Reverend Insanity
215 Fang Yuan sheds tears
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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215 Fang Yuan sheds tears

Chapter 215: Fang Yuan sheds tears

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Bai Mo Xing was already sixty-eight years old.

He should have retired already at this age. However, Bai clan was in a rough situation these few years, and as an important clan elder and the uncle of the clan leader, he - who had always been working hard and doing his best - couldn't abandon the clan. Now, during this crucial moment of his clan's fate, he undertook the orders to leave the mountain, but during the journey, he accidentally sensed the aura of two Gu Masters.

Were they demonic Gu Masters?

This trip was very important to Bai clan and there could be no mistakes. Thus, he immediately led his group and approached the source of the aura.

"Two youngsters?" He was shocked when he saw Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

His gaze paused on Bai Ning Bing first.

Bai Ning Bing looked frosty and her blue eyes gave off cold light as she stared fearlessly at Bai Mo Xing, revealing her rank three aura.

"So young and already a rank three — a genius!" Not only Bai Mo Xing, the other three in his group also had such thoughts after seeing Bai Ning Bing.

At once, four pairs of eyes were fixated on Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing had transformed into a girl; her beautiful features gave off a cool aura, causing her to appear like a snow fairy. Her pearl-like brilliance that couldn't be concealed by her tattered clothes, portrayed her firm personality, causing others to love yet pity her.

Compared to her, Fang Yuan's presence was much dimmer.

He had an ordinary look, with cultivation of merely rank one, many gazes swept through him and went back to Bai Ning Bing.

Fang Yuan liked this; the less attention he receives, the better.

Bai Mo Xing, however, was different, his gaze quickly turned towards Fang Yuan.

Bai Ning Bing was protecting Fang Yuan and her stance showed that she would not give up without a fight. And Fang Yuan had a calm look, even though he was hiding behind her.

"To be closely protected by this young genius girl, this young man seems to be the leader of the two, who is he?" Bai Mo Xing was after all very experienced, his discerning skills were very accurate.

He had thought they were two demonic Gu Masters, but now his heart wavered.

Seeing Bai Ning Bing and Fang Yuan's appearance, as well as their righteous Gu Masters clothing, they seemed more like young masters in distress.

"If they are demonic Gu Masters, just kill them. But if they are young masters from other clans, we have to watch out. If we cause the forces behind them to take revenge on our Bai clan, I, Bai Mo Xing, will become the clan's sinner! But thankfully our side is stronger than them, thus the situation is under control."

Bai Mo Xing was still thinking, when Fang Yuan suddenly took a step forward. He cupped his fists: "I am Gu Yue Fang Zheng, young master of Qing Mao Mountain's Gu Yue clan, my respects to senior."

"Qing Mao mountain?"

"Gu Yue clan young master?"

The people were bewildered.

Bai Ning Bing was also shocked, but she lowered her head so as to cover her gaze from giving them off.

She knew that Fang Yuan was starting to cook up a story again. The enemy was stronger than them, thus they had to rely on wits to get out of their predicament.

She clearly understood the situation, the rapport they had built up these few days caused her to move one small step back towards Fang Yuan's side. She continued staring at them angrily, like a close bodyguard who was not afraid of dying.

"Young lad, you are lying! Qing Mao mountain has long been destroyed, you think I don't know that?" Bai Mo Xing shouted with a cold expression.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly, waving his hands: "Exactly because Qing Mao mountain is destroyed, I ended up here. Could I be so presumptuous as to ask for senior's name?"

Bai Mo Xing hesitated, but a young man beside him quickly spoke: "Then listen closely, we are the elites of Bai clan and this is our Bai clan's number one elder, also my uncle — Lord Bai Mo Xing!"

Bai Mo Xing really wanted to strangle this nephew to death. This secret operation by Bai clan this time, was on a large scale, but their true intentions were unknown to those who were not higher ups. Thus, these people were completely in the dark.

On the surface they were out hunting to temper the young masters' bravery. But their true motive was to find the spirit spring in Bai Gu mountain, and start their wild beasts extermination operation.

"But there's no way they can guess it." Bai Mo Xing calmed down as he looked at Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

"As expected, it was Bai clan." Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart.

He had already guessed the situation from these four Gu Masters' appearance.

Bai clan's spirit spring was drying out; they needed to find a new one and relocate their clan.

The act of relocating a clan was very important, and many preparatory work went into it, and secrecy was also one of them.

Otherwise, once the enemy forces found out, they could disrupt their plans and cause the entire Bai clan to fall into danger of getting wiped out.

What Fang Yuan had not expected was the Bai clan leader planning so far ahead, starting the preparations ten years earlier; sending these clansmen to Bai Gu mountain occasionally to carry out their scouting.

There were indeed reasons beyond luck in Bai clan's eventual prosperity.

The appearance of Bai clan Gu Masters was a surprise to Fang Yuan and this would have a great impact on his following actions.

On the surface, however, Fang Yuan smiled and cupped his fists: "Oh so you are from Bai clan, a fellow clan from righteous faction, nice to meet all of you!"

