms were not optimal, causing her battle strength to be insufficient.

While in this camp, Bai clan leader was at rank four, and there are five to six clan elders, and a lot of rank two Gu masters.

" To be meat on somebody's chopping board. " That was the current situation. Although Bai clan was a righteous faction, people die for fortune and birds die for food, once the benefits exceeded the risk, they would definitely commit murder in secret.

Bai Ning Bing knew the Gu worms in Fang Yuan's possession were all extremely rare. Heavenly essence treasure lotus, blood skull Gu, once exposed, would definitely attract the greed of Bai clan Gu Masters.

The reason they did not act yet was because Fang Yuan used the threat of the non existent Gu Yue clansmen to temporarily lie to them.

A few days later, when they do not see Gu Yue clansmen arrive, they would be suspicious. By then, Fang Yuan and her would be at a tight spot.

"How do I get out of this predicament?" Bai Ning Bing frowned, staring at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had already turned around, his back facing her, and he seemed to have really slept from the sound of his relaxed breathing.

"You sure take it easy!" Bai Ning Bing snorted, feeling anxious and helpless in her heart.


The next day. It was a bright sunny day.

There were three loud drum beats which signified the Bai clan leader summoning the clansmen.

"Our Bai clan annual hunting competition starts from today and will continue for the next seven days, it is time for you to display your strength. According to our rules, those who get a decent ranking will be heavily rewarded! Next, feel free to display all your bravery and strength."

Bai clan leader waved her hand, and the village gates opened. The Gu Masters were eager to start the competition, rushing out impatiently.

Not long later, they entered the forest from their respective positions, vanishing into the wilderness.

The crowded camp had become more spacious and empty.

"Junior Fang Zheng, did you sleep well last night?" Bai clan leader turned around, asking Fang Yuan with a smile.

Fang Yuan cupped his fist: "Thank you clan leader for the hospitality. Last night I fell asleep immediately after lying down, and it was morning already when I woke up."

"Hahaha." Bai clan leader smiled, patting Fang Yuan's shoulders, giving off a kind and affectionate feeling: "Does junior want to enter our clan's hunting competition? Let us see the valor of a Gu Yue clansman!"

Fang Yuan showed a difficult expression, rejecting: "I am ashamed! Junior was heavily injured not too long ago, and my cultivation fell from rank three. Thankfully I was saved by the clan, but now I only have rank one middle stage cultivation."

Even without Fang Yuan mentioning it, his rank one aura was clear to the eyes.

"No worries junior. As our clan's esteemed guest, you will definitely be well treated. How about this, as long as junior can hunt an adult black bear, this green copper relic Gu will be your reward." Bai clan leader clapped her hand, and a Gu Master beside her opened his palm, as a finger-sized round ball shaped Gu emerged.

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart, but showed an earnest expression: "Then this junior shall take up the invitation!"

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