He then turned to Bai Ning Bing and said: "Ning Bing, stay down, we are safe. Bai clan does not have demonic Gu Masters."

Bai Ning Bing felt goosebumps all over her body when she heard Fang Yuan speak in such a gentle manner.

She held in her disgust, and withdrew her battle intent, taking another step back while still remaining silent.

This act caused the four opposing Gu Masters to sigh in relief.

After all, she was a rank three Gu Master.

"So her name is Ning Bing..." Bai Mo Xing's nephew repeated the name in his heart, his expression slightly dazed.

Bai Mo Xing narrowed his eyes and probed: "It sounds like Junior Gu Yue has met some demonic Gu Masters along the way?"

"Yes, my heart still palpitates when I think about it." Fang Yuan patted his chest with fear in his eyes: "But luckily, the clan leader and a few clan elders came in time, and killed that rank three Gu Master."

"Clan leader and elders..." Bai Mo Xing's heart jumped as he quickly followed up: "Don't tell me your clan leader and elders are nearby?"

Fang Yuan shook his head, sighing: "We got lost from the main team."

Bai Mo Xing's heart eased. But Fang Yuan's next sentence caused him to be alert again: "But I believe that before long, we will regroup again. Because our destination this time is Bai Gu mountain."

Bai Mo Xing was nervous: "Bai Gu mountain? Why are you all coming to Bai Gu mountain?"

"This..." Fang Yuan hesitated and didn't speak up.

Bai Mo Xing snorted while a bad feeling emerged in his heart.

Now that Qing Mao mountain was destroyed, what would the remains of the Gu Yue clan do? Obviously finding a new location and rebuild their home!

"Don't tell me they chose Bai Gu mountain too? Damn it!" In an instant, Bai Mo Xing's heart surged with killing intent.

If his guess was correct, then Qing Mao mountain's main team was his Bai clan's enemy.

But he soon contained his killing intent. He was old and was no longer as impulsive as back when he was young.

When an elder handled matters, stability was their main priority.

He calmed down and thought about it, even if he killed these two immediately, it might not salvage the situation!

Killing these two would not stop the remaining Qing Mao mountain inhabitants from coming, it would instead worsen the situation, creating foes even before they met.

These enemies had no foundation here but were powerful. Didn't you hear what the Gu Yue young master said? The main team had the clan leader and several elders. The most troublesome part was these people wouldn't hesitate to fight to death if the situation became desperate.

Furthermore, even if he attacked now, that girl called Ning Bing was a true rank three Gu Master. His side would still have casualties, although they were stronger.

Finally, such an important matter should not be decided by him. The clan leader was not far away, why not ask her for instructions?

Bai Mo Xing decided to stabilize the situation with Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing first as he thought of this.

He started smiling and said enthusiastically: "This is really a coincidence junior, our Bai clan's main team is just nearby. We are holding an annual hunting event, as half the landlord, we invite you to come and be a guest. Please allow us to host you."

"This..." Fang Yuan hesitated purposely.

"Come, our Bai clan's grilled lamb leg is top tier." Bai Mo Xing's nephew also began to persuade, but his gaze was fixed on Bai Ning Bing.

Fang Yuan touched his tummy, showing a conflicted expression - a bit of hesitation but also yearning.

Bai Mo Xing's eyes shone and laughed loudly: "Junior don't hesitate, anymore and you are not giving me face."

Only then did Fang Yuan bow: "Then I shall impose upon your clan."


A banquet was held inside a spacious tent.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing took a seat next to each other.

A few clan elders sat opposite each other, and in the head seat was the Bai clan leader.

The tent's roof was opened, allowing them to see the blue sky. And in the center was a lamb being grilled, its fragrance extending throughout the entire tent.

"Come, lamb leg is the most tender. Guests from afar, please have a taste." Bai clan leader said with enthusiasm.

She was a middle-aged woman, and under her indication, the servants grilling the lamb, cut the lamb leg and offered it to Fang Yuan. Soon after, they cut off the other leg and placed it in front of Bai Ning Bing in a silver plate.

The lamb leg was still sizzling hot, Fang Yuan took a bite; he could taste the crispy fragrant skin and the tender juicy meat. If it had been marinated with some honey or some cumin powder, it would have been even tastier.

"Indeed a delicacy, no less than the grass skirt monkey's brains." Even Bai Ning Bing was full of praises.

"Our guest's happiness is our utmost pleasure. Hahaha." Bai Mo Xing laughed.

Fang Yuan ate and ate, when suddenly, his tears started flowing out.

Everyone was shocked. Bai clan leader asked: "Junior Fang Zheng, why are you crying?"

"The taste is truly divine, but thinking of the last few days where I and Ning Bing could barely survive, going through one danger after another, and thinking of our clansmen suffering in the wild without food to eat, I can't help but feel heartache, please forgive me Bai clan leader." Fang Yuan stood up and cupped his fist.

The few clan elders glanced at each other and sighed.

Bai clan leader asked: "My clan feels deep sympathy towards Gu Yue clan's disaster. Junior, can you tell me what in the world happened at Qing Mao mountain?"

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